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5 Best Features of the Cloudfone Next Infinity


Cloudfone made a strong push in the latter half of last year when they officially released four devices under the Next Infinity series. Among those devices is the Next Infinity. Although it shares the name of the series, it is actually the one with the lowest specs. Don’t count it out though, as it still has an 18:9 display and respectable performance at an affordable price.

Solid Build and Feel

Despite the overall plastic build, the Next Infinity is actually a very well-constructed device. In fact, we even got surprised that it had a removable back plate due to its solid feel and the plate’s unibody-like design. The device is also pretty thin and light, and because of that 5.7-inch screen size, it has a relatively smaller footprint than its siblings.

18:9 Display

The Next Infinity is equipped with a 5.7-inch HD+ (1440 x 720)  display with an 18:9 aspect ratio and 2.5D curved glass. Cloudfone is calling this setup the “Infinite Vision Display”. Even though the display only has HD resolution, it actually pushes out more detail than most smartphones with a similar output and aspect ratio. This is largely due to the fact that most other devices sport a 6-inch display while the Next Infinity has a smaller 5.7-inch screen, allowing for a larger pixel density of 282ppi. In any case, the display has good color reproduction, accuracy and viewing angles.

Dedicated microSD card

Cloudfone strayed away from the SIM card tray formula, as they gave the Next Infinity a removable backplate. This not only allows easier placements of a dual SIM card slot, but also made way for the addition of a dedicated microSD slot, which is always a plus since users can take advantage of using two SIM cards without sacrificing the option for additional storage.

Removable Battery

Apart from giving access to more SIM slots and a dedicated microSD slot, having a removable back plate also allowed Cloudfone to make the Next Infinity’s battery removable, which is a plus for any user who is fond of carrying extra batteries instead of a power bank.

Enticing price tag

With a price tag of Php 6,999, the Cloudfone Next Infinity isn’t asking for much, for its 18:9 display, quad-core processor and 3GB of RAM. This also makes it one of the most affordable devices with an 18:9 aspect ratio display. If you’re on a budget, but in need of a device with respectable performance and an all-screen display, then you should put the Next Infinity on your list.

And that’s about it for the best features of the Cloudfone Next Infinity. You can check our review here. What do you think about the device? Share us your thoughts in the comments section below!


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