5 Reasons Why You Should Get A Budget Smartphone

5 Reasons Why You Should Get A Budget Smartphone

When getting a new smartphone, most of the attention is towards mid-range or flagship devices. While there’s nothing wrong about wanting the best device possible, we can’t ignore the benefits of getting those in the budget segment. Let us give you five reasons why you should get a budget smartphone.

1. Low price

Let’s get the most obvious stuff out of the way. One of the biggest reasons why you should buy a budget smartphone is the price. Budget smartphones are a blessing to people who are strapped for cash but still want to stay connected through popular social media platforms. The low price also makes it attractive to other consumers who are looking for a secondary device in addition to their mid-range or flagship smartphone.

2. Doesn’t cost a lot to repair/maintain

Since budget smartphones don’t have expensive hardware, repairing them shouldn’t be costly. Although we still recommend buying a case and screen protector to keep it from external damages. Even those accessories are cheap and easy to come by as well.

3. Decent performance


Just because it’s a “budget” smartphone doesn’t mean it performs poorly. Like mid-range and flagship devices, the budget segment has improved as well and packs chipsets that can perform at the same level as older mid-range chipsets. Just make sure to pick the right configuration, though. We still recommend getting at least 3GB of RAM so you could at least do some light gaming on it.

4. Good battery life

Since budget smartphones have less battery-consuming features compared to flagship devices, you can expect them to provide a decent to good battery life. There’s no need to put games in their highest graphics settings or shoot videos in 4K. Which, in turn, saves battery as budget smartphones don’t have them. Not to mention that some budget smartphones are equipped with larger batteries that make them good daily drivers.

5. You can upgrade more frequently

Depending on the person’s budget, the more expensive the device, the longer it will take before you can upgrade to the next new thing. In the case of flagship devices, it’s mostly two years. But with budget devices, you can upgrade to a new one after a year or less. And since budget devices come out more frequently, you’ll have plenty of options. Again, this depends on the person’s budget. But if you’re the type who wants to have a new phone every year, going for a budget smartphone is the most economical way.

And that sums it up. How about you, do you own a budget smartphone? Tell us what you like about it in the comments below.

This article was written by Louie Diangson, Managing Editor of YugaTech. You can follow him at @John_Louie.

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5 Responses

  1. Paul says:

    Are there any budget smartphones with a decent camera? Almost every one of them produce sad results when it comes to low light.

    • Ulam says:

      go for redmi 8 with imx363 sensor which is same with poco f1 and pixel 3 or huawei y6s

    • jobert_sucaldito says:

      I’ve used realme 3 for a couple of months, although it is a budget device, it is no slouch. With a helio p60 soc and night mode, i never had any issues when I used it. Some ghost touch maybe but not really a lot.

  2. Xerces says:

    Simple yet practical. Probably I’m gonna need these tips on getting my new budget smartphone.

    I’ve been stuck with Oppo Neo 7 (that is, my mom’s other phone) for a year now, and I’m requesting her to get me a new one. Hoping for a Realme 5i or Redmi 8 this time.

    Thank you for the ideas!

  3. GruffSurfer says:

    . I have pixel 2 flagship ,pixel 3a mid-range & nokia 2.1 which is ultra budget phone . ..my advice to others is much better to get budget phone with android One either android Go . Because the phone is low spec and also no bloatware even 1GB ram is enough to Android Go .with fast security update .

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