6 smartphones that Asus wants to beat with the Zenfone 3

6 smartphones that Asus wants to beat with the Zenfone 3

During the technical session of the launch of the Zenfone 3 yesterday, Asus Product Managers were highlighting the hardware features of the Zenfone 3 and comparing it against offerings of other brands.

Asus reps specifically mentioned Samsung, Huawei, OPPO and Vivo as their main competitors so we looked into the smartphones of these brands and compared them based on Asus’ own basic metrics (processor, RAM and storage). Asus is confident that in terms of material and design, they’ve got a very good candidate and when the display size and resolutions are the same, core hardware configurations will come into play.

Here’s what we got:


Asus Zenfone 3 5.2"Samsung A5 (2016)
Snapdragon 625Exynos 7580 Octa
64GB storage16GB storage
Asus Zenfone 3 5.2" Huawei P9
Snapdragon 625HiSilicon Kirin 955
64GB storage32GB storage
Asus Zenfone 3 5.5"Samsung A7 (2016)
Snapdragon 625Exynos 7580 Octa
64GB storage16GB RAM
Asus Zenfone 3 5.5"Huawie P9 Plus
Snapdragon 625HiSilicon Kirin 955
64GB storage64GB storage
Asus Zenfone 3 5.5"OPPO F1 Plus
Snapdragon 625MediaTek Helio P10
64GB storage64GB
Asus Zenfone 3 5.5"Vivo V3 Max
Snapdragon 625Snapdragon 652
64GB storage32GB storage

Of the 6 comparisons above, perhaps only the Vivo V3 Max has a good fighting chance against the Zenfone 3. [Take note that devices used in the comparisons are the ones officially released and has a manufacturer’s warranty along with the official SRP so that we’re comparing apples to apples.]

Asus has set its eyes on Samsung very closely and they’ve specifically targeted the Galaxy A series with the Zenfone 3. That’s perhaps the reason why the design and materials of the Zenfone 3 is pretty similar to the Galaxy S6.

How could a consumer who’s been loyal to Samsung not resist switching to Asus when you give them a beautiful device which has a design that looks like the Galaxy S6 but with much higher specs? Whether or not there are other players are competing in the same category, much of the effort is making sure that Asus’ offerings is better than Samsung’s equivalent device. This is the rationale that we got after talking to senior executives of the Taiwanese company.

In return, this is what we told them — “ultimately, it is the customers who will decide with their pockets and that still remains to be seen“.

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34 Responses

  1. emilioaquino says:

    E di wow

  2. Obvious Misrepresentation says:

    ” a beautiful device which has a design that looks like the Galaxy S6 but with much higher specs?” LOL are you serious?

  3. sailalimngtulay says:

    ito lang yung tanong ko. gaano ba ka sellable yung A series ng Samsung? based on my anecdotal observations, mas maraming bumibili deretso ng S series at kung hindi man S series, mga J series yung nakikita ko

    pakiramdam ko lang, if ASUS is trying to compete with the A series market, mukhang wala silang masyadong makukuha dyan. at that price range, (non-techie) people would rather spend it on a more known brand with more visible support like Samsung even if the specs on paper are lower.

  4. Fel says:

    What about the xiaomi mi5?

  5. A says:

    I wonder how the sales of those other phones are doing. If ever Asus will beat the sales of those phones, I doubt if it will be worth it, unless Asus has a really poor sales performance to begin with, given some sellers are is having a hard time disposing of their Zenfone 2 inventories, forcing them to sell them at reduced prices.

    Some of the phones they are trying to beat usually targets the people who value brand names even if it meant paying a higher price. Asus’ clients value the balance of price and feature of their products. The new price scheme feels like a betrayal to their former supporters, so goodbye old fan base. I wanna see how well Asus will convert the brand conscious buyers into their new fan base. Good luck with that.

    • Kamen Rider Necrom says:

      Agree. I switch to Asus because it was really value for money. But seeing how they priced their phones now makes me shake my head.. tsk tsk..

  6. apolsam says:

    ung vivo v3 max kaya mejo mura dahil hindi gorilla glass at ndi sony sensor ung camera… go for asus na..

  7. JAMES says:

    That ending quote there says it all. No need to be angry or defend the brand or defend your ego, I think.

    But to sum it up, many are dissatisfied about the pricing including me, but I wouldn’t rant, I am choosing note7 instead.

  8. RCB says:

    tubong lugaw naman ung Asus Z3.. balik na lang ako sa Z2 nila..

  9. Easy E says:

    May mga pambili naman ang mga tao. Gusto lang ilagay sa tamang kalagyan. I was excited for the Ultra, but not anymore. Yung mga sentimyento ng Malaysia at India sa presyuhan ng zf3 series pareho lang. Sana inisip ng asus ay kung paano irecapture ang malaki na nilang fan base. Sayang, lumalaki pa naman na sana.

    • Yeehaw says:

      Too much too soon. This is just their 3rd generation phone and they think they are already THAT established in the smatphone industry that they think they are putting phones out there to rival Samsung?

      Smartphone giants Sony and LG barely make a dent against Apple and Samsung and here comes relative newcomers ASUS pricing their phones like they are some cool second coming of Apple.

    • pokemon says:

      baka naman yung mga distributor ang nag tataas ng price, masyadong mataas talaga, ZF3ultra din yung kaabang abang, pero grabe ka taas ng price kala ko mga 16k to 18k manlang yan… imsure baba ang sales ng zf3, mas madami pa ang bibili sa zf2…

  10. Asusmaryosep says:

    This comment is more appropriate to the other blogger’s like an in-defense-of-zenfone-3-price article, but he didn’t allow it. Baka masira negosyo niya. “No amount of press releases can change the fact that ASUS is the most hated brand, at least in the Philippines. So the biggest question is, how quick can ASUS react, and wake up from Zenillusion?”

  11. BOOM says:

    Asus is starting to fall from the spotlight. If they just made their price affordable, they’ll be a solid choice for buyers that want a great phone at an affordable price. But it looks like they’re going to be disregarded by Filipinos. A very high pricing for a phone that’s expected to be affordable will make Asus disintegrate. BELIEVE ME.

  12. jb says:

    antay nalang muna nang 50% off after 6 months :)

  13. Melanie says:

    Waiting for the new max alternatives :-)

  14. Rebelheart says:

    Ang tagal naman ng stocks nila hindi pa available

  15. Bryz says:

    Dito in my place, older Zen models,mapa Zenfone Go mn yan o yung Selfie or just Zen 2 with 16gb/2gb ram, nagkaka ubosan na sa SM CYBERZONE dito sa CEBU kasi ang mura nlng ng pricing nila. Sa tinging ko, mas mura pa kapag sa online kayo bibili. Akala ko nga nasa 22k-25k lang yung Zen3 Deluxe, yun din nmn inaabangan ko pero pg tingin ko sa pricing nla dito sa pinas, tangina. Mapapa dalawang isip ka to buy it or choose Big old Sammy instead. Its about tje pricing kasi. Bat nmn umabot pa ng 34k ung deluxe. Dyan sila dehado.

  16. GoryongKalaboso says:

    OnePlus 3 :)

  17. I was waiting for ASUS to officially release the price lists especially for Z3 DLX. Pero boom! Mag iPhone SE na lang ako HAHAHAHAHAH

  18. Neil G says:

    Letv LeEco Le Max 2 X820 4G LTE this one beats them all with a reasonable price

  19. 1cho says:

    Kasama na ako sa mga na-off sa pricing ng Asus, pero I started with the Zenfone 5, then the Zenfone 2 (2GB) afterwards. So now, I’m looking for alternatives that are comparable with the Zenfone 3. I happened to stumble upon the Elephone P9000. Any recommendations on this? Alam ko si Yugatech mismo, medyo positive ang review dito. Thanks

  20. ramon b. says:

    considering good customer service and good aftersales request. id rather buy note7 than deluxe. money is not an issue. time, effort, years of research and industry share is. computer and smartphone is different thing.

  21. Kendra Joneshta says:

    Ganerrrn!!! Pass muna ako sa Zenfone 3 ngaun, nakakaloka price nilA, feelingerang mga pangit na palaka sila, tingin nla sikat n sla,haha e d wow,sana langawin benta nila this year

  22. Stephen1970 says:

    Wow, 36k for the deluxe variant. 39k for Samsung S7. The choice is clear.

  23. tonytheexplorer says:

    Mayabang at mapangarap na ngayon ang asus ah.. ke mahal ang z3 series nila. Samsung is a known brand na, na kahit sobrand dami at issues sa models nila, bibilhin pa rin yan nga mga tao. Kung hindi magbabago yung prices, matutulad yung sales nila sa xiaomi.

  24. mel gaza says:

    Asus zen3max wala dto ?

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