Ads are showing on some HTC Qwerty keyboards

Ads are showing on some HTC Qwerty keyboards

Recently, ads started to appear on top of the default keyboard on some HTC flagship smartphones and users are not happy with it. According to MSPowerUser, the ads for third-party services were possibly pulled from Google’s AdSense service.

There’s also a possibility that TouchPal, which is HTC’s default keyboard, have added the ads without notifying HTC. The smartphone company was unaware of this issue until some of its users tweeted them about it. In the meantime, HTC recommends uninstalling recent updates to the TouchPal keyboard app by going to Settings -> Apps -> All apps -> TouchPal -> Uninstall updates.


Source: Reddit
Via: MSPoweruser 

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4 Responses

  1. Aizen says:

    Huh? Anong kilalaman ng Google AdSense sa paglagay ng ads sa isang app? Blame it ONLY on the developer because they are the ones who deployed the app update! Google AdSense is not a platform where it just sneaks ads wherever it wants to.

    Yugatech paki-ayos naman ang pagre-report!

  2. Jude says:

    The never ending annoying ads. That’s one of the many reasons why I disabled most of google apps on my phone, especially Google play services. Pag disabled na yan, hindi na rin mag-a-update ang ibang google apps. And I don’t update some of my apps because of that ad service ng mga apps.

  3. Juicer says:

    Your ads are more annoying especially the pop up one and oppo iPhone clone ads

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