Apple blew the Android user in me away with the iPhone 7

Apple blew the Android user in me away with the iPhone 7

Let me start with explaining the title. I’ve been an Android user since the very first Galaxy S. I thought that phone was a really good alternative to the iPhone at that time without spending much, and Android allowed me to play games and apps like Angry Birds and Facebook. Ever since then, I never got an iPhone, because why would I lock myself up in an extremely closed ecosystem when I can get something similar for cheaper and sometimes, recently, better.

iphone 7 header

I bought the Galaxy S7 a few months back because, in my opinion, it’s one of the most polished Android experiences out there. The design, the software, the cameras, the screen — almost everything was gorgeous. I thought most of the competition didn’t offer the same polish by offering most of what you need (there’s either a flaw in design, the battery, the performance, the UI… I can go on), and as for the iPhone 6S, I loved it but not as much. I thought the design of the iPhone 6s was ugly with those antenna lines, and it wasn’t water-resistant, so I made the ultimate decision of going Galaxy.

Enter the iPhone 7.

The design manufacturing process is relatively new. It’s not the best designed smartphone as it merely evolve from the iPhone 6, but the antenna lines are more discrete and the matte black and jet black versions are nice. It’s water-resistant too, officially with IP67 certification, so that’s one thing ticked off my checklist.

I’m not complaining — the Galaxy S7 and Note7 share one of the best cameras in the market right now, but from Apple’s presentation, their new 12MP sensor looks promising with all the bells and whistles like Apple ISP that it’s kind of an enough reason to get an iPhone 7. I didn’t expect the big camera leap to happen this year as those usually happen in the S cycle, so I’m glad Apple went all out on this one.

iphone 7 water resistance

Then there’s the Home Button. I loved the new Touchpads on the MacBooks, so I think I’ll like this one too. I always hated the wearing out mechanical home buttons, so this one is a nice addition to me. Props to Apple as well, because I don’t see other companies try to do stunts such as these.

Another thing not on most Android smartphones? Stereo speakers. This one, I didn’t really expect, but it’s here, and I love it. HTC has been doing this for a long time already, but once again, I bring up the issue of lack of polish. HTC smartphones always had a flaw, be it the cameras, or something was better for the price they were offering.


As expected, there are the obvious performance improvements. All of this they were able to cram in the package by removing the 3.5 mm audio jack.


But dare I say it, I like their move to wireless. The audio jack is an analog port and I think to move on, it really needed, what Apple said, courage. I won’t be getting those crazy AirPods, but I know that because of this, people will start to move to digital and wireless. This move to wireless to me showed that Apple had vision. They know the transition won’t be easy, so the adapters and the new earphones come in the box.

One last good thing – no more 16GB! Thank God.

That’s a lot for me to take in. I may have missed a couple more, some not applicable yet in the PHL like Apple Pay, but I think I’ve gotten my point across. Apple’s introductions already scream why they are able to price their iPhones at that price; they’re actually innovating for their vision.

Now for the negatives on my end, the jet black one is crazy. It’s only available on 128GB and 256GB variants, and it’s the one that attracts more scratches and fingerprints – so I think it’s absolutely nuts to want it (but people are going to get it because… it looks nice and it’s the hyped one). I understand why they had to differentiate the iPhone 7 Plus by adding the dual cameras, but what if I wanted a small phone? Oh well.

Here’s the final word. I would shift if I could afford the entire ecosystem all at once, but I just bought my phone, and I live with an Android Wear watch Urbane (that I think I can’t live without now) — so shifting to the iPhone 7 would definitely cost me a lot.

And by all means to me, I just personally want a good compact phone. I don’t see myself getting a 7 Plus, or even a Galaxy Note7 to be honest — but for a lot of people, the Note7 might still be one of the best phones around. It has that stylus that you can use underwater, a curved screen design that the iPhone cannot match, and things like an Always On Display. For big smartphones, I still think Samsung & Apple are on a tie depending on one’s priority.

But between the compact smartphones like the S7 and the iPhone 7… the Android boat is rocking.

Bob Freking occasionally contributes articles to the website. He is a UST Graduate of Commerce & Business Administration, Major in Marketing Management, and a full-time Sith Lord with three dragons.

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27 Responses

  1. el gato says:

    i don’t believe whatever a sith lord says… is he sith lord saruman? ;)

    seriously, i believe in the mighty 3.5mm audio jack for the simple reason i can’t use usb type c headphone while the device is charging…and bluetooth-enabled devices consume too much power, imo

    • Bob Freking says:

      I think for Android and other phones, the shift will take a while. Not all manufacturers can afford to put customer convenience at risk, can afford to bundle an adapter, and they won’t really want to spend on maximizing the potential space without guaranteed returns.

      I also think we’re safe. Eventually, we might get 2 USB – C ports or 2 Lightning, OR battery life drastically improves that we either don’t need to charge frequently, or charging is fast.

  2. flipe says:

    Ditched s7 because of the iphone’s antena band?

  3. sailalimngtulay says:

    That “article” reads like a love letter parody.

    My opinion about iPhone 7:
    The best thing about iPhone 7 is the SoC and NVMe storage. That’s it.

    The right things they copied from what was already available:
    – dual cam
    – water resist

    The laughably wrong:
    – No 3.5mm. Sorry but no matter how much you try to justify it. it’s a terrible choice to remove something that worked perfectly fine for the majority of the users and every other gadget and appliance out there. So now we have to bring some adapterS (yes because the one provided by Apple is actually not enough once you think of the consequences thoroughly) and have to consider another gadget in mind that you need to charge. How else would you explain why smart watches never took off and became just another fad?

    – A non-scratch resistant premium body with a suggestion by Apple themselves to cover it with a case. LOL… no other words

    • bazinga says:

      well presented arguments. good job. Another thing about the earbuds… its not for ppl who esily forgets stuff… those earbuds looks very easy to lose. LOL.

  4. Onat says:

    My concern about those wireless audio is latency. The phone is not a musical instrument but there are apps that enable you to use it as such. Example igrand and sampletank. Its impossible to play complicated passages on midi key connected to the phone with all these latency. Musicians out there will understand. For ordinary users, no problem.

  5. anonimows says:

    just another bandwagon article. nothing much of content. sorry pal

  6. Milhouse says:

    The iPhone is and has always been the best smartphone because of iOS.

  7. aa says:

    I normally dislike commenting but I really do not see the point in opinion articles for tech sites given the aim is to guide and educate people in selecting the best tech products available.It’s not helpful nor insightful at all especially since you’re just basing it on what you have read so far and saw in the launch. Maybe suspend the excited fanboying until you’ve had the chance to really try to product?

  8. mario says:

    No 3.5mm jack is the worst decision of Apple on the iPhone7. How are you going to listen to this phone wired while charging? STUPID!

  9. ant says:

    Bring the iOS to s7 edge device. Perfect!

  10. Marcus Tee says:

    First off, I don’t think that you should classify anything here as ‘Android’ simply because there was never an argument with a phone’s OS as your points are all towards hardware.

    Secondly, I hope you have researched about the negative effects of using wireless ear/headphones so removing the 3.5mm jack is no cause for celebration.

    Lastly, it still remains a fact in functionality and use:
    iOS = limited
    Android = limitless

  11. Windows says:

    An apple fanboy writer pretending to use android. What’s so great about having exactly the same design for 3 straight years with those gigantic top and bottom bezels. No creativity at all

  12. Marcos says:

    ok sana no audio jack… pero yung reason na “courage” ang diko matanggap.

  13. For petes sake BOB! Are you Freking me?

  14. JAMES says:

    I like this article. It shows how some people react with the new iPhone compared to Android. It’s base on facts, happens to daily life. Can’t blame people for getting nuts about it, they have their own opinion. LOL

    1. Some say Apple fanboy, but can’t get the fact that the article is base on opinion (which may not apply to all but to some) and being just to both ecosystem. Who’s the fanboy for showing disgust over the other thing one prefers/think?
    2. This tech site is related to tech, it’s not a news site where everything should be based on facts, even news papers have editorial section (to think now, they are mostly editorial este edited LOL), that’s why some people tend to ask here for their needs or the authors insights (but does not mean it’s the majority/everyone’s insight)

    2 cents. mine. not yours. :D

  15. moretzbrick says:

    such courage, many adapters, wow.

  16. “The customer is always right” has been a business mantra since 1909 and Companies have long lived by it, or at least, tried to give the appearance of living by it. “A lot of times, people don’t know what they want until you show it to them,” Apple founder Steve Jobs famously told Businessweek in 1998.

    Apple’s most groundbreaking developments: when it debuted the iMac in 1998 without a disk drive which sped the adoption of USB ports, without Steve Jobs, we might still be plugging our laptops into Ethernet Jacks if it wasn’t for his personal drive and vision which gave Wireless Internet or Wi-Fi its form.

  17. Jeremy says:

    U kiddin me right? The HTC 10 had that fingerprint home button capacitive for quite a while now. No props to Apple anymore for that “stunt” now eh? The speakers are HTC 10 blatant ripp offs as well. Dude you are working for a tech site you should have known that. The iPhone 7 is what Android users have been enjoying for years now, minus the headphone jack and the necessity of itunes.

  18. oblivion says:

    Apple is a huge fan of HTC! Apple copies HTC’s ideas and puts them in the Iphone since HTC lacks the execution due to the competition within the android market. HTC is to idea; Apple is to execution.

    1. antenna lines (HTC One series exclusive. HTC’s original idea with the HTC One M7)
    2. metal uni-body design (HTC One M7 original)
    3. dual stereo speakers. well we know it, the BOOM SOUND front firing dual stereo speakers. also an HTC original and first with the M7.
    4. dual rear camera? funny. it’s also an original HTC idea with the M8 (2nd gen HTC One). it only lacked the execution but well, the idea and how the dual rear cameras work were the same with the M8. lol

    Apple is really a huge fan of HTC. iphone’s new features were rather old with android (features that were already introduced in the android market 2-3 years ago).
    -water resist? Sony was first.
    -no 3.5mm headphone jack? alcatel pioneered that.

    funny, eh? all those new features were only new to the IOS but not in the mobile phone industry as a whole. it only wows iphone sheeps because those features are now available in the new iphone.
    no 3.5mm headphone jack? well it’s natural to add new and exclusive features tho but as i see it, IPHONE ALWAYS CHANGES THE HARDWARES of the iphone. for what purpose? is there anything wrong with that? nothing? lol. not really. it’s a marketing thing of Apple where it makes “exclusive” features to the hardware each release so that iphone sheeps would swap their phones for the latest to enjoy the new features. it’s Apple’s focus. to always change hardware features. if they focus on the software changes, well, one can just update their iphone to the latest. a software update wouldn’t grow your iphone a second rear cam if you get what i mean. iphone sheeps upgrade hardwares faster than android users upgrade their phones to the latest OS. LOL. it’s really funny :D

    well, Apple is very good at this that’s why they make lots of money. iphone is the only phone with IOS so their only competition are the previously released iphones. it’s old vs the latest type of competition which makes Apple successful with their product. it’s like “if you don’t have the latest, then you’re out” mentality of iphone sheeps.

    your article is a fandom one. IT’S REALLY NOT GOOD TO POST SUCH AS A PHONE REVIEWER. you should have made a new website named “MY IPHONE FANDOM” and shouldn’t have posted such article in yugatech. this type of article is not allowed in a reviewing site. well, i still prefer the in-depth reviews from Phonedog, Phonearena, AndroidAuthority and Pocket Now. why you ask? no fandom, just plain review. :P

  19. Will says:

    Some of the posts on here translate to “Wah! Stop liking what I DON’T like!”

    I wonder why some people are so quick to judge and label people as sheep based solely on their technological inclinations. It’s as if everyone should conform to what they think is ideal, and the ones who don’t are automatically mindless followers who deserve such condescension for innocuously having different preferences.

  20. Ronaldq says:

    I don’t own an iPhone. Not even a fan of it but you guys should just stop complaining about not having 3.5mm jack. Don’t you see? Apple tells us to move on and live in the 21st century where “wireless” is now a trend. I for one welcome this change and so hope android too.

  21. Boy Abe-unda says:

    Bet ko tong articles mo Bob, di gaya ng ginawa ng boss niyong si Boy Abe-unda na articles tungkol sa tablets na puro samsung ang ine-endorse

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