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Apple iPhone XR in 2020: Still Worth It?

In 2018, Apple launched the iPhone XR alongside the iPhone XS and XS Max. It was one of the “cheaper” variants among the three, initially costing PHP50,990 for the 64GB storage. Back then, I was also planning to make the switch from Android, and knowing that there was a “cheaper” iPhone, I thought it was about time. I’ve had the iPhone XR in Coral (256GB) for about two years now and it has been my daily driver since then.

Came 2020, Apple released yet another “cheaper” iPhone, the iPhone SE 2020, which by far is the cheapest one that was released by the company and only costs PHP27,490 for the base 64GB variant. Enticing, if you ask me. There’s also the runner up in the room, the iPhone 11, which was less costly than the XR at launch.

Now the burning question is: does the two-year-old iPhone XR still deserve a spot in 2020?

Let’s cut to the chase. The short answer is yes. I’m not saying this just because I own one, but if you’ve been wanting to make the switch for quite some time now, here are some reasons why it’s still worth getting.

Huge display and wide color options

If you dislike the iPhone SE 2020’s huge bezels, then the XR might be your best choice. You’ll be getting a huge 6.1-inch display, and if you don’t mind the notch then you’ll be fine. Apart from that, if you’re someone who wants a colorful phone, you have a lot of options with the XR. It comes in seven colors, including Yellow, White, Coral, Blue, Black, and Product Red.

Impressive camera and video quality


The XR has been my primary camera for my multimedia needs and it never failed me. Unlike with the newer iPhones, the XR only has a single 12MP wide camera. The lack of a telephoto lens doesn’t bother me as images are still superb with great details and wide dynamic range. It can also record in 4K up to 60fps and honestly, the video quality is just great. Check out some sample shots and video below.

Here’s a travel video I shot entirely with the iPhone XR.

Performance is A+

As we all know, performance on an iPhone is a force to be reckoned with. Even though the newer iPhones, including the iPhone SE 2020, are powered with the last A13 Bionic chip, the A12 Bionic’s performance is still powerful. For comparison, the iPhone XR got a whopping AnTuTu benchmark score of 425,000 which isn’t really that far from iPhone 11’s 459,690 scores. Multitasking, and playing heavy games is still a breeze.

Besides, with every Apple device, you’d be able to get timely software updates.

Huge Markdown

Now that the spotlight is on the iPhone SE 2020, expect that many resellers out there are selling the XR for a much lower price. I’ve seen some that sell brand new XR (64GB) for less than PHP28K and that’s a huge markdown! Also if you’re pretty tight on the budget, you could always look for a second-hand XR and you may even find one that costs less than PHP25K! But be reminded that if you’re planning to buy one, always make sure that the seller/store is legit AF, and don’t forget to check the reviews.

Now I’m passing the question to you now, would you now consider buying an iPhone XR in 2020? Let us know in the comments below!

Alyza is a Multimedia Producer for YugaTech. You can follow her at @tadboring.

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