ARM introduces new Cortex-A76 CPU and Mali-G76 GPU

ARM introduces new Cortex-A76 CPU and Mali-G76 GPU

ARM is looking to shake up the stage of mobile performance as they unveil their latest CPU and GPU creation, the Cortex-A76 and Mali-G76.

The Cortex-A76 uses the same v8.2 architecture as the previous generation Cortex-A75 (10nm), but with better microarchitecture (7nm) for improved performance. The CPU now also uses a second generation DynamIQ big.LITTLE technology. ARM is stating a 35% increase in performance, 40% increase in power efficiency and, and 4x the ML (machine learning).


The new CPU is actually also aimed at mobile PCs as ARM is promising laptop-class performance and mobile power efficiency. This means that Cortex-A76 equipped laptops will have enough power to perform their needed tasks while having mobile-like battery life.

Then we have the new Bifrost-based GPU, the Mali-G76. Like the Cortex-A76 It’s now on a 7nm microarchitecture. ARM is promising a 30% improvement in performance and battery efficiency along with 2.7x more machine learning compared to the previous generation Mali-G72.

Here are its key features:

  • Three execution engines per shader core
  • Dual texture mapper
  • Configurable 4 to 20 shader cores
  • Configurable 2 to 4 slices of L2 cache 512KB to 4MB total

ARM also introduced a new video processor capable of handling 8K content, the Mali-V76. Compared to its predecessor, the Mali-V61, the new video processor boasts 2x more decode performance, 25% additional bitrate saving, 2x bus fabric latency tolerance.

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