Asus ZenFone 2 ZE550ML vs. ZE551ML

Asus ZenFone 2 ZE550ML vs. ZE551ML

Since there were at least two indicated models of the new Asus Zenfone 2, we dug deeper in some documents and the Asus website to figure out what the combination of specs were available for each model. Here’s the most complete and detailed specs we’ve gathered so far.


SpecsAsus ZenFone 2 ZE550MLAsus ZenFone 2 ZE551ML
Display Size5.5 inches5.5 inches
Display TypeIPS LCD
Corning Gorilla Glass 3
Corning Gorilla Glass 3
Resolution720 x 1280 pixels1920 x 1080 pixels
Pixel Density267 ppi403ppi
ProcessorIntel Atom Z3560 1.83GHzIntel Atom Z3580 2.33GHz
GPUPowerVR G6430PowerVR G6430
Storage16GB, 32GB32GB, 64GB
Expandable StoragemicroSDmicroSD
Mobile InternetCat 4. LTE 150MbpsCat 4. LTE 150Mbps
WiFi802.11 ac, WiFi Direct802.11ac, WiFi Direct
Rear Camera13MP, dual-LED13MP dual-LED
Front Camera5MP5MP
BatteryLi-Po 3,000mAhLi-Po 3,000mAh
OSAndroid 5.0Android 5.0

During the announcement yesterday, the major differences between the ZE550ML and ZE551ML were isolated only on the amount of RAM and internal storage. And of course, the starting price.

Today we got a few more details that the ZE550ML will be using a slower Intel Atom Z3560 1.83GHz processor while the ZE551ML will be running Intel Atom Z3580 2.33GHz processor. Likewise, there’s additional info that the display resolution on the ZE550ML will only be 720p as against the 1080p of the ZE551ML.

We’re curious as to how much the starting price of the ZE551ML will be but we’re hoping it would be in the $299 to $349 (Php14,999).

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52 Responses

  1. snow says:

    Let’s see if Asus Philippines will deliver these new Zens to every store on time nationwide. It still pains me when I recall so wanting to get the Zen 5 when it arrived in the country last 2014. And then what, every store I went to in Cebu did’nt have it. Worse, not one storeboy knows when they will have it. Well, I just saw it PCQuickbuys last week, but I have lost interest already.

    • samuie says:

      In Ayala there are many stores offering Asus Zenfone and also Interpace, biside SM…
      Still looking forward to the 4GB RAM of Zenfone. It would be sweet XD

    • Lurker says:

      Wow, that sucks, bro. When I bought my zenfone, I went to stores around Metro Manila and they never went out of stock.

  2. archie says:

    Sana maglabas ng 4 inch version ng ZE551ML. Kahit 13-15k ito ok na para sa 4gb ram with 64gb internal storage.

  3. Freeje says:

    Read online and it says the base model starts at $199.

    • Mavz says:

      I think that means it would also start with the device with lowest specs, the one with 2GB RAM. If it would cost 8K to 9K I guess I would go with the 16GB storage since it has SD slot so I can put all media stuffs on the external storage.

  4. Mart says:

    yah @gsmarena the slower 1.83ghz version starts at $199

  5. Tony says:

    ZE551ML na lang. Popular games and apps nowadays demand a higher internal storage, RAM and processor so 2.xx GHz is my choice. For the battery, 3,000mah is not enough.

    • james says:

      The new Intel chip is more power efficient than Snapdragon 800 so the battery should be enough. Especially considering 3000mAh batteries power QHD displays these days, and this is just 1080p.

  6. santofafa says:

    Intel + 1080p + 3000mah = lol

    Buti may 720p version mas balanced yung specs

    • pinoy says:

      sobra sobra na yan pang call and text

    • james says:

      Kindly research the power efficiency of the Intel chip you’re LOL-ing at. It’s more power efficient than Snapdragon 800 while having more performance.
      The battery should be enough too, considering 3000mAh batteries power QHD displays these days.

    • wildthang says:

      Lol, ano? intel power efficient in real life… Ummm, okay.

    • james says:

      Wag puro react ng waka namang basis. My 1.86GHz MeMo Pad 7 already has a similar Silvermont CPU and it’s pretty power efficient, maybe a bit more than my Tegra Note 7, due to it being 22nm (vs 28nm). They both last through the day, but the MeMo Pad 7 seems to last longer and has less heat output. Both devices are still running on KitKat.

      And yes, in general current generation Intel CPUs are power-efficient, how else would Windows tablets last so long? It’s just that a really old 32nm chip set design was used on the earlier Zenfones (Google Salt well and see how old it is). Lollipop also has native x86 support (KitKat did not) at wala nang JIT compiler at Dalvik (replaced by AOT compiler and ART), so walang real-time na ARM to x86 conversion, it’s all done during app installation. All that adds up to power efficiency, both on hardware and software side.

    • Denzkie' says:

      lol? wag ka sana mag react kung wala ka rin lang alam… para di kahiya hiya…

  7. keps says:

    Ok na sana eh kaso napapangutan lang ako sa 3 capacitive buttons sa front. Mukha tuloy cheap. Sana on screen nalang para zen talaga yung design

  8. Derek Rodriguez says:

    I both have Zenfone 5 and 6. Satisfied naman ako sa Asus products now I feel like getting that Zenfone 2 hahaha teka bat parang mas maganda yung model na yan? Pabalik ba ang model number?

    all phones 3 weeks old, di pa nakatikim ng sim card, selling at low price interested? 09052935428

  9. Naim says:

    Is the ze550ml processor also 64 bit?

  10. Meong says:

    kelan kaya available to,..,ok na sakin yung 4GB RAM, beast specs and very affordable price

  11. asoos says:

    i hope asus still hasn’t forgotten why the zenfones were super successful- extremely affordable prices for good specs that can rival those of low quality brands ie 4-7K pesos.

    specs wise and price wise they are still tough to beat compared to samsung, sony, lg, etc but i’m afraid they are slowly starting to go beyond the pockets of the “regular” folks.

    i’m not sure if the zenfone zoom will sell well. it is a terrific phone but most people at that price will start looking at the flagships of the bigger brands.

    hope they announce this 1st half of the year the succesors to the low priced zenfone 4,5 at around 4-7K pesos. (the Z5 lite might be the Z4 successor but the price is significantly higher. same with Z2 2gb being the replacement to Z5 and Z2 4gb replacing Z6- they are all higher priced than their predecessors.)

    • james says:

      The Zoom is almost a flagship already, so ASUS fans won’t really have to look elsewhere, especially at these price points. It’s about on par with (and sometimes better than) the current SD800 flagships sold at way higher prices.

    • dzandueta says:

      I read in other tech blogs na at least March, priced at least P9K din. I think that’ll be reasonable considering the Zenfone 2’s specs compared to its predecessors.

      Unless something arguably better comes out, I’m looking forward to buying this baby. :)

  12. Peejay says:

    How come these specs are better than the 6?

    • james says:

      Because the first Zenfones are named after screen sizes. 6 just means it’s got a 6 inch screen. It’s still part of the first generation.
      The Zenfone 2 is the second generation Zenfone, and since there’s only one screen size, they just named it that way.

    • Peejay says:

      Ah okay. Cool. Thanks.

  13. Ray says:

    grabe din pala no sa 3-4k na upgrade sa price massive upgrades din matutumbasan mo sa specs NFC, 4G LTE, 3000mah battery 13mprear and 5mpfront camera dual led flash gpu and screen size plus modded na sya as lollipop. ok na ok sya replacement sa zenfone 5 kasi pagnaguupdate ka ng software buggy like i experienced when i was updating my z5 to kitkat.

  14. Benedict says:

    Very minimal difference with the specs. Sana sa price din.

  15. elj says:

    I think I will be more than satisfied with Asus ZenFone 2 ZE550ML (the cheaper version with 2GB RAM).

  16. Anonasboi says:

    Excited for the release of this… lalo na nung makita ko Antutu benchmarks ng Nokia N1 (uses the same Z3580 but with only 3GB RAM).

    This phone is gonna be a monster.

  17. kentot says:

    Maganda ang specs nla vs price… halus puno na yung RAM ng zenfune 5 ko, d parin naghahang-up.. d tulad nga ilang mamahaling samsung …. bili parin ako ntong bang zenfune 2 yung 4gb ram… galing…

  18. japjapSBV2 says:

    267 ppi ? yung zf5 294 po ? sure po b kayo s pixel dens. nito ? and ano source po wla ksi ako ma search n nagppatunay n 267ppi lng ang 2gb variant , thanks po

  19. Lyong_Min says:

    Actually Zenfone 2 is already here. Major retailers already have stocks for the said Zenfone 2. And they are just waiting on ASUS’s final pricing scheme and the official release date.

    • meong says:

      really? is there a pre-order system? so zenfone 2 will be released on March? howd you know it?

    • Lyong_Min says:

      There is no pre-order system even major retailers already have the stocks on their hand. It still depends on ASUS if there can be a pre-order system or not. All major retailer are bound to a contract with ASUS. And they are just waiting for ASUSs’ final decision, release date and pricing scheme.

      We have just to wait and see….

    • meong says:

      Thanks Lyong_Min for the info, im so excited to have this phone, i hope ASUS will release this the soonest

  20. meong says:

    Thanks Lyong_Min for the info, im so excited to have this phone, i hope ASUS will release this the soonest

  21. Ferdz says:

    March is coming. Zen2. Come on. don’t make us wait another month. Take my money!

  22. d'angel says:

    Happy with my z5 lite… but will be happier with z2 ZE551ML! Hope covers and accessories available upon release…

  23. fredz says:

    Available na po ba ang zenfone 2 at saang retail store, please reply kung sino may alam

  24. zen2lover says:

    wala pa ba ma release to?? march na kasi

  25. digitaljamie says:

    April na..Balita?

  26. benz says:

    Both models are now on Lazada, is the 3k additional for the ZE551 worth it?

  27. ediWow says:

    Available na po ang 2Gig RAM sa SM megamall. kaso 10K ang price. NO no No ! stick with z5 muna.

  28. digitaljamie says:

    bakit sabi sa Asus/Villman sa MegaMall/Cyberzone, June pa daw ang release nitong Zenfone2?

  29. jepoy manantan says:

    if you are a benchmark freak, the ze550ml is the better pick. same specs as with the ze551ml (1.8mhz), but has a lower screen resolution. if you are more into display crispness though, then the ze551ml would be better for you. pagdating sa games, parang sa ze550ml ako. personal preference lang.

  30. Why is it that the ZE551ML is showing 2G RAM only on some advertisements, here its 4G?

  31. samuel alabado says:

    get confused..i bought may zenfone2 from LAZADA (P9,900). It stated in the box ZE551ML model in the sticker but in contrary to the spec mentioned above mine is only 2gb with a capacity of 16GB storage with a Processor of Intel Atom Z3560 1.83GHz which supposed to be for the ZE550ML model and the res. of my unit is 1920 x 1080 pixels instead of 720 x 1280 pixels? anong model ba itong Zenfone 2 ko? is it ZE551ML or ZE550ML

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