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Battle of Cheap Octa-Cores: Phoenix X1 vs Excite 501o

CloudFone has recently announced the Excite 501o, which takes the crown away from the SKK Phoenix X1 as the cheapest octa-core smartphone in the market. But which of these cheap octa-core smartphones offer the best bang for the buck?

The new CloudFone Excite 501o is Php500 cheaper than the SKK Phoenix X1, thus we expect that some corners have to be cut in order to bring the price down by a bit, it’s just a question of how much in our opinion.

Phoenix X1 vs Excite 501o

Looking at the specs sheet above, the Excite 501o has an almost identical configuration as the Phoenix X1 with only a few minor differences in the display, camera and battery used. But sometimes, these little things can make or break the device, as is the case with the SKK Phoenix X1 which offers a slightly bigger battery, and better display with scratch-resistant coating in tow.

Although the rear camera of the Phoenix X1 can also be considered as an advantage compared to the Excite 501o’s 8MP snapper, we can’t definitively say that it’s better because the resolution might just be interpolated which is the case with some smartphones.

Taking these observations to account, we think that the SKK Phoenix X1 is worth the extra Php500. However, if Php5K is all you can spare for an octa-core smartphone, the CloudFone Excite 501o isn’t half as bad.

This article was written by Ronnie Bulaong, a special features contributor and correspondent for YugaTech. Follow him on Twitter @turonbulaong.

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10 Responses

  1. sham says:

    Alin jan ang pwede install ng apps sa sd card?

    • Luke says:

      I have SKK Phoenix X1.. so far okay naman.. i rooted my device kaya nakakapag install ako ngayon sa SD card.. madali lang ang rooting nya at may thread sa symbianize on how to repartition..

  2. wee says:

    1.4 GHz lang ang X1, demo unit lang ang 1.7, 1.4 lang mga actual unit!

  3. kore says:

    Are these better than redmi? Redmi uses snapdragon and has 2gigs of ram ????

    • archie says:

      Kaya nga battle of the cheap octa core phones ang header di ba? Wala namang sinabing Phoenix and Cloudfone versus a rare ragnarok item.

  4. Easy E says:

    Nakalimutan yata maglagay ng pictures. Importante din ang design syempre. Kung isasali ang Redmi 1s (dahil sa price at di dahil octa-), i will still go for the redmi 1s dahil sa brand. Hehe..

  5. victorio says:

    Basag ang sound ng skk ng magskype kami, sadya bang ganun iyon? O kailangang ibalik, kabibili lang ito namin nung sunday dec 28

  6. VAyer says:

    So sa tingin nyo kung sa durability ng phone alin ang mas tumatagal Cloud or SKk?..

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