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Blackberry Curve 9220, 9320 on BB 7.1 OS launched

RIM and Globe Telecom held a party last night at the Prive Luxury Club in Bonifacio Global City to launch two of their latest socially-inclined smartphones, namely, the BlackBerry Curve 9320 and BlackBerry Curve 9220.

Before I got lost at the buffet table, the event started with well-rehearsed lines from a pretty female host and sharply-dressed executives who spoke about how they loved social media and how useful the Blackberry Messaging service is to keep you connected with other BBM users like your family members and friends. Add your favorite yaya to the mix if you want. Needless to say I went back to my plate and focused more on my booze.

Good thing I sorta blacked out until the best part when they finally unveiled the new smartphones before everyone else got tipsy. For starters, the Curve 9320 and the Curve 9220 come with the Blackberry 7.1 OS, built-in FM radios, social media apps such as Facebook, Twitter and Social Feeds 2.0 are already included, and both have dedicated BBM keys on the side.

Of course, as the model number suggests, the 9320 is more advanced in terms of specs. It supports 3G, has a 3.15 megapixel camera with LED flash, built-in GPS and Mobile Hotspot support which allows you to share your mobile data connection via WiFi with up to 5 devices. On the other hand, the humble 9220 supports 2G and has a 2 megapixel camera without flash.

Check out the basic specs comparison below:

Battery Curve 9320:
2.44″ TFT display @ 320×240 pixels (~164 ppi)
up to 32GB via microSD
512 MB ROM
512 MB RAM
HSDPA, 7.2 Mbps; HSUPA, 5.76 Mbps
microUSB v2.0
3.15MP camera with LED flash
BlackBerry OS 7.1
Li-Ion battery 1450mAh
109 x 60 x 12.7 mm
103 g

BlackBerry Curve 9220:
2.44″ TFT display @ 320×240 pixels (~164 ppi)
up to 32GB via microSD
512 MB ROM
512 MB RAM
microUSB v2.0
2MP camera
BlackBerry OS 7.1
Li-Ion battery 1450mAh
109 x 60 x 12.7 mm
102 g

The Blackberry Curve 9320 is priced at Php11,990 while the Curve 9220 comes at a lower price of Php9,990.

If you don’t dig the cash-out then Globe can hook you up with these devices through their postpaid plans. The Curve 9320 is FREE under Blackberry Unli Surf 999 while the Curve 9220 is FREE under My Super Plan 499.

This article was written by Louie Diangson, Managing Editor of YugaTech. You can follow him at @John_Louie.

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16 Responses

  1. nick says:

    Given the specs, these models are too expensive. Compared to other phones, the design of the blackberry units are so dated as in 3-5 years ago. I’m not that excited to get them immediately. I’ll wait it out probably until the BB 10 arrives.

  2. John says:

    dapat around 5k lang to.

    sayang lang pera dyan, hehe.. pangalan nalang binebenta nila.. pangalan na palubog.

  3. benchmark says:

    Well i don’t know with the future of BB, maybe soon they could develope something that is so futuristic that no other company could provide. Probably a touch screen that can be converted to real keys…how will they gonna do that…i don’t know. :) just a thought.

  4. KAT says:

    it’s a good phone. BBM has always been the limelight for BB handsets but this is not the one that I’l go gaga for it :D

  5. wordchecker says:

    yugs, typo “Battery Curve 9320” thanks

  6. showbiz says:

    Not appealing at all.

  7. itachi1 says:

    So sad that RIM couldn’t keep with the rest of the pack. Someone who’s buying a phone would rather consider a Lumia 610, Galaxy Y, or maybe even an outdated 3GS over these two.

  8. chey says:

    BB is only for people that are always willing to pay extra cash for the mobile device’ services to work. TBH, mas tipid pa iPhone gamitin eh.

  9. Elton says:

    by focusing on the specs alone the reader is left to compare Blackberry with other run of the mill phones… lousy writing by someone who doesn’t know that the strength of the BB is not in the specs but in its instant push technology.

    if all you need is call and text, you’ll be more than happy with an iPhone.

    if you need some serious digital productivity tool to power your professional life, then a BB would be meaningful investment to you.

  10. daniel don bait says:

    san po makakabili ng blackberry curve 9320 yung handset lang?

  11. faizal says:

    kakakuha ko lang ng bb curve 9220, sayang dapat 9320 nalng, ndi ako naging wise, kasi mas inisip ko yung mas makakamura.. better luck next time! XD

  12. bornwithapout says:

    Hi. I just want to ask if Mobile Hotspot (for the 9320 plan 999) will allow me to share my unlimited surfing capability with my iPad2 (Wifi only) without any additional cost? Please advise. Thank you in advance.

  13. baskinificent says:

    These two BB’s have only small differences. 9320 has HSDPA, 7.2 Mbps; HSUPA, 5.76 Mbps. and 9220; none. if i where you, then choose 9320. its kind’ of expensive nga lang. but then 9320 would be better handling rather than 9220.

  14. zekoy214 says:

    im using blackberry curve 9230 and i’m loving it. using a hotspot without any additional cost.

    • josky1211 says:

      are you using prepaid or postpaid? is it possible to do this with a prepaid sim? am currently subscribed to a bbmax plan, but unable to activate the hotspot feature. any suggestions, please?

    • RedAnimo says:

      May I know pano nagwork hotspot mo? I am using bb9320 but can’t activate my hotspot. I am a postpaid subscriber of globe. Consulted globe too on hitspot activation but they just made a report. Til now hotspot is not yet working.

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