Yahoo! Axis browser for the Desktop, iPhone & iPad

Yahoo! Axis browser for the Desktop, iPhone & iPad

Well this is a surprise — Yahoo! has just announced/launched their very own browser and they’ve already covered your desktop, iPhone and the iPad in one go. Looks interesting but check out the video after the jump.

Yahoo! describes the browser as “a new kind of browser that redefines what it means to search and browse the web. Watch this video to see how Axis works on your computer, iPhone and iPad.


I’ve already downloaded the iPhone and iPad version and they both look good and spiffy. Here’s a video presentation from Yahoo.

You can get it a or search for “axis” in the iTunes App Store.

Anybody else checked it out?

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18 Responses

  1. duke_06 says:

    Wow… Hanggang browser ba naman kakalabanin nila si Google?! Well, let’s see if this will be a game changer… =)

  2. John says:

    Ridiculously late as always. They should’ve released this way back on 2007. Wow, playing safe it is. I’m sorry Yahoo, you’re already dead. Thanks for being good.

  3. Yahoo still doing things? really?

  4. verns says:

    Browser plug-in only for desktops.

  5. John says:

    Don’t ever bother downloading !! This browser/extension leaks your private information. What an utter failure.

    • lawrence says:

      I read the Gizmodo post. It says “Yahoo managed to leak a private security key in its Chrome version” and never mentioned that it “leaks your private information.”

      Moreover, it says that “Fortunately, Yahoo has since posted a replacement version of the extension without the problem.”

    • Gail says:

      get your facts straight b!tch, stop acting so nonchalant as if you’re that accurate, brushing off yahoo as dead, alleging they leak info, whatnot. you remind me of pretentious nouveau riche.

  6. Maco says:

    I’m a fan of Assassin’s Creed and that logo shouts out ABSTERGO!!! or Adobe… Whatever. I wouldn’t try it out if what John says is true.

  7. luiboowee says:

    Uhm, nasaan po yung video? hehe

  8. Phlip says:

    Is this available for download in the iTunes store philippines?

  9. James Bourne says:

    It seems that this app is not yet available for download here in the Philippines… :(

  10. Justedward says:

    Yup if yugaboys only caught that key info that axis is not available in the Phil..the article would been of better service to their market. .

  11. Phlip says:

    So, yuga, how’d you get to download this then?

  12. Cocolumboy says:

    Wala akong makitang yahoo axis :(

  13. justedward says:

    you must have a US account then. Even if you link from you will still not be able to download it. sick of slow browsing from the iphone so i was looking forward to that. can you help us get a US-appstore account?

  14. Masyado silang nakatutok sa pagtalo kay Google. Dapat nagko-concentrate na lang sila sa mga innovations na wala si Google (kung meron man). At this point, walang laban si Yahoo.

  15. GreenElektron says:

    OMg yuga, you fail me on this.. You’re a tech blogger from the philippines and you don’t know that axis is not available in your local appstore. Fail.

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