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Cherry Mobile Flare 3 vs. THL T6s

THL came out with the T6s only recently (and set to be released on September 6) to directly compete with the very popular Flare 3 from Cherry Mobile.

While the CM Flare 3 is looking to be among the best Kitkat-powered smartphone under the Php4k price-point, there’s an apparent lack of stocks in stores, prompting potential buyers to look somewhere else.

We pitted it against the MyPhone Agua Rio, the Asus Zenfone 4, and a few others.


Now, we compare it against the THL T6s.

ModelCherry Mobile Flare 3THL T6s
Display5 inches, 220ppi
5 inches, 196ppi
CPUMediatek MTK6582M 1.3GHz
Mediatek MTK6582M 1.3GHz
Rear Camera8MP5MP
Front Camera3MP0.3MP
OSKitkat 4.4
Kitkat 4.4

It looks like the Cherry Mobile Flare 3 still has a few more points above the THL T6s — both the front and rear cameras of the Flare 3 has higher megapixels. The battery capacity has a slight difference but it’s not that significant.

The only thing the THL T6s has going for it is the better-looking design and slimmer profile. In any case, unless Cherry Mobile has addressed the issue on availability, THL still has a chance to get the T6s out in the market and maybe even selling more units.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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14 Responses

  1. Easy E says:

    Please give these units a full review.

  2. guyt says:

    sobrang sexy ni thl…

  3. WC says:

    Bought THL T6S through Lazada earlier, hopefully it gets here before Friday :)

    For new Lazada subscriber you can actually buy it for 3677 using the voucher code that they will give you. For active buyers though, like me, you can get it for 3577…

  4. Ron says:

    Definitely agree with wc, u can buy it from lazada with much cheaper price. just bought this THL T6S few days ago.I’m expecting the phone will be here on or befor friday.

    cherry mobile flare 3 is much a little better than THL T6s but unfortunately cant find this king of unit.

  5. Bude says:

    expandable po ba ang storage ng t6s?

  6. Ian says:

    just wana update about the thl t6s as I have one and the specs are much better than what it says about it comparing to the cherry mobile flare 3 .there are 2 things I can update on the t6s
    rear camera is actualy 13.0 mega pixel and the front 1.9 mega pixel also
    the density is actualy 240 dpi and I did a antutu benchmark and I got a score of 18750. so in essence the t6s is a preety darn good quadcore and I have ran asphalt airbourne and ites flawless in games I wud really recommend this phone as the price is only 56 quid in uk.at mo basicly ure getting a 300 quid phone for nxt to nought with some preety good hardware. and a nice design n slim too

    • Tom says:

      How long have you owned the phone? Is 1gb ram good enough for a lag free OS and scrolling through web pages? Thinking about buying this device for relatives in Cambodia. Thanks.

  7. ian says:

    Hi I’ve had my t6s for 2 weeks it is a new model brought out by THL in the last month or so yes it runs fine no lag at all smooth n fast and web pages load up quick best to go on eBay and get one as that’s the cheapest n best place to get one deff recommend this THL T6S.

  8. mike says:

    wala bang physical store na pwede pagbilhan nito? puro online lang yung THL T6S

  9. Pajerokid says:

    I was choosing between the THL T6S and Cherrymobile’s Flare 3, my friend got a Flare 3 so we went to Novo7Tech’s kiosk at Robinsons Manila to compare side by side my friend’s Flare3 to the demo unit T6S at their kiosk (another plus for Novo7tech they are kind enough to provide demo units at their stores unlike cherrymobile and myphone, you have to commit in buying the unit first before you can actually see and test one). Upon comparing the flare3 and thl t6s side by side here are my initial impressions, T6s feels and looks more solid and premium, you wouldnt mistake it for a 3k phone actually, T6s Screen quality is a winner, its JDI display is a major plus, colors and saturation looks great and accurate, overall screen quality is very pleasing to the eyes. JDI stands for Japan Display Inc., its the same company that makes HTC One screen. T6s overall user experience is also excellent, very responsive even recognize light touches, fast performance having a quadcore processor together with a 1gb of RAM. After comparing both side by side, I decided to buy the THL T6S, for a 3k+ phone you get a quadcore with 1gb of ram, 8gb storage expandable via micro sd slot, 5inch JDI screen, Premium solid built body. One more, I would prefer to use and be seen with a THL logo at the back of my phone, no offense meant.

    • Dave UK says:

      I agree. The TS6 looks very similar to my Sony Xperia Z1 and its an almost identical size. Ffrom a distance of 1 metre is difficult to tell them apart.

  10. Dave UK says:

    I just bought a thl T6S here in the UK and I think thl have upped the stakes.
    The front camera is now 2M pixels and the rear camera is 13M pixels…but all this can be quite irrelevant as its all about lens quality rather than pixel count.

  11. Dave UK says:

    I agree with Pajerokid. The T6S build quality is great for a mobile at this price (£60 in the UK on eBay)
    Pajerokid can you check the camera app. What’s the camera’s Mpixel count, front and back? As I said before the one I got here was a higher spec camera than was advertised and I also did real-time checks. I took a pic with both cameras and checked the image on my PC with Paint Shop Pro.
    Front camera image is 1200 x 1600 = 2MP. Rear camera is 3120 x 4160 = 13MP.

  12. Harold constantino says:

    I want to buy thl t6s im sure verry good phone to price 3k + and more freebies thank you thl….

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