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Cherry Mobile Flare 3 vs MyPhone Agua Rio: Specs comparison

With Cherry Mobile setting new standards on getting more for your money’s worth with the Flare 3, they surpassed other brands that supposedly offer low price for decent specs. One of them is MyPhone with its Agua Rio that previously got the attention of lots of budget-conscious individuals. Let’s see if the Flare 3 can still keep up to other phones with higher price points.


Summary of advantages:

CM Flare 3:
* Double the storage
* Slightly better front camera
* Newest OS version out of the box
* Better display with OGS and scratch-resistance
* Php1K cheaper

MyPhone Agua Rio:
*Better screen resolution
*Slightly higher pixels per inch

Both are equal in:
* Display size
* Display type
* Processor
* External storage
* Rear camera
* Connectivity
* Battery
* SIM capability

We also tried to step it up a notch and contrasted the Flare 3 against the more expensive Zenfone 5 just to see if it could still somehow be comparable.


Summary of advantages:

CM Flare 3:
* Slightly better front camera
* Newest OS version out of the box
* One-Glass Solution
* Cheaper by Php2,496

ASUS Zenfone 5:
* Higher resolution
* More pixels per inch
* Overall better processor
* More RAM
* Slightly higher battery capacity
* Corning Gorilla Glass 3

Both are equal in:
* Display size
* Display type
* Internal storage
* External storage
* Rear camera
* Connectivity
* SIM capability

Interestingly, the Zenfone 5 which is close to double the price of the Flare 3 isn’t that far ahead (in specs, at least). Overall, the Zenfone 5 has better things to offer but some of its internals share the same specs as the Flare 3.

To know more about these devices, you may read our review of the Flare 3 or review of the Zenfone 5.

Kevin Bruce Francisco is the Senior Editor and Video Producer for YugaTech. He's a Digital Filmmaking graduate who's always either daydreaming of traveling or actually going places on his bike. Follow him on Twitter for more tech updates @kevincofrancis.

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29 Responses

  1. asus says:

    zenfone 5 tlga..

  2. Typical says:

    this comparison is very wrong, it should be the omega icon vs agua rio.

    BTW facebook is down since 11:53 Aug 1, 2014
    amazing isnt it…

  3. azreap says:

    better ram, gpu, and proc

    “isn’t that far ahead” lol what a retard

  4. X!X!X! says:

    information incomplete between Flare 3 vs MyPhone Agua Rio

    add this feature about rio – USB On-the-Go and Led light

  5. easy e says:

    In around 6 months, we might be able to get a sub-php5k with the spec of a SG note 3. Why not?

  6. bryan says:

    mukhang malaki binayad ng Cherry Mobile this time sa yugatech ah..

  7. Rex says:

    If you compare the 3 phones based on their Antutu synthetic benchmark scores. CM flare 3 marginaly wins over MP Agua Rio; while Asus ZenPhone 5 lands on the top.

    Asus Zenphone:18-22000
    CM Flare 3: 17500~
    MyPhone Agua Rio: 17000~

    On paper, I think the most *sulit* would be CM Flare 3. Cherry Mobile changed the market landscape again! =)))

  8. buddyberkano says:

    MyPhone Agua Rio:
    *Better screen resolution
    *Slightly higher pixels per inch

    pixel density is relative to resolution, i don’t understand why they are treated as separate. The brain of the author never ceases to amaze me…

  9. ibullit says:

    Thanks for the comparison of these devices. I sometimes would make wild, random comparisons, just to get to think out of the box.

    If I were to try to sound like a smart ass and know more of what the author has done in this article, I’d rather make my own blog and put all my intellects in there. :)

    I hope you guys (yugatech) get to have a hands on review of the CM Flare 3 soon!

  10. gpr says:

    “PHABLET NG BAYAN”? lol CM, thats a lame marketing gimmick. It does have a quad SoC but a significant downgrade from the regular mtk6582/6582m. Look at that single core gpu, its the gpu for the dual and single cores of 80’s (ehem, exageration here). The only bang for the buck here is the screen, the 8gb rom and a gb of ram. wat a shame CM, manloloko.

    • kingking says:

      mp2 rin po yung flare 3.. basa2 dn pag my tym

    • fcknggpr says:

      shame on u gpr.. make some google search… ;)

    • gpr says:

      lol shame on you more look at the comparo and every local tech site its mali-400mp only. read and research before u comment. mali 400 mp so far have 3 variety, the MALI 400MP (SINGLE CORE), the 400MP2 dual core and the MP4 quad core. shaaaaaaaaaaaaaame on you. regardless CMs official specs is mali-400MP, TAKE NOTE MALI-400MP

    • Frost™ says:

      what’s the difference/advantage of mali-400mp to mali-400mp2 or mali-400mp4?

      any benchmarks?

    • Frost™ says:

      what’s the difference/advantage of mali-400mp to mali-400mp2 or mali-400mp4 then?

      any benchmarks?

    • gpr says:

      cant find benchmarks, but its obvious, a quad core processor with a dual core gpu is better than a quad core processor with a single gpu of a SAME gpu model. unless clarified by CM and confirmed by “honest” reviews (paid ads), im still doubtfull of CM Flare 3’s gaming prowess so i cant compare it to other same processor with mali-400mp2 gpu. The 4k tag is tempting though and its has best in class specs to price ratio.

    • jayhenpee says:

      hinde ba pdeng nakalimutan lng na ilagay na mp2 at chaka malinaw naman siya kasi SoC ng quad core m6582 ay mp2 ang gpu nya -_-

    • kulantro says:

      Same lang na dual core ang GPU ng Mali-400MP at Mali-400MP2, basta Mediatek MT6582 ang Processor.

    • Balbon says:

      READ THIS!!!

      Why Mali-400 MP?
      With support for 2D vector graphics through OpenVG™ 1.1 and 3D graphics through OpenGL ES 1.1 and 2.0, the Mali™-400 MP provides a complete graphics acceleration platform, based on open standards.

      Scalable from 1 to 4 cores the Mali-400 MP enables a wide range of different use cases, from mobile user interfaces up to smartphones, tablets and DTVs, to be addressed with a single IP. One single driver stack for all multi-core configurations simplifies application porting, system integration and maintenance. Multicore scheduling and performance scaling is fully handled within the graphics system, with no special considerations required from the application developer

      The provision of an industry standard AMBA® AXI interface makes integration of Mali-400 MP into system-on-chip designs straight-forward, and also provides a well-defined interface for connecting to other bus architectures. ARM is in the unique position to provide an optimized compute platform that uses ARM Cortex™ processors, Mali GPU and ARM CoreLink™ CCI-400 technologies. This heterogeneous approach means that a range of applications is more efficiently processed when shared between the CPU and the GPU. This makes full use of the inherent capabilities of each system component to achieve the best possible balance of power and performance.

      Mali-400 MP has a fully programmable architecture providing high-performance support for both shader-based and fixed-function graphics APIs. It provides class leading anti-aliasing capabilities ensuring optimal image quality, with virtually no performance overhead. A wide range of third party applications, middleware and tools support through the ARM Mali ecosystem program. These are pre-validated with other ARM hardware and software products, as well as a wide array of third party applications and content.

      Features Benefits
      Advanced tile-based deferred rendering and local buffering of intermediate pixel states Reduced memory bandwidth overhead and lower power consumption
      Efficient alpha blending of multiple layers in hardware Unlimited number of blended layers without additional bandwidth consumption or unexpected performance drops
      Full Scene Anti-Aliasing (FSAA) using rotated grid multi sampling Significantly higher quality and performance than alternative oversampling methods
      Integrated MMU based on standard ARM MMU Allows virtualization of GPU memory resources and fine-grained memory protection
      Fully autonomous GPU Enables maximum parallelization of CPU and GPU tasks
      Independent CPU and GPU power management Maximize battery life, minimize heat dissipation
      Fully optimized production quality software drivers Maximum efficiency with low memory fragmentation, reduced integration time and cost, reduced support burden
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    • Balbon says:

      mali-400mp is scalable from 1-4 CORES!!!!!!!!!
      so it means pwede syang single core, dual core at quadcore!!!

  11. lex says:

    CM rising to MP Rio’s challenge.

    Please include the Omega Icon in the comparison.

  12. Zobel says:

    Tagal namang lumabas panlaban ng CM sa Zenfone 5. Competition is indeed heating up.

    BTW, pwede paki-mention sa mga reviews nyo kung ilan zoom ng cam, image stability, resolution recording, etc., Di yung puro pics lang.

  13. RJ de Leon says:

    CM has always been able to bring in (through their OEMs) phones that — on paper — seemingly offer better bang-for-buck at pricepoints that are very attractive to the masa. CM has been around for quite a while now, but what I continue to wait on is for their suking OEMs to ‘mature’ in terms of incorporating better durability & QC/QA practices into their manufacturing processes. That and a much-improved/upgraded capability & competence from their after-sales/service personnel.

  14. Tuscany says:

    some people say that the GPU of CM Flare 3 is MALI-400MP2 but all the reviews i’ve been reading says that its only MALI-400MP. truth please. confusing.

  15. CMhater says:

    Only mali 400mp.. Nakatatlong replacement nq sa flare 3 at sa huli may sira parin sayang naipon ko.. Wla kwenta CM.. Pwee!

  16. Reynan says:

    away away pa kayo sa GPU eh wla nmn app na nkaka recognize ng GPU Core .. as long as “System On Chip” kht Mali400mp lng yan Dualcore GPU yang Flare3 . bkt sa antutu ba Mali400mp2 nakalagay sa RIO ?

    kht Mali400mp/mp2/mp4 yan .. mali400mp lng ang nakalagay tlga. minsan kasedi na inespecific ng Mobile Company ung GPU kung ilan core ..mag google nlng ng SoC pra malaman di ung dame pa sinasabe eengot engot naman ung iba haha

  17. Nathalie says:

    well now rio has 5 mp front cam for version 2
    upgraded into kitkat
    better phone app texture
    tas mas matibay sa cherrymobile

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