Cherry Mobile lists down devices to get Lollipop update

Cherry Mobile lists down devices to get Lollipop update

We’re at Cherry Mobile’s event right now where the company launches three new Flares namely: Flare 4, Flare S4, and Flare S4 Plus. But it doesn’t end there since they are also announcing the devices to get Android Lollipop update real soon.



Take note of these devices:

These handsets are scheduled to receive their Android Lollipop updates before the year ends. Stay tuned!

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35 Responses

  1. jhon says:

    kawawa naman Fuze S ko!!

  2. EGGO says:

    patay ang d man lng consider ung mga pumatok na flare series nila like flare 3

  3. kwippychan says:

    Cherry mobile Urban sir .

  4. Paolo says:

    There’s already MARSHMALLOW, shouldn’t they be working on that now?

    • ZenPhownToo says:

      Dude, not even the “branded” phones have ota updates to Lolipop let alone Marshmallow, halos ginagawan pa ng paraan para mag 5.1, CHILL!

    • Paolo says:

      But Marshmallow is already out. It’s live on AOSP, only a matter of time to optimise the software and stuff. It’s apalling that there are phones that come with 4.4.X, or even 5.0.X, NOT 5.1.X

  5. HamDz017 says:

    Salamat sa Update. Flare S3 Lite po ????????

  6. MARK says:

    FLARE XL please. :( bakit yung ibang flare hindi bibigyan ng updates?

  7. Ryan says:

    Sana isama XL! HUHU

  8. Humpty Dumpty says:

    hindi man lang kasama cosmos one plus….

  9. Coy says:

    Any update for cubix cube???

  10. Deiv Lee says:

    Cosmos one plus din sana…

  11. noname says:

    infinix din sana tss

  12. Kumusta naman ang CHERRY MOBILE FLARE XL.. wlang lollipop update??? Tsk

  13. Bogli says:

    Hahahahaahahahahaha..5.0.x pa 5.1.1_r24 na buong mundo at may 6.0.0_r1 na.. ^_^

  14. ASDASD says:


  15. Cosmos Force update naman dyn!

  16. chermems says:

    nagupdate ako ng flare S3 (quad) ok naman xa.. kaso nawala na sa ung icon ng front cam pag nagopen ka ng kht anong camera application…… TAE lang :D panu un?

  17. Dodong says:

    Yung may mga lumang series na cherry fone e wala na aasahan sigurado. Yung cherry cosmos x ko na 10k nun e after 2 years e obsolete na.

  18. Wla bng update lollipop sa cm cheer?? Pa hellp nmn.

  19. Gerald says:

    Cosmos force wala ding Update sir!?

  20. jeric says:

    Cubic cube two as an na pangako nio update to lollipop

  21. Jose luis alamag says:

    Wish if there’s fuse s update too????????

  22. jeinnpaulo says:

    2015 ends.pero wala padin update for flare s3 octacore.tsk

  23. RON says:

    its already May! asan na ung lollipop update na napromise para sa COSMOS FORCE?!?!?!

  24. mangz says:


  25. Cherry Mobile Spin S970

  26. jayson says:

    pulse walang update

  27. keenan delantar says:

    please make a update on cherry mobile selfie h970…to lollipop or higher

  28. keenan delantar says:

    please make a update on cherry mobile selfie h970…to lollipop or higher..

  29. oz14 says:

    please make an update for cherry mobile fusion aura 2 to lollipop or marshmallow

  30. paulo enriquez says:

    wala bang update para sa fusion aura 2? into lollipop version? please responce as soon as possible. thankyouuuu.

  31. small says:

    Wala po bang Android update para sa cherry mobile cosmos force?

  32. michael says:

    wla parin ba update to lollipop yung fuze s at fuze mini?

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