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Cherry Mobile W900: The Dragon Phone for Php9,999

Cherry Mobile is set to launch a new mid-range Android smartphone next week they aptly called “The Dragon Phone” because of the 1.2GHz Qualcomm SnapDragon chip that came with it.

This 4-inch smartphone isn’t really a successor to the Magnum HD or the Magnum 2X but more of a parallel release as an affordable but decently spec’ed handset.

Cherry Mobile W900 specs:
4-inch capacitive display @ 480×800 pixels
Qualcomm Snapdragon S2 1.2GHz processor
Adreno 205
1GB internal storage
up to 32GB via microSD (8GB included)
HSPA+ 21Mbps
WiFi 802.11 b/g/n, WiFi hotspot
Bluetooth 2.1
GPS w/ aGPS support
DLNA certified, DivX, Dolby Digital Plus
5MP rear camera w/ 720p HD video recording
VGA front-facing camera
Android 2.3 Gingerbread

If I am not mistaken, this could be the same chip that was used in the BlackBerry Bold 9900 and the HTC Incredible last year.

I failed to check the battery capacity but my guess is that it will be around the 1500mAh rating which is the norm. We’ll post more details once we get more time during the May 3 launch event.

The W900 should be available in Cherry Mobile store nationwide next week with a suggested retail price of Php9,999.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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50 Responses

  1. MItee de la Cruz says:

    It looks like Magnum Ice Cream Phone :D

  2. Kristen says:

    Kindda weird…in the picture it shows the phone bears the”T” logo seen on korean phones…

  3. benchmark says:

    Sir yuga, check on the screen resolution, its just 80, its typo.

    Anyway I didn’t know 10k would be affordable for a cherry mobile user. Well I hope the quality is worth it.

  4. coachjojoc says:

    Cherry phones have a 30% breakdown rate. This from a friend who works at a major appliance distributor/reseller.

  5. Gams says:

    It won’t last for a year like all cherry mobile phones.A year ago I got this Q7 blackberry bold look-aliked fone but, sadly, lasted only 5 months and beyond repair.What a junk!

    • coachjojoc says:

      Sinabi mo pa!

      My driver wanted to buy a Cherry phone. I told him that it’s a waste of money. Still, he went right out and bought one.

      Now 5 months and 4 days later he’s got a totally useless phone and requests for a day off so he could bring it to Cherry Mobile SM North EDSA Annex.

  6. GORIO says:

    Is this chinese? why buy chinese products? even for 1000 pesos this is very expensive for a day use. and the chinese will use the profit in spratly. wake up Philippines.. LOVE OUR COUNTRY

    • courtney says:

      What did you use to post your message? I’m pretty sure you yourself uses products from China every day. If you are suggesting not to use any products from china, kahoy nalang gamit mo okay?

      Back to the topic, Cherry mobile phones really have a short life span. The build quality is bad. It’s the price that captures the consumer’s heart.

    • gorio says:

      and where are you courtney when you posted your message. I hope you are not in the Philippines.
      baka mahambalos kita ng kahoy. umuwi ka na sa tsina. isama mo na lahat ng mga kalahi mong tsekwa. at wag n kayo mag business sa mga pinoy.
      bakit ba nagsusumiksik kayo sa pinas. LUMAYAS NGA KAYO SA PINAS

    • courtney says:

      I’m in the Philippines., you really do not get the point huh?
      What I’m saying is that you need to practice what you preach. Wag mo isuggest samin to stop using items from China kung ikaw gumagamit ng items made in China everyday. It does not make any sense. I never said I’m on their side. You just assume it. Pero i’m pretty sure you. Always use
      Items made from China..

      On the topic, I hope the high breakdown rate for cm phones only apply sa mga lower tiered phones.

    • Delfin marcelino says:

      Gorio ang bobs mo Kung cno ka man magpagamot ka munang utak. Kung gusto mong mayikahoy puntahan mo ako sa maysilo. Wag ka ng magyayabang dito pumunta ka na lang. Kung magreply ka pa bakla ka at Hangang salita ka lang.

      O ano? Palag ka.

    • GORIO says:

      ikaw yata ang dapat magpatingin sa utak mo delfin marcelino kung sino ka man. sumama ka na kaya sa mga intsik at baka ibenta mo pa ang mga kapwa ko pilipino.
      If you cannot avoid buying chinese products, then buy. It is not only the gadgets I am talking about.
      Do you understand delfin marcelino at courtney

    • courtney says:

      Gorio, it does not mean na we are pro china because we buy items made in china. It just so happen that they own the largest market share. Now if you are true to your words. Simulan mo na ibenta mga gamit mo that have parts from china. TV, ref, cp, computer, baka pati plato at baso mo made from china. Masyadong close minded naman yang sinusuggest mo na pagboycott. If you still insists then suggest alternatives sa mga products na gusto mo iboycott. What do we use and where do we buy?

    • GoriongTanga says:

      Gorio, ganyan ka ba kaslow para di magets ang sinasabi dito?

      Wag kang magtanga-tangahan. Lumingon ka sa kaliwa o kanan, may made in China na gamit diyan. Cellphone, PC Component, modem at router mo, pati sibuyas na kinakain mo malamang galing China. Di masamang maging proud na Pinoy pero wag masyadong tanga.

    • oyo says:

      gorio, based sa history ng japan they did what exactly what you are saying. they closed their door to all foreign products to boost their own economy and at look at them now, a great nation. keep it up.

    • Gorio says:

      Thanks OYO, you got my point. Also in history, our economy before is next to Japan. So sad that most Filipinos did not supported our own products before. The reason why our neighbors are now far ahead of us.
      I just hope and pray that the chinese aggression and greediness will not come into reality. The reason why I used to avoid chinese products. Not all you can buy are made in china.

    • Gorio says:

      I just want to tell all of you that when you spend your hard earned money for a lousy chinese products, it is like supporting the chinese campaign against our own territory. I hope some Filipinos are deep enough to understand.
      Sorry for some sarcastic words that I posted to courtney.

    • curious says:

      Ah ganun pala po yun.. Closed door policy lang uunlad na bansa natin. Bakit po kaya hindi yan ginagawa ng ibang mga bansa na mahihirap? Yan lang pala ang sagot para sa mga 3rd world countries.

    • Trickoy says:

      You guys are immature. I’m sure na kahit i-cut off ng Pinas ang market from China, they’d still be rich as hell. So bumili man tayo ng Chinese made or not. Walang maaapektuhan dahil hindi naman Pinas ang #1 consumer ng Chinese products, at lalong hindi Pinas ang #1 sa listahan ng mayaman na bansa na kapag tumigil tayong bumili sa China eh magpapanick na sila. Kahit nga mismo sa pagprotect ng Spratley ay hindi parin Pinas, kundi ang US ang nakabantay. Battle ships natin ba kamo? Second hand parin yan either from the US or China.

      @Gorio: Okay lang na maging maka-bansa, pero kung liliteralin mong pati products talaga, then you should be fair. lahat ng imports wag mo bilhin, and you’ll see wala ka ng magagamit. Use what’s available, kung gusto mo, magtayo ka ng sarili mong cellphone company, and tignan nalang natin kung san mo kukunin supplies/parts mo.

    • Trickoy says:

      Just to add: Sana nung nagsumbat sumbatan kayo dito eh nage-mailan nalang kayo. nakakahiya naman kasi sa may-ari nung website na dito pa kayo nagkalat ng mga ganyan. I suggest you say sorry to Abe, and give him permission to delete your arguements here.

      Abe was being open-minded na kahit China phone or whatever phone eh wala siyang pake, bsta ang trabaho niya is to give comments, pros, cons of the device, at the same time tingin ko nmn na loyal siya sa Pinas kahit na gumagawa siya ng review ng mga phones na gawa sa ibang bansa.

      Be open-minded guys! Cheers! Sorry kung nakidagdag pa ako :)

  7. raveb says:

    Cherry Mobile and Android: match made in heaven talaga.

  8. 2toyzki says:

    Ganda ng specs at mura na sya sa 10k… pero dapat mahawakan ko muna test unit before i buy.. 10k is 10k kaya dpt masiguro ko muna quality nyan.

  9. Mr. Curious says:


    It’s like a brand of disposable cheap (well this one’s not that cheap) handsets…

  10. ken says:

    ,.,ok dn tong phone nah to eh,.,.,.kc ung fnrd ko sa cherry mobile myron xang gnito un nga lng.,,.d xa gnun ka blis.,.,kompara sa windows phone 7.5 kung samsung focus,.,.nong nag web browse kmi..,.,gmit tong w900,.,.lge talo.,.pati nah boot up,.,.pero mgnda xa malinaw dn camera,..,.,

  11. Bisita says:

    Parang di mura ang 10k for a cherry…
    Nokia 3310 na lang kung need mo lang pangtext. :D

  12. trull says:

    wakanga, ako galit tsina man ako. Lahat halos gawa tsina kasi yun lang kaya pela ninyo. Tapos kayo leklamo? Pati kayo made in tsina!

  13. pinoypride says:

    Huwag tangkilikin ang gawang tsekwa!

    • genghiskhan says:

      ano tsekwa tsekwa? Amin cibilisasyon mahigit na 3,000 to 4,000 na taon. ‘kaw, saan ikaw galing? Planet op di eyps.

    • pinoypridedaw says:

      I hope yung ginamit mong electronic device to post has no part made from China. God bless.

    • Bago bago says:

      E ano yun bato ka hoy. Pag d Gawa china is ang laptop Baka 50000. 486 Lang yan. Pag pentium 4 100000pesos. Pwede ring hand made proudly sa pinas.

      Is ang taon d mo pa mabubuo yung i3. Yung pentium1 – 1 million components sa loob. D yan parang Buko pie or fruit salad na kahit sno pwede gumawa.

      Please Lang gamitin utak Kung d tayo bibli among pwedeng pangpalit. Ano type na Lang post sa Buko pie. Email email sa fruit salad.

  14. hirohito says:

    Mga bakero kayo! Bakit ayaw niyo sa Intsik?

  15. Irv says:

    specs look good on paper. but build quality is suspect. and support is probably abysmal.

    oh yeah, and probably no software updates ever.

  16. Eco says:

    Hello not all Chinese are bad guys just like Filipinos. It just happen that their political leaders right now are “masama and swapang”.
    I believe there are many chinoy out there like me who are also against this kind of aggresion.

  17. heaver says:

    Tested the unit kanina and i would say the unit is promising…sobrang gaan and the screen is so fluid..its just that the build is so plasticky and look cheap like the rest of the cm phones…nakuha na rin ng cherry mobile ang Ainol and they will realease rebranded ics tablets soon…

  18. sherwood says:

    I think the phone is promising but for the price of 10k i would rather buy branded phones. :)

  19. eric says:

    ibaba nila ng 5k yan bibili ako..pero hangang hindi pa nangyayari yun, maghintay muna ko.

  20. Paolo says:

    10K for something with 1.2GHZ of processing power? You can’t go wrong with that! :D

    Oh, wait. It’s a Cherry Mobile device (I have heard some “horror” stories about CM devices.)

    If you are not sure whether to get this, just get a second-hand phone with similar-to-better specs, from some big name manufacturer (You can get a Samsung Galaxy S if you know where to look. And how to negotiate. Even an LG Optimus 2x [Expats bring the T-Mobile G2x, just the same thing with fancy branding.] ) :D

  21. pabs says:

    I think wala naman sa kung mamahalin or mura ang smartphone mo. If it serves its purpose then ok. My latest globe postpaid is unli 599, because wala ng stock ng samsung galaxy y, I was forced to get cloudfone ice, I’m surprised na kahit medyo low specs siya, so far ay responsive siya, and I loved it, comparing to my brother’s sgy, this is more beautiful. Nasa gumagamit lang yan, Iphone man ang gamit mo, kung hanggang text ka lang, sayang lang…

  22. GoriongTanga says:

    Ang tanga ng mga PROUD PINOY kuno dito. Bitawan niyo na yang mga cellphone, laptop, keyboard o mouse na hawak niyo kasi 100% may made in China diyan. Mga gunggong, pasalamat kayo sa workforce ng China may nahahawakan kayong mga cellphone ngayon. Kung hindi, tignan lang natin kung maafford niyo kahit Nokia 5110.

    Mga makitid na utak! Wag kayong pakabayani masyado, konting training pa mga bopols.

  23. islandnation says:

    Instsik beho mabaho!

  24. Sexbat says:


  25. mangpandoy says:

    Geez, you guys are so pretentious. You pretend to be nationalistic, intelligent and better than the average china man. Our country’s chinese community comprise less than 5% in terms of population but they control more than 90% of our wealth. Your insinuations that you are far off better if you avoid using anything that’s made in China is hilarious, stupid and downright pathetic. I’m sure the “pinoy-wannabe-patriots” blabbing here don’t even have P50,000.00 in the bank. Stop discriminating against people more successful than you because of hard work. All you do is yada yada yada…

    • Bea says:

      I’m sure isa ka sa mga tsekwa na hindi nagbabayad ng tamang buwis at nanlalamang and nagmamaliit sa mga totoong pinoy

    • mangpandoy says:


      Excuse me. For somebody who does not know me personally, you certainly are good at making judgements. Why not look yourself up in the mirror. How much do you earn? If you happen to hold a regular job, how much tax do you pay? Even if many businessmen (chinese) cheat on their taxes, what each of them pays is definitely more than what you make in your sorry ass lifetime and that includes the miniscule tax that you pay (if you have the less holier-than-thou conscience to do so). So shut up, indio!

  26. bobjoan says:

    not all cherry mobile phones are easy to break sometimes the manner of handling the phone or malas lang at isa ka sa nkabili ng defective na unit..
    coz im a proud owner of a cherry mobile 1st gen android which is the Nova and if you only see my phone you couldnt tell that is made by cherry mobile visit our site tipidcp.com goto forums and others then go to cherry mobile nova section and check our screenshots .and be amazed

    • jowee says:

      I’m also a proud owner of cherry mobile android phone, the Candy Chat. Been using it for 4 months now, never had a problem.

      I think most people are referring to phones that have TV, most of them are easy to break and have firmware issues.

  27. I do not even know how I ended up here, but I thought
    this post was good. I do not know who you are
    but certainly you are going to a famous blogger if you aren’t already ;) Cheers!

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