DJI outs Osmo Mobile 2 handheld gimbal

DJI outs Osmo Mobile 2 handheld gimbal

DJI jumps in on the CES 2018 hype as they announce the launch of the Osmo mobile’s successor, The Osmo mobile 2. The device is a handheld gimbal for smartphones, think of it as a monopod but with cool features and a very flexible pivot mechanism.

The Osmo mobile 2 improves on its predecessor on multiple fronts, starting with the reduced overall weight. By using high-strength composite materials DJI was able to cut the weight of their newest gimbal to just 485g compared to the previous generations 501g weight. Next up is the ability of the gimbal’s clamp to now pivot between portrait and landscape orientations instead of being locked in landscape mode.


Last but not the least is the battery, the new device no longer has a removable one but it did get a certified 10-hour bump as instead of 5 hours the device’s projected battery life is now 15 hours. Other than that, it still has a joystick and a number of assistive buttons as well as compatibility with DJI’s Go app for remote operations.

The Osmo mobile 2 is priced at $129 (~Php 6,487) and will go on sale exclusively at Apple on January 23 with a projected global release in early February. Local pricing and availability are yet to be announced.

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