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DON’T EXPECT THESE on the iPhone 14

Rumors have been spiraling across all social media platforms about whether the upcoming iPhones will have a USB-C port instead of a Lightning port, a smaller notch or even a notch-less design, and many more. These are still speculations and leaks that may or may not be seen once the real deal is revealed. In this article, we’ve listed down some of the things that you should and shouldn’t expect on the upcoming iPhone 14 models.

DON’T EXPECT TYPE-C: That ain’t gonna happen, at least for now.

Iphone 14 Expect

In a recent video of Unbox Therapy, a nonworking and what might be a iPhone 14 Pro Max unit, has been sent to him with the exact dimensions. And as a tradition of smartphone manufacturers, months before they release a certain product, a mock-up with exact exterior dimensions and physical form factor is handed out to case manufacturers to develop their cases to fit the upcoming product. In this case, the iPhone 14. Lew is known to own Later Case in which he also caters to iPhones models in his roster.

From what we’ve seen in his video entitled “iPhone 14 Pro Max First Look ” the iPhone 14 Pro Max doesn’t have a Type-C port. Sure, this is a mock-up but come to think of it, if you have a dummy phone as a mold for your cases, you would want to know the exact dimensions from buttons to the ports to prevent fitting issues of the chargers and other accessories. As some of you might observe, a Lightning connector is slimmer than a Type C connector making it an essential detail when making a case.

But, you know, we will be more than happy if this turns out to be a false prediction.

Full View Display?

Iphone14leak 25102021

For many years now, Apple is the only company that didn’t jump ship to the pool of full-view displays and still retained its 5-year-old notch display design. It made sense as all newer iPhone models these days, except the SE line, rely on FaceID as a mode of security, and having a notch-less design is not yet possible as you need to tuck in drivers and other components for the sensors and whatnot.

Nevertheless, we are glad to report that there is a huge chance that the next-generation iPhone will have a refreshed display layout, at least for the Pro models. Expect to have thinner bezels, and a notch-less display. Congrats Apple fans!

According to Ming-Chi Kuo, a well knows Apple analyst, in March of 2021, he claimed that “hole-punch display design will be adopted by high-end 2022 iPhones at a minimum, and if production yields are good enough, all 2022 iPhone models may use this design.” But, according to some leaks, Non-Pro models will still have the current notch design on the iPhone 13 and 13 Pro units.

No more iPhone 14 MINI

Iphone 14 Expect 1

There is no significant difference between the upcoming iPhone 14 model and the current iPhone 13 models when it comes to design except for the dimensions. Gone is the “Mini” model that some of us did love since its introduction. As the sales are not as high as the regular models, Apple will stop creating these mini-sized iPhones which do make sense from a marketing standpoint. If you want a smaller iPhone, you can opt to have the iPhone SE 3rd generation, yeah it might have a super old design language, but if you are after the size and the power, this is the only option to go.

The same storage configuration

While some companies start to offer 256GB as the base storage option, Apple will remain to offer 128GB of storage variant. While 128GB is more than enough for some, many others think 256GB is the sweet spot. Currently, iPhone 13 Pro models that sport 128GB cannot take advantage of the ProRes feature, only the 256GB variants, as it eats up a huge chunk of storage every second. So if you want to upgrade to the next iPhone 14 Pro, and take advantage of the ProRes, start saving now for the 256GB variant or you know, why not just get the 1TB option.

No A16 Bionic for non-PRO models.

Iphone 14 Expect 2

Year after year, it has been Apple’s tradition to release brand new, faster, and more efficient chipsets for all the new iPhone variants> This year, according to some rumors, Apple will only be putting their newly developed chipset on the Pro models. Regular iPhone 14’s will have the current A15 Bionic chipset. No doubt, A15 Bionic is a fast and efficient chipset compared to other smartphones in the space but there might be features that only the new A16 bionic can handle, especially the upcoming iOS 16 update which might be a major overhaul according to some leaked codes.

We are but a few of the millions who are excited to get our hands on the upcoming iPhone 14 models. Aside from the usual camera improvements, performance boost, and fresh design, we are also looking forward to seeing new software improvements to the iPhones. We have yet to see if there is a price increase on these upcoming iPhone models but one thing is certain, these iPhone models will surely cost more than PHP 40,000, especially the Pro variants. So, if you want one, start saving up like us. And there you have it, what features would you want to have on the upcoming iPhone 14 series? Do let us know in the comments section below!

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