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Fake Nokia Touch Screen TV Phone

Saw this nice little TV phone tonight, brought home by my brother. At first I thought it was one of those LG Cookie models that has a built-in TV tuner with it but upon closer inspection, turns out it’s got a Nokia logo instead.


The handset is really small and comes with a full touch screen display. The antenna is considerably longer — at least 3 times the height of the unit.

The touch screen even has that iconic “Slide to Unlock” feature that’s totally copied from the iPhone/iOS. At the back, it says the camera is rated at 12.1 megapixels which is obviously not true.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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33 Responses

  1. NemOry says:

    haha, grabe na talaga mga china phone sana wala na bibili ng china, proven hindi tlaga maganda hardwares nla. . .

  2. Bob Reyes says:

    That’s a NOKLA not a NOKIA :D

  3. kristian says:

    How much did your brother bought it sir yuga?

  4. Benchmark33 says:

    parang combination of Nokia and Sony-Ericsson ha…hehehe ok, idagdag na natin ang LG! hihihihihi

    hmmm can’t those unit be from nokia but it didn’t pass the quality? hehehehe

  5. raul barrios says:

    Had experience with two china phones and none could match any entry level phones from any company. The TV is useful during BORING moments though.

  6. 3xcalibur says:

    hahaha…I had one of those 3 years ago. but they called it Nokia N91i it has TV dual sim, but not active switching only. Indeed, the problem with those china made phones are hardware. Mine the battery bubbled up. I bought it because it has tv, so that when im going home from work (commuting) i could watch the news. I want to quote one china techie supplier “Jacks Toyz” and he quoted. “God created the world, but everything is made in China.”

  7. mary says:

    @3xcaliber, parang narinig ko na rin yan pero itong version:

    God created Adam and Eve… everything else is made in China.

  8. daniel says:

    hahah 12 megapixel china phone? for sure even the cost of the phone cant match the cost of a 12 megapixel camera module lol!

  9. Rian says:

    Mahirap talaga umasa sa China phones kasi yung service center di mo alam kung saan. Pero kung gagawin mong stand alone TV lang ito pwede na.

  10. Edwin C says:

    High tech na peke.

  11. Gumz says:

    china phone are fully featured… hahahaha…
    pilit ipagsiksikan lahat nga features ng smartphone + tv tuner… may appeal sa masa, sa sobrang mura…

  12. 3xcalibur says:

    Pero maski ganyan yan mga china phones na yan, sila nauuna lagi sa mga branded. concentrated kasi sila sa quantity kesa quality.

  13. 21 says:

    12.1 mega pxl ? LOL, China’s 12.1MP is equivalent to 1MP or below.

  14. Jon says:

    Why don’t these manufacturers just make cheap Android phones instead? I would not mind having a cheap-looking devicee with me as long as it runs android. :p

  15. LordKelvin says:

    What kind of article is this? I want to see something worthy not this piece of crap. Abe put value to your readers time and attention please.

  16. china phones talaga, sana makagawa din sila ng mala-android naman XD

  17. bawalEPAL says:

    gumawa ka sarili mong something worthy na blog kaya lang bawal ka dun kasi your one piece of crap xD

  18. stfu says:

    @lordkelvin ur not the only reader here hence weve entertained by his post so stfu.

  19. KImkae77 says:

    nice one.. i have one china phone ..it’s Black Cherry>>>lol….

  20. Karl Mac says:

    @Klmkae77: Black Cherry!!! LOL!!!

  21. Karl Mac says:

    @Klmkae77: Black Cherry! LOL!

  22. gabs says:

    I had a china phone once Q380 yung model. Bale yun yung unang labas kaya hindi ganun ka-low quality ang phone. Used it for 15 months until I bought a Nokia 5230. :)

  23. brunos says:

    “What kind of article is this? I want to see something worthy not this piece of crap. Abe put value to your readers time and attention please.”

    ==korek== wlang kwenta minsan ang review dito, pinagkakakitaan lng tayo sa adsense nya, bulok== maka unsubscribe na nga==

  24. Ulysses Gaygay says:

    China phone versus branded china manufactured phone… hmmmmmm…

  25. Ulysses Gaygay says:

    china phone versus branded china manufactured phone.

  26. adam says:

    May mga branded phones din naman na manufactured in China? nagkataon lang na talagang madaming fake din na version in china.

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  29. Ram says:

    Good thing it wasn’t branded as “NOKLA”.

  30. BCMKitchens says:

    Nice Phone.

  31. Xcu says:

    @3xcalibur & mary
    Narinig ko na rin yan kaso ganito yung version

    Chinese are everywhere, god must be from china!

  32. BCMKitchens says:

    God Made Heaven, human and Earth. everything else was made in China!

  33. Touchscreen devices have fewer buttons that might break after a few months/years of operation

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