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Contest: Win a 32″ KTC LCD TV!

So the distributor of KTC told me I can keep that 32″ LCD TV (see it here) that they lent over the holidays so I decided to give it away to one of my readers instead.

We’ll make the mechanics really, really easy. Just answer this simple question — what’s your oldest TV at home and when did you get it?

Just hit the comments section with your answer (e.g. I have a 32″ Samsung LCD TV I bought in 2006 for like Php69,000). You can only answer once (or your first entry is your only valid entry).

We’ll pick the winner in random by end of February, midnight (2/28/11). Here’s the clincher — the winner should be able to bring a photo of their TV (the one they mentioned in the comments) when they claim their prize. Prize will be picked up in my house here in Makati.

That’s it! Keep the comments rolling. :)

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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761 Responses

  1. prince_don says:

    sounds stupid and nakakhiya but its true, our oldest and wokring TV is Victor which we bought sa Guadalupe around 2007. :) around 5,000 lang siya nun. :)

    maski dun namin sya binili, hindi pa naman sya nasisira at pumuputok. hahaha!

    hope will win this, i want to surprise my dad na may flat screen na kami. lol

    thanks Yuga!

  2. our oldest tv is a goldstar tv which we bought at a surplus shop. weve had it for more than 5 years already, still working bt i know it needs rplcment na :)

  3. Laurence says:

    The oldest is a Sony Trinitron CRT 21-inches, bought 18 years ago at 1993.

  4. Ramil says:

    14 inch samsung 1991 model php 3000

  5. MALaroya says:

    20″ National B/W CRT TV bought in 1981 for like Php120.00

  6. ryan_christo says:

    My wife and I got married in 2006 and in this year, we bought our first home appliance, a bulky 21″ Sony Wega Color TV for around P12,000. It’s still good.

  7. ahc says:

    well ang oldest tv namen sa bahay is actually our lolo’s. Goldstar pa name niya pero ang alam ko goldstar is actually LG na ngayon, so ganun na katanda yun, dont know the cost though :) would love a flat screen TV at our house! thanks Yuga!

  8. LunaTech says:

    I have a 32″ Samsung LCD TV Series 3. I bought in 2008 for like Php20,000 (1,599AED)in dubai when we were planning to go home for good with my wife… sobrang taba at bigat at parang mahuhulog na from the wall… hehhehe

  9. Kaye says:

    We still have a 14″ SHARP TV which we bought in 1994 for around PHP8K.

  10. Dan says:

    Our oldest TV is a Sony Wega 21″ working only with external speakers from 2003 or 2004. Bought it for 24k back then, ouch. Now only one side of the speaker pair is working, and mom uses it for watching her fave shows. :)

    Thanks for the generous contest, Yuga! and good luck to all.

  11. Third says:

    14″ Sharp TV (model 14V-N10) bought in 1989/1990 for 9,000Php (I think)

  12. nikolodeon says:

    meron kami nung sharp black and white tv! 11 inches lang yata sya tapos dial pa yung pag change ng channel. hanggang channel 13 lang yung pwede

    binili yun ng parents ko nung 80’s, hindi pa ako pinapanganak pero it’s still working up to this point! old school na old school ang dating

  13. Marife says:

    We still have our 14 inch Sharp TV (Friendly Series II) bought in 1997, around 7-8k :)

  14. Nigel says:

    our oldest working TV is a samsung 21 inch slim tv back in 2008 when our 12 year old tv finally retired.

  15. marc balais says:

    my first tv was sanyo 21 inch st-21wf1,, worth 10000 pesos my father buy it at sm fairview

  16. Marky says:

    the oldest TV i have is the samsung ct-21z58mq (slim-fit). bought it in 2008 @ SM North. i think it was around 12T at that time. something i bought for myself when i moved out of the house. :)


  17. MC says:

    Our very first tv is SHARP. Its a small tv. Actually my monitor is much bigger than the tv. Its really durable coz we bought it in 2003 here in Manila. Im still using it today. My family is in the province. My parents brought the tv here in Manila so that I wont be bored.

  18. JV says:

    Our oldest TV was 21″ CRT Sanyo TV and it was bought in 2009 for around PhP10k

  19. Our oldest tv would be the Corfug 24′ TV, my uncle bought it in the year 2002.. Green-colored tv and has “Not-Yet-Ready-For-Cable” features.. very old school :P.. :D

  20. Clyde says:

    I have a Haier CRT 21″, bought sometime in 1993 from Duty Free, this was on a promo, buy 1 take 1 for 16k. Still alive, still being used, lost it’s sound though and remote has gone bonkers. So attached to powered speakers and using a universal remote.

  21. Ernesto Suga Jr. says:

    We have a 21″ JVC TV, we bought in 2004.

  22. Our oldest TV set was from our lolo and lola’s era (lol) which is a very very veery ancient Samsung TV (with the old Samsung logo).

    Not really sure on when it was bought or how much but it was most likely between the 70s to the early 90s. It’s really antique because you still have to use a dialer knob to turn it to a different channel and hear the cracking-turning noise. It’s color black and the screen is somewhat green when turned off and black and white when turned on (or so i remember).

    It’s old and dusty but still part of the family.

  23. toni says:

    I have a 16″ Goldstar TV I bought in year 2000 for 5000 pesos from my friend

  24. Zoi C. Hernandez says:

    Samsung Colored TV- in 1996 for around $300 in Saipan, and it still works!

  25. Cafekun says:

    Sharp CTV 21V-FS700S, we bought it last year. It was bought online at abenson XD

  26. jcespinosa says:

    14 inches NEC TV nabili namin ni nanay sa cubao nung 2007 sa Surplus P1500 ata yun, so far working pa rin yung TV.

  27. nino says:

    a 21 ” 2004 philips TV for 10, 000 pesos. sira na ngayon.

  28. Jojovill says:

    Our oldest TV is a 14 inch palsecam JVC which I won in our office Christmas party raffle in 2000.

  29. jun says:

    We have the Philips CRT tv.. working paren. pero pag nag iinit biglang namamatay..I bought it, I think 2003 or 2004… pero it serves me well… :)

  30. Ungas says:

    29″ JVC CRT bought 1989 still running up to now. P49,500.00 back then.

  31. BreakTechCorp. says:

    I have a Panasonic CATV 181. Bought 1996. about the same age as me.
    13-14 years old. Been repaired only once in 2004. bought brand new. :)

  32. arnold says:

    Sharp 21-inch LCD TV bought in 2006

  33. Well it’s not really the oldest but it’s the only TV that we have. Ever. I’m not here for a sob story but true story, it’s the first ever TV that me and mom have invested on and oh boy, she was so happy!

    All my life we would go to our neighbor at always “makipanood” and it means the world to my mom when we finally out our own.

    It’s a *14″ Astron TV* which we bought 2 years ago. You’ve got to dance with the antenna so that you’d see it clearer but it’s fun anyway! The price was around Php4,500 I think.

    I hope we’d see a brighter TOMORROW by winning this one! haha

  34. JunAlquis says:

    our oldest T.V would be a panasonic sophia panablack 21″ bought on for the life of me I can’t remember cuz I was too young but probably late 90’s or early 2000’s I’m not sure.

  35. BreakTechCorp. says:

    I really don’t know the price because my Dad bought it before I was born.

  36. Elvie says:

    Hello Mr.Yuga :) Thats good to say that we have here
    Philips 21″ colored TV which is costs for around 14,000 and we bought it last 2002 and that is the only tv that we have for now.I hope that you read my message:)God Bless and thanks for KTC for giving you that lcd tv and Mabuhay!

  37. chrislpc says:

    50″ Sony Projection TV which I bought in 1997 or 1998 I think, for 129k. Still working pero di ko na ginagamit kasi malakas sa kuryente.

  38. Arvee says:

    Our oldest TV set in our home is a Sharp Cinemaborg 21″ CRT TV. We bought it way back in 1996 but still works and delivers! Except for the AV input jacks not working properly.

  39. manuel says:

    21 inch sony ,a package of my aunt from singapore, 1995

  40. Totem says:

    Does it have to be working?

    We have a 14″ Sony TV that was bought at 1984. My father purchased it for P3,000. It’s still working. hehe

    God Bless to all and goodluck.. :D

  41. cosmic says:

    Our oldest tv is Sharp 21″ Cinemaborg plus Videoke bought it last 2000 for P15,000.

  42. my oldest tv is a 21 inch SONY WEGA, bought at in December of 2006… still works but the remote has been in “I.C.U.” status since my kids used it as a toy… u can see the remote’s intestines…

  43. Alvin says:

    Our oldest TV at home is a Sharp Linytron Mark II bought in 1989 for like 120 pesos… :)

  44. my oldest tv is a 21 inch SONY WEGA, bought at in December of 2006 for 11,000 Php still works but the remote has been in “I.C.U.” status… u can see the remote’s intestines… my kids thought it was a baseball bat…

  45. heckiboi says:

    I have here TCL 21 inches flat screen TV bought last 2006.

  46. harv3y says:

    I have a 21″ SHARP CINEMABORG TV (21V-SB300XB) I bought in 1993 for like Php8-10K *i think*.

  47. wertguy says:

    oldest tv is a knob turning 1960 tv its still black and white not colored it still can watch tv shows but sound is a bit broken it sounds like firecrackers it was used by my lolo and lola during world war 2 and marshal law on marcos era

  48. Reg says:

    We still have a 15″ Fukuda TV was given to us as a gift in 2008… and still working..hehehehe

  49. Eason says:

    Our oldest TV is a 14″ Polytron, where I got it as a honor when I was grade 6 (2000).

  50. Mano says:

    My oldest and only tv is a ‘boxy’ LG Flatron that was bought back in 2004.

  51. Fleeb says:

    The first TV I bought for myself was a Sanyo CRT but that was three years ago and I already sold it. That makes the only TV I have now the oldest – a 32″ LG S-IPS Full HD LCD TV I bought last year.

  52. Francis says:

    Oldest TV I got is SONY TRINITRON which I got during our Company’s Christmas Party back in 2004. It was my first job and first Christmas Party. It was the cheapest Christmas Gift to my parents hehehe I din’t spend any money on that…

  53. Marc Edig says:

    my oldest tv is my desktop computer… bought the jetway tv card in 2005 and its still working.

  54. Suplado says:

    It’s my LG Scarlet 32″ which was bought last February 2010. :)

  55. Bob Reyes says:

    I still have a working Panasonic Sophia Series 14″ colored TV at home. Bought it brand new sometime 1998 at PHP8,000 from my very first pay check.

  56. Angelo says:

    Our oldest tv is an 11 inch Samsung CRT tv which we bought 2004 September.

  57. Dhan says:

    our oldest tv is a panasonic 14″ crt-tv. way back in 1990’s

  58. jun says:

    JVC 25″ Musee, around 2002-2003, I think around 23k…

  59. My oldest TV at home is a 21-inch LG Zenia semi-flat screen which i bought in 2002 at about P7,000.

  60. sherwood says:

    Let me join…
    Our very first T.V was SONY TRINITRON 18″ Color T.V
    (A secondhand one)worth Php 2,500; year 1996.

  61. Ralp says:

    Goldstar 27″ inches tv bought in factory ng goldstar last 1999 or 1998 for only P12,000 dun sa office ngayon ng LG. lg is goldstar, first time kami nag ka tv ng ganun ka laki and sobrang ganda. now wala na siya kasi kailangan gamitin for financial use. :)

  62. The oldest TV we have (yes, it’s still with us!) at home is a 24-inch Sony Color TV. It’s been with us for over 15 years now. Though we had it fixed a couple of times and the screen has some color and pixel problem, we’re still able to use it after all those years.

  63. Roy Galet says:

    Our first and only TV so far is a TCL 21M62S which I bought in December 2008 for Php 10K as a Christmas Gift for my wife. We both liked the model because it closely resemble an LCD TV with a piano-black finish but its actually just a CRT. The KTC would be a very nice addition since we can rarely watch our favorite shows on our TCL since our son watches kiddie shows all day. I’m sure my wife’s favorite Telenovelas will look perfect on this KTC. Please make it mine YugaTech ;=)

  64. Ours is a 17″ Sharp TV since 2007.

  65. Our oldest TV we have is a 14″ Hitachi C14-HTS1. It’s a colored TV with no remote control. Bought in 2005 for P1000 (it was 2nd hand).

  66. Ray434 says:

    The oldest TV set we have in the house is a 27″ RCA XL1-100. I don’t know when my father bought the TV, but it was before remote control TV’s became commonplace.

  67. Halley says:

    the oldest tv i have at home is the one my dad bought way back in 1980 from Hyderabad. It’s a black and white tv around 7″ and was the first in our locality. :)

  68. rafael oca says:

    I own a zenith B27A11Z, i think its a 32″ got it for free.

  69. Ferie says:

    My oldest but still functional TV is a 21-inch Polytron with built-in VCD player and Zeppelin speaker and sub-woofer. Purchased in 2005 for 14K.

  70. Romel says:

    I have a 22″ Samsung LCD TV I bought in 2009 for like Php18,000

  71. Jhay says:

    We have the SONY 21″ triniton color silver, very bulky lol, from saudi with love.. package ni mama when she is still in saudi.

  72. franshyfroshy says:

    oldest tv is a 29″ SOny Trinitron 1997/1998 at Php29,000.

  73. _jD says:

    19″ Sony Colored TV, i think it was bought in 1995. it cost around 11k to 12k then :D

  74. sotico aleman says:

    our tv was purchased at deeco ( Farmers Cubao, di ko na alam kung andun pa ito ) in 1991. Its a 21″ Sharp – Living, for 12K ( i am not sure anymore the price). This was purchased when my dad got retired from the Police service and its still working. Narepair na minsan. Pair nya ito yung sony betamax pa namin.

  75. Our oldest TV is a ginormous 27 inch Panasonic TV, with combo DVD and VHS player. We bought it in HMR back in 2000! :)

    You can see the pic here! :D

  76. airevolt says:

    Our oldest TV would be a 1987 Sony Trinitron KV14RAI, we used to pair it with the betamax, then the vhs, then the vcd player, then with a dvd player, and even now with my media box, still working up to now, boy this tv is really tough!

  77. Mikhail says:

    We have a 15″ Panasonic TV bought in 1996 for like Php10,000.

  78. neojohan says:

    I have a TCL-2027U CATV I bought in 2005 for like Php3000.00

  79. Mela says:

    We have an LG 21″ which we got in the year 2000, I think.

  80. Louie Ang says:

    Mine is a 21″ Sharp Cinemaborg, bought way back in 95, sturdy old guy :)

  81. carlo carpio says:

    Our oldest tv is a 1997 21 inch goldstar. My brother forgot how much he spend to buy this. Ilang cable providers na ang nadaanan, ilang remote na ang dinaanan, alive and kicking pa din

  82. Ruz says:

    i have a 14″ panasonic tv bought around mid 90s for Php5000.working pa sya ngayon, asa attic ng house.

  83. SIR YUGA OUR oldest TV IS a 1987 Sony Trinitron nabili pa ng dad ko sa k.S.A. ng nagtrarabaho pa sha nun bilang building painter sa riyad,.

  84. jeffrey john imutan says:

    We still have a Samsung 21 inch Flat Screen T.V., it was a gift to my daughter from my sister-in-law last 2005. Because the 21 inch TLC we had broke.

  85. Elmer Tilos says:

    I have a 19 inches Sony Trinitron bought in 1992 in Akihabara for Y30,000.

  86. Franco says:

    We still have the old 21″ Sony WEGA my dad bought overseas i think 2001 era.

  87. dylac says:

    i bought a tv in 1994 at duty free pampanga for $100 (around p5k). It’s a samsung 14 in tv and i’m still using it. Thx.

  88. Mel P says:

    My oldest TV is a 24 inch Philips CRT TV that my then-girlfriend, now-wife and I bought back in 2000. It was the first big purchase we made as a couple so it has a lot of sentimental value attached to it.

  89. Jose Mapua says:

    A Philips 29″ Flat Screen CRT TV I bought it 2003-04. I was a steal back then for just 20T. I’ve been wanting to buy an LCD tv but my youngest son still uses it for target practice. Maybe in a few years when he gets older or if I get a free one :)

  90. Larry M. says:

    My oldest TV is a 21 inch Flat Screen Sony Trinitron TV. I bought it in January 2004 and it’s still working up to now.

  91. al says:

    hahaha oldest is in my my fathers garage a 14inch surplus tv back in 2005 i think it stil works i dont know the brand

  92. Melvin Urgello says:

    We have a Sony Wega 21″ which my wife originally bought when she was still single and living in a studio. That should be more than 10 years ago. My children now use it in our family room.

  93. joel victoria says:

    Our old TV is a Sony 21″ Trinitron Color TV bought in 1996 in the amount of Php13,000. Part of my savings from my training abroad.

  94. ac7 says:

    a 36″ pioneer tv i think… this was bought in the late 90’s or early 2000.. it cost around 40+ to 50+ i think. i have a picture of it.. i can send it to you sir abe if needed,thank you! more power to YUGATECH!!

  95. jm says:

    Our oldest TV at home is a 21″ Sony Trinitron Color TV bought I think way back in 1998 for Php 12,000.

  96. ac7 says:

    sorry…not pioneer. it’s a JVC unit pala! hehehe

  97. spoec says:

    in my home we use gorenje TV 21″ bought in 1990 and i dont remember how it cost because that was in Dinar

  98. aaron says:

    Twitter: kodigs

    We got our first TV last year. Its a TLC 19″ for PhP9,995. @SMAC

  99. Bought a 42″ Plasma TV on 2008 in Qatar for 4999QR (60,000Php).

  100. angkarasu says:

    Hi! Our oldest tv (our only tv) is a 21-inch samsung crt colored tv. it’s about 10 years old and was given as wedding gift by my father in law! =)

  101. Jay says:

    for non working.. yung dipihit na old school Tv with matching TV stand.. mga 50’s pa ata to… hahanapin ko lang sa bodega namin..

    counted din ba ang maliit na Tv yung pang kotse? meron din kami nun mga 94 model pa ata to..

    for working..aiwa Tv bought 1998…

  102. Bernil says:

    2 years tv. a 21 inch flat screen with HDMI – brand name matrix around 11k from SMAC.

  103. joel says:

    my oldest tv was a 21″ Philips CTV I bought as a gift to my wife last Y2000 for only P 13,000.00
    payable in 2 years (24mo. installment) and until
    now this tv is still the one we are using. Hope this 32″LCD will be my gift to my 4 children.

  104. Karla says:

    our oldest television is a 12 inch Sony Trinitron, bought in 1983 and it’s still working. my mom is using it in her room. =)

  105. Onynz says:

    Our oldest TV is a 21″ Toshiba CRT bought in 1990 for about 9,000php.

    It has has served us pretty well from the 90s till the mid 2000 but still works from time to time, though shuts down when is on for quite a while.

  106. Dennis Orge says:

    My oldest TV at home is a 21-inch Panasonic CRT TV bought in 1998 at a cost of around 15,000 pesos (if I remember it right). The model is TC-21P3A.

  107. undergroundz says:

    what’s your oldest TV at home and when did you get it

    – a 15″ Sony Trinitron TV, bought 1987

  108. Rommel A. says:

    Our oldest TV at home is a 12″ National black and white TV and it was bought by my mom way back 1982 in Cubao QC.

  109. fatalfix says:

    Zenith 22″ colored tv.
    2002 pa yun. medyo oblong pa nga yung screen..

  110. pj angeles says:

    Our oldest and only TV at home is a 14-inch Sanyo (conventional) TV. Bought around 5,000Php last 2005.

  111. Rizalde Dimayacyac says:

    Our TV set at home is 29″ Philips which I bought at P29k way back 1997 and still working..hope to win in random way…

  112. chase says:

    21″ sony circa 1993 bought for 3000 approx.

  113. joncel says:

    i have a 25 inch JVC crt tv bought in 2002 with a price tag of P25k

  114. Benchmark33 says:

    Hmmm I remember we have this television that is in-cased in a wooden cabinet, with a lock. And I think there are only 12 channels. No button but all turn dials.

    Anyway, I think the oldest TV we have here in our place is the Samsung 21″ CRT-TV, Christmas Gift of my bro to our parents, way back 10 years ago I think. The price I think is Php12k (not sure).

  115. Richard says:

    14″ Sony Trinitron TV, bought 1991 when we moved here in bulacan,around 10k ata

  116. janeh says:

    ang gamit ko po hanggang ngayon is a 14″ GOLDSTAR na regalo pa ng tatay ko since 1993.

  117. nelle says:

    we have a 21″ sony trinitron bought last 2002.

    we could use another tv (that gorgeous flatscreen) so that my mom and siblings won’t fight on watching different tv shows. :)hehe

  118. janeh says:

    sorry i forgot to post the amount. we bought it at 5.5K.

  119. Marvin says:

    I bought my 21″ Sony Wega KV-HG21 CRT Colored TV for P 9,000.00. Using it for watching my DVD-burned Korean Dramas.

  120. Marvin says:

    I forgot to include. Bought it December,2007.

  121. Greg says:

    I don’t have a TV yet.

  122. Ethan says:

    Though it’s no longer in use, the oldest TV we have at home is a 14-inch Sony CRT television, bought sometime around 1991-1992. For some really crazy reason, my brother burnt a hole with an iron through its case (top side). Amazingly, it still works to this day. As for pricing, I have no idea, but I distinctly remember my Dad acting like it was the s**t back then. Had some good memories with that pile of junk; we took it with us to the hospital when I was admitted for denggue fever, it’s handled most of our gaming consoles (Family computer, SNES, Sega Genesis, Playstation) and I remember throwing my shoe at it to switch the channel. Good times.

  123. Joey says:

    my tv was bought in 2003, a sony 21″ color tv at P12,000. now i wish i have a 32″ ktc…

  124. Sanctuarian06 says:

    I have here a Panasonic TH-14V5, we bought it around June 2003, it is colored TV and my mom told me that we bought it for P17,000 as a secondary TV. Its still in a good condition and now Im using it here in our dormitory.

  125. Anwar says:

    I have Sony Bravia 22LCD S. White color.I bought it 2 years i guess worth 24,000.

  126. bipmartinez says:

    our sony kv1982m9 is still working and still being used every day, for the price i have no clue and how old it is, let me think.. Im 22 turning 23 it was bought before i was born.. i think 1982 was the year its in the model number hehe.

  127. jec says:

    My first and oldest TV is a 21 inch panasonic tc-21p2, bought it sometime in 1997 from my coin savings and is older than my son. Still using it now but have to knock it regularly to have a full screen viewing….

  128. Pammie says:

    our oldest TV is a 29inch sharp TV bought in 1995 for about 10-11k. Doesn’t have the power button anymore but still working nicely. ^_^

  129. Kei says:

    14-inch Sony Colored TV which i got last year for P500 from my bestfriend leaving for UK. the antenna is no longer in good condition but i can still use it to play PS2.

  130. jame adams fontalba says:

    we had our tv after new year that’s in year 2000. Polytron yung brand niya. Cost around 13,000. Nung una, di pa sana mabibili yun dahil kulang yung pera ng parents ko. Pero dahil gusto namin ng bagong tv. Dinagdagan namin ng sister ko yung pera galing sa natira naming napamasko. At ayun umuwi kami na may bagong tv. Until now working parin siya kahit na lumubog na siya sa baha at ilang repair na. Thanks

  131. povillo says:

    I have a 25″ black “SONY” colored TV which my wife and I bought in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia in year 1997. its been still in the sala waiting for the parts to be available. Im still keeping it up for its sentimental value.

  132. herbert ruiz says:

    ang kaisaisahang telebisyon namin sa bahay ay 25 pulgadang JVC, na aming nabili noong 2007 pa. maraming sa salamat po.

  133. I bought a Samsung Series 5 LCD TV bought last week February 13, 2011 for about P33,000 just to watch Charice Homecoming concert in GMA 7 in a bigger and full HD screen!

  134. Henjie says:

    Oldest TV at home is a 21″ Samsung flatscreen CRT bought in 2002 for around Php12,000. Still in perfect working condition.

  135. Lea says:

    Our oldest TV is a 21-inch Sony Trinitron bought by my sister in 1997. We had it repaired last year (because something was wrong with the audio)and now, it is still functioning properly. I think my sis bought it for about Php8k.

  136. Pedro says:

    waaaaah… our oldest TV went away with the raging waters of typhoon Ondoy (Sony 21″ flat tv 2000)… we just bought new cheap ones (Sanyo 21″ flat TV and TCL 14″)when we got our christmas bonus that year (2009)… hehehe…

  137. The oldest tv we have at home is the one in my room, a samsung 17″ flat screen which my mom bought me in 2004 I think.

  138. wendell says:

    We have a Aiwa 21″ crt purchased approximately 10 years ago. Which cost around 12000 pesos.

  139. Romar Rantael says:

    I have a Sony Trinitron CRT 15-inches and i bought it at PIER for only php 1,500 last may 23 2010. Thank you so much!..=)

  140. Bobotski says:

    The TV were using now is a 5-year old 21″ Panasonic CRT which I bought with my first bonus. Still hanging onto it even when tempted of buying a new LCD TV.

  141. cham says:

    A LG FLATRON worth 15,000 which we bought around 2009; it was our first TV.. and in good condition so far.. :)

  142. Joel says:

    Our oldest TV at home

    SONY 14″ Trinitron
    Bought year 1987 by my parents
    Hindi na nila maalala ang presyo. haha

  143. rogerjon says:

    Our 14″ National colored TV bought by my father here at Manila way back 1980’s is still working! It was the first colored TV in our hometown in Barrio Kita-Kita, Balungao, Pangasinan that neighbors come to our house at night to watch Betamax! :)

  144. Rommel says:

    My 14″ Panasonic TV, which I bought in 2004. It was a supplemental set, since the rest of the family watches local shows (in the living room) while I dig non-local programming. Cost: around P6,500 during that time. How quaint.

  145. Jerson says:

    I really don’t know the model of our TV here. I rarely watch TV. It was bought sometime in 2000 (i guess).The brand is Sanyo. I’ll take a picture and you identify. :P

  146. McCoolot says:

    Sony Trinitron TV 21″ bought sometime in 1993, and I am not sure with the price, but I think it costs 5K ^^,

  147. Yazmeen says:

    our oldest TV at home is a 14″ Sony CRT TV bought it way back 2004 it cost around 14,000pesos back then :)

  148. MarkSJ says:

    Our oldest and biggest TV is Sanyo Dynamic Maestro 27″.Bought by my father last 2006 for 21k.
    Used mainly to play PS2 games and now for our XBOX 360. :)

  149. Inch Arne says:

    I have a Samsung 21″ SlimFit TV bought January 2010… That’s the oldest and the only one I have… jejeje

  150. Romy says:

    I have a 21″ CRT Sony Trinitron Flat Screen TV bought last 2004 at a price of Php13k

  151. ScIoN says:

    We only had tv until I was in Grade 4 (1994). Someone placed a candle on top of our tv, and eventually forgot about it. Eventually, our tv got on fire. Good thing my sister detected the fire earlier and so she and our mother was able to carry the TV outside from the living room.

    Ever since, I grew up without a TV hehe. Even up to now, but thank God for computers and the internet. :D

    Well, I hope I would still qualify in this raffle for sharing this story. Because if ever I get to be chosen, I don’t have a picture of our old tv to show. :D

    Btw, our tv was a Sony 20″ CRT. I’m not sure when was it bought, probably during the late 80s as I was still too young to remember it.

  152. Alexis says:

    Our oldest TV around is a Sony Trinitron KV-16APR2 which we had since 1995. It’s in pretty good condition and we still use it everyday to watch teleseryes! It even lasted longer than our 21′ Sony TV. My parents said it was about 9k or 10k:)

    Thanks Sir Abe!

  153. Neil says:

    Our oldest Tv is a 24″ Konka which my mom got for just 5k…

  154. melinda says:

    our oldest tv is a sony xbr bought 1998

  155. Christian Tesado says:

    Since I could remember we probably have had around 20 TV sets. Our oldest working (black & white) TV set was bought in 1987, but we eventually had to scrap the old piece when we got flooded by Ondoy.

    Our oldest TV is a Sony 21″ bought in 2006 at ~19K (forgot the exact price)

  156. jon dela paz says:

    mine is a philips 29″ flat screen. bought it in 2003 for around 36,000pesos. i hope i can win that tv. medyo matagal na tv ko. anytime it will breakdown. yuga, let me win hheheheh. birthday ko sa march. thanks

  157. pang says:

    21in sony trinitron bought 2006 for 16k before. =) gosh, for that price i can buy a lcd tv today!hahaha1
    goodluck to all of us!:D

  158. Brian Tan says:

    29 Inch Samsing TV I bought in 2002 with my first paycheck still works!

  159. Jeff says:

    Oldest TV in our home is a Philips 14″ TV. was given to us last 2008.

    but back at our hometown we have a 23″ black and white TV. yung parang cabinet pa. I think it was bought by my mother around 1980s pa!

  160. Aaron A. says:

    Sa aming tahanan, iisa lang ang telebisyon na aming pinanunooran.
    Dulot ay saya at lungkot sa tuwina’y kanyang handog.
    Aming pagsasama’y di malilimot.
    Daanan man ng baha o bagyo, buhay pa rin ito.
    Ang pinakamamahal kong Panasonic 21″ mula pa ng taon dalawanglibo’t lima BOW!

  161. Derick says:

    My oldest TV at home is a 14″ CRT made by Toshiba, labeled “Toshiba Colour TV, Ultra Range AVR Blackstripe II, Model C-1409N”… whatever that means. Got it in 1976 and still working, but with only very limited channels obviously. The color is still sharp and vivid. It has simply outlived a couple of TV’s we’ve had over the years (Panasonic, Sharp, Goldstar). :-D

  162. Ivanator says:

    We have a 1981 Sony Trinitron TV bought by my dad for $300 during his OFW days when the exchange rates was still less than P20.00 for a dollar. And up tonow we are still using it.

  163. Dan says:

    we have a sony trinitron I think 1997 model for 20k which was bought by my techie sea man uncle who already passed out (may god bless his soul) due to his alcoholism which led to liver problem.

  164. Jill says:

    Our oldest TV at home is a Sony 14″ my father bought in 1989-1991 I think for 4,000. Well its still working but it does not have any sound. My father keeps it because mainly nobody wants it and he bought it himself. Hes always saying ‘ako bumili nyan nung nagtatrabaho pa ko sa ganitong kumpanya’. He’s been in a lot of companies and I think he’s kind of sentimental about the things he bought with his own money. Basically all of our appliances has its story to tell. :)


  165. Kulam says:

    My oldest working TV is the AIWA AN146. i think we had it for 20 plus years already!!! but still works like wine does…better with age!

  166. Drew Ortiz says:

    We have a 14 inch Samsung TV that I think we won on a raffle back in 2003

    -Sent via YugaTech Mobile App

  167. ronnel0918 says:

    We have Sharp TV worth P8,500+.. Purchased, I guess, 8 years ago.. So, 2003? :D

    Still working and currently using! :P

  168. Mat says:

    25 inch JVC flat screen bought 2004 at 19k. One of my very first purchases after gettimg married.

  169. Jes says:

    Oldest (and only) TV in my house is a Sony 25″ analog TV bought in 2006 for P20k+. Medyo may sira na na yung tube. But we use the PC and laptop most of the times.

    Thanks for this contest, Abe!

  170. satur f. madrinico says:

    my oldest tv is LG crt flatscreen i bought in 2006 for 22,000 pesos

  171. juvic says:

    our oldest tv at home is a 21 inch philips flat screen crt given to us as a wedding gift by my former officemates in november 2003 and it is still working perfectly!

  172. whiz chiz says:

    Our oldest tv is a sony wega flatscreen tv 21 inches which i bought in 2007 with my first salary for around 13k

    -Sent via YugaTech Mobile App

  173. sette says:

    A 29″ SONY TV, bought in 2005 for Php30k+

  174. Sir Gie says:

    ours is a 20″ Philips GX3555 CRT TV bought in July 1996 just a few weeks before my first daughter was born.

  175. Hermie says:

    We have a 14-inch sharp color TV at home that my ex-girlfriend (now my wife) bought during her early years of employment circa 1997. It is still working working and even in today’s age of plasma and LED backlit LCD TV, it is still the center-piece of our bedroom.

  176. Cristina says:

    We have a 20″ Durastar colored TV bought in 1996 for Php6,000 only.

  177. sylv3rblade says:

    We have a 27″ JVC TV, bought last 2007 for 30k. Looking back, Ang mahal haha.

  178. donsky says:

    We have 29″ JVC TV bought in 2006 at at 16K…very cheap at 29″ TV

  179. kat says:

    PROTECH TV my mom won in a raffle about 5 years ago.

  180. Cristobal J Lozano says:

    21-inch Panasonic TV, Php 12K.

  181. Romar says:

    21″ Samsung bought last 2009 after Typhoon Ondoy literally swept all of my things. :)

  182. panonong says:

    my oldest TV (and still working) is a sony 14″ bought 1996 for roughly 5,000 pesos

  183. Jong says:

    our oldest tv is a 35″ jvc tv bought in 1992. dont know how much it was bought for…

  184. Jeff Jularbal says:

    Our Oldest tv working at home is a 22 inches philips bundled w/a dvd player and a samsung DNie Jr.(22inches din)

    P22,000 bili ng mom ko sa samsung and P11,000 naman yung philips na may kasamang dvd player na…
    Sabay na binili yung mga 5-6 years ago :)

  185. ronald sarion says:

    14″ sharp colored tv.1991 model

  186. Paolo says:

    Our oldest TV at home is a 15inch Samsung, nabili sya 13 years ago :) 5k sa raon pa binili hehehe.

  187. ryanV says:

    Oldest TV that we currently have here is a 21″ JVC flat screen TV. Bought from Metro Ayala Cebu when I transferred here in Cebu last 2004. I believe it was for 15K with free tv stand.

    Would have loved to tell you about the black and white Hitachi cabinet-type (has a wooden door that you slide open) TV I grew up with — 13-channel, dial-type. Was the first TV that I could remember, but I dont think it’s still there in my hometown. :D

  188. fidel says:

    my first tv is a 21 inch Sanyo Slim TV bought two years ago right after I started living alone.

  189. Philip V says:

    The oldest TV we have is a Sanyo New Wave21 bought in 2001.

  190. ian daryl says:

    i have a 14-inch promac tv that was bought on 1998 of about 8000 pesos…still working…

  191. Christine Mae Tavera says:

    Our oldest TV was bought last 2008. Sony Bravia 32″ for around 50K, during that time.

  192. IC DeaDPiPoL says:

    a 14″ Panasonic TV bought from Clark probably around 1995 or earlier by my father

  193. Marck says:

    Our oldest TV is the Sharp Cinemaborg bought by my parents when I was in grade six (2000) I don’t know the exact price – I was just a kid who didn’t care about money back then :D

  194. d4ryl3 says:

    I have a 7″ mini (obviously) tv bought in 1995 I think. Still working :)

  195. Arthur says:

    Our oldest TV at home is a 14″ Aiwa TV. We got it wayback in 1997 as a gift from my older sister’s friend working at Japan. Aerial reception of channel signals are limited and selective.

  196. xnikolai says:

    Our TV’s not old, it’s a Sanyo CRT TV bough 3 years ago. :)

  197. Jerry says:

    panasonic 14 inch bought 2002…its my only tv up to now, sira na pindutan ng channel but still working…

  198. RyanM says:

    Bought our 21″ Sony TV around 1998. My mom used the money she won from a bingo game to buy this TV at around PhP21K. It is still working up to now.

  199. nerdtron09 says:

    My first time to comment since we really need a bigger TV.

    Our oldest (and only) TV in our house is a 14″ Panasonic TC-14P1 TV bought on 1998 at about 13,000Php.
    The user manual is still here.

  200. Patty says:

    Our oldest tv here is a sony 32 inch tv which we bought about 6 years ago and it costs about 20 thousand pesos.

  201. Siyel says:

    The oldest one we got is a 21″ secondhand Panasonic colored TV bought 4 years ago worth 3k.. :)

  202. nelson says:

    our oldest tv at home is a 29 inch sharp aphrody flat bought in 2001 at around P38,000

  203. jerylle ramos says:

    Our oldest tv is the 21″ sony crt tv, the prize is around 13k-15k, still working, my mother told be that she bought that tv in the year 2000, hehe,

  204. elvie says:

    oldest tv is jvc 25 inch bought last 2007 for 18thou with my midyear bonus. :)

  205. Richard Benedict says:

    If I remember correctly it was October 29 or 30 of 2004 when my parents bought a new TV that day, the brand was POLYTRON, it was probably bought at MAKRO at around P5,000

    and where still using it ^^

  206. carlo_p says:

    14″ Sony Trinitron bought in 1987, i think.
    plus a Betamax hidden somewhere in our bodega

  207. Spidey says:

    Im joining!

    I got a JVC 32″ LCD TV which is currently dead! :D which I got for P21k++ only sometime 2 years back!

  208. SunSun says:

    We have 32″ Toshiba LCD TV i bought was PHP25k in 2007.

  209. aron says:

    i say that the oldest tv in our house is the philips 21 inches tv bought in 2006 for 14k.

    thanks sir yuga. =)

  210. Deric says:

    My oldest functional TV is a 27″ Toshiba CRT I bought in Makati in 1997 for 16K.

  211. Rasec says:

    The oldest working TV we have is a 29″ Sony Trinitron bought back in 1996 for 24,949.00

    And I still have the receipt for it!

  212. Karl Patrick Daliposa says:

    It was a Sony Trinitron before Ondoy but now, our Aiwa 21″ CRT TV is the oldest. It was bought around 1998/1999.

  213. SunSun says:

    and i will say oldest TV, We have oldest 14″-15″ Zennith System 3 we bought it PHP8k in 1982. its true :)

  214. nhing says:

    mine’s a 2001 Sharp 21 incher, still reliable 10 years after :-)

  215. Ambo says:

    Our oldest TV at home is Sony 61 inches rear projection TV. Price was around $2000 and still working! =)

  216. Francis Josef says:

    the oldest tv we have is a Samsung, with 14 buttons for the 14 channels it can handle, and one power button. There’s another button but i don’t know what it’s for. There are knobs too, for fine-tuning the signal for each channel. Needless to say it doesn’t have a remote, and it does not support a cable tv. :)

    We didn’t buy it though. It was a gift from an uncle for my 2nd birthday in 1988. :D

    It still runs, but we can only get one or two channel, depending on signal strength. haha

  217. mon says:

    sharp 14″(i think) bought in 1992 for 500 php (according to my mama)

  218. daryl says:

    My oldest TV has been with me since 1993 and it was second hand when we got it. It’s an old 21in Sony Trinitron. It was my mother’s TV from when she was in college and lived in a relatives house. We still have it today since it holds alot of memories and holds a great sentimental value. :)

  219. Tsiremo says:

    Our oldest is, my 21 inch PHILLIPIS TV, my aunt bought it somewhere in Dubai,price around P13k..geez ;)

  220. Tsiremo says:

    Our oldest is, my 21 inch PHILLIPS TV, my aunt bought it somewhere in Dubai 12 years ago ,price around P13k..geez (edited hehe)

  221. VictorDznJr88 says:

    the oldest tv that we have is a Samsung (21inch) crt tv. I was bought by my father in 1998. It still works today. It only has 38 channels. :D

  222. Our oldest TV here at home is a JVC 21 inch semi-flat TV. It was our 1st appliance purchase together (my then bf who is now my hubby).

  223. victor fernandez says:

    our oldest tv a 19″Sony bought in 1995

  224. kggo says:

    I have a 29″ Samsung TV (not LCD) bought like 2006 and it was like Php 13k estimated…still working and using it.

  225. Anthony Alger says:

    Ours is a 21″ Panasonic Sophia bought in 1997 for 12K. It still works fine after 14 years of heavy usage. :-)

  226. kristian says:

    Our Oldest tv in our house is Sony trinitron,we bought the t.v at my birthday jan. 11 2000.

  227. Neil Clinch says:

    Samsung 61″ DLP is the oldest tv vintage 2004. Paid $4,000. Only had to replace the bulb once. It does 720p and 1080i. Would love something newer in my man cave where I have a 17″ LCD monitor hooked to my computer and Xbox360.

  228. Paul says:

    Well in the place that I’m currently living at I have a 20″ JVC CRT type monitor that my parents bought in 2006 or 2007

  229. Kaisel Molina says:

    Our oldest TV is a 31″ Sanyo TV, padala ng lolo ko siguro late 90’s ahehe

  230. n_gelmacho says:

    Our oldest TV at home is a 15 year old(or more i think) Panasonic Omnivision TV/VCR. Its a gift from my Tito who is working in Japan as a Singer/Guitarist back then. Channels is very limited. I use to remember we put a small converter box so we can attach cable on it and watch much more channel.

  231. iks says:

    toshiba 19″ colored, 2nd hand 1991, pinaglaruan ng family computer, pinanooran ng betamax at vhs, still works, wala na nga lang remote control

  232. Jonathan Loresca says:

    Our oldest tv is a 21″ JVC Musee. Bought 2003 for P13,000.00.

  233. our oldest tv a 32 inch tcl from a christmas party raffle of my sisters company,sira na yung buttons sa tv the remote is not working na din,nagpoprogram magisa,we had it college days ko pa 1st year college ako eh 2yrs na kong graduate mejo matagal na sya ilang beses na naparepair pero sira pa din,,my mom passed away last feb 6,before that she was wishing for a new tv since sira na nga yun,,yun ang libangan nya sa bahay even if di na nya nakikita ng ayos yung mga shows she became partial blind because of her diabetes,,so sad she wont be able to use a new tv :(

  234. f4ll says:

    We have a 17″ Philips CRT TV my parents bought in 1990 for like Php5,000. still working :)

  235. emman t. says:

    We have a Sony 21″ and was purchase late 90’s. Peace

  236. Laess Apolo says:

    A 21″ Sony for 16k. : )

  237. Laess Apolo says:

    Sorry, i forgot the year.

    A 21″ Sony for 16k from way back 2001.

  238. genesis says:

    oldest tv is Sharp 21″ Cinemaborg around 1997-8

  239. 14-inch Sony Trinitron Collored TV display 1993 model very very old but very durable TV!

  240. Alfonso says:

    A Sony Trinitron for 10-20k(can’t remember bata pa ako ehh)from around 1998-2000(sorry can’t remember pero super tagal na)gusto ko na nga papaltan yung CRT tv na toh eh…(fingers crossed)

  241. Jeremiah Carlos says:

    My oldest TV at home is a 20″ JVC CRT TV. My dad bought it on 2001 and it is still working fine :D

  242. Frocks says:

    We’ve still got an old 1994 JVC Color TV. Bought at that year for over P10,000

  243. Albert says:

    I have a Surplus 23″ Sony Trinitron bought 4K from Manila Port!

  244. Eihdra says:

    Our oldest tv is a JVC bought more than 11 years ago which came in a package discount together with a JVC component. The price at that time was around P5,000.

  245. Liam says:

    Our oldest TV is a 21″ Sharp which is about 12 years now. We bought that TV when we transferred in Quezon City.

    My very first entry and comment in Sir Yuga’s site. Thanks and God bless.

  246. Dindo says:

    My oldest TV is TCL 14″ bought here in Cebu at 6.5K. This is my first post here but I always read this website for tech updates.

  247. Nelvin Driz says:

    Our oldest TV is JVC, as for it’s size, I believe it’s around 32″. Bought a long time ago. It should be more than 7-8 years old. Was bought in duty free. :D

  248. Richard Arao says:

    The oldest tv that we have is a SONY 24 inch tv …. served our family for over 16 years … but we need to store it. Got it serviced once but got bored of repairing the thing. Still at the back of the house collecting dust.

    Hayzz reminds me back of the old days … :)

  249. arman says:

    our oldest tv is our 21 inch sony 1990 bundle with our betamax, it undergo minor reapir but still working

  250. arman says:

    our oldest tv is our (21) 14 inch sony 1990 bundle with our betamax, it undergo minor reapir but still workin

  251. Pol B. says:

    My very first TV bought is the Polytron 21″ Colored TV it was already 7 years since then. My kids still enjoying to have the TV

  252. Berve Son says:

    Our oldest TV is around 8 years old. Its a PHILIPS 24 inch TV.

  253. Yuya06 says:

    Our oldest tv is a Brand old 21 inch Sony Trinitron tv bought on March 24 2005. It has gone tantamount amount of repairs after a year it was brought. Hope to win the unit so our sala can feel a new tehcie brother. hehe

  254. Mamamayang Pilipino says:

    Our oldest TV was a 14 inches SHARP Black and White TV the price is 3000 pesos….(note: It still functioning uptil now)

  255. A 21″ Sanyo CRT TV bought 2005 :)

  256. Our oldest TV is a 21″ black Philips colored tv. We got this around August 2006. Just in time to have cable installed and use it to watch the Atlanta 2006 Summer Olympics. The TV was working fine since then up until two weeks ago.

  257. roy says:

    Our oldest working and in use tv set is a 14″ Sony Trinitron bought back in 1989. Not cable ready, 18 channels, no video input aside from the RF antenna. My mother has this in her room for watching the news

  258. Jayson Moy says:

    Our oldest working TV is a
    National Ultratech Black & White TV (12 inches)
    Purchased in 1980.
    Model: TV-12TN7A
    Serial No: 83248012
    Until now, it’s in good working condition
    Hanggang ngayon, nakatago pa ang kanyang Product Warranty Certificate at Operating Manual.

    Ang hindi ko makakalimutan sa TV na ito ay nung December 28, 1999, nasira bigla ang Sharp Colored TV namin. Tapos diba December 31, 1999 may coverage ang ABS-CBN at GMA for the “NEW MILLENNIUM Year 2000”

    No choice but to watch using NATIONAL B&W TV.

    4pm Dec. 31, 1999, nagawa yung SHARP at naiuwi sa bahay.

    NATIONAL TV + SHARP TV = simulcast coverage of the new millennium ng two channels!

    Y2K ready :-)

  259. deuts says:

    Got only one TV right now in my house. It’s not that old, but it’s the only TV. So it qualifies as the oldest (as well as the newest). It’s a 32″ Panasonic Viera LCD TV bought in 2009.

  260. kiloechonov says:

    28″ Samsung SlimFit TV worth PHP 19k bought back in 2007 (in Technology years, 2007 is already in the Jurassic period).

  261. Leni says:

    Our oldest TV is a 14″ Sharp Cinemaborg Television. We got this 1998 I guess. Still works great! hehe

  262. Leni says:

    Our oldest TV is a 14″ Sharp Cinemaborg CRT Television. Bought 1998 I guess. still works great!

  263. Leni says:

    Our oldest TV is a 14″ Sharp CINEMABORD CRT Television. Bought way back 1998 I guess. Still works great!

  264. mabuhay says:

    hi. jvc 21 inch. bought in 1995. 1st tv as husband and wife. pls. choose us.:) hope we win.

    thank you and Mabuhay!

  265. Halfwaytoa3some says:

    Our oldest tv @ home is a Samsung 29inch crt bought last 2007 at 20k

    Still works but is achin for an lcd replacement =)

  266. Mike W. says:

    oldest TV we had was a LG 21″ TV for 10,000 pesos, including a DVD Player. That was 2009.

  267. Louis says:

    The oldest tv that we have is a 19″ samsung lcd monitor with a tv tuner which I bought in gh for about 20k back in 2007

  268. Chris Galinggana says:

    Our oldest TV is a 21 inch SHARP. It was bought 1991 and still serves us well. Although now it takes around 5 minutes of warming up before it displays anything. :)

  269. ghie says:

    Our oldest tv is a 20″ LG Zenia.We bought it in Cubao with my husband from my Christmas bonus. hope I win.thanks yuga!

  270. ghie says:

    the tv was bought in December,2002

  271. Lance says:

    Hi Yuga,
    I am currently 22 of age, and when I was 8 years old, back then we had a NIPPONSTAR 14 inch colored TV. I came from one of the provinces here in Negros and we bought the TV from Bacolod City, Negros Occidental. It was priced roughly around 4,500 pesos. But that one is no longer working.

    What we have now is a Samsung Slim Fit 21′ TV I bought from Dumaguete City around Php11,000.


  272. Rey says:

    Philips CRT bought 2002

  273. arlie gacias says:

    Our oldest and still working TV is the 21″ JVC TV bought at SM EDSA for P13K.

  274. Brein says:

    Many may be putting their old TV in the grave yard but im proud to say that i am still using our sony triniton 21″ tv right until now. My parents bought it around 1991-1992 for 18 k. One thing good about sony is that they are still able to repair it regardless of age. I will forever be a fan of SONY ^^ Will be uploading it later

  275. Brein says:

    I live in cebu so i hope abe will give me free plane tickets ^^

  276. karlitu says:

    I have a 21″ Sony Wega TV I bought in 2001 for like Php20,000

  277. Alex says:

    The oldest TV at home is a Sony 14″ that was bought by my Father-in-Law as a junk at 150 pesos and he repaired it. He bought it year 2000-2002. It has missing buttons, front panel tab and remote control not working but has loud sound quality and picture is fine.


  278. CHOBiE says:

    Our oldest tv is a 54″ Sony rear-projection TV from 10 years ago at least.

  279. Ju says:

    Bought 32″ LCD Sharp around nov 2009..

  280. Laurence says:

    I have a 21 inch TCL television way back from 2007 for about P7,000 and it still the one I’m using. haha =)

  281. exx says:

    sanyo 21″ bought in 2006..just recently been resurrected.

  282. lito says:

    I have Sony Trinitron 21″. Bought around June 1998 P11,200 and still fuctioning.

  283. Sonofa says:

    Parang “panis lolo mo sa lolo ko” game ah…

  284. Roderickson says:

    Our TV is a 21″ TCL(CRT). We bought here in Cauayan City, 10 years ago. Pretty old television pero sulit na. Hanggang ngayon ba naman…HEHE!

  285. Jannette says:

    The oldest tv that we have is a 14″ black and white Phillips TV which my uncle bought way back in 1986..It’s channel selector was rotary.. We haven’t used it in a long time but it still powering up..I just don’t know whether my father took it to Quezon, when he went there.. :)

  286. Jannette says:

    I don’t remember how much it was.. :(

  287. Pach Pach says:

    It’s a B/W Portable TV/Radio Set (yes, it can receive FM/AM signals) and runs on a 12V power source. It was about PhP 3k+ at that time (1994-1996?), uses a manual dial for changing frequencies, and has slider switches to choose from standard frequencies, vhf, and uhf :D TOPSONIC

  288. Our oldest Tv is 21″ Samsung brought back in 2004.
    worth around 8k..

    Whew! Hoping to win…

  289. Ulysses Gaygay says:

    Our oldest TV is a 21″ Sony Trinitron for 15K bought last 2004

  290. Norman Jay says:

    the oldest functional tv we have is a 21″ Panasonic Sephia that my parents got when i was still in grade four (1998). but we also have this black and white tv that comes with a big wood casing. it’s very old and also not functional. :))

  291. charles says:

    oldest tv i’ve got is a 32″ CRT TV bought 18K last 2001. the brand is EKCO.

  292. Jeffrey says:

    I have a 32″ Samsung LCD TV I bought in 2010 for like 28,900.

  293. Kayvin says:

    I have a 11″ LG LCD TV I bought in 2010 for like 12,000.

  294. marvin casimiro says:

    our oldest tv is 29″ tcl truflat television we bought in 2005at around 25k.

  295. Joshua says:

    i have my ” LG FLATRON wide monitorTV HD ready” and bought on feb 18,2011 just go here and see my TV “https://www.facebook.com/album.php?id=1848518164&aid=57979” thanks!!!!

  296. May Pestano says:

    I have a 21″ Sharp Cinemaborg TV, bought in the year 2000. :)

    -Sent via YugaTech Mobile App

  297. andrew bagalso says:

    we have a sharp 21 inches, it was from the US via balikbayan box way back 1990s.

  298. Angelo Torres says:

    Our oldest TV and my entry supposed to be was a Sony na yung case ay kahoy pa…but we gave it away na sa pinsan ko kaya I cant take a picture of it.. sayang!

    BUT HERE’S MY ENTRY.. our oldest tv that is still in our home is a LG Zenia tv that was bought 7 years ago… :)

  299. Ferdie says:

    Our oldest TV is a 14inch Polytron bought in 1999 for 7k. We’re still using it for playing PS2. Thanks. Hope I win so I can give this to my wife as a gift on her upcoming birthday.

  300. Gumz says:

    Our oldest tv nabili last 1996 sharp cinemaborg 3 16″ about 8K.

    like this…

  301. Khawen says:

    Our oldest TV at home was bought back in 1990, the brand is SAMWON.

  302. Amin says:

    our oldest Tv was a Samsung CT-3487 bought in the 80’s it got a mark at the back made in the Philippines HAHAHAHAHA sometimes we still used it though hahaha

  303. NemOry says:

    Our oldest TV today is a 24inch TLC CRT TV for 7k. bought sometime in June 2008

  304. Jayson Jamandra says:

    We have a 21″ Panasonic bought in 2006, to replace our old 17″ (not sure of the size) Goldstar TV that my dad had won in their Christmas party raffle :]

  305. Anya says:

    a Nivico black and white tv bought in the 80’s

  306. Anthony says:

    a Nivico black and white TV and also a Samsung CT-3487 both of them are made in the Philippines haha..

  307. limraul says:

    We are still using our 29″ Goldstar TV at home. My wife brought it with her when we got married in 1995. She bought it from the Duty-free shop. Will be glad to replace it with an LCD TV.

  308. still using my bulky panasonic 21″ catv bought in cubao for 16,000 sometime in 1993 or 1994.

  309. watusi says:

    We have a CRT 14″ Sony since 1990 my father bought in Saudi for like Php10,000

  310. our oldest TV is a 14in. Panasonic TC-14Z which is in my room. I don’t exactly know when my parents purchased it but it’s been here since I was a kid (I was born 1989).Sira nga lang yung speakers di gumagana minsan kelangan pang hampasin hehe

  311. Jianessa :) says:

    Our oldest TV is a 20″ JVC which we bought in 2000. Thank you :)

  312. Henry G.Cañizares says:

    i have a acer X233H 23inch full HD LCD for P8.9K bought last year

  313. Hazel says:

    Our oldest TV is a Samsung 29″ flatscreen that was bought way back in 2006 or 2007 for about 10k.

  314. tontonj says:

    The only TV that we have and we currently use is a 21″ Philips Powervision TV bought in 1995 for a little over P12,000.00.

  315. Roch says:

    I only bought TV once in my entire life – a Jvc Intelliart Musee 21 inch TV, before LCD TVs, high tech pa ito, may Cinema Surround at flat ang screen. Hehe. I bought it for 12K, its still selling at around 9K sa malls

  316. RP Orio says:

    Our oldest TV is a colored 1996 21-inch Sony. Never been touched, nor bugged down. Always up for a high feeling of tv viewing.

    A reliable sony tv but i need new KTC LCD technology tv.

  317. sheila says:

    a 29″ jvc bought on sale worth 11K last 2007

  318. Jedd says:

    Our oldest television at home is a 14″ Sharp Being Pro-Logic II bought by my parents in 1991 for 10,300 pesos. As of now, it still works. :)

  319. flyah says:

    1988 – National Panasonic 14″ TV. was bought by my parents for 14,000 Pesos.

  320. Sheila says:

    Our oldest TV is the only one we got here in Manila bought in 2009, 21 inches NIPPON Japan for P4,500 only hahaa. :)

  321. Jan Michael Nuqui says:

    12 inch Sony Trinitron which was bought by my dad in Saudi back in 1993. It was hand carried here when he got home in 1995 and survived the audio video mayhem we’ve done for the past 18 years of its existence. That TV experienced everything, VHS, VCD, DVD, Playstation, IPOD Tv out, and my long lost PSP tv out.

    Come to think of it. Almost all of those gadgets are now gone but our TV is still there and we’re still using it today. :)

  322. daniel says:

    our oldest TV here is a 27inch SOny trinitron tv which was bought last millennium year 1997 of the 1st milennium.. haha. but unfortunartely recently power surge(maybe) killed it.

  323. Noel says:

    Our oldest working tv is a 19″ Toshiba colored unit. Tinanong ko sa nanay ko kung gaano na katanda yung unit, ang sabi nya sa akin eh halos kasing edad ko daw (o maaaring mas matanda pa sa akin, di na nya maalala).
    I’m already 26, so it was probably bought in either 1983 or 1984. It needs a VHS unit to be able to access our cable connection. Walang VHS, walang cable.

  324. vince says:

    what we still have here at home was a 14 inch Sony Black and White that was bought for Php1,200 way back 1991…

    …and its still working!

  325. John Jay Caballero says:

    my old model tv is samsung CT-3373V my dad bought in 1995

  326. solwyvern says:

    An Audiosonic 19″ LCD TV km1902dvd and I’m still using it as extended pc monitor.

    Got it at an auction around August of 2008.

  327. emben says:

    Our oldest tv is a 21″ Phillips tv .. the one with wooden case .. it was bought 1979

  328. dan says:

    Our oldest working TV at home is our Sharp Linytron 13″ that my dad picked up as trash in Canada and sent it to us last 2008. BTW it is cable ready but is limited to 31 channels only, the best thing about it is that it has a remote embedded on its side(a long stick will do to change the channels). You can manually change picture settings through the dials at the bottom. This TV used to be our NES console partner :)

  329. RP Orio says:

    We are still using a 21-inch CRT Sony TV bought in 1996 for about Php 11K. It never put me down but up in my viewing spree. But, I feel I have to have an LCD or better yet a LED-type TV to keep up with the tech around for better viewing.

    Let’s exchange TV’s – I will give you my old CRT Sony TV, and you will have to give me your KTC LCD TV.


  330. vener garcia says:

    i have got 21″ sony tv. i bought it 1998 for Php21000. it was my souvenir from my first 13th month pay bonus from my job.

  331. ehd says:

    We have 21″ Sharp Primo, one of our gifts on our wedding, August 2008. Not sure how much it is.

  332. nsmorado says:

    sa amin 21 inch national panasonic bought in 1996 same year when my son was born, around 10K nung time na yun.

  333. Rhett says:

    A Union CRT TV (about 14″). Won by my dad at his company’s raffle back in 2000 or so.

  334. mike says:

    a Samsung 46″ Series 7 which I got back in 2008 for 120,000PHP

  335. Michael Yap says:

    My oldest TV is a Sony Trinitron we bought in 2000

  336. Jbilbao says:

    Our oldest TVs are actually a pair of Sony WEGA bought around 2003, both are still working perfectly aside from the remote controls which as pretty banged up =D

  337. Luis Rivera says:

    I bought mine 5 years ago! a Sharp Aphrody 29 incher for around 12,000PHP in abenson. Oh those were the days…

  338. romy uyehara says:

    A Sony CRT tv bought 1990 for 12000 pesos

  339. cristy says:

    I have 14″ LG Zenia bought last 2003 at about Php5,000

  340. Mark Mercado says:

    sanyo AVM model, my parents bought that when i was in grade 5, i think way back 1998.

  341. Shannelle says:

    The only TV I own is a Sony KV-14JSR1. Bought it sometime in 2001 at around 10K.

    You have good timing, Abe. Winning your contest will be like mana from heaven. I’ve been planning since last year to buy a 32″ LCD to replace the old TV but remained indecisive. I guess if I win, it means I’ll get to finish those PS2 RPG games I did not have the opportunity to finish when I was in the province. ;)

  342. Francis Darunday says:

    our oldest TV at home is a 14″ Sony Trinitron… it is our first Colored TV bought 1978 or 79 when I was still around 4 or 5 and I am 36 now… so it has been in our family for more than 30 years now… it has a Powerlock when Pushed, you cannot turn-on the TV and you need a key to unlock it… my Papa usually locks the TV so that I wont be able to watch cartoons after I come back to school… hehehe… and it is one very durable TV… I accidentally dropped it twice when I was still a child but it still works afterwards… Hope I win the TV so that my children can enjoy their “CARS”, “TOY STORYs”, “HAPPY FEET” and “ICE AGEs” on a LCD TV… Thanks.

  343. Jlopinoyfan says:

    I have a 14″ Panasonic TC-S14P10 bought last 1994 at around 5K ata un…hehehe. Hoping to win the LCD TV. God Bless and Thank you! (~_^)

  344. Jade Bryan says:

    We have an old JVC 14″ CRT TV that my dad bought in 2001.

  345. Mike says:

    our oldest tv at home is a Sony Trinitron, 21 inches CRT and i think my dad bought it in 1999 for php 14,000.

  346. Eugene Espinoza says:

    Mother in laws’ TV sanyo slim tv bought 2009. sana tsumamba sa raffle.. :)

  347. natche says:

    we’re using a 22″ or 24″ sony trinitron tv bought by my mom and tita in 2000 15k ata sya nun dati hehehe

  348. gio says:

    I got a 14 inch Philips TV in 1997 I bought for P8,000..true story! :))

  349. Melissa Lapira says:

    what’s your oldest TV at home and when did you get it?

    our oldest TV at home right now is a sony 14″ i think my mother bought it in 80’s more or less around 2k

  350. Harley says:

    my first bought tv is way back 2004 and it was a Panasonic. It was the first of its kind that is flat screened with a bass booster, 21 inches! ahehe! it is still working great and it is now in my mom’s house! still loving it!

  351. Jervin Reyes says:

    Our oldest tv I think is Hitachi XXX black n white TV with sliding windows whatsoever haha I already forget the model.

    It was bought around mid 60’s – 70’s very old huh, but working p din sya.. Bought for Php 200.00..

  352. Messie says:

    Our oldest TV at home is a Samsung 14″ TV. I think we bought this last 1999 for like 4k or something. :)

  353. manta2k8 says:

    14 inch Sony Trinitron bought from a surplus shop for 2.5k, a 110 volts but it was accidentally plugged at 220 volts then it explode.

    We send it to repairman and have it converted to 220 volts, now its perfectly fine.

  354. vincent says:

    we have a sony trinitron kv-1545r bought by my dad during the 70s, he said he bought it at cash & carry, he can’t remember how much it cost back then. it is a colored tv so i assume that it is somehow high-end during that time. it has a remote control, an technically up to 99 channels, not cable ready. it has undergone numerous repairs and currently in a not-so-good state, due to economic reasons(things have changed a LOT since my dad bought it almost 40 years ago), it continues to be our ONLY functioning tv. that sony trinitron kv-1545r plus a simple antenna can somehow give us 4-5 (blurry) local channels, just enough for my parents. if i got this ktc lcd tv, it will be a HUGE UPGRADE, hehe.

  355. franz says:

    My oldest tv is a Sony trinitron CRT tv around 25 inch. this was bought year 2006 and priced at 20,000.

  356. Eric says:

    I have a sony 32″ LCD TV…. one of the early bravias that came out bundled with a DVD home theater… got it back in Dec 2005 I think… but I do remember the cost P75,000. Grr…and after a year, the price dropped by half!!!!

  357. Nike Pangilinan says:

    Oldest Tv Namin yung binili ng father ko 2002. Sony 21″ trinitron flat tv.. till now gamit pa namin… hope i will win…

  358. Operation Super says:

    The oldest (and working) TV we have is our 21′ Sony Trinitron, bought sometime in 1998 which we still use. This tabachoy TV with the speakers on the side and a pain to carry when we have floods now bleeds fluorescent green when there’s white on screen, screaming for a replacement.

  359. Kev says:

    JVC! Oldest TV namin is a JVC yung walang remote na manually dapat sa gilid lang ng mismo ng TV(rectangular buttons pa dati) 15 inch nga lang, was bought before my born year (1990-ish). Pero hanggang ngaun ginagamit pa rin siya for watching News on local channels at para makatipid kuryente kaysa gumamit ng HDTV namin ngaun

    Yeah, we’re that cheap (sometimes…)

  360. dementia says:

    The oldest tv here at our house is the one in my bedroom. It’s a 21″ Sharp Cinemaborg which I inherited when my aunt’s restaurant closed. I don’t know when she bought it but I think it’s from the late 90’s.

  361. DJ says:

    a 19” Vintage Wooden Exterior Sony Trinitron Econoquick Color Television.

  362. Rmil says:

    oldest tv our house is 21″ sony trinitron bought for 11k in 2000 i think.

  363. rain avanzado says:

    i have a jvc 21 inches interiart got it last 2003, bought it for 15k on zero paylite thru my friends credit card and i move places 5 places already and still working replaced already the remote control 4 times with a universal remote control it is the first conjugal property me and my partner had. and its been 8 years already we are still together and its working perfectly fine…..

  364. dennis says:

    Our oldest working tv is a 13-inch Symphonic unit. It has a built in VCR. I use to brag this unit which was bought in the early 90’s when VCD was the coolest gadget ever, Hehehe. We still use it to watch dvds. To amplify the sound, we hook it up with speakers from an even older pioneer/dolby stereo bought in the 80’s. Talk about an antique home theater system ey.

  365. Juan Puruntong says:

    Oldest? hhmmm.. mejo bago kasi nadispose na mga luma.. Sony 21″ CRT since 1995 eh pinalit ko sa Sony Bravia 32″ last year (21k with free Sony Dvd worth 5k).. nakita ko dito ung ad para sa Knowledge Channel promo sa me ABSCBN.. thanks Yuga sa pagpost ng ad na yun :).. Sony Wega CRT since 2009 for 12k.. at isa pang Astron 14″ CRt worth 4k yata, napalunan sa Xmas Raffle last december..hehehe

  366. jasonski says:

    we got a Kolin TV bought back in 1999. and it still works, its my TV on my room in pampanga.

  367. matt says:

    we have an LG TV 29 inch (the one with the golden eye feature). I honestly don’t know how much it is because my mom got it as an award for her 25 years of service in her company back in 2004.

  368. law says:

    A 14-inch Samsung TV bought back during 2004 – my 1st year in college. it’s still my only tv at home!

  369. Erwin says:

    Our oldest tv is our only tv. A 29″ JVC which we got in 1999 for about 27k

  370. freddie says:

    my first and only TV is 21 inch pensonic bought at around 6k last 2009. If i’ll be fortunate to win this price…i’ll be giving my T.V. to my brother in law who was one of Ondoy victims…now residing at Baras resettlement…

  371. Noypi says:

    Our oldest functioning TV is a 21” Sharp TV bought from my Dad’s friend since he needed money that time. My Dad bought it at 15K pesos sometime in 2000.

  372. April says:

    It is a 14-inch Sony TV that is approximately 20+ years old now and still working! :) It’s older than I am. So old that my parents aren’t even sure when they got it. Lol.

  373. Lyle says:

    Our oldest functioning TV is a 21″ JVC. It’s still working until now and has never needed repairs. We got it sometime in the late 90’s.

  374. JeffZ says:

    haha.. I thought deeply for a couple of minutes though.. hmmmm.. I remembered we had this B/W box type Toshiba TV (I think..) na may sariling pintuan ung screen.. then, de-pihit pa yung channels and if I’m unlucky, puro ulan ang makikita or yung dot sa gitna lang.. para gumana, pupukpukin ng ilang beses yung likod.. hehe That’s our first TV and I was not born yet I think when my parents bought it.

    Our oldest is my Sharp Cinemaborg 14″ TV and my mom bought it in 1995 as a gift dahil bibbo kid ako. First time kong mapasama sa honor-roll sa tanang buhay ko kaya ayun, binili nya ako ng TV sa kwarto.. :D Up to now, buhay na buhay pa rin at nadaig nya pa yung unang flat screen TV namin na nag last lang ng 2 years.. Sharp’s long lasting!.. :D

  375. Dave says:

    Samsung Excellent Multiplex Sound System.
    Bought 10 years ago, i think! whew!
    13inch as per my ruler. UuuUu
    i’ll plug it later to try if its working…

  376. JSM says:

    my oldest tv is a 21″ LG and still in good condition.Its almost 10 years now. This was may first expensive appliance that i bought which i think has the same cost as 32″ LG flat tv that i have now :).

  377. Amier says:

    our oldest at home is goldstar 21″ tv bought around 1997. Already lost the rc and picture quality is not that crisp anymore but still doing its job. =D

  378. ris says:

    oldest here is a sony 29inch crt tv(i think its 29 but it looks very big). it was purchased sometime in 1990s. nasira na at lahat pero pinapaayos at ginagamit parin

    on a side note. sobrang mura na ng mga lcd tv ngayon. to think that meron dito nagpost na binili ng dad nya ang isang 21inch tv from a friend for 15k. eh ngayon ktc lcd tv na yan eh. 32incher pa

  379. randy says:

    jvc musee 29 inches back on 2007 for 15K

  380. jdm says:

    vintage TV and on top, Sony push button TV.

    …handed down from grand parents to my parent then to me…

    I’ll check if i still have my hatachi 12″ knob-type channel selector. i used this when my mother gave me family computer.

  381. rolf says:

    LG crt tv around 2002 pa binili. naondoy na at lahat pero buhay pa rin!

  382. vin says:

    our oldest tv is a 21″ sony trinitron. it was given to us as a christmas gift in 1996.

  383. Mangungubat says:

    My oldest tv is my 21 inch crt from TCL which was bought last 2004-2005. It cost around 5k-6k at that time (discounted price).

  384. Joseph says:

    Our oldest tv was a 14 in sony trinitron both last 1990’s..

  385. 24″ Sharp bought 2004-2006, I think it’s P 9,999.00.

  386. Joseph says:

    “Our oldest tv was a 14 in sony trinitron both last 1990′s..”

    oh i forgot, we bought it at 9,999 price tag..

  387. The Drew McIntyre says:

    I’m not really sure about it, but there were 3 or TVs that I consider old in our place. One has to be the old JVC TV with the Knob-style channel flipper (which is sadly gone, along with with the pictures that got eaten by termites), second is our old Panasonic PAL TV (around 15 inches it was, good times with Duck Hunt back in the day. Clearer than the next two TVs i’ll mention), 3rd has to be the old JVC TV my grandma bought and still with us, although the buttons are missing and so is the remote, and our old 22 inch Sony TV. So much PS1 games, DVD marathons of Heroes, and purple colors (dunno how that happened, we never banged on the screen or anything).

  388. Joseph says:

    oh i forgot, we bought it at 9,999 price tag..

  389. techie_kuno says:

    P.E. (pahabol entry) :)

    Our first TV is a Samsung TTC1350 bought in the year 1995. It is actually a gift from my lolo who lives in Hawaii back then as a war veteran. Whenever he goes home here in the Phils. to pay a visit, he brings a TV with AVR (bec it is in 110 volts) for his children here in the Phils . The unit is still working but the volume is now malfunctioning.

  390. Dominador S. Valentin Jr. says:

    our oldest TV is 21″ Panasonic, I bought it 2nd hand in 2003 for 2000.

  391. Raf says:

    My oldest and only TV at home is my Samsung 22″ LCD. I bought it in 2009, cost around 20,000 pesos.

    It replaced my old Sharp 21″ Cinemaborg, which i have used for almost 10 years! ;-)

  392. skeet says:

    21″ Sharp circa 2001.
    My 1st tv ngayon may asawa’t anak nko gamit pa rin namin.

  393. rhozallino says:

    Our Oldest TV is the TCL 21″ Colored TV i bought it sometimes in 2005 at 7,000 pesos @ EVER Monumento. I choose that TV because of cheap price that time also has a good feature…

  394. ann zamora says:

    the oldest tv we have is a sony trinitron, bought in the year 1987.. my dad bought it abroad, nung time na nagwwork pa sya.. isa sa remembrance nya sa pag aabroad nya yung tv..:)

  395. Therese says:

    JVC 12 inch CRT tv with pindot-pindot channels that do not work. the only way to change channels is with a remote control. the original remote control is not functional anymore so we use a universal remote with it. but it still works!

  396. ching0418 says:

    our oldest working TV is a 14-inch JVC television…it was bought in year 2000 when i had my first job.

  397. nameless says:

    I have a sony watchman, a black and white portable TV bought in year 1993. It is powered by 6 D sized batteries. I also have a 21inch colored Sony TV also bought in 1993. Both are still in good working condition, but the 21 inch one has some color malfunction. maybe because of the OLD picture tube. I really would be happy if it will be replaced by your 32″ KTC LCD TV. :)

  398. redangel says:

    We have 21″ JVC TV bought last 2002 for Php19,000 now may sira na ang picture tube.

  399. jANcHXjOBjCB says:

    we have 24″ sony trinitron, which my son climbed-up on and it fell down on him (and it is still working!!!), hopefully he is not seriously hurt bcause the TV is quite heavy and bulky…dont know the exact year and price though…

  400. whackerZ says:

    29 inch TCL bought in 2002 for approximately P18,000

  401. Juan Paolo A. Escober says:

    Our oldest TV set in the house is a Sony Trinitron whose CRT screen is almost 10 inches. I think my mother and father bought the TV before they got married in the year 1992.

    Today, the TV set still works with a few minor tweaks on the plug and wires.

    I hope I win this and get to show you the pictures of our old TV set. Thank you and more power to YugaTech.

  402. Ernie Canlas says:

    We have 21″ Sanyo tube TV, got it from Automatic Center for Php. 7.6K last 2002. It’s the only tv we have, glad ‘still working…

  403. superdan says:

    our oldest and only tv at home is a sony wega from 2005. padala ng dad ko from jeddah. around 15k sya during the time.

  404. jamby says:

    I have a 21 inch JVC CRT TV I bought in 1999 for about 10k+.

    Just got married that time and what else is the best thing to buy if nobody gives you this as a wedding present… :)

    Sana mapalitan na ng KTV 32″!!!!

  405. Brownspank says:

    I have a 32″ Series 3 Samsung TV. Got it a couple of years back for ~22,000. We used to have older ones but had to send them away to make room in our home.

  406. Our Oldest TV is a 21″ Flat Screen Samsung TV bought in 2005 for Php 11,000.00.

  407. Jerome says:

    what’s your oldest TV at home and when did you get it?

    I had a TLC 14″ CRT Colored TV at home bought by my bro around 6K in late 2005

  408. Jerome Hidalgo says:

    I have a 21″ Sony trinitron crt TV that my mother bought in 1996 for like around Php12k.

  409. leira says:

    I have a Philips Big TV (don’t know the measurements but its really big and heavy)Which my dad bought in 1996 for like Php15,000. he gave it to us 3 years ago.

  410. Romela says:

    14″ Sanyo Colored TV.
    Php 7,000 noong 1987 hehe :-)

    Hope I win!

  411. rox says:

    a 22″ TCL bought two years ago for around P8000

  412. wentot says:

    The oldest TV I bought was a Philips 25″, I forgot what the model is.

  413. Valentin Faustino says:

    I’ve owned a Sony Trinitron 28″ TV since 2002. I honestly forgot how much I bought it for.

  414. Sonn says:

    The oldest TV I bought is my current TV. A 32″ Samsung Series 5 LCD TV, which was bought last August 2010 for Php40,000. It came with a “free” home theater system. :D

  415. Ning says:

    I have a 24″ Sony Wega TV I bought in 2005 for like Php 14,000.

  416. Philbert A. Oloteo says:

    I bought a 21 inch Sharp TV in 1998 that is still used in our living room for watching TV Patrol and Saksi.

  417. Berns says:

    A 21″ JVC i bought 2003. First thing i bought when i moved out from my parents’ place.

  418. Williamson Orfila says:

    I have a Sanyo 21″ CRT Colored TV 2nd hand bought in late 2005 from my moms office mate for like 5K to 7k (I think im not sure about the price, a few days later the stupid remote broke so i need to buy universal remote and about a year or two the speaker broke and we connect to a speaker so we can hear the sounds and repaired once after few days it happend and now we still using speakers and our Electric bill ↑↑ goes up..)

  419. dude2cool says:

    We have this 21′ Panasonic CRT TV in our living room since I was in first year high school. If I’m right, since t’was 1994 or even earlier. LOL. And to top it all off, this is our only TV. We have been planning to buy a new since like “forever”. We have a few computers and laptops but TV? Just one heck of an old school, but still all good CRT TV. Seriously!!

    Just trying my luck though I’m way way far from your location. LOL..

  420. Robert Apostol says:

    our oldest is a 21″ samsung slim fit tv which we bought more than 5 years ago for around P12K. My mom and dad still uses this in their room. The picture and sound are still good.

  421. maria luz tormis says:

    our oldest tv is 21″sharp tv bought last 1988 for Php 10,000.

  422. Mito says:

    our oldest TV is Samsung 21″ dont know the exact model though, bgay lng ng auntie.

  423. ryan tiu says:

    We have 21″ JVC TV brought last 1997 I think at 25,000 at Duty Free

  424. Sony says:

    21″ TCL bought in year 2000 after we got married and were both assigned in Cebu. We bought it for 12k pesos.

    We’re now back in Manila and we’re still using it up to now. :)

  425. bambam says:

    32 inch sony trinitron CRT. we got it in 1989

  426. Hans Christian Ang says:

    Our oldest TV is a 32″ LG LH20 bought last December 2009 for 22k. Already disposed all “old” CRT TVs :)

  427. Eliwood says:

    Our oldest TV is a Zenith System 3 with space command that my parents bought when we were still at Texas back at 1983. I still remember my childhood years just sitting in front of it watching cartoons.

  428. Francis Carlo Eviza says:

    We have a 24″ SHARP CRT TV in our bedroom which we bought around fourth quarter of 2004 at 10,000 Php from a family friend.

  429. Norman Ramos says:

    Our oldest TV is 21″ Sharp bought it in 1996 for 18,000.

  430. Erick Maulion says:

    Oldest TV we have is a SAMSUNG LN37B530 that we bought April of last year. The previous title holder was a 21″ JVC Interiart but we gave it away when we got the Sammy.

  431. Reena says:

    our oldest TV is Samsung 21″ bought by my kuya on year 2004 i think

  432. Dexter says:

    We are still using our Sharp Cinemaborg 3 14″ TV. Still has that wonderful sound. It was bought back in 1994.

  433. Rhyan says:

    We still have our 1984 14″ sharp TV. Rotary channel and tuning. My mom got it at one appliance store in Monumento. Its 27 years old and still running though with some minor problems!

  434. Mark says:

    My oldest TV is a 8 years old 4inches black & white MANOR TV(made in china) w/ FM/AM Radio function. I bought it last 2003 when i was in college. During college days, I rent a boarding house & the only entertainment i got is that 4inches TV. Now, Im working & still rent a boarding house near in my work. I still use to watch on this TV. Take note, even though its only 4inches & black & white, i still enjoy playing my PS2 on it.

  435. Nica says:

    I have a 27-inch Promac TV I bought in 2008 for like P5000 in Puregold.

  436. dorry lyn says:

    our oldest tv at home is TOSHRA..we bought it at a surplus store last march 2007 for only 3000 pesos.. that is so much cheap coz it’s not branded. hehhe

    hope i can win so that we can have a new tv

  437. freejosef says:

    We have a 27 inch CRT LG TV which we had since 1995. Its not working anymore but hey, its still for display and works as an awesome paperweight!

  438. Joanne says:

    Our oldest and only TV is a 14 inch ChangHong CRT TV, bought in 2006 at Php 3,500.

  439. Mikey says:

    A 21 inch Aiwa TV bought during the 90s. :)

  440. MY OLD TV is
    JVC PORTABLE Television 14 INCH TYPE:CRT Model 1989

  441. Allan Reyes says:

    My oldest tv is a Sony wega 21 inches tv.I bought during the 1990’s.

  442. rj says:

    Mine is an old 14″ daewoo. Nahanap ko lang around the house so I thought Id use it nalang as my tv. Got tired of the small screen so now nagtitiis nalang ako sa 18.5″ lcd ko he he. Isang malaking paper weight nalang siya ngayon. Hope to do some retro modding here soon! hihi

  443. rj says:

    Mine is an old 14″ daewoo. Nahanap ko lang around the house so I thought Id use it nalang as my tv. Got tired of the small screen so now nagtitiis nalang ako sa 18.5″ lcd ko he he. Isang malaking paper weight nalang siya ngayon. Hope to do some retro modding here soon! hihi. got it 2 years ago

  444. Nino Jomalesa says:

    I have a Black 13″ inches Goldstar Colored T.V (yung dalawa ang pihitan) I bought it when i was in 1yr. high school for my room in a surplus shop for about 1k, it’s already 15 years ago when i bought that, but it is still functioning.

  445. jms0417 says:

    we still have a working 14″ Aiwa TV which I bought in 1999 for Php7k.

  446. paulo says:

    oldest tv is actually the only tv we have, purchased last 2008 a series 3 samsung 32″ inch lcd which cost around 45K back then.

  447. Giancarlo says:

    Oldest tv would be a 32 inch samsung flat screen bought 2007 for 26000

  448. My oldest is a 21″ pensonic lcd tv bought last Sept. 2009 after Ondoy!

  449. Jameson Ong says:

    Philips 21″ can’t remember the exact date but it should be around 2007.

  450. tiffany mendoza says:

    our oldest TV is Sony:Trinitron which my dad bought in 1999. not sure of the price, though.

  451. Mar_17 says:

    yung pinaka-unang Tv ko ay yung 25″ sony. color black. I bought it after my wife and i got married.

  452. Israel Gonzales says:

    Our oldest TV was an hitachi 1980’s with stand, ung sliding ung pa ung cover sa screen. Black and white, it has no transitor and using vacuum tube. last time i checked speaker lang sira. ill check it again tommorrow.

  453. Rona says:

    Our oldest TV at home is a Sanyo 29″ I bought from my cousin for only P2,000 back in 2003.

  454. Sherwin says:

    21″ JVC MUSEE TV I bought in 2006 for Php13,000 with free JVC DVD player.

  455. PKToledo says:

    I have a 14″ Panasonic CATV 181, I think it was bought by my parents on 1996. I dont know the price since I was just kid then. :)

  456. Jay Ar says:

    bought an LG 32″ LCT TV back in 2008 for around 30k. Pushed my parents for us get an LCD that time hehehe

  457. Kier says:

    We have a 21″ Samsung CT-5062V TV bought in 1990 for like Php5,000 (hulugan eh). Still working and it’s actually in our kitchen. Ginagamit ng aking ina tuwing siya’y nagluluto. :)

  458. Timothy Tan says:

    I have a Samsung 25inch Flat TV purchased in 2005 for Php13,000

  459. My oldest television set is an 11-year old Sony Trinitron 21″

  460. ejlsquared says:

    We have a second hand 32″ Panasonic TV which my mom bought in 1996, way back in my first grade in elementary. We’ve repaired it several times through the years but since my mother isn’t too techie, we never replaced it till today. :)

  461. We have a 21″ Aiwa TV (CRT pa!) that we bought I think in 1999-2000.

  462. April says:

    The oldest TV we have is a 14-inch Sony that my parents had even before I was born. It is so old that they could not even remember the exact date when it was acquired. For sure though, it’s about 20+ years old. :) And surprisingly, it still works up to today.

  463. converdenz says:

    we have a 14 inch sony trinitron way back 1991, still we use today

  464. converdenz says:

    We have a 14 inch Sony Trinitron way back 1991, and were using it until now.

  465. Ian Pineda says:

    Our oldest tv was a Japan surplus 26″ Sony TV bought at Raon in Quiapo for 3,500 pesos. We bought it way back year 2006 when we were still gf/bf. It was quite heavy because i think theres a transformer inside to convert it to 220 volts. I really want to replace it because channels are incomplete (up to 32 channels only on cable) , but i dont have money to buy a new one. Hoping to win this KTC LCD TV!

    Thanks and more power to Yuga and the Yugatech website.

    God Bless us always!

  466. Ian Dauz says:

    the oldest functioning tv in our house is a 14 inch Goldstar color tv that my mom won in a raffle contest in 1990

    she gave it to me eventually after much prodding :P

  467. Allan Palisoc says:

    Our oldest TV at home is a 14″ Panasonic. It was 3 years older than me. That makes it 21 yrs old. Yes, it is still working. It is just that it only have 13 channels.

  468. Mylene says:

    I have a 21″ Sony TV (model KV2167) I bought it in 1995 and it was worth P17,875 (still have the receipt).

  469. MyMaria says:

    Got TCL 29″ CRT TV bought for only 15K during a promo from EMCOR back in the 90s… no more original remote control because it’s busted. using a cheap-o universal remote instead :) it works!

  470. Jose Mari Cariaga says:

    Mine was a Sony Trinitron 29″ bougth i think last 1995 or 1996 :)

  471. The oldest tv we have is a 29″ LG tv which my husband and I bought just before we got married around June 2005. It’s the first appliance we acquired for our new home.:)

  472. Gigi Beleno says:

    A 14-inch Samsung TV my husband brought from Gillamacs Marketing for P4,000.00, and this is the only set we have which my 2yr old son uses to watch his cartoon DVD’s.

    Hope to win this promo :)

  473. Gigi Beleno says:

    A 14-inch Samsung purchased in 2000 for P4,000 (SALE). Still in good working condition, and that’s the only one we got :(

    Hope to win this promo so that my toddler will have a better view of his cartoon DVDs.

  474. Khrish says:

    Our one and only TV set in the house is a ChangHong 21″ TV that we bought last 2008 for 6,300 pesos. It replaced my old Akira model that’s been with me since I got married. Hope to win! ;-)

  475. Ariel Abella says:

    I Have 21-inch AIWA color TV, I bought in 2002 for like P12,500…

  476. jamie says:

    I have a Philips 32 inch tv. My first and last own money bought in 2009 for P21,000!

  477. Our oldest and only TV right now is a Samsung Series 4 32″ bought in 2009 for Php 30000.

  478. Limbo Siriban says:

    Ang pinakaluma naming TV ay Sony Trinitron 15″ nabili noong 1999 sa halagang 7000 piso

  479. Khrish says:

    Di ko po sure kung nakapasok yung first entry ko knina pase parang nagka-error when i submitted it earlier.

    By the way, here is my entry:
    Our one and only TV set in the house is a ChangHong 21″ TV that we bought last 2008 for 6,300 pesos. It replaced my old Akira model that’s been with me since I got married. Hope to win! ;-)

  480. rikka says:

    Our TV is a 15″ LG tv. The tv is owned by my husband when he was in high school or early college days. Not sure how much is the price but it’s around 6-8K that time.


  481. jixxy says:

    Our oldest TV is a Samsung Hitron that my mother bought 8 years ago. It was fully working right now and we only have problems with buttons so we decided to bought a universal remote for it. The price is like 7,000 PHP.

  482. Vincent Peralta says:

    Our Oldest TV is a 21″ GoldStar Bought 10years ago for about P4,000

  483. anthony bonifacio says:

    got ours from my brother, a sanyo tv, post wedding gift actually, :)he bought it for 8k, he gave it to me, for only 4k.

  484. The day after our honeymoon in 2006, my wife and I bought a 14″ Sharp colored TV for a little over 4k from the money we got from our Godparents :-)

  485. hmmmm… our oldest tv is a 21 inch Sony Trinitron that was bought by my Mom and Dad on 2002. Sa sobrang luma may cracks na yung gilid nya. :(

  486. Lei says:

    We still have our 21 inch Samsung colored TV at home which my father bought in 1999

  487. Maioc says:

    Sony Triniton… 1996 pa. nasira na pero pinagawa namin at gumagana pa rin until now :-)

  488. ven says:

    our oldest tv is a samsung hitron 14″ our mom bought for our apartment when we were still in college way back 2004!

  489. randy says:

    We have a Samsung 21 inches TV at home. My father bought it from Saudi Arabia around 780 riyals in 1995.

  490. our oldest tv is a 21″ crt jvc that is bought in 2003 at 14000php.

  491. Gemma Madura says:

    21 inch LG that we bought from a surplus shop in 2005. Still working today. I am not just sure how many years it was used by the first owner.

    Nagagamit pa din namin siya for videoke session :-)

  492. Connnie Mejilla says:

    Until now, our 21 in Sony colored TV works although medyo malabo minsan ang screen. We got it in 1999 :-)

  493. Remedios says:

    The oldest TV I have is the 21inch Panasonic TC-21S10P CRT TV bought in 1995 for like P15,000. Still working but not working properly cos it got soaked in flood water during Milenyo Typhoon

  494. abigail ong says:

    our Sony 48 inch TV that my brother bought from a Japan surplus shop for only P4000, it still needs a converter for cable TV connection, but the picture quality is still good. It’s been with us for almost 12 years!!! Too bad the remote control broke and we cannot find a universal remote that will work with it, so we have to change channel manually by pushing the button

  495. Benneth Mamon says:

    Our oldest TV is a sharp aphrody tv which I bought in 2002.

    Hope I win! :D

  496. Adrian Laurente says:

    Our latest TV is an LG 23-inch LCD TV which was given by my Tito and Tita as a birthday gift for my mother and father. =)

  497. I have a 21″ Sharp TV which I won in Game KNB back in 2006

  498. Marlon says:

    my oldest tv is a samsung 14″ i bought that in 1998 amounting of 7K

  499. cornelio says:

    Our oldest TV is a 21″ AIWA tv bought in 1998 for about 10,000 pesos.

  500. Joy Mesina-Bahia says:

    We have a 21″ Sony Wega which we bought for I think a little less than P20,000 in 1999.

  501. Our oldest is JVC PORTABLE Television 14 INCH TYPE:CRT Model 1989

  502. nancybareno says:

    We still have this 21″ SANYO CRT color TV bought in 2002 for approximately P6500

  503. Julius says:

    We still have a 14-inch Sony CRT TV perfectly working. It’s been with us for over 20 years now. We played it with VHS, VCD, DVD, Playstation 1 & 2. Wonder how it last the test of time.

  504. Francisco Jose A. Santamaria says:

    A Samsung 29 inches that my wife bought in the year 2.000 for 4.000 pesos in a surplus shop.I guess might be about 25 years old but still working fine.

  505. converdenz says:

    Meron kaming 14 inch na Sony Trinitron way back 1993 na ginagamit pa din namin hanggang ngayon.

  506. Mhel Amor says:

    We only have one TV which is a 21 inch Sony Trinitron and I forgot when did we bought it, the remote is already broken and the channel program it not setup that’s why we are stuck in 1 channel most of the time.

  507. Vince says:

    I bought FUKUDA 21″ last december 2010 TV for my family very cheap and durable because we love watching TV and its express our bonding life, And also this is from my saving gift to my family.

  508. Eric S. says:

    We got ours for P6,300 and it’s a 21 inch Changhong Multimedia Series. Bought it in 2008.

  509. kevin says:

    My dad have 21 inches, Philips TV bought around year 1999 for around Php 14,000. I can’t stand to watch because it is already blinking. some bulb needs to be replaced the tech. said..


  510. Our oldest TV was bought by my Oldest sister year 1989 it is a SONY B/W TV with a Rotary channel. It is still working and still active my mom is using it to make my youngest fall into sleep. hehehehe

  511. oldest tv at home is a portable sony watchman. it has an 7.5 inch LCD.

  512. oldest tv at home is a portable sony watchman it has a 7.5lcd screen. my mom bought it from LA on 2003

  513. our oldest tv is a 14″ Sony Trinitron bought in 1998. BUT it was bought already secondhand. hehe! It was our first TV with remote control. It has a huge wooden casing and the remote control is the size of a soap bar, approx 2x5x1.5 ang dimensions!

  514. Chris says:

    My oldest tv at home is a SUPER 7″ LCD TV. I bought it at greenhills last 2005 for around P7,500. It was flooded when I was in Iloilo caused by Typhoon Frank, but I still got it to work. I now have it in my car.

  515. Wally says:

    We have a 21 inch Philips TV, brought by my father around year 2003 for about Php 14,000! with only 2 channels available :)

  516. jan says:

    my TV is a JVC AV-32750 bought in April 1997. i think it’s gonna die on me soon, the speakers already gave out. :(

    -Sent via YugaTech Mobile App

  517. Julius Cris Delos Reyes says:

    We have 21″ CRT Sharp TV – di ko sure if anong year yun pero 90s pa ata highschool pa ako. Ngayon walang maayos na channel sya nakukuha and minsan de pukpok para mag turn-on. :))

  518. Anne Santos says:

    We have a 21″ JVC Interi Art Flat TV which was bought by my father in 2004 when he came back from Australia. We bought it here at around P12,000.

  519. 32″ Samsung TV bought at the Manila Port for P5000 back in 2006!

  520. mark laurenze paniterce says:

    our oldest tv at home is a toshiba TV bought way back in the year 2000. it cost around 4k-5k. it was bought by my father.

  521. ellen says:

    The oldest TV here is a 21″ Sanyo TV which was bought when I was in Grade 6 – which was in 1998. I hope I get lucky with this one.

  522. Mark Albert says:

    The oldest TV we have is Samsung CRT 17 inches TV bought surplus in 1999. It’s like bringing back the old times. =)

  523. ellen says:

    Needed pala ang price… here I go again:
    The oldest TV here is a 21″ Sanyo TV which was bought when I was in Grade 6 – which was in 1998. I think they paid almost 15k for it…

  524. nathanille roa says:

    the oldest tv that we have is shrp 14″ tv (still working) which i bought in the year 1997 for around 10k..

  525. paul says:

    my oldest tv is ” PRIMO SANYO TV and its small ” and i bought this tv in year 2007 and its price is like 3000 to 4000…. i would like to win this TV so we can have that awesome TV Hope i can win this thing hehehehe

  526. Ronn says:

    we have a sharp black and white tv.

    when i first saw the world at the 14th of january 1988, it’s on our house already.

    and it’s still working right now located in our kitchen. but here’s hoping i’ll get that lcd tv.


  527. Nash says:

    We have 24″ Sony LCD Tv. Bought in 2002 for like Php 20,000- Php 40,000 I think!

  528. Mylene M. Calleja says:

    our oldest tv is a 21 inch Sony Wega we bought it year 2002, worth 17k because we didn’t buy it on cash, on installment basis, it is still our tv until now…

  529. Kristine says:

    Our oldest TV at home is our 21-inch Sharp, bought in 1996 :)) We don’t use it anymore, though, because it HOGS up electricity. But it’s still working! :)

  530. sheryl says:

    We have a 21″ Samsung TV my sister bought in 2003 for like Php10,000.00

  531. Jenchanted says:

    Sony Trinitron 29 inch bought secondhand in 2007 at php 6,000

  532. Kevstar says:

    the oldest tv in the house is a 20 inch sony tv from 1990 bought from saudi arabia and shipped here by my tito i think he paid around 12k plus for the tv

  533. Vince says:

    OK this is a personal story…

    My Mom & I bought a 14″ Nippon Star TV noong 1994, sa may Avenida pa yon, I forgot the name of the store mga 4k or 5k ata (hindi ko na matandaan 13 years old pa lang ako noon, 31 na ako ngayon). hanggang ngayon gamit pa rin nya yon, May sentimental value yung TV na yun dahil yun yong unang gamit na binili namin simula nong magkasama uli kami (8 yrs syang nawala… hindi ko na idedetalye pa dahil hindi naman to Maalala Mo Kaya LOL.)

    Last December nagpromise ako sa kanya na bibilhan ko sya ng LCD TV kaso nabigo akong ibigay sa kanya yun dahil kinapos ako sa budget.

    anyway Thanks Sir Yuga! More power sa site mo. God bless! :)


  534. MarcoRafael says:

    We got a 14″ Philips TV back in 2000-2003 I think for around maybe 3k or something :p

    All our other TVs were bigger but I think this one was the oldest.

  535. Joseph Billones says:

    It was a Thursday when me and my sister bought a 14″ Sony Trinitron in Raon Electronics on March 28, 1991. The price is 9,900 pesos. The antenna is broken but still, its keeping us posted on late night news until now.

  536. mathewrico says:

    Our oldest tv at home is a 21″ sharp slim type, bought last 2007.

  537. Min Viloria says:

    Our oldest tv at home is an Astron tv bought from my first ever salary for only 4k last 2006 :)

  538. herenorthere says:

    my one and only tv is a JVC 21 incher CRT bought last 2005.

    it needs a new companion, a 32″ KTC LCD TV would be perfect!

  539. herenorthere says:

    my one and only tv is a JVC 21 incher CRT bought last 2005.

    it needs a new companion, a 32″ KTC LCD TV would be perfect!!

  540. edsie says:

    Our oldest TV is a 21″ Promac TV which was bought around year 2000 I think (not sure exact year basta I remember we have that TV na when I was in college. I think it was around Php 10,000 that time.

  541. Ramon Posadas says:

    My oldest TV is a 14″ hitachi which bought way back in 1998, grade 4 palang ako nun

  542. Rome says:

    First TV that my family owned was bought from Taiwan and was shipped here. Brand nya is Chun, mga 22 inches sya. :D

  543. Cathy says:

    We have a Panasonic TV which my Dad got from Japan when I was 8. I’m now 23! So that makes it 15 years old and it still works!

    Have many beautiful memories with that TV. :) Got repaired many, many times too but still alive!

  544. Jef says:

    We have a 32″ Samsung LCD TV since 2009.

    Thanks, Yuga!!!!

  545. Bong says:

    We still have this 21″ electown e2127s bought back in the early 90’s. Looking on the manufacturing date it states October 1993. Has been weathered and went through all kinds of repairs but still works.

  546. Angela S. says:

    Our oldest TV is a 21 ” JVC Flatron SuperMulti. We bought this 2004.

  547. Ronald says:

    My oldest TV is a 32″ LG LCD Type which my wife and I bought in Abenson last 2009 for the price of Php25,000.00. I’m satisfied with the performance of LG so far.

  548. the oldest we have at home and still working after numerous repairs is a 14-inch panasonic color tv which my parents bought in 1997.

  549. chiulien says:

    29″ samsung crt bought for P30,000

  550. willy says:

    the oldest and first appliance that i bought is a sharp 14in tv @ 7,000 last 2003. i bought this to surpise my wife on our first day of being independent as couple.

  551. paco says:

    Our oldest working TV is, well, not really all that old. Its a 32 inch LG LD330 LCD TV. Hooked up to a mac mini and a 5.1 HTIB.:)

  552. erick says:

    our oldest tv is a 14″ national tr 20dwd made from the Philippines (yung window type).. was first used by my lolo during the 70’s

  553. Christian Clark Ramos says:

    We have Sanyo 17 inches tv, bought year 1986.Salary deduction daw sa coop sa crame, my father told me. I hope il gonna win this tv! :)
    thanks yuga in advance!

  554. jepongtan says:

    bought this 29″ samsung crt type tv last 2006 for P30,000

  555. Alds Quinto says:

    Well, I bought a panasonic 21″ TV before. 19K pa noon (2001 ata). Buhay pa hanggang ngayon, We also bought a sharp 21″ TV last 3 years lang for 10K. Buhay pa silang dalawa ngayon. Wala na kasi budget for a LCDTV kaya puro TV pa rin. Pangarap lang muna.

    Thanks po

  556. Robert says:

    Our current TV was sharp cinemaborg 21″ bought last 2001. I forgot the price :)
    I love technology but, I can’t afford it :) kahit crt hirap bumili.

  557. Nick says:

    Oldest tv we have is Sony Trinitron flat crt monitor bought January of 2004 at around 13k. I remember flat crt is the new trend by that time.

  558. Geoffrey Reyes says:

    My oldest tv is Sony Trinitron TV. Got it last 2000.

  559. irene says:

    Our oldest and only tv we have is SHARP crt 20 inch tv,was bought in 2000 for about 8000php.

  560. ronald cu says:

    I bought my 32″ lcd tv for 55k last 2006 before i got married. brand is LG.

  561. Eduardo G. says:

    It’s Simply A SHARP TV, my grandparents bought it, they even tune it up to view colors then, but now it doesnt’ work haha, but my tita’s family owns this very vintage black tv, and yet it still plays,
    even Luck Goldstars and stuff… :D

  562. jerriadd says:

    ang pinakaluma kong TV ay jvc 29″ crt. Second hand na. Nabili ko sa valle verde noong 2009.

  563. argie d says:

    our oldest TV is a panasonic 21″ crt bought in 1991

  564. emiliana says:

    I have a 21-inch Samsung TV which I bought in 1996 for 9 thousand pesos

  565. Florence T says:

    Our oldest and only TV in the house, is our 14-inch Philips TV bought in 2000 for Php 5,000.

  566. Gabriel Baban says:

    I have a 21″ Sony CRT TV I bought in year 2000 for like Php13,500.

    medyo malapit na cyang masira kc my itim na yung gilid ng screen….

    Sana manalo na ako dito para mapalitan na….: )

  567. Vera Paola Reyes says:

    We have this Samsung TV, I asked my Mom when did she buy it and she said it was bought When I was in grade III. I was eight years old then and now it is 2011 and I am sixteen years old, it’s 8 years ago. Wow that’s how old our Samsung TV and still well-functioning, it’s a semi-flat model TV and still dependable as ever!

  568. joy says:

    well, we still have this 14 inch Sony colored tv in our bedroom, bought in the 1992 or 1993 if i remember it right :) it is still in good running condition, it where i watch the news at night and view some movies too!

  569. Lyn says:

    we have a 21″ AIWA television set which we bought nov 2001. it’s still in very good condition and i can’t seem to part with it :)

  570. erika says:

    we are using panasonic crt tv for more than a years we used it the whole day & now the features is not viewed better, we have to hit the top of the tv for us to watch tv more clearly and show the features…..well hope to win that tv…. we want to replace our old tv coz its too old and have defects already but we dont have that much money to buy for a new tv….for how many years my uncle bought that tv early 1990’s

  571. Kany says:

    I have a 19 inch maybe bought in the mid 90s a sharp TV…. For a price of 4000pesos I guess…

  572. Julie says:

    We have a Jvc tv, 29 incher. We bought it cause it was on sale during that time by the way, Around 10thousand pesos. Its a pretty good deal during that day… 2006 ……

  573. Maleen Frades says:

    I have an akai tv which was given to us 2006 by my aunt in Hongkong.

  574. Zyra says:

    We have a Goldstar back then, but Unfortunately It was dump already cause it diesnt work…. But the most recoverable tv we have is theSharp tv… !4 Inch 3- 6k ata, 1997

  575. deliriumtrigger says:

    Our oldest TV is a 14″ National black and white (looks like a furniture) bought by my dad back in the 1970s.

  576. Michael Ferrer says:

    our oldest tv is Goldstar and napanalunan lang ng mom ko sa raffle yun i think nung year 2000 pa sya.

  577. Ethan Tremblay says:

    sony trinitron bought 1993 and still kicking. I can still play my consoles with hahaha I’ll show you sir yuga if fate will let me =))

  578. cherie puno enriquez says:

    I got married in 2006 and in this year, we bought our first home appliance, 21″ Jvc Color TV for around 12,000 sad to say na hindi na cya colred ngyon naging black and white na nasira na poh eh..hope to win

  579. Andrew says:

    American Star 24 inch, bought last 2009, price is 4.5k

  580. Mark says:

    Our oldest tv in the house is 14inch HITACHI black and white screen with wooden door and four feet. If im not mistaken was bought by my parents in mid 80’s pa..c”,)

  581. our oldest running tv is a konka colored tv which was a prize item in my mother’s old work.

  582. Ralp-Ralp Gaerlan says:

    the oldest tv we have at home is our 21″ jvc colored tv which I bought last 2007 for Php 13000.00

  583. Aristeo says:

    my parents bought a 21 sony trinitron ( 40 k with a sony component included) after i graduated from college in ’98, its still working despite the almost/always fluctuating power in our province on oriental mindoro.

  584. Michael M. Santos says:

    Hi Yugatech! We have panasonic 14″ TV nabili yun worth P7,000 last 1998, 2 years old pa lang ako niyan. yan ang unang binili ni mama sa mga naipadalang pera ni papa galing saudi hehe.. hanggang ngaun nagagamit pa rin namin pero syempre mas maganda kung magkakaroon ako ng 32″ LCD TV galing sayo nuh!.:D

  585. Mark Bienvenido D. Esparcia says:

    I have a sanyo dynamic oxy 21″ and it the market value of this television is 8,000 pesos last july 2006 we love this television but i like the new 32′ ktc lcd tv. thank you very much and may God bless you Always!

  586. Errol says:

    an old Sharp TV. Forgot the price and when it was purchased.

  587. Kevin Cheng says:

    I have a 21″ Sony WEGA TV I bought in 2006 for around 14,000 pesos or so. It was the second big purchase I made after getting a paying job. I still use it till now.

  588. paul says:

    I have a 21″ Goldstar CRT tv. I bought around 1997 for like P12,000.

  589. DIVINE says:

    We purchased 14 inches FEDDERS colored TV on year 1989 for P8,000.

    And we are still using it. :-)

  590. Rizalyn M. says:

    Our LG 14 inch TV which looks like an egg was bought when I was still in high in 1995 :-)

  591. Jing says:

    JVC 14in television i think bought last 1996 pa..can’t remember kase dala ng mom ko ung when she was still actively joining my father on ship as a vacation.


    still performing great but only placed on our dining area where my mom’s room have 32inch tv.:D

  592. Marites says:

    When I rented a room near our office I decided to buy a TV. So, my 1st and OLDEST CRT TV is my 14” JVC Trinorma Mastercommand.

    Bought this at Western Appliance Recto Branch for Php 8,181.00 last APRIL 4, 1998. Turning 13 years old this coming April.

    Medyo matagal tagal na din pinagsamahan namin kaya kailangan na syang ma upgrade. I’ll cross my fingers. :)

  593. Louie says:

    We have a SONY 21″ Trinitron which was bought when I was just 10 years old in 2000 for about 16,000 Php when our old Japanese language TV broke down. It’s still functioning now with some display jitters and occasional display black-outs. :)

  594. Elinor Semira says:

    We bought a 21″ Sanyo Flat & Slim TV in 2007 for 12,500. Hope to win because it’s one of my dream to have an LCD TV for my kiddo.

  595. Maria Victoria Cailao says:

    We still have a fully functional 16″ inch Philips Power Vision TV here at our home. And if my Mom’s memory serves, it was both sometime in 1992! Heck, I just realized this now but our TV set is just a year younger than me!

    Unfortunately, Mom can’t remember how much it costs, but she thinks it’s below 5000 pesos.

  596. nanz says:

    ours is sony wega that my sister bought in 2003.

  597. Mark Mariano says:

    Our oldest working TV is a 21″ SHARP Friendly Series II. It is bought 1999 from my cousin at P9,000. :D

  598. I have a 21″ JVC flat screen TV model 2005 in our home in Las Piñas,this was a gift from my sister Ate Wil. This is very memorable to me because it was a gift from my elder sister who is very dear to me. :)

  599. Here in Manila we have a 15″ JVC TV bought around 2007 for around P10,000.00. My brother was the one who bought it. Unfortunately, he can’t remember the exact details. =P

  600. ogago says:

    our oldest tv is a 14inch sony, which me and my dad bought in i think 1987 or 1988, and its still working, its not surplus as in we bought it brand new that time. not being defensive but there are lot of old tv in surplus shops

  601. jam malicdem says:

    sa sobrang tagal na ng sharp tv namin, hindi na matandaan ni mama kung kelan at magkano exactly. around 1994 when we acquired it.. through installment. P12-14k. That tv and i are close in age. i’m 18, it’s 17. unbelievably, it’s the strongest television we had compared to the new ones we bought later. it’s still working.. nasa sala pa nga e. :D

  602. Mark Degamo says:

    we have a 32-inch toshiba CRT TV. it was acquired more than 10 years ago.. around 2000. .. around 20k.. and i really really need ti win LCD because im having a hard time reading the text off my xbox 360 when playing games coz its only crt. :)

  603. We still have our 21″ Sharp television that my father brought in 1994. It was his first and last visit in the States when he brought it. It was so memorable to him that even if the buttons were not intact anymore we didn’t dare dispose it. It had undergone several repairs over the years and the remote controls were replaced many times. But it wants to stay with us so much that until now it’s working. =)

  604. Alvin says:

    Our Sony I-Dont-Know-What-Model was “imported” from the US last 1990. It still works when connected to a dvd player, but it mainly functions as a dust-collector.

  605. Pierre Angeli A. Suravilla says:

    I have a Sharp 14V-L50 at home and bought it for 10k during the year 1995 :)

  606. Bryan M. Adviento says:

    Our one and only TV has no brand because it is a refurbished one. It is a 14 inch Cathode Ray Tube type TV that was bought from a surplus appliance shop way back 2004. That was actually my aunt’s gift to my mother on her birthday.

  607. Rex R says:

    My oldest TV is a 26″ LG LCD TV bought last year (2010). It has a white bezel with orange back. Bought it on sale for 18,000 pesos.

  608. Anna Valdez says:

    I have 12″ Trinitron Sony T.V, bought in 1995, worth 4,500.

  609. Mark says:

    My oldest tv at home is about 5 years old. It is a Konka 12″ or 14″ (dont know the true size though).

  610. Jomar says:

    I have 21″ Sharp TV bought way back in 1998, worth 21,000.

  611. agnes says:

    our oldest tv at home is a 32″ crt sony trinitron which we bought more than 15 years ago. its not working anymore but we still keep it in its place in the sala kasi hindi namin matanggal dahil ang bigat masyado!!!!

  612. Unwired says:

    Our TV at home is a Panasonic 29″ bought around 2003 I think for Php 29,000.00

    Also we have still the Nevico Black and White – older than me, I am turning 25 now. SAd to say it has some issue with its IC…:(

  613. Paengky says:

    our oldest tv at home is a LG tv that we bought in 2001, it fell on the ground, got wet from from ondoy and it still works up until today. :)

  614. vic rodriguez says:

    gud evening everyone.,
    ours is a 21 yr old 10″ sony trinitron.,.
    my father bought it at saudi and brought it home in 1990,.i was only 2 yrs old then and up to now its still working fine.,
    we still use it in our store btw.,.

  615. Shannen says:

    We have a 21″ Sony Trinitron color TV bought in 1997. Mga around P10,000 daw ang bili ng dad ko. Basag basag na ang case dahil sa kabubuhat from house to house and from room to room.

  616. Earl Cuesta says:

    My oldest TV is my 21″ Sony which I bought from the port area in 2004. I’m not sure how old it really is, but it still works and it survived being submerged during Ondoy.

  617. Marites C. says:

    My oldest TV is our Samsung 21″ at home. We got this TV when my husband and I got married. This TV went through Ondoy but we managed to get it fixed. The TV has some problems but it still works.

  618. Marites C. says:

    My oldest TV is our Samsung 21″ at home. We got this TV when my husband and I got married in 2003. This TV went through Ondoy but we managed to get it fixed. The TV has some problems but it still works.

  619. Regina Anne D. Dimaano says:

    Our oldest tv at home is the SONY TRINITRON KV 19-GT2. It was bought by my father for Php 2,800 in a surplus store in 2005. It is still working although it was accidentally being wet in the rain since it is located near an open window.

  620. Our oldest working tv at home is a black and white Tamashi TMS-998, about 4 inches, which we bought for 1,100 pesos last 2005. It’s a real energy saver,especially at times when we just turn it on the whole day.

    [email protected]

  621. Gerlie Rivera says:

    We have a 20′ Sony CRT that we’ve had since 2000. It’s still working but the picture is fuzzy when you first turn it on. You have to wait a few minutes for the picture to “stabilize”. Wahaha!

  622. Kenneth says:

    I have a 29″ Panasonic TV I bought sometime in 2005 for about Php29,000. (Cant recall exact date and amount anymore; also have an older 6″ black & white set but couldn’t locate it in storage anymore so can’t provide the required details to make it my official entry to the contest).

  623. JR says:

    The one and only tv i have is my 22″ Ovation LCD that I bought last year for 9k at Greenhills V-Mall.

  624. Jianella says:

    21 inch JVC TV bought in the year 2000 :)

  625. we have here a nippon star np-1258 tv that we got from grandma! i think that tv is bought way back 19-kopongkopong! :D it’s because you have to turn the knob in order to switch channels! haha

  626. ps: the nippon star tv is a black and white tv. :D

  627. mrkwuzhir says:

    PROMAC 19″ TV

    won on a raffle. =)

  628. mrkwuzhir says:

    PROMAC 19″ TV

    won on a raffle. =)

    year 2004

  629. amy zonio says:

    i have a 14 inches National TV at home, i bought in 2005 from a Surplus Shop for only P2000..^_^

  630. 21 inches Sony Trinitron (CRT) bought 10 years ago

  631. Mercy Santos says:

    Our oldest TV is a JVC InteriArt Flat TV bought by me together with my husband and daughters on 2004 and the price is 12,000 I think.

  632. tootzkie70 says:

    our oldest tv at home is a SINGER Lakandula II Series B/W TV bought in 1978 when I was in grade 2 for PHP1500 (mahal na kasi kalakasan ng Singer Appliances noon. hehehe) Yung may housing. Ito rin ang unang TV namin na nakaconnect sa cable kahit 13 channels lang at dial pa ang knob ng channel selector. anyway, ang Hanna Barbera cartoons noon ay nasa GMA pa sa channel 3. LOL

  633. tootzkie70 says:

    also, ginagamit ito ngayon ng dalawang anak ko sa kuwarto nila… double purpose din, hehehe may TV na, may study table pa…LOL

  634. yoshie says:

    i worked for around 3 years before i could afford to buy my own tv. i bought a 21 inch jvc in 2004 or 2003, im not sure. it was the first big ticket item that i bought brand new, its price back then was 12k. i was so proud i bought it in cash with my own hard earned money :-)

  635. abby says:

    a 1995 14″ sony tv, a gift to us by my aunt..

  636. vincent says:

    we have a 14″ SHARP 17B-36T we bought in 1983 for like Php2,800…

    BLACK & WHITE TV reviever and still working!!!

  637. Joanne Besmonte says:

    Our oldest TV at home is a 14″ Black and White Panasonic CRT TV. It was just a hand-me-down gift from a relative to my parents. It’s a black box with clock-like knobs for tuning the channel, volume and color/hue. Because of the knob, we can’t adjust the channels that’s why we only have 6 channels to choose from: 2,4,5,7,9,13. :))

  638. noel says:

    I have a 32″ KTC LCD TV I bought last February 4 as a gift to my wife for Php13,500 at PC Options

  639. ian899 says:

    we have a Hitachi 14″ TV purchased in 2002 from japan surplus for 1000php. And its still working.

  640. jenncards says:

    We have a panasonic catv 181 bought in 1995.

  641. Yashiro says:

    The oldest TV in our house is a Panasonic 20″ which was bought 2003 for around Php 13,000.00.

  642. Rai says:

    The oldest tv at home is a late 80’s sony trinitron. My parents let me borrowed it back in 2004 when our tv was broken. I’m planning to give the 32inch LCD tv to her as a replacement for that tv. :)

  643. Edgar says:

    A 21″ Sony Wega bought in 2006 for 13k. We’ve had 17″ BW National (it was yet “Panasonic” at the time)in the 70s, a 17″ SonyTrinitron in the 80s, a Goldstar GoldenEye in the 90s.

  644. Edgar says:

    typo, Grr: .. should have been “not yet “Panasonic”. I dread ’em grammar nazis.

  645. skype_belle says:

    We have a 21 inch Sony black and white TV bought in 1985 for P 3,200.
    According to my grandmother, she loves this TV because it is “transistorized” so it does not heat up easily.

    Hope you’ll pick my entry so that my grandmother can enjoy watching telenovelas and DVDS. (^_^) Thank you.

  646. mike fermin says:

    we have here a sony trinitron.. gumagana pa sya. matanda pa to sakin.. i think 1989 or 1990 sya binili.. :)

  647. teresa says:

    i have 21 inch. sharp
    we bought it year 1994

  648. Reycon E. Mosquite says:

    I got 14″ Panasonic Television, round shape, bought it surplus using my first salary last year (2009) for jut around Php 1,200.00.

  649. Grace says:

    The oldest working TV here at home is a Sony Trinitron having only 18 channels, bought by my parents in 1990.

  650. We have a 20″ Sanyo TV I bought in 2002 for Php8,000. :D

  651. Ryan Felarca says:

    I have a LG Zenia TV heheheh I think it is 23 inch. I don’t know the price. It just a gift from my tito for us :)

  652. Nomer says:

    “We have 21” sony flat screen tv. My Father bought in 2006 for the prize of Php 11,000.

  653. Ryan Felarca says:

    I have a LG Zenia TV heheheh I think it is 23 inch. I don’t know the price. It just a gift from my tito for us. It was given to us I think 10 Christmases ago :p Pretty lang time ago :) Just a follow up on the date.

  654. Voltaire Santiago says:

    ours is a 25 incher samsung we bought in the mid nineties around 1995, it cost a little over 20 grand and it came with a samsung ref :), this tv is still up to the task of everyday tv watching, hoping to retire it na and have this jewel of a KTC. Thanks yuga :)

  655. Anjelo says:

    Our oldest TV around here is a Philips CX14RMS bought by my Dad for about 4000 pesos way back 1994. Rotary Dial pa nga ang panlipat ng chanel nito e! So having this new TV will be a great upgrade! :)

    Thanks Sir Yuga!

  656. Rommel Bartolome says:

    Sa bahay may surplus na TV na binili nung mga 2006. Second pa ata. :)

  657. ferdinandabcede says:

    I have 21″ Panasonic television, 1992 model having original prize of 10,500

  658. marie says:

    entry: our oldest tv that is still functioning is a 21″ jvc musee bought last 2007 for around 10K

  659. Aaron says:

    21″ CRT giveaway from a car paint brand (Weber).

  660. jane says:

    i have a 21″ tcl semiflat tv bought last 2007 for about 7,500

  661. james que says:

    We have a Sony 21 inch tv that was a wedding gift from my wife’s grandmother when we got married,15 years ago.

  662. KennyV says:

    We have a Sony CRT 21″ TV, bought by my Dad sometime in 1990’s back when I was still a kid. I’m not sure how much he got it but it is still alive up to now. Haha! Thanks Yuga for the awesome contest! Hope I win! :D

  663. marichu s. draper says:

    We still have the Sony Trinitron TV I bought for P4000 (2nd hand) in 2006 :)

  664. Trish says:

    Well we still have a 19-inch Sony Trinitron bought way back in 1987. It still turns on but the colors are way off. :D

  665. Michael Legaspi says:

    21″ Sony Wega bought early 2007

  666. RayGun says:

    a sharp TV bought way back 1997. if i remember correctly, it decided to self-destruct back in new year 2000, actually minutes before 2000 because we were watching the usual gma/abs new year countdown parties.

    now it’s just stored in my mom’s bedroom, dust-collecting.

  667. Jofranne says:

    we have 21″ Samsung Colored Tv here :D

    My Moms Friend gave it to us :D

    wayback 2004

    until now were using it.

  668. Francis Lim says:

    Meron kaming 21″ na Sony Trinitron. Nabili ko sa “Sayonato” ng 3K 3 years ago pero tingin ko nagamit na yun ng more than 10 years sa japan before ko nabili

  669. nayr says:

    Our oldest TV at home is a 21″ Polytron Flat Screen TV which was bought on 2003. Thanks!

  670. Jennifer says:

    Our oldest tv is Sony Watchman FD-20A flat black and white TV. Bought it Apr 1984.

  671. Shine says:

    We have a 14 inch Sony Trinitron bought in 1987, when I was still a cute little girl. A 32″ TV would certainly brighten up my everyday home living while I wait at home for future employers to give me a call.

  672. Mona says:

    my old and first TV bought and still using was Promac Reality 21″ way back 2006. I am not sure with the exact amount but it was less than 7 thousand pesos.

  673. Athena says:

    I have a 19″ ViewPlus which we still use today, bought it since 1993 costs about 5000.

  674. Mio says:

    2002 TCL 27 inch bought in ansons for 24k

  675. We have a 21″ Sharp Cinemaborg color TV which we bought, and still use today, in 1997. Original purchase price? Around Php10K. =)

  676. jquint says:

    A 1978 TMK portable tv with 5“ screen.

  677. SHARP APHRODY 29v-L230S Model .. I asked my parents when did they bought this tv but they can’t really remember the exact year but she said it was around 2002-2005 and price was around 10-12 thousand.. We still use this tv to watch our favorite shows/movies.
    If i do win this contest the prize will be our first ever LCD TV :). And I will put it inside my bedroom where it belongs. hahahaha…

  678. Mark Austria says:

    We have a 17″ Sony Trinitron Color TV 1978 Model bought in Saudi Arabia by my grandfather which showcased 13 channels. We don’t know how it was back then.

  679. Jose Gabriel Arboleda says:

    oldest one is a 21″ samsung television. January 2008

  680. erickson martin says:

    29channel 21″ sony trinitron

  681. Matthew Aquino says:

    I Have a Sony Trinitron 21″ bought last 2000 i think just got it from a nearby junk shop for 2000 defective. its already rusty but a few cleaning and the tv is still working to this date

  682. rjzero says:

    21″ Devant LCD TV bought in 2009 for Php 19,000

  683. ryan says:

    the oldest TV we have at home is an old 17″ (give or take a few) Sony “cable-ready” TV from 1985 with a whopping 30 channels! i bet it must have cost my dad a fortune at the time. and it’s still working after all these years too, though we’re using a cable box to make it work with all the cable channels nowadays.

  684. Jonelyn Dinu says:

    Our oldest TV was bought in 1987. It was a Sony Trinitron 21″ Colored TV. It was a wedding gift of my aunt to my parents which she bought in Hong Kong. Although it has been repaired a gazillion times, believe it or not, we still use the TV up until now.

  685. abo says:

    LG 21″ circa 1994

  686. Ma-an says:

    21 inch Panasonic bought 17 years ago (1994)

  687. Jonathan Lee says:

    We got a 21″ Sony Trinitron TV. It was purchased by my parents way back 1975 when they got married. Until now the TV is still working. :)

  688. Rejoy says:

    we have 14″ inch panasonic color tv.here..the first and the only tv in our house.been repaired 3 times..already poor color na nga..lol..
    my mom bought this for about 10.9k+ in an installment basis last 2002..

  689. pj says:

    We have a 29 inch CRT philips tv, given to us two or three years ago

  690. Airene says:

    Our OLDEST TV at home was given by my Aunt to my parents.. Hindi pa ako ipinapanganak ginagamit na ng parents ko ito. IT IS A 1960’s 8″ BLACK AND WHITE ANALOG TV. The brand is RADIOWEALTH.

  691. drew says:

    Our oldest tv is a 14″ SONY Trinitron and we bought it for Php 12,000 last 1992. It’s still working and the sound and the picture are still at it’s best.

  692. rizza espos says:

    our home’s oldest tv was bought in 1996. it is a 20-inch samsung tv and is still working..

  693. jhunie says:

    our oldest tv is 14″ Polytron bought last 2007 for 4,500 (I think)

  694. Vin says:

    Our oldest tv is a 14 inch aiwa tv and it was bought around 3000 pesos the good news is the tv is still alive and kicking. =)

  695. Vin says:


    Sorry I forgot to indicate the year.

    Our oldest tv is a 14 inch aiwa tv and it was bought in 1997 around 3,000 pesos the good news is the tv is still alive and kicking. =)

  696. Mye says:

    Our oldest tv is a 21″ pure flat color tv from promac, we bought this in quiapo for around 5,000 pesos last 2004 (i think, not sure)

  697. keston says:

    our oldest TV is a 15″ Sony Trinitron CRT TV bought in 1985 for around Php10,000…..still working.

  698. JuanMarco says:

    I’ve got a 14″ Goldstar TV from 1994 that my dad won in a Christmas raffle a long while back. It had a digital rotary dial that you would use to change channels and would always seem to lag behind when you actually tried to turn the darn thing. The sad thing is that around 2003 it was still working just fine with a great picture that hadn’t even faded through the years despite its age, until something really big and heavy smacked the rear end of it. I can’t remember what exactly what it was that hit its backside, only that since then it would actually take anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes just to warm up, because when you would first turn it on it would only show “snow.” There have been several attempts to fix the thing, and as of last year I had officially stopped using it in my room since I have a tendency to surf the net and play PC games most of the time anyway. But who knows? If I get to win this really cool 32″ LCD screen I just might convert back into the movie freak I used to be when I still had my 14″ Goldstar paired with a VCD player.

    Please oh please, let me win! Thank you.. :)

  699. Me and my hubby rented an apartment…we bought stuffs and other appliances for our little place…except for a TV…We have a TV but , my sister gave it to us… it was an old TV whivh they bought a few years ago, a LG Flatron( i think it’s one of the first series of flat TVs) hehehe…the two worst part of it is first we couldn’t find the remote (well it’s already damage, but still a few tapes should do a trick or two) and second, the buttons on the TV are jammed…sometimes when we use the volume button it changes the channel, when we try changing channels sometimes it turns off the TV or it sets to video mode…haist…anyway damage or not, we still loved the TV, kinda has been a sentimental value to our family…

  700. danz gonzales says:

    yung TV po namin is yung Sony 42 inches na surplus na nabili sa pier all i know is Sony sya hindi ko na po alam yung series/version kasi japanese yung nakasulat basta po sure ako na sa Pier South sya nabili ng Lolo ko bago mag christmas last 2005. malaki sya(eto na yung pinaka malakign tv namin na nakita ko) at hangang ngayon gumagana. ang tanging defect nya is yung antenna klangan pa ng portable antenna para maka panood ng local channels. hapon na kasi lahat ng sulat duns a tv kaya di ko po alam yung verson nya.

  701. danz gonzales says:

    yung TV po namin is yung Sony 42 inches na surplus na nabili sa pier all i know is Sony sya hindi ko na po alam yung series/version kasi japanese yung nakasulat basta po sure ako na sa Pier South sya nabili ng Lolo ko bago mag christmas last 2005. malaki sya(eto na yung pinaka malakign tv namin na nakita ko) at hangang ngayon gumagana. ang tanging defect nya is yung antenna klangan pa ng portable antenna para maka panood ng local channels. hapon na kasi lahat ng sulat duns a tv kaya di ko po alam yung verson nya. ang sabi pla ng Lolo ko is around P9,000 nya yun binili. di ko alam kung lugi ba kami. pero parang hindi kasi gumagana pa.. :)

  702. The Drew McIntyre says:

    Correction. It wasn’t a JVC TV. The knob-flipper TV was a Sharp (I just happened to find the photo).

    Old photo is old. D:

  703. Jd says:

    We have a 21 inch, 220-volt, Sharp TV. We bought it 1997 pa for 7,000 pesos,hehe.

  704. Agnes says:

    14″, 110volt, Sharp TV bought last 1993 for 1,000 pesos..

  705. Blanca Dela Cruz says:

    the oldest working TV in our house is a 21 inch Sharp TV which we bought second hand 2001. For it to work sometimes you have to bang it so the picture will show. (hahaha! no joke) hoping to win this!

  706. Danielle Veluz says:

    One of our oldest television sets at home is an enormous 50″+ Mitsubishi my dad bought in the US from the early ’90s. I am only 1-2 years older than it hehe

  707. We have one tv. A freakish 21″ (maybe 19″) daewoo bought last 1998 for 1500 pesos. It can get up to 50 channels only and begging for change. :)

  708. I have a 23″ AIWA Colored TV we bought in 2000. Wala na ata ang AIWA na company pero gumagana pa yung TV namin. I forgot how much we bought it, siguro P10k. :)

  709. Joel Ng says:

    we have a 32 inch Sony trinitron color tv kv32s12. we bought it for about 20 thousand last 2001 from our auntie. God bless

  710. Gennithony Eson says:

    we got a Sony TV
    they(my mom and dad) bought it around Php5000
    they bought it while im still elementary (Grade 4)
    so that would be 1994.

  711. Prosti says:

    An old Sanyo TV, I can’t find the model though. It’s the big tv way back in the 70’s the one that has it’s own case. My grandfateher bought it for Php 1,000 in 1977.

  712. chelle says:

    The oldest TV in our house is the first one that my parents bought way way back in 1988. That’s when I was born. It was a Panasonic. It still works until now. I just can’t figure out how to connect the dvd player to it since before we had VHS player. So oldschool. :)

  713. chelle says:

    We have a Panasonic in our house which my parents bought way way back in 1988.

  714. vicky says:

    We have an old TV. I think it is an old 14inch panasonic which we bought in the early 90’s.

  715. Jose Ramon Esperanza says:

    Dear yugatech,

    This is exciting!

    We have a radiowealth black&white TV in wooden casing which was acquired way back in the 1960’s

  716. Lendel Kenrick Bea says:

    My Dad bought a JVC CRTV TV 29″ for like Php 30,000. Still running but not in the perfect condition anymore.

  717. Lendel Kenrick Bea says:

    My Dad bought a JVC CRTV TV 29″ for like Php 30,000. Still running but not in the perfect condition anymore it was bought back in 1994

  718. Rona Reyes says:

    Our oldest TV is the 17″ Samsung Hitron Silver bought in 2000 for like P10,000.

  719. bebejune08 says:

    Our oldest TV was a 16″ Sony which was also the first colored TV we had. Bought at 10K on 1990 in Uniwide Cubao and up to now my dad still prefers to watch on that TV (for local channels since it’s not cable ready) because he says it has a better picture quality. :)

  720. Lourdes Bea says:

    We got a Aiwa 18″ CRT TV color silver still working but some buttons are busted already, we got it back in 2001 and it cause around 18,500 back then.

  721. edson igloria says:

    we got a 20-inch samsung tv bought on 1995 at duty free philippines

  722. Ambo says:

    Our oldest TV at home is Sony 61 inches rear projection TV bought in 2000. Price was around $2000 and still working! =)

  723. edd igloria says:

    we have a 20-inch samsung tv bought on 1995 at duty free philippines.

  724. lalaine i. says:

    our oldest tv and our first colored tv was a 20 inches sized samsung bought on 1994 for around 7k..

  725. Patrick says:

    Our oldest TV was from Grandpa’s times actually. It still works and is still in tip top shape. It is a SONY DGT – C60 Digitape (Not really sure of that) I think my grandpa bought it about 1980’s together with his house. Bought it at about 5000 pesos. Its a kind of tv that is in a cabinet and to switch channels, you have to turn a knob :)

  726. Maki A. says:

    Our oldest unit is the 21″ Sony Wega Color TV bought in 2004 for about P8,000.

  727. Gerry says:

    32″ lcd tv bought last feb 2010

  728. Gerry says:

    32″ lg lcd tv bought last feb 2010

  729. Joseph D. Pan says:

    My oldest TV is an Emerson 23″ B/W Television and Radio Set complete with its own cabinet/rack. It does not function anymore or more accurately, I don’t know if it is still functioning because I dare not try it for fear of busting its vacuum tubes.
    It was bought by my father for Php500 in 1969 on a 2nd hand basis (he said that it was manufactured in the 1950’s ^^).

  730. jepoy says:

    Oldest working TV in the house is a black & white Nivico bought in 1981 by my mom.


  731. lorela bautista says:

    20″ samsung tv bought in 1997

  732. Joel says:

    Our oldest TV set is a 25″ Goldstar bought in 1996. Its still working but the screen gives out a greenish hue and the contrast can’t be adjusted anymore.

  733. Eldridge says:

    Our Oldest Tv that is still here is a Sony TV “32” that we brought after the older tv in the bedroom broke down it also withstood the test of time although sometimes its screen turns red.

  734. janice says:

    Our oldest tv is a Samsung CT-5331W made in the philippines still in very good working condition clear cable channels runs almost 24/7 mainit nga lang sa room ang laki kc ng tube.1995 ata ito nabili not sure :)

  735. chyll2 says:

    29″ JVC TV

    it was bought second hand already around 1994

  736. yuga says:

    Thanks to all those who joined! Will pick a random winner tonight and announce it tomorrow.

  737. arthur g says:

    We still have a 14″ Japanese-branded surplus CRT TV that my late grandpa bought for us for P2,000 circa 1996. Still works like a charm as of writing ;)

  738. cocoie says:

    TLC CRT TV bought last 2010..hehehe not that old… di na kase gumagana yung mga lumang TV eh…

  739. mykeljomz says:

    Pwede pa humabol? my oldest TV is a 21″ Samsung SlimFit bought 2007 for around P11,000. Still working

  740. Regina Ronquillo says:

    Our oldest TV is our 29″ JVC bought during the 90’s ( 1994 or 95 is my guess) I remember it was a big TV back then… until now it still is the biggest telly in our house. :D The star TV since I can remember…

    Been repaired for countless time… passing on the crown to another TV set would be nice! Thanks YUGA!

  741. Amao says:

    cnu nanalo???

  742. Joey says:

    Mines an old 29 inch hand me down durabrand CRT TV that my parents gave me when they got an LCD. I’d have to say they bought it back in 99, It takes up so much room in my gf and I’s small apartment.lol .I’ll never forget carrying that thing up three flights of stairs.

  743. jowie says:

    joey (tucayo)

    tapos na yata tol…may panalo na. sana meron ulit yey!

  744. sherwood says:

    Sino pala nanalo dito?

    • jowie says:

      eto announcemnet ni yuga (mar 2):

      redangel (Julie Sego)

      Congrats, Julie!

      In order for you to claim your new LCD TV, please email me a photo of your entry with your complete name, contact number and address. We will then schedule a pick-up date of your prize.

      (P.S. I’ll pick another winner if Julie cannot send a photo of her entry or does not email back within the week.)

      To everyone else, thanks for joining. We’ll be doing another giveaway next week.

  745. Lorene Camp says:

    My 32″ Curtis Mathis is still working. It was bought in the later 80’s or early 90’s. I will get someone to take a photo of it.

  746. Mike Nanud says:

    when will be the 32″ or 40″ available & what store?

  747. Omar M. Apuyan says:

    mine is a 21 inch TCL flat TV, I bought it last March 2009 for about P 11,000.00 pesos and it’s really heavy and bulky.

  748. I got a 14inch CRT brand is Panasonic. A friend gave it to me because he has a new one.

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