Don't you wish you can just delete your Inbox?

Don’t you wish you can just delete your Inbox?

For a couple of years now, I normally receive over a hundred of emails every day. That does not include the questions and messages I get thru Twitter and Facebook.

It gets worse when I’m on vacation or on a trip where I don’t have enough time to go online. Emails get buried very easily and I wish I can just delete my Inbox altogether.


As of this writing, I have 595 unread emails and a few hundred more un-answered ones. So sorry if you’ve emailed and I haven’t answered back… yet.

P.S. To those who asked, I actually have a personal assistant who helps me out with answering emails, among others. However, I think it only covers like 10% of the emails — ones that can be easily answered and need not have to be confirmed with me. The others are business communications, reader inquiries and people asking for advise, etc.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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29 Responses

  1. Maybe it’s time you hire a secretary to manage/answer all these messages?


  2. Andre says:

    That’s what features like the “Gmail Priority Inbox” are for. I’m pretty sure a couple of hundred emails in those inbox of yours are not urgent, such as emails or inquiries from dear readers of yours.

  3. Ah, that’s probably the reason why you haven’t replied bac to my email :D

  4. So I am lucky that I got a reply from you. Haha! The life of a techie god like you!

  5. Ben says:

    That is why I always have my mails filtered and sorted into folders.

  6. it’s really hard to answer emails that much. Imagine over 100 emails per day.

  7. Benchmark33 says:

    and good thing there are message box here…atleast you guys can also give help to yuga asnwere their queries…. :-)

  8. Winziph says:

    grabe ang dami naman niyan.

  9. Wow Abe,
    In these times you still receive emails at that amount? I usually only have 1 for smart bro bill reminder hehe.

  10. la lang! says:

    wala na bang ibang topic?, pati inbox may issue na rin!

  11. first time ko mag comment.. binibisita ko lagi website mo, tinitignan mga pangarap ko. wag ka magsasawang mag post, para tuloy tuloy pa rin mga pangarap ko. d lang sakin, pati ang iba na rin. hehe. no wonder you get that much emails, maganda kasi website mo talaga na to.

  12. archive says:

    Ahh! Yugatech is getting boring, there is the gmail boss yuga and it has an archive, you can still search for your archive mails instead you need it

  13. weh says:

    weh, @bossyuga pati spam ina-answer mo na ngayon? hehehe

  14. NemOry says:

    What if you hire an assistant to read important inboxes and to inform you and delete the nonsense ones.hehe or if you can’t hire any, im here sir. Haha

  15. no to inbox says:

    deleting your inbox = deleting your email account
    that simple

  16. binaryboy says:

    it simply translates that yuga has got so many subscribers. yuga serves as a good role model for bloggers who want to earn money online.

  17. drealmarlon says:

    Kahit nga yung Google nagrereklamo din sa dami ng facebook email.

  18. khen says:

    Oo nga nakakainis yung facebook emails na yan. Sobrang dami sa inbox ko.huhuhuhu. Pero pwede naman i-adjust yung setting ng facebook notification emails tulad nito: – makakatulong ito ng malaki para ma-prioritize ninyo kung anu-ano yung mga mahahalagang mga emails.

  19. Andre says:

    hows your SMS inbox?

  20. Calvin says:

    yun ibang email inquiries mo nafifilter sa akin kasi hindi ka raw sumasagot. dapat paswelduhin mo na ako. hehehe. :P

  21. vince says:

    uso na ngayon ang crowdsourcing. Just refer all your emails asking for help or advice that can be directed by answers to a popular say filipino message board. madami ang sasagot sa kanila doon

    I answer and ask a lot of questions on www, and www.

  22. vince says:

    typo, i’ll again

    uso na ngayon ang crowdsourcing. Just refer all your emails asking for help or advice that can be ANSWERED BY OTHERS to a popular say filipino message board. madami ang sasagot sa kanila doon

    I answer and ask a lot of questions on www, and www.

  23. facebookie says:

    re FB emails, why dont you make a dedicated email instead? thats what i did

  24. NineSwordz says:

    ^ that’s what I did too.. gmail for Facebook flood & attachments, and yahoo for my personal email.

  25. Mito says:

    regarding facebook emails, what I did is instead of making new account, I created a folder for facebook emails and set up filter that will directly put all facebook emails to that folder. gaya sa outlook. mas manageable. :)

  26. rado says:

    gmail filters is a very useful feature. I also use it to filter FB emails just as how Mito described

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