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Firefly Mobile’s E100 MAX has a 5500mAh battery for Php799

With the slew of new Firefly Mobile devices that were announced this holiday season, here comes another: Firefly Mobile’s best bet for the rugged, power-packed feature phone is the E100 MAX, and it has a price that’s less than all we’ve featured yesterday.



The E100 Max doesn’t have any other specifications indicated aside from touting being a tough bar having a 5,500mAh battery that power other devices, a ClearTech rear camera, Bluetooth, FM Radio, and a bright flashlight. It’s also powered using a mini USB port, which is something worth considering the standard is now the microUSB.

The Firefly Mobile E100 Max is now available in stores for Php799.

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18 Responses

  1. c says:

    no pictures? no source?

  2. Andy E says:

    Is a tri/quad band phone? (will this work in the US)

  3. Benedict says:

    Does it support reverse charging? May work as a powerbank.

  4. O minus says:

    Lol what is ClearTech camera now? Yung ibang products nila may “kakaibang” features dn e.

  5. William C says:

    The phone is really good value. It turns out that you can remove the battery itself and use it as a powerbank. The battery have separate USB out and micro USB input, so you can use it without the phone if you want.

    The phone itself is sturdy but probably not water resistant despite the Tough phone moniker. Interface is basic, like those you find in 399-499 phones from local brands. But as a combo for 799, it’s worth it ná rin.

    • William C says:

      One more thing, Firefly erred with their description: This unit is equipped with MICRO USB for charging, not Mini USB. Camera resolution is 960×1280 pixel max.

      Included charger is 0.6 ampere, so going from zero to full charge will probably takes forever ( walang forever? – then a whole night or more..). As for using a charger with higher rated input, probably not a good idea on a low end phone like this, which might not be able to handle it.

    • b says:

      Enter your comment here…
      confirmed as i own this. by the way, i noticed when charging that the percent capacity does not change. it only changes after i reboot, if you did not experience this then i have to replace my unit.

  6. Chen says:

    It is dual band? Or quad band? Reply pls…

  7. Arnel Navarro says:

    Does the fm radio can turn on without earphones?

  8. Fermin Tapum says:

    Been using tje phone and I only need to charge it atmost 1x for every 10-15 days (texting calling etc.). The only downside is that the keypad is so hard that it gave my thumb an ingrown (too much texting). And whenever I press a button. Sometimes the button I pressed is not the one being inputted in the phone. This maybe due to the strength of the key skeleton that buttons near the pressed button tend to bend along with the pressed button.

    • Fermin Tapum says:

      I also use my phone whenever there is a black out as a source of power for my usb powered electric fan, or speaker, or led light oh and as a charger as well. The power may drain faster, but it sure hell is useful. I still have it now even tho I bought a tab and an android. Hahaha

  9. Ian says:

    Dual SIM card ba Ito mga mam/sir?

  10. new says:

    please inform me where to buy it now?

  11. Tony magno says:

    I need one battery where can I buy ,how much pls text me at 09153169658

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