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Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Pro Review

Lenovo continues to give us multiple Yoga products every year. On its third version, the Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Pro packs beastly internals and impressive multimedia hardware like quad JBL speakers, 2K display, and a pico projector. Do all these make the Lenovo tablet a good entertainment companion? We review the Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Pro to find out.

Design and Construction

The Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Pro continues to inherit the design of the Yoga Tab family. Its signature tube battery on the side which also acts as a grip when holding the tablet in portrait still has its charm in making the Lenovo slate stand from the crowd. The body is made with a combination of hard polycarbonate, cold steel, and soft faux leather finish. The frame of the device is polycarbonate with a stylish faux leather back, leaving the metal material to the kickstand with a built-in projector.


Up front, it boasts a 10.1″ display plus the front camera is located on the left bezel while the right brags the new Lenovo logo. Below the display is the four front-facing JBL speakers and the hinge for the kickstand.


Peeking to the left will reveal the 3.5mm combo jack and the button for a quick switch on for the projector.


Things get a bit busy on the right starting with the microphone pinhole, volume rocker, micro-USB port, and a large circular power/lock button with an illuminating ring for notification and charging.


The back shows a stylish faux leather panel with a pressed Yoga branding. Beneath the kickstand are the microSD slot and all the fine certifications. The rear camera quietly sits at the lower side of the tablet.


The main feature of the tablet, the built-in projector, can be found on the kickstand which allows you to adjust the aim of its projection. Its positioning is actually great as it doesn’t interfere with the primary Yoga function of the tablet plus it keeps the tablet in an optimal position during projection.

The overall build of the slate is pretty solid. The kickstand hinge might be a concern in the long run. It’s not as solid as the Microsoft Surface Pro’s, but it seems it will hold up. Also, the kickstand and the projector are prone to scratches due to its material and placement so be careful where you place the tablet for storage.

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4 Responses

  1. Avatar for Alvin Santos Alvin Santos says:

    Been consodering this model vs the tab s2 9-inch version. Both are at the 30k price range. Reading th review, I think it is much safer to go with Samsung. What I’m really after in the Yoga is the kickstand and speakers since I watch a lot of media. I suppose I can get a multipurpose case but it wouldn’tbe as fun.

  2. Avatar for mariokang mariokang says:

    Your review is INCOMPLETE! the main features of the yoga tab 3 pro is its pico projector! where is your review about the projector???

    you just reviewed the device aesthetically!

  3. Avatar for Ronaldq Ronaldq says:

    There should be a rule that all intel tablets should have an option to dual boot it with windows.

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