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Flash runs separate mobile business from parent Alcatel/TCL

We received official communication that Flash will be operating a separate mobile business under parent company TCL. This makes two mobile business units under TCL — the more popular Alcatel and the new one is Flash.

Alcatel will continue to manufacture and market their OneTouch brand and Idol series while Flash will produce the Flash series, the latest one being the Flash 2.


In the Philippines, teh Flash team has formally set up a separate office from Alcatel.

Their local website explains the company further:

Flash is a mobile brand under TCL Communication Technology Holding Limited based on online sales business model. Flash aims at innovating Cool, Young and Fun smart products to the consumers. Using big data and direct engagement within the community, Flash enhances its products for quality-conscious, technophiles and shutterbugs consumers.

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2 Responses

  1. Easy E says:

    Ok, so there’s the Flash Plus sequel. Let it be a 6in value phone with marshmallow. Go!

  2. Aina Maree says:

    So does this mean that the AF2 will not be sold anymore sa Lazada? Ang mahal na kasi ng flash 2. Di na ba babalik sa price before yung flash 2?

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