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HTC Butterfly S spotted with BoomSound

The HTC Butterfly was one of the first phones to pack a 1080p display, and now we might be seeing an update to it – the HTC Butterfly S.


Not much is known about the device as of the moment, but as you can see in the leaks above, it features a very similar design to the original Butterfly, only packing another set of speakers at the bottom – which probably hints at the HTC BoomSound feature.


Speculations say it might pack a Snapdragon 600 CPU with an UltraPixel camera, but that is yet to be confirmed.

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14 Responses

  1. awdog says:

    “one of the first…”

    actually htc butterfly was THE First to have full hd screen.

    • setsuna says:

      No, the first Full HD smartphone is the Oppo Find 5.

    • rocketlog says:

      twenk twenk twenk twenk….. toinks!

      On topic:

      I think this is a more attractive package than the HTC One. It looks way more awesome (unless, of course, you really value the aluminum body that much, which I don’t). I hope it comes with a 64GB version… one that’s not a developer exclusive, that is.

      Makes me have doubts about getting the PadFone Infinity. Might still go for the PadFone, though.

  2. awdog says:


    Go ang google it

  3. awdog says:


    Go and google it

  4. awdog says:


    htc butterfly was released last january of this year. Onthe otherhand the oppo find 5 probably a month or two after. Check mo gsmarena for dates of release you’ll see that the htc butterfly was first to touchbase

    • Setsuna says:

      I did you know what it says in the bottom? “Disclaimer. We can not guarantee that the information on this page is 100% correct. ”

      Like i said, the HTC website it self doesn’t have the Butterfly listed as the “first full HD smartphone”. Now how do you refute that?

  5. awdog says:


    dudebro, stop trying to falsify info from gsmarena. anyhow i will show you other newslinks.

    maybe what your trying to point out is the fact that the Butterfly was released a little later IN the US.

    HTC had a Dec 2012 release of a variant (J Butterfly) of this phone in Japan before they sold it in North America and Europe a little later hence, your confusion.

    Heres proof


    Here is a proof from Phonearena:



  6. aw says:



    show me a newslink talking about an oppo find 5 release date. im sure oppo released theirs at least a couple months later

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