HTC One X, One V officially launched and priced

HTC One X, One V officially launched and priced

Now that we know what the HTC One duo brings to the table, it’s time to know how much these handsets going to cost us. At the event held at the Skye roof-deck at W Building The Fort, HTC officially launched their new handsets. Check out the details after the jump.

The event was as spectacular as the two HTC One phone being launched; colorful lights, thumping music, gorgeous models, delicious food and overflowing booze. HTC was even generous enough to give away one of HTC One X and one HTC One V to two very lucky attendees. The only thing missing at the launch is the HTC One S, which everyone thought will be unveiled along with its siblings.

I had chance to talk to Mr.Justin Zhang, HTC’s Asia Senior Product Marketing Manager to enlighten me about some matters regarding HTC and their new handsets.

YugaTech: Why market the product (HTC One X) as Quad-Core Smartphone and not Penta-Core since there’s a separate chip for extending battery life?

Mr. Zhang: We don’t want to confuse our consumers. Not everybody is as technically inclined as most of the people in this event. It’s easier to get the message across to the people by marketing it as Quad-core rather than Penta-core. We want give an impression that this is the product of collaboration between NVidia (Tegra 3) and HTC (battery-saving chip) not an entirely different entity.

YugaTech: In terms of camera which do you think is better pound-for-pound, the HTC Titan II or HTC One X?

Mr. Zhang: Both handsets’ camera are equally capable of shooting great images. But each of them serves different purposes. The HTC Titan II has the highest megapixel count on the Windows Phone platform as of yet. This will give users high quality of images every shoot. On the other hand what the HTC One X lacked on the megapixel count, we compensate for the software and technology. The One X is equipped with an f/2.0 lens that guarantees perfect shots regardless of the lighting condition. In addition, the One X also has incredibly fast shutter speed which is at par with some DSLR that we have on the market.


YugaTech: How will the Beats Electronic and Monster Cable break-up affects the HTC-Beats partnership? Is the absence of the Beats UrBeats earphones in the HTC One family an early warning for what is to come?

Mr.Zhang: As we all know HTC owns a big chunk of Beats Electronics. So our partnership with Beats Electronics will still be the same. Contrary to common belief, the decision to not include UrBeats earphones along with our flagship devices is actually a sign of greater things ahead for both HTC and Beats. We believe that Beats and HTC as a company can stand alone and market their products even without the hype of the other. Just like any phone accessory, we wanted to position Beats products as a premium add-on to our already stunning smartphone line up. This means that consumers will still get the same high quality audio that our handsets has to offer but for those who wanted more a pair of Beats headphones will surely give a better listening experience.

YugaTech: Consumers are bit worried about the battery life of the One X because of their experience with the Sensation XE, can you give us more insights regarding this?

Mr. Zhang: As I mentioned a while ago in my presentation, the battery life of our new flagship device is 80% better than the Sensation XE. We were able to achieve this by improving the battery and by putting a dedicated chip to regulate consumption.

YugaTech: Why is the HTC One S not released in the Philippines? Do you plan to launch it here in the future?

Mr. Zhang: This is not isolated to Philippines alone; there are also other countries in which we didn’t release the One S yet. There are a lot of things that we took in to consideration before making this decision. But the main factor here is the availability. There are definitely some plans to launch this handset in the Philippines in the future as soon as we get things sorted out on our end.

Author’s Note: Because of environmental noises at the event and cultural differences, some parts of the statement were reworded, while preserving the main thought, to convey the essence of the message.

So there you have it. I hope that those statements cleared up some of your burning questions and speculations that you have in mind about the HTC One family. I can’t wait to get my hands on one of these units so I can provide you more insights on its other features.

For now I’ll leave you with the official pricing of both of the device and their specs.

HTC One X specs:
4.7″ Super LCD 2 display @ 720×1280 pixels @ 312ppi
1.5GHz quad-core NVidia Tegra 3 processor
32GB internal storage
HSPA+ 21Mbps
WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
Bluetooth 3.0
8MP autofocus rear camera, 1080p
1.3MP front-facing camera, 720p
GPS w/ aGPS support
1800mAh Li-Polymer battery
Android 4.0 ICS
134.4 x 68.9 x 8.9mm
Suggested retail price: Php32,990

HTC One V specs:
3.7” WVGA LCD Display @ 480×800 pixels @ 252ppi
1GHz Single core Qualcomm MSM8255 Snapdragon processor
512 RAM
4GB internal storage
up to 32GB via microSD card
HSDPA up to 14.4Mbps
Bluetooth 4.0
5MP autofocus rear camera 720p
No front facing camera
GPS w/ aGPS support
1500mAh Li-Polymer battery
Android 4.0 ICS
120.3 x 59.7 x 9.2 mm
Suggested retail price: Php15,990

This article was written by Ronnie Bulaong, a special features contributor and correspondent for YugaTech. Follow him on Twitter @turonbulaong.

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44 Responses

  1. Wakocoke says:

    One X!

  2. Noir says:

    If they plan to sell it at 16K officially I would not even consider it BUT CMK shows that they sell it at 14K

  3. Biggs says:

    Paps, ayon sa mga naka-iskor ng units sa HTC Phils stores, may kasamang “Smart Apps” na bloatware!!! Itong app na ito ay bloatware na galing sa Smart Communications pero bakit pinahintulutan ito ng HTC Phils? Dahil maimpluwensiyang blogger kayo, paps, maaari bang ireklamo niyo ito sa HTC Phils kase, mawalang galang na, KALOKOHAN ITO!!!

    • Name: IC DeaDPiPoL says:

      just uninstall the darn thing.

    • Biggs says:

      Maaari nga yan, paps, kaso ang prinsipyo ang pinaglalaban dito.

    • Turonbulaong says:

      Chill Biggs… :)

      Can you educate us with the principle that you’re fighting for so we can all relate to what you’re saying?

      Regarding those apps, I’m pretty sure that Smart got a thumbs up first from HTC before they installed the “bloatwares” that your acquaintances noticed. This is not something new as other service provider (especially in the U.S) in other countries install their software onto devices so they can also market their products and/or inform their users about updates, promotions and announcements. Don’t get me wrong, those apps can really get annoying at times but as the saying goes “Business is business”. I hope you don’t take this as me siding Smart or any other provider for that matter.

    • Biggs says:

      Ganito yan, papi. Tama ka sa binanggit mo tungkol sa carrier ng mga Amerikano na kung anu-anong bloatware ang sinasaksak sa mga handsets nila. Subalit, paano mo ipapaliwanang na kahit hindi mo sa Smart kinuha yung unit, MAYROON pa din mga letseng bloatware! Ang hirap tanggapin, paps! Yan ang prinsipiyong pinaglalaban dito. Sa madaling salita, kung bumili ka sa labas ng carrier, walang kabalastugan na kasama. Solb, pare!

      Saka kahit na gawain ito ng mga Amerikano, mali pa rin. Sino bang may gustong isaksak sa lalamunan nila ang mga bloatware na ito? Kung business is business, bigyan mo ang customer mo ng madaling (i.e. user friendly) option para tanggalin ang mga yan. Hindi naman lahat marunong mag-disable o manganlikot ng settings ng phone nila. Kaya nga bilang maimpluwensiyang blogger, kayo ang na sa posisyon na magreklamo sa HTC Phils kung bakit nila pinahintulutan itong gawain na ito. Salamat, papi!

  4. Guest says:

    As gsmarena pointed out, the camera of One X fails to impress.

  5. Gadget kino says:

    Hay naku, put this on mind mga gadget freaks, walang perpektong smartphone, gago ang companya pag gagawin nilang perfect ang specs. Kung gusto nyong maganda talagang kuha sa camera, buy a DSLR camera, simple d ba ?

    • ice says:


    • nonie says:

      Im with ice… :-D

    • Flawed thinking says:

      Your reasoning is completely absurd.
      Smartphones were never meant to compete with large sensors, large lenses cameras.
      At least produce decent photos for an 8 megapixel cameraphone.
      Older phones with the same megapixel count produced better pictures.
      So what excuse can they utter about the camera of One X? It has bright lens of f/2.0, has a dedicated image processing and yet it produces crap pictures? At least make the image comparable to point and shoot cameras, that’s the point of having a powerhouse device.

    • Enya says:

      If i were to burn 30k+ now for a smartphone, why would i settle for one with a mediocre camera when i can have one with an excellent camera for even less! And besides, its not everyday that you have with you a dslr /digicam,so a handheld with an excellent camera would be an edge! Talking about competition here!

    • Name: says:

      @Enya haha! absurd. you don’t have to whine about the glitches on the camera.. minsan it really depends on what specific functionality or feature is your major concern in buying a gadget. phone is a phone and you’ll use it primarily as a phone and not as a camera. :P

    • Enya says:

      ^ oh really! What is even more stupid than spending 32grand for unlicalls & unlitexts when there is a Nokia 303 that can be had for “less than a penny”! We’re talkin’ ’bout dumb ass smartphone here dude, that is, if you even know what it is! Gosh!

  6. Name: jeff says:

    kainis.same lng price sa xe ko

  7. Gadget Kino says:

    @Flawed – basta ang sa akin lang, u cannot find a ONE PERFECT GADGET na andun na lahat yung gusto mo. Can’t you see the strategy nila? Gusta nila na every month, bibili tayo ng gadget, BUSINESS nga eh! hehehehe

    and tayong mga gadget luvers, hala! bili tayo ng bili kasi pag wla na tayo sa mundong ito, d natin madala yan. di ba?

  8. Marcelino says:

    Coming from an iPhone 4S user, I’m impressed with the One X :)

  9. James says:

    parang alam ko kung bakit hindi pa lumalabas un HTC one S, ung kapatid ng dalawang yan,

    kakaiba kasi ung coating nun. tapos may problema. hanggang ngayon wala pa din statement from HTC kung ire recall nila..


    Update: According to The Verge, HTC has indicated that it’s “aware of the reports,” and is currently investigating the situation. Stay tuned for further info.

    Update 2: Turns out that HTC is ready to make good on this issue, but only by telling customers to return their chipped phone to the store from which it was purchased and get a replacement. If, however, you’d rather send it off to HTC to be repaired, that’s always an option. Below is HTC’s official statement on the matter.

  10. fan says:

    saw the one x on trinoma this afternoon. it was very beautiful. the screen was very crisp and its fast on browsing,capturing and processing images. Amazing talaga! they only sell it for 29,990 and for the first time buyers less than 2,000. im only 14 so :))

  11. showbiz says:

    One X for the win. Hopefully after a month the price will go down.

  12. ChoyBoguy says:

    guys just wait for the Iphone 5….and the new Samsung Quad Core Units…maiiwan na naman ang HTC nito….

  13. KingNam says:

    sir yuga, how about the battery? hindi ba madaling malowbatt tulad ng iphone 4s. half a day low batt na

    • Turonbulaong says:

      According to the test conducted by HTC that was shown on the presentation, the One X is a bit better than 4s in terms of battery life.

  14. Les says:

    Does the One V also have a dedicated chip for battery performance even if its only a single core? If yes, kukunin ko na ‘to. :)

  15. Les says:

    They have the the technology for it, why not implement it with all One series phones?

    Well I guess One X is a guinea pig phone after all.

  16. Ty says:

    Hoping the price would drop sooner or later since galaxy S3 is just around the corner… I would like to test this smartphone myself.. SaanG mall may mga demo units? Yung pwede kalikutin?

  17. Joe says:

    Kuya Abe, can you give or reposrt us some updates about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S3? It was reported na eh. Hopefully mas dadami yung mga infos about the phone. It was said sa May 3 daw ang labas.

  18. Jan says:

    Widget City is selling one X for 26,900. I’m planning to buy it next week. Look guys, HTC is never known to have the best camera on the market.. However, HTC Sense is really great and their software and technology is just amazing. I’ll buy HTC phones over Samsung any given day.

  19. jericho says:

    im planning to buy one x this year still investing some cash and waiting for some price drop, im actually aiming for htc one v but when i saw this monster i change my mind hope it will depreciate fast like the jan say it already at 26k range btw wheres that widget city? sorry for the bad english.

  20. son says:

    Xperia S just kicked htc one x’s asss. quad core losing to dual core.#shame

  21. kress says:

    hi.. do you know when will the one x be available through smart postpaid? thanks :D

  22. Pau says:

    pa update naman po ng price ngaun ng One X and One X+ thanks! :) kahit saang metro manila mall. thanks

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    for ones time due to this wonderful read!! I definitely appreciated every part of it and I have you book marked to
    see new things on your web site.

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