iOS 14: What to Expect?

iOS 14: What to Expect?

Apple releases a new version of iOS every year, and in WWDC 2020, we’ll soon see the unveiling of iOS 14. And just like every iteration, there will be new features and improvements that make it better than iOS 13. So, what can we expect from this new operating system? We’ve listed them down below.

Authors note: The information written below are based on rumors and early leaks. That said, some of the features may not arrive at the final version of the iOS 14.

New Task Switcher

According to leaks, multitasking on iOS 14 for iPhones would be similar to iPadOS. You will soon be able to view apps in a grid and easily switch between them. From here, you can also close apps running in the background by swiping up.

For the video, we can’t verify yet if it’s from an early iOS 14 build as this feature can also be achieved through jailbreak tweaks.


According to rumors, Apple is working on a new home screen style on iOS 14. You will be able to sort apps in List view, similar to the Apple Watch. It will include smart suggestions from Siri, which will suggest applications you might need based on time, weather, and location. With this feature, users will then be able to discover relevant apps pretty quickly.

iOS 14, as well as the iPadOS, might also have the ability to add Home screen widgets. According to 9to5Mac, Apple is experimenting with this idea, which works similarly to what we see on Android smartphones.


Messages App

One of the apps the will have a significant overhaul is the Messages app. Apple is allegedly working on new features for iMessage, such as the ability to mention members on a group, and swipe to reply — like the ones on Facebook messenger. You can also Retract messages, wherein you can delete or edit messages after you send it, and also typing indicators for group chat.

Third-Party Apps Prioritization

One thing I found annoying about iOS is it relies on its stock apps too much. If the rumors are true, you can finally set third-party apps as defaults on iOS 14. Meaning you can set Chrome as your default browser instead of Safari, navigate through Google Maps instead of Apple Maps (FINALLY), and have Siri play music on Spotify instead of Apple Music.


There is a chance that with iOS 14, Apple could allow its users to customize Siri’s voices — apart from what is currently available right now. Also, according to reports, Apple will soon be opening Siri to its developers so they can create custom voices through a VoiceProvider framework.

Animoji Filters in Camera App

In iOS 13, you can access Animoji through the Messages app, but with the upcoming iOS 14, you can use the Animoji filters directly from your camera app.

Banner based call notifications

One of the most annoying things about iOS is that when you are doing something and someone calls you, you can’t exit the call screen; you either drop the call or wait for that person to stop calling. With the iOS 14, we might have a banner based call notification, which you can swipe up to ignore without dropping the call — which I think is pretty handy.

Minor Tweaks

iOS update is not complete without minimal icon redesign, and new wallpapers, but this time, Apple might just let its users customize their stock wallpapers, plus, a new UI. Since Apple is going with OLED displays on its upcoming iPhone 12 (according to reports), Apple might add an Always-On display feature on the upcoming iOS 14.

Supported Devices

According to rumors, all devices that are supported by iOS 13 will get iOS 14. That includes the iPhone 6s and the 1st generation iPhone SE.

We hope to see some of these features on the iOS 14, on the upcoming WWDC this coming June 22. What do you guys think of iOS 14? And also, what feature would you want to see in this update? Let us know in the comments section below!

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