iPhone 5 vs. Galaxy 3, the ultimate in Android vs iOS

iPhone 5 vs. Galaxy 3, the ultimate in Android vs iOS

One of Android’s top seller versus Apple latest iOS smartphone goes one-on-one — the iPhone 5 vs. the Galaxy S3. But OS aside, we looked at both devices and pit their hardware features against each other.

Samsung’s Galaxy S3 has been launched in the Philippines since May this year and Apple’s iPhone 5 is yet to be released. Samsung’s got a head-start but Apple has the advantage of time to polish its contender.

Display. The Galaxy S3 comes in a large 4.8-inch Super HD AMOLED display while the iPhone 5 only has a 4-inch Retina Display. Both screens have pixel density that’s above 300ppi so there’s no noticeable difference in resolution. Samsung gets the score for a bigger screen, a move that Apple is following by increasing the display size of the iPhone. Galaxy S3: 1, iPhone 5: 0.

Network. The iPhone 5 can run on selected LTE networks and so is the Galaxy S3 (in some regions). The international version of both phones also supports HSPA+. It’s an easy tie for the two phones. Galaxy S3: 1, iPhone 5: 1.

Camera. Both the Galaxy S3 and the iPhone 5 sport an 8-megapixel rear camera that records full HD 1080p videos at 30fps. It’s a tie again for both. We made numerous tests on the Galaxy S3 in our previous review here and so far, the sample photos/videos we took using the iPhone 5 is as impressive. We say it’s a tie.Galaxy S3: 1, iPhone 5: 1.

Storage. Internal storage is normally at the 16GB, 32GB and 64GB range for the iPhone 5 and the Galaxy S3. However, you can extend the storage of the Galaxy S3 with an additional 64GB microSD card (to a total of 128GB). This gives the S3 an edge. Galaxy S3: 1, iPhone 5: 0.

Battery. Battery is a huge consideration with any smartphone. The Galaxy S3 has a removable 2100mAh battery while the iPhone 5 has a non-removable 1440mAh battery. The S3 wins by a mile, not because it has a higher capacity but because it’s user-removable. Galaxy S3: 1, iPhone 5: 0.


Build Quality. Samsung takes a bit of criticism for using plastic materials in the Galaxy S3’s body. Apple has been doing impressive work with the build quality and materials for the iPhone 5 with a combination of aluminum and glass parts in a thinner body. The iPhone 5 wins this round. Galaxy S3: 0, iPhone 5: 1.

OS. The choice between iOS and Android is a matter of personal choice. The strength of iOS integration and refine-ness is contrasted by Android’s flexibility and customizability. Both platforms have their merits so it’s a tie. Galaxy S3: 1, iPhone 5: 1.

Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300 specs:
4.8-inch Super HD AMOLED screen @ 1280×720 pixels (306ppi)
1.4GHz Samsung Exynos 4 Quad processor
Mali-400MP GPU
16GB, 32GB, 64GB internal storage
up to 64GB via microSD card
HSPA+ up to 21Mbps, LTE 100Mbps
Bluetooth 4.0
WiFi 802.11 b/g/n with WiFi Bonding
8MP rear camera with LED flash
1080p @ 30fps video recording
1.9MP front-facing camera
720p HD video recording
GPS w/ aGPS support
2,100mAh Li-Ion battery
Android 4.0 ICS with TouchWiz UX

Apple iPhone 5 specs:
4-inch display @ 1136×640 pixel, 326 ppi
Apple A6 chip @ 1.2GHz dual-core
16GB, 32GB, 64GB
HSPA+, LTE up to 100Mbps
WiFi 802.11 b/g/n, dual-band
Assisted GPS and GLONASS
Bluetooth 4.0
8MP rear camera, LED flash
1080p video recording
1.2MP front-facing camera @ 720p
1440mAh battery
iOS 6

There are other several minor features we no longer highlighted in the match-up above — like NFC and FM Radio tuner.

We wanted to include the suggested retail price as another criteria but since the iPhone 5 is not yet officially released in the country, we can’t really compare them yet. However, based on previous year’s pricing, both smartphones might be within the same price range.

In our tally above, the Galaxy S3 got 6 points while the iPhone 5 got 4 points. The Galaxy S3 wins by several notches against the iPhone 5. Again, it’s still a matter of personal taste and for this case the lines are drawn not by the hardware but mostly by the operating system.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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141 Responses

  1. franz says:

    sIII is good smart phone ^_^

  2. Amado says:

    Here come the fanbois…

  3. dyon says:

    possible to change galaxy 3 to galaxy s3 in title?

  4. Ram says:

    Abe, check your scoring on the second part (network). It’s either you missed giving a point to Samsung or you accidentally gave a point to Apple.

  5. daniel says:

    S3 is the best among the two!
    – much more superior specs
    – removable battery
    – microSD
    – most popular mobile OS in the world
    – more affordable
    – much more possible uses(bluetooth, mass storage mode, widgets, launchers etc)


    • androidsucks says:

      “Most popular mobile OS in the world.”???


      It’s like “Most unstable/cheap mobile OS in the universe.”

    • Nokia 3219 says:

      I hope that people would understand that nowadays, hardware doesnt necessarily translate to a more superior phone. That’s why there are benchmarks. Hardware is misleading sometimes. Like 8 megapixels on one phone does not mean it has the same photo quality with the another phone with the same mega pixel camera. I hope Yuga would put more thoughts on his posts.

  6. jaggler says:

    Accept the facts that S3 is more advance in features compare to iphone5 which is just upgraded of iphone4s.

    • Edu says:

      Dude it’s not all about how many features and fancy specs the device is carrying. It’s all about performance and usability.

    • Ude says:

      How useful is IP5’s map BTW?

    • Edu says:

      @ude. I am talking about overall function and usability. Let me ask you this, can you name any other device that trumps the fluidity and functionality of the iPhone? Heck you can name a lot but I am sure it will just you own personal thought not a majority of people out there. You are asking me the usefulness of iPhone 5 maps? Just ask yourself, how often do you use it… If you don’t want apple maps in ios 6 it’s up to you, you can still use google maps througt their web app. It makes me think how uninformed you are when you ask me that question, that you look like you don’t know how to put the google map on ios

  7. arthur says:

    as i recall, the global version of the s3 sports the Exynos 4412 processor which doesn’t support LTE. on the other hand its the US version which runs on Snapdragon S4 + LTE support.

    NETWORK s3(exynos)0 iphone5;1
    s3(snapdragon)1 iphone5;1

    Connectivity s3;NFC iphone5;0
    Processor s3(exynos)1 iphone5;0
    s3(snapdragon)1 iphone5;1

    • arthur says:

      connectivity NFC support s3;1 iphone5;0

      but then again, if you’re really considering the “ultimate” android, consider the LG’s latest flagship(rumored to be named Nexus) Optimus G!

      OptimusG for ORGASM!

    • NeutralGuy says:

      Optimus G is a no nexus device. It was launched few days ago in Seoul,SK.

      @abe, should have considered the battery life, not the battery capacity. Not an apple fan here, but I’m always amaze on how Apple optimizes its battery with the system making it last longer even with a low mAh value.


  8. Grumphus says:

    “The Galaxy S3 has a removable 2100mAh battery while the iPhone 5 has a non-removable 1440mAh battery.”

    This is not a good way to compare the battery life considering that both operating systems are different as well as the screen size and processor. How efficient is the operating system? How does the processor affect the battery life? Actual tests need to be conducted before determining the winner in that area.

    • Bert says:

      I couldn’t believe this post came from one “expert” in tech. Don’t get me wrong, I like Yuga and I own an S3 but the comparison is plain stupid. Tech journalism fail.

    • tarush says:

      How is a 2,100 mAh battery better when it drains faster than the 1,440 mAh battery?

      It’s no different than comparing a 2,500 mAh Akari AA rechargable battery to a 2,000 mAh Eneloop AA battery.

    • kaninlamig says:

      to sirs grumphus and tarush….well said..tumbok nyo ang battery ish. kaso ang big disappointment ko lang eh walang wireless charging sila. pero depende na talaga sa user yan.

    • Arne says:

      Maka-comment lang., dinatungan pa ng mga toh., basa basa din muna bago mag comment., meron pang “I own an S3 (bert)” na nalalaman., utak “isheep” naman…

  9. RJCA says:

    Sir Yuga! Should I get the SIII or wait for the SIV or the Note 2? My iPhone 4 is in dire need of an upgrade so I’m not sure whether to wait or not.

    • deuts says:

      If you are to keep on waiting, I’d say you wait for the S IX. LOL Kidding aside, get whatever you want and stop yourself from salivating about the latest there is!

    • NeutralGuy says:

      Gotta agree with Deuts. This is smartphone we’re talking about. If you’re about to wait and wait, you’ll end up waiting forever.

      The transition is fast and I suggest, you must consider a device that’s been future-proof.

      Waiting for s4 would end you up getting it around june 2013.

      Getting s3 now would end you up getting a not the highest end few months from now.

      I suggest you better get Note 2 or Optimus G or the rumored HTC 5-incher device that has 1080p resolution. The three latter mentioned device would give you the highest end android device few months from now. And also, would be future-proof for up to two years.

      But if you’re willing to wait, you better get the s4 :)

    • CarlBytes says:

      RJCA, sagutin ko tanong mo. If you want to get a bigger screen, go for S3. There is a big difference between iphone 4’s 3.5 inch vs S3’s 4.8″ screen.

      If you want functionality of pen stylus and a good phone and almost tablet screen size, get a Note 2. Note 2 is big so it will not fit in your tight pocket.

      In my own opinion, save your money and spend it once a “game changer” phone comes. iPhone 4 is a good smartphone so better to stick to it. I guess phones these days are not quite different since the original iPhone was released. Same touch screen interaction with improved camera and hardware speed.

  10. iphonesucks says:

    “it doesn’t take a genius.”

  11. E says:

    Since Abe is comparing the 2 phones, yes for me Samsung Galaxy S3 is the winner… But still Nokia Lumia 920!!!

  12. Edu says:

    Abe, I have some point I wouldn’t agree with you. How is it that the S3 got the point on the screen without giving a point to iP5? Is it just because of its bigger screen? Being bigger isn’t always a plus factor considering the usability and operability as a phone. I think it should be tie. Another is the battery, again the s3 has a bigger battery but how it fares when both phones put in operation? Have you checked how long both phone lasted during operation? Other than those… It’s a good comparison though :-)

  13. Mr. Ernest says:

    not thorough, but very objective :) good job!

  14. Nikko says:

    Put more thought on your reviews. This is like a review made by a kid. Just ’cause the SIII has 4.8in screen it gets a point? And they don’t have the same pixel per inch. iPhone still has the best screen display at 362ppi. And its screen is tougher too (watch iPhone 5 VS Samsung Galaxy SIII Drop Test). 2 drops of SIII and the screen cracks. 4 drops of iPhone 5, screen is untouched. Also consider perf

  15. dee says:

    Seriously? I think the point system here is a bit biased. Both cellphones are incomparable. Daanin nalang natin sa patibayan yan!

  16. Nikko says:

    What kind of review is this? Did you rush this or something? First off, just ’cause the screen is bigger, doesn’t mean it’s better. The iPhone 4, 4S, and 5 still has the best screen resolution on a smartphone at 362 pixels per inch (ppi). The iPhone 5’s screen is also tougher than the SIII (watch the drop test video, SIII’s screen cracked with the 2nd drop while the 5’s screen remained untouched even after the 4th drop). Performance-wise, iPhone 5 is the king and is even compared to the new iPad in terms of benchmark scores. The SIII is just bigger and has longer battery life. Nothing more. And Android is very unstable and does not give convenient updates like Apple does.

    • Mike M says:

      It’s an objective review. It’s basically a comparison of hardware of each phone. He never indicated it’s an “in depth” review. To quote what Abe specifically said in the 1st paragraph:

      “But OS aside, we looked at both devices and pit their hardware features against each other.”

      So as Abe is comparing “hardware” features, to reply to your first point, bigger IS better, hardware wise. PPI above 300 is barely noticeable. Re: Drop test, wtf dude, if Apple did include that as a “feature”, then it surely would’ve won. But it’s not.

      Also, can you elaborate completely how unstable Android OS is? I have the 4S and the S3, and I can’t seem to find anything “unstable” about the Android OS. I have no qualms with the iOS either.

      Basically to the guys who were quick to give off a negative reaction to this article…


    • Amado says:

      @mike…they read but failed to comprehend

    • Rein says:

      “First off, just ’cause the screen is bigger, doesn’t mean it’s better.”

      then tell me, why is it that the latest iPhone has bigger screen compared to the previous models??

  17. Mike says:

    I agree with Nikko. This post is BS! What kind of comparison is this? sana tinable mo na lang tapos may check marks spec per spec… may pa point system ka pang nalalaman!

  18. dudud says:

    I agree with everyone else here, it’s a poorly written review. BUT maybe yuga is only preventing a flame war. That’s why on his last paragraph, he said that it’s a personal choice on this case.

    Here’s a benchmark of the iPhone 5 and S3. You can see that it’s not all about the specs. iPhone 5 wins on these tests.


    • tmcr7 says:

      Hindi mo ata nabasa yung pinost na link ni martinalmighty yung nauna sayo. Ito yung sabi doon sa post niya:

      “A CNET iPhone 5 benchmark report stirred some controversy on Google Plus where xda-member Adam Outler called out the publication on Google+ for misrepresenting iPhone 5 tests:

      CNET posted a bogus report on benchmarks. I had problems believing that a dual core from apple would be faster than every Android device so I decided to go to the source. Turns out the Galaxy S3 and the Nexus7 both score higher benchmarks than the iPhone 5.

      You can see here for yourself. IPhone scores 1590, Galaxy S3 scores 1766. These are the benchmarks mentioned in the article below.
      Android benchmarks: http://browser.primatelabs.com/android-benchmarks
      iPhone benchmarks: http://browser.primatelabs.com/ios-benchmarks

      Paki-basa na lang po yung link niya para mas maliwanagan tayo.

  19. Gerard says:

    On my humble attempt to keep a neutral position, it would be nice to see a realistic test of the LTE performance on these devices. If there’s one single point that the iPhone 5 has over its predecessor to warrant an upgrade, I feel it would be the LTE capability.

    At the same time, this is where Samsung and HTC has earlier patents, so pretty curious how well Apple handled it.

  20. Kokoy says:

    Amateur review!

  21. Les says:

    in terms of build quality, it should be even…try dropping the iphone5 and the dents will be permanent

  22. draigmeistr says:

    iOS pa din. mature OS.

  23. sweetscrazy says:

    you forgot to compare Android and iOS apps. As an app developer for both, I’d give Galaxy S3: 0 points and iPhone 5: 1 point, because the S3 has both ICS and JellyBean plus it’s much more difficult to develop for Android.

  24. Wis says:

    same price range? i don’t think so….and nfc is not a minor feature…m not a fan of the s3 but clearly the iphone5 loses to the s3…

  25. Grumphus says:

    Here is also a more accurate comparison of the iPhone 5 and Galaxy SIII displays.


    Don’t get me wrong, I still think the SIII is the better deal considering the insane price tag of the iPhone 5. I just think more things should be taken into considering when comparing things like the display.

    • camhi says:


      you found a very neat comparison.

      i think that somehow settles the technicality of comparing the screen and battery of the two awesome phones.

      it would have been better if they also added a third brand rather than the iphone 4.

      i say the screen is basically a PREFERENCE and should have not been used as part of the comparison. but nevertheless, the comparison made in the article beaten the S3 in more aspects.

      then again, if you can afford both, they go!

      since i got an S3, i’ll definitely now upgrade my iphone 4 to 5 maybe next year.

      sakit sa bulsa ng S3 eh. hahaha.

      cheers guys.

  26. CLickmaster says:

    Samsung S3, speed, stability, battery, value and user friendly. I saw awhile ago an iphone 5 at ATC mobile store with a price tag of 65K, makakabili na ako ng complete set ng I7 PC na may 23″ full hd monitor at may 32gb ram and 2tb hardisk sa kapresyo ng isang new model ng iphone5 na under power, non interchangeable battery, itune dependent na super mahal na overrated phone.

    • alalala says:

      S3 for stability and user friendly? Are you sure?? Have you ever used an iPhone to come up with that conclusion? iPhone’s are waaay more stable. S3 for speed? iPhone 5 is under powered? LOL, think again.. To see is to believe. basahin mo ito – http://www.theverge.com/2012/9/22/3371818/iphone-5-vs-galaxy-s3-gpu-benchmarks

      What you saw in ATC is a grey market. Of course it would be more expensive. It’s not even released in our country! You can’t compare the price of a locally released product to a grey market.

    • Enya says:

      Hala sige bitbitin mo yang i7 PC mo sa mall or wherever and then take pics, mag fb, IG, tweet, text, call , mag-games & mag net! Tingnan ko lang kung di ka mangalay!

    • kim says:

      lol , tama si clickmaster, kung pang fb, tweet, taking pics lang naman use ng phone mo, then why buy a super expensive phone kung pang wifi lang naman silbi, haha kakatawa kayo, i’d rather buy project fiona than smart phones. pang text and call ko lang naman to eh

  27. Arne says:

    Guys, relax… maka-react nmn kayo wagas.. basahin ng maayos yung article hanggang matapos…

  28. John says:

    Ew. iPhone 5 all the way. But if I had to choose between the iPhone 5 and the HTC One X, I’d choose the One X. Don’t settle for cheap plastic. To each his own.

  29. John says:

    This is review is of utter conjecture. Apple’s 1430 mAH battery > Samsung’s 2k+. And oh, the iPhone wins in the camera part. It has f2.4 aperture vs that plastic’s f2.6. The HTC One X eclipses them though.

    Look at CNET’s review. Again, don’t settle for cheap plastic which may not even get the next version of Android on 2017 LOL. Whereas the iPhone 5 will still be useful.


  30. Jayvee says:

    What will design bring you if the material itself scuffs easily? S3 still for the win!

  31. Fanboy says:

    DONT SETTLE for CHEAP PLASTIC!!! This is why :)

  32. don says:

    i would choose the S3 only if has iOS on it. Android sucks big time. Tried Android versions 2.0, 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 3.0, 3.2, 4.0, 4.03, 4.04 and they are all slow, unstable, with collections of useless apps. iOS Also wins over security features.

    also, s3’s large screen is not an advantage, its a personal preference. I have a HTC desire hd with 4.3inch screen, using it for almost 2yrs already and i found it too big. but i agree, early iphone’s 3.5inch screen is too small. smartphones should have at least 3.8inch with upper limit of 5.0inch. anything above 5inch is not comfortable to hold, and would be categorized as tablet.

  33. rhk111 says:

    With Steve Jobs dead, Apple is just another mediocre company. This is evident with the iPhone 5, where the lack of innovation is very evident. Apple is now on a slow decline to oblivion …

  34. Anonimi says:

    Wag naman kayo ganyan! mdaming nasasaktan na mga mahilig sa mansanas.. :D Hindi naman panget yung iPhone 5, medyo bagsak lang siya sa expectation natin kasi boring yung upgrade from 4s. In terms of hardware eh walang duda kung sino panalo. In term of OS eh depende sa user. Kapag wala ka alam sa customization eh more or less iOS ka. Kapag stability naman eh depende sa spec ng android phone mo. pag low end eh olats talaga sa iOS. I think its unfair to say that android is slow. it smoothness will depend on your handset, its unfair to compare if the specs of the android phone is higher or lower than the iPhone.

    • dbron says:

      Correct, the laggy droids are the ones having with a price tag of 20K and below or those having the older versions. As compared to iOS they’re older versions are way more stable to older versions of Android but not the ICS or Jellybean. iOS came first so they normally evolve first as well so obviously they’re way more stable than android until ICS and Jellybean came out. If you compare an iPhone with a price tag of $500 above vs an Android phone having $300 price tag, the iPhone might win but not all the time since some people will still vote for the price and the flexibility of using an Android (ie plugging it to any computer for transfer of music or video without needing an itunes or using a standard USB cable that you can find from most phones nowadays). But if you compare it with Android phones who are close enough to the price range of iPhones then the User experience when it comes to the smoothness of the interfaces and apps are the same. Just my 2 cents :)

  35. tensai says:

    kanya kanyang trip lang yan :) ang importante, nagagamit ng maayos at hindi pang display lang.. :P

  36. JP says:

    IP5 sucks! Go S3. haha

  37. Matt says:

    With the same pricetag, I don’t know if anybody out there will pick S3 over Iphone5. It’s not about specs guys! iOS vs Android…come on guys! Android is not even close to Windows Phone! User experience is the key!

  38. RedSimba says:

    Former iPhone user shifted to SIII. (still using the iPhone BTW – contacts are still on this phone)
    Comparison between the two?
    Usability goes to SIII.
    Style for iPhone.

    I just noticed, when I started using SIII then shift back to iPhone for calls or text, I got this feeling that iPhone is a mini-phone ^_^ But still cute though.

  39. John Price says:

    Tie for the Camera and OS? YOU’VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME.

    Samsung’s TouchWiz SUCKS btw. The reason why the S3 has a bigger battery capacity is because it’s a huge phone.

    And S3 for the display? Come on! Try having that phone on your pocket. Yes, it’s kind of thin but it’s still huge. And seriously, do you really need a big display? What’s the big display for? Watching movies? Playing games? Well go get a tablet instead.

  40. Yuja says:

    I still love samsung..maybe because i havent tried both. haha. im into the price. No matter what.

  41. wreek888 says:

    Price of Iphone 5 in HK. 16g, $649, 32g. $749, 64g $849

  42. NomerPacundo says:

    Useless review. AguyTech. Aguy aguy aguy.

  43. wendell says:

    can you add nokia lumia in this?

  44. andre says:

    I don’t agree that S3 and iPhone 5 should be tied when it comes to the camera. The iPhone 5’s camera is superior. I have a friend who has both phones and the photos taken with the iPhone 5, especially under low light, are smoother and more well-defined.

  45. John says:

    really? YUGA? hindi ilang beses na napatunayan na mas tumataga ang iPhone 5 pag dating sa battery? hindi naman sa MAH ang sukatan nyan. zzz

    s3’s pentile screen is better than iphone 5’s? really?

    the only thing na mas maganda sa s3 is yung storage kasi expandable.

    IMO, mas maganda ang Android, pero di hamak na mas ok ang iPhone 5 pag dating sa hardware, mapa battery, processor or screen pa yan.

  46. dbron says:

    User experience? Been using iPhones for years and when I changed to SII last year, I suddenly noticed that my User experience in using an iPhone is very limited. If I don’t want to use the TouchWiz by Samsung, there are a lot of alternatives available for free download. I don’t use the default apps as well and that includes the TouchWiz. We can customize the OS even without rooting (jailbreak for iOS) the phone. I enjoy the fact that I can transfer any files from my phone to any computers, send any files via bluetooth even to blackberry, nokia etc. Plus, fully customizable interfaces, like changing the widgets’ size, changing the number of rows and columns for your homescreen, messaging, contacts, etc. Plus Notifications which of course iPhone recently adapted. To each is its own, it depends on how you’ll use your phone. If I want style and status symbol, I use my iPhone 4s, the same case goes for the iPhone 5. But for everyday use, I’ll choose the S3 or Note 2 once it is already available. To each is its own as the saying goes. Both iPhone5 and S3 are high-end devices and getting one or both is definely an experience that each owner will surely enjoy. What will be the use of S3 if all you do is calling and sending SMS without taking advantage of its big screen in playing HD games and videos. It all end up to what we do with our phone that defines its beauty.

  47. Manong Ben says:

    Andoid = Lag
    iOS = Force close


  48. Edu says:

    @Abe, I’ll give you some fare view on how to give point on the display comparison. I don’t think the S3 deserves a point coz the iPhone 5 won by a mile when overall display feature is considered. I’ll quote the conclusion made by Dr. Soneira of Displaymate.
    “Conclusions:   An Impressive iPhone 5 Display…
    Smartphone displays are continuing their rapid evolution in performance. Apple has again taken the lead in methodical refinements and factory calibration that are necessary to produce accurate very high picture quality. Based on our extensive Lab measurements the iPhone 5 has a true state-of-the-art accurate display – it’s not perfect and there is plenty of room for improvements (and competitors) but it is the best Smartphone display we have seen to date based on extensive Lab measurements and viewing tests. In particular it is a significant improvement over the display in the iPhone 4 with much lower screen Reflections, much higher image contrast and screen readability in high ambient lighting (the highest we have ever measured), and a significantly improved and accurate Color Gamut and Factory Calibration that delivers very accurate colors and very good picture quality. While it’s not quite as accurate as the new iPad, it is still probably more accurate than any consumer display you own (including your HDTV), unless you have a new iPad.
    The display on the Samsung Galaxy S III uses OLED technology. It’s a new technology that has not yet been refined to the same degree as LCDs, particularly the IPS LCDs on the iPhones, so it doesn’t objectively test or perform as well as the iPhone 5. But OLEDs have been evolving and improving very rapidly as shown in our OLED Display Technology Shoot-Out so it has a very promising future. Here are the biggest issues we found in our extensive Lab measurements and viewing tests of the Galaxy S III: the Brightness is about half of the iPhone 5 due to power constraints resulting from the lower OLED power efficiency and concerns regarding premature OLED aging. As a result the image contrast and screen readability in high ambient lighting is much poorer than the iPhone 5. The Color Gamut is not only much larger than the Standard Color Gamut, which leads to distorted and exaggerated colors, but the Gamut is quite lopsided, with Green being a lot more saturated than either Red or Blue, which adds a Green color caste to many images. And for some reason Samsung has not bothered to calibrate the Color Gamut on any of its OLED displays, so they are wildly inaccurate and produce inaccurate and over saturated colors.”
    Here’s the link so you can read it by yourself

    • rene says:

      a very long explanation will likely result in a negative reaction, follow the adage “KISS”

    • joe says:

      fare view?

      makes me wonder how you were able to wrote a very long explanation in English, yet you don’t know how to spell that one correctly,

      here is what you should notice,

      in abe’s explanation, he said “additional 64GB microSD card (to a total of 128GB)”,

      but in the presentation of specs, it says there “up to 32GB via microSD card”,

      so which is which?

    • Edu says:

      @joe. Thanks for that amazing eagle eye! I LOLed a lot when I read your response realizing how silly I am to use the Word “fare” instead of “fair”. I think it was due to the auto fill feature of my phone when I was typing. It actually fills a word when I pressed wrong letters in my virtual keyboard. And overseen the word coz it sounds like;-)) hahaha. Its hard to review my comment before posting due to the small window of the comment box…. Just imagine scrolling up and doen again and again so fast just to post your comment ASAP … I bet some people are prone to silly typos as what I did though.
      PS. I’m typing my comment on my iPhone 4S

    • Edu says:

      *up and down

    • Jeremy says:

      @joe – wow naman. Bilib din ako sa kapal mo magcorrect ng grammar nya. E ikaw mismo ano nilagay mo? “how you were able to ‘wrote’ a very long…”. Sana bago ka magcorrect magaral ka muna. “able to write” ang tama. Smh.

  49. JohnPQ says:

    Poor comparison, halatang walang alam.

    look here about sa display:

    search all other reviews about sa battery, iphone5 got one of the best batter sa smart phone, halos kinocompare nga sa razor maxx

    • braddd says:

      Nice review on the display! The iPhone 5 beats the S3 in all tests! Again it’s not all about the specs with all the fancy description blah blah blah like those on the S3’s papers just to sell the phone.

    • Justin says:

      “Both screens have pixel density that’s above 300ppi so there’s no noticeable difference in resolution.”

      Paki basa nga ng mabuti yung article. The point of the writer is that BOTH displays are already so ultra fine that the greatness of one over the other is not noticeable anymore by the naked eye. Kahit sabihin mong 500ppi ang iPhone at 400ppi ang S3, the bottom line is, IT DOESN’T MATTER kasi nga hindi kapansin-pansin ang lamang ng iPhone sa S3.

  50. roland says:

    i was disappointed with this review.. to add for the display test, here is a real review


  51. Grover says:

    Mas madami features yung iphone 5!!!

    It has the innovative

    iScratch – yup you can etch your name of the aluminum body hehe. Since di kaya mag customize sa phone mismo then might as well go creative and etch your names

    iLight – (iLeak) light leaking from the cracks of the body. Boy you get automatic flashlight in the dark ei? now that is a real feature

    iLost – oh boy this map of theirs takes you to another dimension. Really innovative

    iDepend – of course this is an old one, you have to depend on iTunes for your vids, music, etc….sa android USB TO GO BABY!!! Diretso salpak files wala nang inarte inarte pa

    iTipid – tipidin ang memory space kasi non expandable e…hehe di tulad sa SIII may 64gb internal ka na may option ka pa to expand another 64gb

    iNggit – well go figure

    • Justin says:

      Nice one, Grover. But you forgot…

      iNutil – Yup. Mga inutil lang ang bumibili ng iPhone. Mga walang laman ang utak kundi porma.

    • alainL says:

      Hahahaha. Nice one bro.

    • John says:

      [email protected]

      galaxy s3 problem?
      here are some:
      1. poor battery
      2. microphone malfunction
      3. wifi low signal
      4. overheating
      5. camera bug
      6. memory bug problem
      7. back cover issue
      8. charging issue
      9. easy-to-hack software

      sa iphone, ano nga ba ang problema?

      1. scratch sa aluminum? LOL!
      2. Light leak, really? 1 out of 1million ang kaso, consider na problem agad?
      3. maps? hundreds of other maps ay nasa market.
      4. mahal – oo wala ka kasing pang bili.

    • iRam says:

      iNoCuent- Kasi walang kwenta. Pati ikaw! Hehehe…

  52. braddd says:

    Ok here’s a summary of reviews you can find all over the net with regards to iPhone 5 and Galaxy S3:

    Display: iPhone 5 beats the S3

    Camera: iPhone 5 beats the S3

    Performance: iPhone 5 beats the S3

    Durability: iPhone 5 beats the S3

    Funny how, on paper, Samsung have this looong description of specs on their phones that’s clearly just trying to hard sell you. On the paper, it’s as if the S3 is superior to that of the iPhone 5. But on real world applications, the iPhone 5 beats the crap out of the plastic S3.

    • Engot says:

      I smell something fishy on the big international tech websites. Is that the iMarketing?

    • To engot says:

      Your reply made you look like your name, ENGOT. What kind of test do you want?? The results are conclusive and clear. Why don’t you do the test yourself then??

      Bakit ganun ang mga fandroid, and daming excuses pag natatalo mga android nila. HAHAHAHA

  53. BATAS says:


  54. Danica says:

    iPhone 5 = over-rated and over-priced
    S3 FTW!

    • overprice says:

      I think, if you sum up all the engineering done and the quality of IP5, S3 overpriced. Same thing goes with the pansit in carenderia and pancit sa restaurant, parehas pancit pero iba ang luto, ingrdnts at sarap ng s resto. S3 and IP5 are great products, may mga tao lang n mahilig manira ng iba. Kanya-kanyang taste yan, kung mahal ung isa pabayaan mo na, hindi naman ikaw ang magbabayad eh. Tsaka wag tatanga-tanga.

  55. ip5sucks says:


  56. Mike M says:

    OMG. You guys keep on blasting Abe for this review, when it is not a review AT ALL. I will post again what I just said a page back and will add new insights to it:

    It’s an objective review. It’s basically a comparison of hardware of each phone. He never indicated it’s an “in depth” review. To quote what Abe specifically said in the 1st paragraph:

    “But OS aside, we looked at both devices and pit their hardware features against each other.”

    So as Abe is comparing “hardware” features, to reply to your first point, bigger IS better, hardware wise. PPI above 300 is barely noticeable. It’s just both are using different displays. Samsung with their AMOLED, Apple with their Retina Display. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Re: Drop test, wtf dude, if Apple did include that as a “feature”, then it surely would’ve won. But it’s not.

    Also, can you elaborate completely how unstable Android OS is? I have the 4S and the S3, and I can’t seem to find anything “unstable” about the Android OS. I have no qualms with the iOS either.

    Battery life, you do have a quad core running with the S3, including a larger screen, + other features running like NFC. And do remember iOS does not really do multi-tasking “properly”.

    And do remember, S3 was released a few months ahead of iPhone 5, which gives Apple time to “polish”.

    I love both my 4S and S3. But for the 40-50k price tag of the iPhone 5, vs. the 24-28k of the S3, I’d keep my 4S nalang then wait till the iPhone 5 price drops to the safe 30k (which I believe is the most logical pricing for that phone)

    Basically to the guys who were quick to give off a negative reaction to this article…

    …Read (and comprehend)

  57. alainL says:

    Really? You’re gonna tie the OS? iLost anyone? :)

  58. Nik says:

    This comparison is BS and the reviewer is a sellout! Cares more for page visits than the gadgets he reviews. Time to remove this site from my rss feeds…

  59. Madlang people says:

    Mobile OS security : i give iOS 10 out of 10, Android 6 out of 10. Damn, bakit may anti virus app sa Google play store? I believe Android accepts their OS can catch virus attacks, malware etc.

    Sa durability, watch this :



    S3 = DUROG, SMASHED. Hahah!

    Samsung Engineers are not good designers.
    Samsung marketing do the specs hype.

    • there is no perfect system. every OS is vulnerable even Apple iOS. over confident ka lang sa apple. pero apple can still be infected by viruses, depende na lang kung gaano kaingat ang user.

  60. prince says:

    both phones are not made to be dropped.

    talo si s3 sa drop test and that is true.
    but reasonable.

    lahat tayu nag aral ng physics at chemistry.

    remember s3 is about 30% bigger than s3.

    the bigger the greater the mass impact. kaya mas malaks impact kay s3 sa drop test.

    make iphone 5 as heavy and as big as s3 then do the drop test again.

    • Agree says:

      Yeah, I truly agree. Also, the angles on which the two smartphone were dropped are different that’s why S3 took the heavier blow. Check the video out.

    • gabriel says:

      tama ka sa sagot mo…kc nakinig ka sa teacher mo lol.. sana huwag gawin issue kung ano ang mas maganda s3 or iphone5..ios or andriod kc depende sa gumagamit.. in my openion i like andriod coz im free….walang kokontra

    • prince says:

      if you wanna be cool and get noticed go for iphone

      if you want to be cool and feel true freedom
      go for android lols

  61. prince says:

    i know lcd displays are way better than oled when it comes to naturality.

    OLED ar vibrant and saturated displays SAMSUNG even know that pero wonder bakit mas pinatitingkad pa nila? kasi most want it and it’s very vibrant….

    OLED is battery sv=aver too

  62. wengweng2003 says:

    “Build Quality. Samsung takes a bit of criticism for using plastic materials in the Galaxy S3′s body. Apple has been doing impressive work with the build quality and materials for the iPhone 5 with a combination of aluminum and glass parts in a thinner body. The iPhone 5 wins this round. Galaxy S3: 0, iPhone 5: 1.” sir abe, di po ba ito nga poor build quality at dents ang current problem ng early IP5 adopters?

  63. Gams says:

    Apple innovates while Samsung imitates.

  64. rene says:

    … matters to consider… memory 32 gig plus 32 gig, battery life 2400mah removalble, and files can easily be pasted on the SD cards without going thru tedious channels…

  65. if you still can’t decide between the two beasts
    anwering a series of funny questions might help :)

    not to troll anyone but these guys did a good job in bringing a non-biased samsung vs apple informative


  66. andre says:

    nakakatuwa ang mga posts nyo rito, ramdam na ramdam ang passion nyo para sa paborito ninyong phone.

    get a life, guys…these are just phones! :P

    • Andre says:

      Angas ! He he he… Important sa karamihan ang fone, like me. Connected kasi sa trabaho namin. Wag judgemental baka mapunta sa mental :)

  67. Manong Ben says:

    There is a worldwide bacon shortage and we are talking about this?

  68. guys who are planning to buy ip5… beware of the quality products you are getting…
    read this site…

  69. phil says:

    Many are lambasting the writer for his opinion.

    Common guys, don’t read reviews if you can’t accept the writer’s opinion.

    Reviews are done based on the user experience or preference.

    Don’t expect him to write a review just to satisfy your crave for news crowning your favorite toy as the best.

  70. len says:

    plastic or aluminum and glass body, does it matter? you’ll use protective case anyway. kaya siguro wapakels apple kahit alam na susceptible sa scratch yung aluminum kasi, lagyan din naman ng case e. same goes for S3, kahit plastic may protective case din naman. so pag iphone ndi mo rin ma-aapreciate kagandahan ng phone kung naka cover din naman ng case haha XD

  71. Rad says:

    dameng mga komento katamad, hehe..
    dame din android hater..
    still, mga ipfan masabe lang naka iphone, gaya nga ng sabe “status symbol” daw.
    masyado kampante ang apol sa IP4S&IP5 na kahit minor upgrades kikita pa din but in the long run slowly-slowdown-down na sila ng di nila namamalayan. minor_upgrades + very_expensive vs. major_upgrades + reasonable_price + open-source OS, san ka pa di ba plus the fact na mas madame ang mahihirap sa Pinas.

  72. LG Optimus G.
    Gangnam style rocks……………..

  73. Ree says:

    Sorry but this review fails in many respects.

    First, the new A6 processor as pointed out by AnandTech and as shown in recent benchmarks outperforms every other smartphone in the Market. Galaxy S3 is Quad Core but only the A6 managed to get a dual core (custom Armv7s) architecture in Samsung’s SOC. This means your galaxy s3 with 64 FPU is easily outgunned by the 128 dual FPU A6. Even Samsung itself could not get it right. FACT –

    Also please leave the reviewing to professionals like AnandTech, you sound like a marketing strategist for Samsung. This post is zero cred. Sorry

  74. Jeremy says:

    What? S3 wins on display? The only winning aspect of the s3 when it comes to display is it’s size. Then again, a lot of people wouldn’t want a huge 4.8″ in a phone. Like for me 4″ to 4.3″ is the ideal phone screen. The S3’s screen is pentile too (red,green,blue,green each pixel). Means even if the screen’s ppi is 306 or whatever, it would still show pixelation and turn everything greenish. Even it’s color gamut is way way beyond the proper calibration, making everything look fake, oversaturated, and far too different from what you would see on other monitors. While the iphone5’s sRGB(proper red,green,blue each pixel) screen has virtually perfect color gamut like the one on the new iPad. Meaning each and every color are represented faithfully. Even the display of HTC’s OneX shts on S3’s big time. Try viewing the same pic on the two phones and you’ll see the obvious difference.

  75. Pitchblack08 says:

    Before I used iP4s and I had a good time with it naman. Very simple and everything seems to be so useful. I’m satified sa connectivity nya and sa simple interface nya however there are missing features like Bluetooth connectivity, Can’t load music directly from the internet so I switched to Android I and currently using GS III and I am ulitmately satisfied with it kasi may mga features ung GS III na wala ung iPhone 4s which is to my advantage. Well, I’m not saying that iPhone not a great phone, infact it is. But for me mas d’best tlga ang GS III. I believe naman kasi na kanya kanya yan eh. We just have to use the phone to our advantage. Kung anu sa Tingin nyo mas useful yun nalang.

    Regarding this review, I can say biased siya. But cguro na sabi ng ng author to cuz’ he might be an android/GS III user.

    Bottom line, phone is a phone, it is now a basic need in which we use to call and send sms to our loved ones. The benchmarks can’t measure these.

  76. Cess says:

    Hindi naman porket mas malaki, mas panalo.. Pano dun sa iba na hindi kaya ng kamay yung bigger fones like GSIII.. Walang kwenta ang bigger fones if di ganun kaganda ang display.. And for me, apple’s retina display is the best.. And its iOS 6 is faster than others.. :))

  77. KurtTrevor says:

    Apple fanboys. Grow up. I love my S3.

    • Edu says:

      You should grow up. Now listen up.

      I love fanboys. I really do. I can see nothing wrong with someone liking something too much. Sure, the crazier fanboys may be deluded but who are they hurting?Â

      That’s why I will always back the fanboys in any argument with the troll or troll like flamebaiters. I don’t care if the trolls are right because they’re joyless gits who seem to enjoy ruining other people’s fun.Â

      Look at it this way, there are many popular artists who I don’t like but I don’t go and stand outside their concerts and make fun of their fans. If they’re having fun and not hurting anyone then I say good for them. Similarly there are some Apple fans who are deluded or who lack a sense of proportion but why should that matter? I don’t go to Blackberry fansites and take the piss out of them because of the plastic keyboards and falling sales. I don’t try to make Nokia fans feel bad for their preferred brand’s lack of recent success. I don’t tease and poke Samsung fans when the jury ruled  them to pay  over a billion dollar for blatant copying and willfully infringing on Apple’s design and IP. Why would I?Â

      I don’t consider you/them as  big Android fan/s but rather that you/they spend so much time flaming Apple. That’s a negative sort of fanboyism. It’s small minded and unpleasant.Â

      I love Apple products. If you or anyone else loves products by any other company, cool. It’s all about being happy, when you get down to it.

  78. dave says:

    Well first off I would take any android phone over any apple product.
    it’s a open market. Open source.
    More options & you can enjoy & learn to program if you like.
    Apple will not allow anything in there market they don’t approve first. In a way this is good but mainly bad.
    android has more free apps then apple.

    Yes apple has a better screen Better cpu but lacks in usage for us advanced people.
    Itunes will never be allowed on any of my pc’s nomatter how much you offer me. too many past security risks. Also apple can shut your phone down anytime they wish. Also they could uninstall your apps on you if they find them to be illegal etc.

    with android you don’t have those issues. & there is many syncing apps for android. Even for us we use linux which has many compatible apps.
    top apps for android for me would be airdroid, call control, unsure which nav app I like best yet. random rings (private), winamp & many many more.
    Oh ya did I forget to mention these are all free? Don’t forget lookout for when you misplace your cell.

    • Jeremy says:

      I dont really think you are an advanced user. Lol. Apple dont really lack usage. You just need to JAILBREAK it! That is, if you know how. I loved Android but arranging and customizing widgets gets old and boring. I even went to the point that i flash ROM after ROM on my S3. It gets boring i tell you. When it comes to iOS, it’s pretty boring to begin with so it never really gets old. S3 which has 4 cores stil lags. I dont know why the hell but the home screen keeps on reloading after doing something (browsing web) after a while and pressing home. Its annoying. And it never happens with my iPhone4 whoch is a single core phone. LOL. It all boils down to OS optimization. Android has a long way to go when it comes to OS optimization. My nexus 7 is as fluid as Android gets but still behind my iPad’s buttery fluidity. You don’t really get to use those widgets day to day. And all the Apps are free. Apple or Android. You just know how things work. And Appstore is better than Playstore by tenfold. At least for now. Especially the tablet market.

  79. aa` says:

    i still go with android, it always go over iOS excep stability. :) consider that android is still fresh, so there are stil a lot of things to be polished. but obviously, flexibility and customization android go over.

  80. Susan Micheal says:

    Great Post

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