iPhone 6S may not receive Force Touch feature, only 6S Plus

iPhone 6S may not receive Force Touch feature, only 6S Plus

Remember that article about a possible Force Touch feature to be seen on the next iPhone variants? Well it seems like the iPhone 6S Plus is the only one getting it according to recent rumors.


A report citing industry insiders familiar with the operations said that there will be a supplier of Force Touch sensors designed for the iPhone 6S Plus with no mention of making its way into the smaller iPhone 6S. This is not unlikely since there are also certain features of the current iPhone 6 Plus that isn’t seen on the iPhone 6 like optical image stabilization and landscape mode of the OS.


Again, for those unfamiliar, the Force Touch technology is a new way of sensing the pressure of the touch input giving users the flexibility to do different things just by the amount of pressure made on the display. This has been utilized by the Apple Watch but since it only has a a display of less than 2 inches diagonally, carrying it over to the 6S Plus’ 5.5-inch screen would reportedly cost 2.5 times more expensive than the sensor on the watch.

As of now none of this has been confirmed, but if it does it’s something that could set this upcoming flagship apart from its competition — for a higher price tag, maybe?


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