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Is there room for the Nokia C7?

We got this test unit, a Nokia C7, a couple weeks back and it’s got us thinking where Nokia is positioning this device (probably in the mid to high-end range) considering the Nokia N8 and Nokia E7 are clearly on top of the heap.

Announced in September last year, the Nokia C7 is relatively thin at just 10.5mm and has this great capacitive AMOLED display.

It’s got a pretty neat and solid design, sleek form factor and a relatively capable OS (Symbian still has gazillions of followers). The 8MP camera (f/2.8 – f/4.3) isn’t as impressive as its big brother, the N8. Still, the wide, scenic photos are pretty good and it can capture HD videos.

Nokia C7-00 specs:
3.5 AMOLED display @ 640×360 pixels
350MB internal memory
8GB mass storage
up to 32GB via microSD
680MHz CPU
8MP camera with dual LED flash
720p HD video recording @ 25fps
WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
HSDPA 10.2MBps, HSUPA 2.0Mbps
Bluetooth 3.0
FM Radio Tuner
FM Transmitter
1200mAH battery

It’s a bit disappointing though that when transferring HD videos into the device, it gets converted and compressed so it turns out a bit pixelated in the AMOLED screen. What I liked the best is the Ovi Maps which loads without internet connection and the data on Metro Manila and other key cities are very detailed.

The Nokia C7 is still selling for around Php15,500 in stores. At that price point, it still has some leg room to fill considering the N8 is still in the Php20k range. You can check out the full review here.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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29 Responses

  1. joey says:

    another thing to note about the C7 is that it has NFC support. it probably was the first NFC enabled phone that had arrived in the Philippines.

    • Marvin says:

      LOL. nfc is still years away from being ubiquitous here in the PH.
      hindi naman magagamit yang feature na yan dito. sayang lang binayad mo sa extra feature

  2. Paul says:

    What other smartphone out there has an 8MP camera in the 15k range?

    • L says:

      but this one doesn’t have auto-focus which is a real deal-breaker. what’s the sense of 8 MP if u can’t take decent focus on your shots?

      and I saw recently the original sony ericsson x10 being sold at 16K and the samsung galaxy s at 17k++, which I think is a better deal in terms of OS than this one.

  3. Mark says:

    NFC in a phone is crap, read on mmc or usims. NFC will be integrated in sim cards, it’s so much safer and convenient.
    Plus NFC in the Philippine? Ummm like it’s gonna ever happen soon, once it does the c7 will be more than obsolete.

  4. Sabana says:

    You can choose not to convert the video when copying it.

  5. marvin says:

    no more room left…

    all rooms are currently occupied by android.

  6. nexusboy says:

    when you said “Symbian OS with gazillion of followers”, you’re not referring to the same whatever Symbian version it has on C7.

    you are referring to the outdated S60 software platform with handsets like the N70, N90, 5530, 5580, N97, etc.

    btw, there’s no room for crap.
    Nokia = crap.

    • E says:

      Nokia is a very huge and rich company and you are calling it crap… if nokia is a crap then you are just a dust to nokia… stupid…

      nokia N8 and Samsung Galaxy user here…

    • nexusboy says:

      i don’t mind if you call me stupid. check out the NOKIA stores in major Philippine malls, it’s empty most of the time. Nokia is shutting down stores in Europe and probably elsewhere. Nokia said it themselves, nosedive in market share.. if that ain’t crap, i don’t know what is not crap to you. LOL

    • bong says:

      Nokia is still the number 1! boy, let’s face it.. your apple and droid are still a fraction of the market..Iphone is just an apple nice to look and touch..and still a fruit of pinoy’s desire..captive market U.S style..droid might be the future..but wait when the empire strikes back…

  7. yuga says:

    @nexusboy – but let’s face it, data shows those numbers are still in the tens of millions.

  8. christian says:

    What will happen to it’s Ovi services?

  9. Dredd says:

    When transferring HD videos to it, C7 will ask you to convert it or not. No, I have not noticed any pixelation of any HD video i’ve copied.

    HD video capture is great, producing crisp videos. Taking pictures on the 8MP camera produces somewhat grainy, sometimes fuzzy pics, but it’ll do.

    I’m no hardcore gamer, but playing HD games on the C7 rocks! Touchscreen is responsive, accelerometer has no lag and the screen just captivates you :)

  10. yuga says:

    @Dredd – did not notice that conversion prompt. It’s possible the MP$ movie I transferred is not supported so it was converted automatically.

  11. wreek888 says:

    i rather buy galaxy s 19003 for 16K galaxy s little brother

  12. 1001 says:

    between this and nokia c6-01, which is better?

  13. Treck says:

    I think that Nokia C7 covers all the basics and if you want to do more with your handset, you’re free to download whatever apps you like from Ovi Store. You can even turn it into a good ereader and read ebooks with mbooks app or turn it into a console with so many nice games out there :P

    • keshy says:

      For more information of what mBooks can do or if you already have it and encountered problems, watch this video on youtube called “Nokia mBooks Hands On Presentation”

  14. nexusboy says:

    as of the latest count, the biggest market in smartphones, which is the USA, Nokia’s Symbian OS market share dropped to a shameful 2 percent. TWO PERCENT symbian phones guys. :(

    • bong says:

      Smart phones are just a segment of the phone industry,boy. and your U.S of A does not represent the whole market..it is simple to understand why symbian has only 2% share of U.S’s market..they have have only 1 model there, nokia astound or c7..Please imagine how many brands and OS are flooding in your U.S of A? having 2 percent share in a single model is a quite accomplishment boy..

  15. E says:

    @bong hehe i love that us of a.. lol

  16. karl says:

    *i haven’t seen anybody using nokia C7 yet. Symbian OS is dead/dying already. Nokia is migrating to Windows OS and I think its a smart move. No offense Nokia Fan boys.

  17. Jm says:

    I’m proud to say that there is still room for Nokia C7. Tried & tested it already for few months now with no regrets of buying it and it is worth the money. It really depends on how you maximize the potentials of your device. I don’t give a f*** on the race between diff. OS/Brands on the phone industry as long as I’m enjoying the phone I’m with at the moment.

    is a happy Nokia C7 user! (:

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