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Lenovo P700 in the flesh, dual-SIM ICS for Php11k

There have been quite a number of dual-SIM Android phones in the market. One handset that caught a lot of attention lately is the Lenovo P700, not just for its affordable price but for its battery capacity as well.

Lenovo Mobile is fairly new in the Philippine market but it has already made a lot of buzz for its relatively unique offerings.

Most of the handsets released in the Philippines are dual-SIM handsets running Android OS (we also have the Lenovo A65 to review).

The Lenovo P700 is its flagship smartphone, although the specs actually is more positioned as a mid-range handset. Nevertheless, in the dual-SIM category, the P700 is already a high-end unit.

So far, here is the most complete hardware specifications we got from the unit.

Lenovo P700 specs:
4.0″ IPS LCD @ 800×480 pixels, 240ppi
MediaTek MT6575 1.0GHz (1GHz ARM Cortex-A9 CPU)
PowerVR SGX531 graphics
4GB internal storage
up to 32GB via microSD
3G/HSPA (dual-SIM)
WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
Bluetooth 2.1
5MP autofocus rear camera
720p video recording
VGA front-facing camera
GPS w/ aGPS support
FM Radio tuner
2500mAh Li-Ion battery
Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich

While it is a tri-band dual-SIM handset, only one SIM is supported for 3G while the other one is just 2G.

Also notice the high-capacity battery included in the handset. At 2,500mAh, it’s by far the highest we’ve seen in any Android phone, a title it shares with the Galaxy Note.

Four things that makes the Lenovo P700 very attractive, given that the suggested retail price is Php10,999.

  • Most entry-level to mid-range Android handsets aren’t on ICS right out of the box so the P700 gets a point for having ICS pre-installed.
  • Pretty decent specs for a dual-SIM device. Most dual-SIM devices are in the entry-level category. The P700’s closest competitor is the recently launched HTC Desire V but that’s a wide Php6,000 price difference between the two.
  • IPS LCD makes the P700 more appealing to a lot of customers who are particular with display quality. And you’re getting a 4-inch screen too.
  • High-capacity battery. At 2,500mAh, we’re hoping that it will compensate for the additional active SIM card it has to power.

We’ve also been tweaking around and found that Lenovo has made great efforts to customize and add native apps for the P700. The UI reminds us of the one in the K1 tablet, the icons are completely spherical, and extra apps and built-in features like the Power On/Off Scheduler makes you appreciate the extra work (it’s a pretty neat feature, actually, as it saves on battery).

Lenovo does not have a name to that custom UI they have here but that “Lotus” widget which appears by default on the homescreen makes us want to call it the Lenovo Lotus UI.

We also ran a couple of benchmarks to see if that MediaTek chip is comparable to other single-core 1GHz processors out there.

So far, the scores of 1,990 for Quadrant and 3,529 for Antutu Benchmark are quite decent. Same goes with the 22.4fps score gained from NenaMark2.

So far, based on our initial impressions, the Lenovo P700 seems like a pretty interesting handset. It does have an appeal to those looking for a more powerful dual-SIM smartphone.

We’ll put the handset to its paces and let you know once we’re done with our full review.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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42 Responses

  1. rocketlog says:

    very interesting handset. hope to hear about how long the battery lasts on a fairly moderate real-life usage.

  2. eonzerimar says:

    sana sirAbe bumaba pa price nito till octobr! hehe waiting for the full review

  3. Gorilla Glass display? Cam has flash?

  4. Eka says:

    Very interesting. Might consider buying it if the price will go down a bit. Keep us posted Sir Abe. :)

  5. jarod_0122 says:

    Nice spec & price.Only that it didnt specify wether it’s Memory is expandable or not.Nevertheless I have high hopes for this phone since it’s Lenovo.

  6. ajb says:

    I’m pretty sure that just by looking at the specs that there will be expandable mem slot. They also have a promo that gives you a free belkin mobile charger.

    Very nice phone!

  7. Tweets says:

    Very nice specs for its price and brand.

  8. wapski says:

    I bought one for 10.4K cash.. Complete with free Belkin portable charger.. It has a MicroSD slot and I’m currently using a 32GB one.. My 720p movies worked without lags..

  9. Dwengster says:

    Sir Abe… how about the Lenovo A65 vs A60 review as well? The A60 boasts tethering and wifi hotspot capabilities which I think could be of worth for those who tote lotsa gadgets while mobile.

  10. garz says:

    The Razr Maxx has 3300 mAh…

  11. reduviid says:

    hope you could include the interface while using to send sms or call from the contacts list and when entering a new number, threaded sms?, video/image capture, playing videos on 720p, file copying, browser loading in the full review and a comparison with the htc desire V.

  12. seraphica says:

    i like this phone!!

    sana meron na nyan dito sa SM Pamp.. :D

  13. giogagz says:

    @wapski ask q po sir qng nagoofline ang sim 2 qng ienable ang data at usb tethering ang sim1. Meron aq alcatel 918n at nakaoffline ang sim2 while using data sa sim1. Meaning qngmagiinternet ka using data ng sim1 d na makareceive ng call at text sa sim2.

  14. Wow, this phone seems to be what I need! I am excited to buy this phone plus it has a very budget friendly price. Nice phone!

  15. Oliver Twist says:

    hmm… walang LED flash yung rear camera?

  16. Emilioaquino says:

    Which is the better lg L5 or lenovo p700 pls reply

  17. Kel says:

    Got my LENOVO A65 just only last monday and this is really a cool smartphone!Price is good, And when it comes to web surfing this smartphone is really good and its fast and very responsive.

    Looking forward to read the review about the lenovo a65


  18. tricelaron says:

    how long is battery life? standby and talktime?

  19. 009 says:

    kanina pumunta ako sa sm cyberzone sa megamall out of stock daw sayang tsk.

  20. batman says:

    Are you guys encountering problems with foursquare app using this phone?

  21. rakkenzo says:

    Where can I download this firmware (ROM) for Lenovo P700 as photo?

  22. rakkenzo says:

    Please, send me original ROM (ROW) which installed on your phone. Thank you!

  23. kk says:

    dimensions of this phone?

  24. nonie says:

    sir Abe,
    Good Day.
    Maitanong ko lang, saan dito sa Cebu makabili nitong Lenovo P700? Thanks. Waiting for your reply. God bless!

  25. jerich says:

    where does this phone originate?or where it is made or manufactured?

    • Dennis says:

      Hi this phone is Made in China. I purchased the model Lenovo A65 yesterday. Lenovo is a Chinese company that bought IBM’s PC/Hardware business. They also make Laptops , Netbooks and Desktop PC.

  26. maitanong ko lang po kung merun po siya nitong mga kelangan ko sa trabaho:

    1. office applications + PDF reader
    2. GPS
    3. support for AVI and MKV files (for fun too :D )

    • Dennis says:

      I bought the P700 last Saturday. Yes i was able to install the PDF Reader, GPS included and standard for both A65 and P700. Yes AVI is supported but i had to download additional media players on Google Playstore to play my mp4 clip.

      1. office applications + PDF reader – YES
      2. GPS – YES
      3. support for AVI and MKV files (for fun too :D ) – YES

      Helpful apps i have downloaded.

      Swift Key – more efficient way of typing
      Cam Scanner – turns your camera into a doc scanner
      MP3 Ringtone maker – turns your mp3 music file into short ringtones.

      Note : the included headesets with the units are not very good. It’s better if you replace them otherwise you will think the unit has crappy music output which it does not.


    • Rayvic S. says:

      to sir dennis.. yep indeed hndi ganun kaganda ung earphones na kasama.. hndi din nagana ung samsung at htc na earphones sa p700 ko.. anong earphones brand gmit mo sir? salamat..

  27. maitanong ko lang po kung merun po siya nitong mga kelangan ko sa trabaho:

    1. office applications + PDF reader
    2. GPS
    3. support for AVI and MKV files (for fun too :D )

  28. Lee Min Joo says:

    Kakabili ko lang ng phone na to. Tanong ko lang po kung saan yung enter key sa qwerty pads nito para magkarong ng space? Hindi kasi ako makapag space pag mag cocompose ako ng messege like pag mag GM ako.

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