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Mobile Phone Vendors Ranked by Units Sold/Shipped in 2015

We recently got hold of a document that shows number of units sold/shipped by mobile phone brands in the Philippines. The list consists of over two dozen vendors both local and international.

Do note that the figures below include all feature phones and smartphones.

 Q1 2015Q2 2015Q3 2015Total
Cherry Mobile312,172740,969532,5031,585,644
Arc Mobile22,54810,2836,42339,254

The chart above shows Cherry Mobile and Samsung almost neck and neck in terms of volume (although Samsung still leads the pack in terms of value).

The numbers for MyPhone are not complete but since they’ve been consistently in the top 5, we reckon the first two quarters are in the 6 digits as well.

Lenovo was also very strong in the 1st half of the year but seemed to have slowed down significantly in the 3rd quarter.

Asus on the other hand looks to be very strong this year and already hit the 500,000 mark by the 3rd quarter but might miss their 1 million target for the year.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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16 Responses

  1. greenb says:

    could you at least sort all of them out? alphabetically or by the number of units sold? the table is so messy.

  2. Easy E says:

    Not sorted.

  3. Tam. says:

    It is sorted out, from highest to lowest in terms of total 2015 units sold.

  4. archie says:

    Zero sales ang nokia noong q3? Umiyak siguro ang philippines head manager sa 3 months overhead expense na napunta sa wala.

  5. Paolo says:

    How many Cherry Mobile devices from Q1 still work at this point compared to Samsungs of the same period…? Just wondering.

  6. Mil says:

    3rd ang myphone pero N/A ang sales nila

  7. Zobel says:

    wawang Sony hahaha! The fight is not over until we can vanquish this brand ahahaha!

    • hack__you says:

      mas kawawa ang hinde bumibili ng sony, they are missing a lot. waterproof, best sensor and lens combination, top of the line specs. mahina lang marketing ng sony but their prices are very competitive especially the previous generations z2 and z3 are priced very close to zenfone 2. i’d say get previous generation sony instead of getting mid class from other brands.

  8. Roni says:

    Xiaomi lazada exclusive strategy failed. I think they started selling on retail stores in the 3rd quarter that’s why their sales improve a lot. This should be a lesson to others.

  9. Ian Bolipata says:

    Most of the phones sold via exclusive in Lazada ends up failing in the next generation. Puro kasi hingi lang ang Lazada ng pera.

  10. jironm says:

    Nokia’s Q3 is zero? Are Microsoft and Nokia separate entities in the PH market? Siguro naman nagbebenta pa rin ng feature phones ang Nokia pero wala lang na data, o hindi kaya kasama na sa sales ng Microsoft?

    • Syntax says:

      Sa pagkakaalam ko Microsoft din naghahandle ng feature phones na Nokia. Ginagamit lang nila yung brand name until the year it expires (forgot the year). Pero yung sales sa Microsoft pa rin napupunta.

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