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Race to the Gigabit: PLDT Fiber vs. Globe Fiber Compared

With PLDt and Globe finally announcing the availability of fiber internet up to 1Gbps, it will only be a matter of time that more and more locations will be covered by the fiber roll-out.

Globe Platinum offers between 50Mbps to 1Gbps while PLDT Fiber has a Lite version at 8Mbps then starts fiber at 20Mbps right up to 1Gbps. Globe has already announced that the 1Gbps line costs Php9,499 a month while PLDT has not yet made any confirmation (Our source says it’s also around Php10,000).

PLDT offers free access to Cignal, iFlix and Fox content while Globe offers free Spotify, NBA and access to Hooq.

At the moment, Globe’s fiber plans are much more affordable compared to PLDT with the 50Mbps only at Php2,499 compared to PLDT’s Php5,800 for the same speed. PLDT’s 200Mbps is currently at Php20,000 but Globe is offering the same 200Mbps for only Php4,499.

Currently, only around 80 villages and condominiums have the fiber line (see full list here).

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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26 Responses

  1. Rabbitkun says:

    Pldt hasn’t updated their offerings yet with the announced one so this comparison is utter pointless.

  2. Both Marketing Teams should be transparent to the public and people should learn. how many Mbps are really allocated to the customers, “bit” is very different from “byte”. 8 bit is equals to 1 byte.


  3. boggart says:

    so where is bayantel?

    • Jan says:

      Acquired by Globe Telecom, one of my friend is currently working for BayanTel and they are already being retrained under Globe Telecom.

  4. Weng says:

    I hope they will release updated price plans. Can’t wait to see what PLDT will be offering

    • Rabbitkun says:

      Yep, i’m waiting din for PLDT’s offering, tried globe’s home broadband before and it’s definitely suckier, kaya we went back to pldt

  5. annon says:

    Hawak na po ni Globe c Bayan/tel

  6. kzap says:

    What does UNLI mean exactly? is it another deceptive term to make you think UNLIMITED when that is not the truth?

    and what is the speed of the connect to say Hong Kong or California? I doubt it will be as advertised.

  7. vhortex says:

    Race to gigabit ang PLDT is marketing a “1 Gigabyte” connection. That speed race is nothing compared to PLDT’s guarantee of 1 mbps connection.

    That is their new “business model”.. 1mbps connection regardless of plan is not valid for support. So kindly enjoy using 1mbps connection for the 1gigabit plan (even if PLDT is boasting it as 1 gigabyte)

  8. 007covalentbond says:

    Any thoughts about au’s telecom company telstra?

  9. padre says:

    The fastest plans to rip you off your hard earned money. No better than Ponzi Networking schemes these days.

  10. Competition is always good for the consumer, especially the small business owner. Good job, Globe. Real-life economies of scale at work.

  11. kill says:

    what does “**” and “*” means for Globe.

  12. justSaying says:

    fibr lite is 20mbps not 8mbps :)

  13. antiGobe says:

    Ito talagang Yugatech, tuta ng Globe. I-compare ba naman yung bagong Platinum Plan offerings ng Globe sa lumang Fiber ng Plans ng PLDT! Mayroon pang “at the moment”….Edi sana hinintay muna yung bago ng PLDT. Marami pa namang pwedeng i-feature sa blog na ito. Or i-report na lang na stand alone article yung update ni Globe na Platinum Plans. So ibig lang sabihin, nagamit ang article na ito for marketing strategy ng Globe :) Hehe

    Tapos binaggit na available sa 80 villages and condo’s ang Globe Platinum pero hindi binanggit na available na ang Fiber ni PLDT sa hundreds even thousands villages sa Pinas. Halatang halata ang objective ng article na ito. Hehe

  14. Isn’t Globe 1Gbps only available in 6 villages here in Metro Manila such as Bel-Air among others? Those are the ones with asterisk in this list: http://www.yugatech.com/globe-platinum-home-broadband-covered-areas/

    Packaging the locations that has 1Gbps connection mixed among everywhere else is deceiving. Makes you think the said speed is available in all those locations. No disclaimer were even put in the list. Tsk tsk.

  15. Jun from QC says:

    The PLDT FIBR promo is a hoax. I got the Fibr plan over a month ago but up to now Cgnal is not connected. For them to install the Cgnal, they are asking me to upgrade my payment by P800. Because of this I wanted to stop my service but they say I can’t because I am locked in.

    What a cheap trick!!!

    I hope DTI will take note of this.

    • nel from cebu says:

      ang globe consumable na lahat may data allowance samantalang ang pldt unli

    • Burgaloids says:

      Did you ever check the plan kung kasama ba talaga yung Cignal sa package?
      And please why bother with an add-on!?
      That should be the least reason why one shall stop the service. What was mainly offer is the internet, not that Cignal.

  16. Armando A. Esperanza says:

    Okay po ba yung globe unli fiber (5mbps) sa san bartolome novaliches QC?

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