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Most Popular Mobile Phones of All Time

When I was in Gummersbach last month, we had a round-table discussion on tech and mobile phones were among the topics we discussed. I did a quick survey from the 23 country reps and asked which is the most popular phone model in their country.

Surprisingly, our quick poll actually guessed the most popular phone of all time. Here’s the run down from what I got from a quick search:

Blackberry by Research in Motion (RIM)
Total Units Sold: 12 Million
Life span: 1999 – present

LG Chocolate by LG Electronics
Total Units Sold: 15 Million
Life span: 2006 – present
LG Chocolate


Motorola Razr
Total Units Sold: 50 Million (between 2004 – 2006 only)
Life span: 2004 – present
Motorola Razr

Nokia 3310 (also called 3330 in other regions)
Total Units Sold: 126 Million
Life Span: 2000 – 2005
Nokia 3310

Nokia 1100
Total Units Sold: 200 Million
Life span: 2003 – present
Nokia 1100

In comparison, Apple CEO Steve Jobs recently announced that they’ve already sold 2 Million iPhones in the last 6 months. At that rate, Apple’s looking to hit their 10 Million mark in 2 more years.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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15 Responses

  1. rhodyl says:

    my phone is still 3310… sana may mag donate ng blackberry.. hehehe

  2. rod says:

    nawala na fondness ko sa cellphone, now im happy with my 1100

  3. Ederic says:

    Pag nagkaroon na ng Palm na may wifi, siguradong madaragdagan yang list.

  4. BrianB says:

    LG and Moto RAZR are the two phones iPhone wishes to emulate. Same price range when they first came out (RAZR and Chocolate were actually more expensive).

    But, Abe, those were naive times when there were too few models to choose from.

  5. Ederic says:

    Admob’s top handset in the US and the world is also from Motorola — KRZR K1c– according to its latest Mobile Metrics.

  6. Win $250 says:

    Models seems to change every 6 months here in the UK. be it a nokia, motorolla etc…

  7. ryann says:

    would you believe im using 3210? hehehe…i think its the best phone. hindi takaw nakaw. at least ngayon di na ako matututukan ng baril sa ulo habang hinoholp up.

  8. j4s0n says:

    Hi Abe, Can you link us the the source info?

  9. Ade says:

    I just knew I’ll see a 3310 in the list. Heh.

  10. Tiffany says:

    I wanna own an 1100 :))

  11. chase says:

    I like most phones from LG. I now own a LG Shine which is somewhat a big brother of LG Chocolate but just made of metal

  12. bernard says:

    LG Chocolate is one of the coolest cp thre

  13. Felix says:

    I dig the WIKI doodle bug dual SIM cell phone. New on the block but demonstrates performance and value…

  14. Se3D03 says:

    I miss my 3310!!! hinabol ko pa yung jeep na napagiwanan ko nun.

    It was a truly sturdy phone.

    Curse the guy who got it and called me, but never brought it back.

  15. makanokia says:

    I still own n3310, n3210, n5110 and n5210, all operational and 5210 is still in use today by my sister.

    I love my n5210 because it’s very durable. I threw it 15meters long and my cousin didn’t even caught it. yet its still operational as of today.

    Although I smash my n5110 on the cement wall, It survived but requires change of casing and resolder some of its components, yet its still operational as of now.

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