Poll: How much should a PH domain cost?

Poll: How much should a PH domain cost?

Since we’re still on the subject of the PH domain pricing, I thought a poll from our readers here is in order. Andre left a good point in the comments. As a PH reseller, I once contemplated on heavily investing in the domains and sell it the sub-Php1,000 range. So our poll question is, how much should the PH domain cost that will convince you to buy?

I limited the choices from Php600 to Php1,200. If the results are reasonable, I might get some investors and push this thru.


The premise is that, dotPH pricing will remain the same at $35. However, other service providers or PH domain resellers can buy in huge bulk (in the thousands) and possibly offer it in retail at a much lower price. If consumers can be convinced to move and get a PH domain at a sound price-point, then lowering the retail price is possible (but obviously not at the .com levels).

Cast your ballots in our poll section.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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40 Responses

  1. jdGONEMAD says:

    Hello master yuga,

    A .com just costs around $10 per year. That’s less than Php500. So I voted for Php600. The cheaper, the better.

    OT: musta?


    jdGONEMAD (dale)

  2. BrianB says:

    Should be cheapest price.

  3. 600..it will sell like hotcakes and the .ph domain will explode in popularity..

  4. Win $250 says:

    £5 – £10 maximum.beyond that is ridiculous.

  5. Gabriel says:

    i think 600 its okey! but higher than 600 is kinda ridiculous.

  6. bryanboy says:

    Definitely cheaper than $10.

    But then again, I don’t own any .ph or .com.ph domains. Their pricing is horrendous. I have over 700 domain names and all of them are .coms with a few .nets and .orgs somewhere.

    Anyhoo, in this day and age of globalization, I still wouldn’t buy a .ph domain. It’s too pinoy centric.

  7. Arnel says:

    sana Php400 na lang per year….

  8. Dyimz says:

    okay na 600 per year..=]

  9. Bob Reyes says:

    Should be around Php600-Php800 so that every Pinoy can afford to have his/her own .PH

  10. rod says:

    kakarenew lang namin ng domain for about Php1499.

  11. andre says:

    It should be at the same price as .com/.net/.org. I mean, come on! How difficult is it to enter those DNS info into a server?

    The cheaper they set the price, the more people will avail of them. So kahit dun makakabawi pa rin naman sila kung anumang investment ginawa nila.

  12. Win $250 says:

    it seems that the consensus is about

  13. andre says:

    wala lang sa choices but i’d say P 450. pero kung ikakalugi ni dotPH, ok na ako sa P 600 :P ha ha

  14. The poll needs al ower figure than 600 phP which was my forced choice.

    Late last year there was an authoritative discussion in the US that suggested registrars ‘break even’ at about $1 USD per year. The rest is profit and ICANN fees. If a company with the overheads and advertising expense of, say, Godaddy can make money … big money … at $10USD per year any well-run Filipino company can make money at 600 phP … more than $14 USD.

    The US suffered from this same monopoly price gouging for years until the sole right was taken away from Network Solutions … and guess what, NetSol still makes money at the low, more reasonable rates.

    This should be worked out in reasonable negotiation between members of a democracy, not in slanging and vitriol, but worked out it should be … or so this resident kano opines.

  15. L.A says:

    Yeah it should be around Php600.00! So every Pinoy can use a .ph or .com.ph domain for a blog :D

  16. I hear the dot me market will soon be open and there should be a lot of people looking forward to buying in these because of the market appeal.

    Check out my post about the dotme domains.

    • erickjohncuevas says:

      dot me domains are cheaper than dot ph, infact i have one dot me, the rest are com, net and org

  17. Ederic says:

    Okay na yung P600 kung talagang di na nila maibaba. Tsk tsk. Wala talagang mananaga sa Pilipino kundi ang kapwa Pilipino.

  18. joelmreyes says:

    should be around 600..

  19. rhyan says:

    600 each

    Promo: 1000 if you bought 2 domains :D

  20. marhgil says:

    kelangan ba talaga ng poll? obviously, people will choose the cheapest price. :) 600 i think, is still expensive.

    • erickjohncuevas says:

      The poll is useless, if we want to lower dot ph cost we need to have a petition and submit it to the senate or congress to address our concern.

  21. akeii says:

    [quote]Okay na yung P600 kung talagang di na nila maibaba. Tsk tsk. Wala talagang mananaga sa Pilipino kundi ang kapwa Pilipino.[/quote]
    pilipino lang ba? basta ccTLD, mahal talaga.
    have you checked the price of .jp’s? $140+ per year.

    but going back, ayokong maging mas mababa pa sa .com and price ng .ph. siguro pwede na ang Php1000, that’s roughly about $25 per 1 year. well, that’s just me.

  22. reych says:

    i think P600 to P800 will do. it’s not that heavy on the pocket.

  23. I am willing to pay P1000 for a .ph domain. Making it cheaper would just encourage cyber squatting and decrease its sense of exclusivity.

    To be honest, $35 is not so bad really, considering the weakening dollar, but dotph should definitely follow the exact exchange rate and give discounts to those who register a domain for 2 years or more. I mean come on, they keep on displaying $35 for 1 year, $70 for 2 years, I can do the kindergarten math myself! Just remove the $70 if there isn’t gonna be any discount for a 2 year registration.

    One good example of .ph’s brand impact and exclusivity is technogra.ph. Having a .ph domain is like driving a bmw or mercedes while a .com is like driving your average car.

  24. I just bought gamer.ph, 2 years for P2,870! Now what am I gonna do with it…

    Most of the cool sounding names (domain hacks) are already taken including mor.ph, gly.ph, nym.ph,, oom.ph. Pero karamihan wala naman mga laman sayang lang.

    Napansin ko lang, medyo mabagal site ng dotph, I think they should reinvest some of their “extra” income into better server infrastructure.

  25. lady says:

    i’m actually planning to get my own dot com or dot ph domain. I’m voting for 400php – $10- 600php.. the cheaper the better and it will encourage pinoy blogspot users to finally get their own domains.

  26. marvin says:

    i am willing to pay for $70 for .ph domains. why? my domain name is my personal brand. why invest in a cheap domain if the domain would sounds like brugodoytongstogodongstoy.com?! there’s are still good names available in .coms….but there’s more..i mean more in .ph domains…its just a matter of personal preferences.

  27. Negosyante says:

    I agree with marvin. $35/year for a .ph is actually cheap considering the weakening dollar and the availability of “good” domains. Making it cheaper will just ruin its brand. If you want a cheap domain say $10 or less then simply go for the usual .com or .net (good luck finding available good names). A .ph domain is like a vanity plate, reserved only for the individual with a discerning taste.

  28. Hi,

    I have a website now and was registered free.the domain name extension is .co.cc, which i find hard to remember.

    Im currently looking out to register my site with .com .net, second choices are .biz or ,info

    what would you guys recommend?

    budget? maybe from US$5-10


  29. erick says:

    dot com now can be purchased for $9, while dot ph is around $35. Dot ph is very much expensive, i think Joel should reduce the prices if we want to compete, i love to use the dot ph domain but considering the cost.

  30. erick says:

    most people will remember .com domain rather than .ph.

  31. Carlos says:

    we are offering dotPH at P,1300/year. Cheaper than dotPH.

  32. Thanks for posting this info. If you’re putting up a business in the Philippines it is much better to use a .com.ph but if you’re starter you can also use a .com site.

    By the way I have created also some article regarding .edu.ph domain. If your interested you might check this link that I have created.


  33. Tolit says:

    The answer is simple 5-10$, if i were the gov, i would give it for free to anyone with a none ad site.

    For the same reason as the sari-sari 10millions of licenses you need is the sole reason for zero advancement in the Philippines.

    China did the change long ago, it’s simple… in a world were we are slave of the state(income tax), until the state got is s**t together, they better of letting the slave feed themselves.

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