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Nokia 500 with 1GHz processor announced!

Nokia has just revealed the Nokia 500, the first 1GHz Symbian smarpthone (it’s also their 2nd smarpthone that runs on a 1GHz processor, next to the N9).

The phone looks like the Nokia C5-03 with with better, design-wise but with better hardware.

Nokia 500
3.2″ display @ 360×640 pixels
1GHz processor
2GB internal storage
up to 32GB via microSD
HSDPA 14.4Mbps, HSUPA 5.76Mbps
WiFi 802.11 b/g
Bluetooth 2.1
5MP camera
GPs w/ aGPS support
FM radio tuner
1100mAh battery
Symbian Anna OS

See teaser video below:

The Nokia 500 should be out before end of this quarter.

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35 Responses

  1. JM says:

    hell yeah! They just announced the Nokia N9 right? that’s why people don’t like buying nokia products. they are prone from being obsolete fast.

  2. JunJun says:

    I want this nokia 500 although I’m a my|phone loyalist.

  3. daniel says:

    what a cheap name… nokia “500” haha ang baduy talaga. no wonder bakit bagsak na kayo… name pa lang… nakakatamad na haha

  4. Cocopako says:

    So whats new?

  5. geogetski666 says:

    too little too late agin nokia XD

  6. Jon says:

    What a waste. Symbian is dead. Why bother?

  7. J.J. says:

    I hope the price is below 10K…

    can’t wait to have it..

    • Raph says:

      Expect a price of around 9,000 php since this was announced to be priced at 150 Euros (All-in=Plus Taxes).

  8. jay says:

    what a waste. 1GHz processor on a phone with such specs? they should have added this to N8 or E7!

  9. kv says:

    daming galit na galit sa nokia ah. bakit ano bang phone nyo?
    sa ugali nyo siguro naka cherry mobile lang kayo o myphone.
    o nabigyan kayo ng android phone for free hahaha

    • Jon says:

      I used to be a Nokia user several years ago. Problem with Nokia is they are stubborn. Kung nag Android na rin sila, baka sila pa rin number 1. I dont hate Nokia, sayang lang sila. Poor business decisions.

      I use my own money to buy my phones. Di bale na medyo mahal, as long as it fits my needs.

    • daniel says:

      ako naka nokia!! okay naman kc ung nokia panget lng ung OS nya ang raming may gus2 sa nokia nagagalit lng sila dhil nga sa OS.. buti nga ngayon may windows phone na sila!! sana marelease na!!!!!!!!! magkano kaya???

  10. cv says:

    kung ayaw nyo di wag. its your choice masyado kayo mayabang.

  11. NokiaBoy says:

    Im a nokia user and fan but with this kind of model they built, Im sad to say that it won’t click in the market. Why? Check the specs, there is nothing new about it except of course for the 1GHz processor & Symbian Anna OS other than that it has the same features like the other old models. This phone will probably cost 6-7K only and it targets the budget conscious consumers.

  12. Ryan says:

    1Ghz is more than enough and Symbian Anna should do the task. I think those who don’t like Nokia wants more from their phone. But come to think of it why do you really need a phone that’s more than 1Ghz? It should be more than enough – basic document editing, mobile browser, text, call, music and video.

    • Raph says:

      I slightly agree. This Nokia 500 has the 1 Ghz Arm 11 processor but dropped the GPU (which I think is more important with Symbian^3-Anna-‘Belle’-‘Catherine’-‘Dianna’-‘Et Cetera’ LOL). I love Nokia but at current prices the C6-01 is a better deal because it has the GPU, the excellent CBD screen, and can decode 720p video like the rest of the Symbian^3 line. In a few month though when the price of this drops drops drops maybe 3K cheaper than the Nokia C6-01 this will be quite a deal.

      I am liking the looks of the Black Nokia 500 with the Red Back Cover though… for most basic to normal users this might be pretty sufficient…for people more tech-saavy for the similar price they would probably get the C6-01. (I wouldn’t even dare think about an Android phone at the 12k php price range. You get more with a Nokia C6-01 vs a Samsung Galaxy Ace/HTC Wildfire S.)

  13. nebula says:

    Nokia n8 (680 MHz) running Symbian Belle


  14. Does it mean that you can rely on this phone for speed and consistency in data transfer and signal.

  15. Name: IC DeaDPiPoL says:

    Would been better if they’d market this phone or an upcoming phone that can be upgraded/dualboot with Windows7Mobile

  16. Juice me you pour favour! Kiyeme ng mga fandroids. Ano naman ang advantage ng crapdroid over symbian? The number of apps? Aminin, you barely use those apps.

    Nokia on Symbian pa rin kesa naman sa Sungsung with crappy build quality.

    For the more discriminating taste, Nokia has MeeGo.

    • Jon says:

      I admit I am an Android fan, but the OS is really robust. If running on good hardware, it would really shine. Number of apps was never the strength of Android. We have apple for that. Personally, Android is both for novice and advanced/expert smartphonr users. Caters both to them. Sa akin lang, it fits my needs for work, play, and other stuff.

      Symbian on the other hand has been stagnant. Wala na bago sa kanya. Why do you think people are ditching their Nokias and going for iOS or Android?

  17. HAHAman says:

    a 1GHz processor doesn’t matter if your OS is cluttered. They should make Symbian more streamlined

  18. jonas says:

    No front camera? It’s alright as long as this will meet my phone needs. Other phones have advane features but drains the bettery.
    Nokia N8 is still running in symbian^3 OS. They will release symbian anna update as they announced this august for all symbian ^3 phones. I hope this is true.

  19. quzaqi says:

    if this is priced right, i’d consider this phone. i checked gsmarena and saw that the specs are quite great. i don’t mind that it’s not android unlike some morons here that cannot seem to keep yapping about android. there’s an easy solution to their problem – don’t bother typing your complaints. sheesh!

  20. Jay Quing says:

    a budget smartphone for techies/gadgetiers… i like this phone not only it costs P8,000++ but its features are almost similar to C7 and X7. even it doesnt had a front camera, this phone could become a huge hit.

  21. mr. bogus says:

    symbian sucks!!! to the highest level

  22. ken says:

    im currently using nokia C3-00 and i will surely get this phone…

    Even if its a bit expensive than galaxy mini but considering the specs and the built quality… No one could beat nokia… And even if galaxy mini is android who cares?.. its fuckin laggy like my friends mini…

    All nokia phones are surely durable… No doubt about that…

  23. JM says:

    really looks like Nokia C5-03. Miss my C5-03, nadukot sa MRT, 3 days ko lang nagamit. haha

  24. seraphica_seven says:

    eto na siguro ang perfect phone na pinaka-hihintay ko… i’ll wait for this…

  25. Anonymous says:

    1GHz on a Symbian Phone? it’s like using an Intel Core i7 processor on a PC that is running Windows 98

  26. WOW! says:

    Wow, i just checked the price of Nokia 500 on other websites… and most websites says it is PHP8,000 only!???

    SO EXCITED!!! ^_^

  27. JACKXP7 says:

    Nokia 500 Applications
    Music Player, Radio, Social client for social network feeds, Nokia Maps, Here & Now, Browser, Nokia Music Store, Store, Shazam Encore, WebTV widgets

  28. determinado says:

    I already have this phone and Im liking it so far. :) It’s good for it’s price.

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