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Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 just got Gingerbread

Aside from the news that the HTC Desire is already rolling out Gingerbread via OTA yesterday (can’t find my Desire so can’t verify), Sony Ericsson also rolled out Android 2.3 to the Xperia X10 last night.

They actually made a premature announcement last week but pulled back. To get the update, just plug your Xperia X10 to a PC with SE PC Companion installed and running (and follow the steps).

Android 2.3.3. Gingerbread added a few more tweaks to Xperia X10, making it more responsive. The UI has also improved, more snappy and has pretty nice transition effects. Since they skipped Android 2.2., this is the first time WiFi and USB tethering will be available to the X10.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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33 Responses

  1. Zo says:

    off topic: Sir Abe, any news on when the 2x is getting one too?

  2. Totem says:

    Woah! At last! haha
    Gotta update my sister’s phone XD

  3. RaGe says:

    damn they skipped Froyo 2.2
    wake up Samsung ampf (╰_╯)#

  4. amourdange says:

    hi saan ko po makikita yung gingerbread update?thank you..

  5. yuga says:

    @amourdange – download PC Companion from SE website and use to to update.

  6. chris says:

    I also updated my girlfriend HTC Desire through OTA update..

  7. amourdange says:

    @yuga – nakadownload naman po yung PC companion pero nakalagay po you already have the latest software.. :(

  8. nullpointer says:

    Anyone have idea when galaxy ace gingerbread update would come in Philippines?

  9. Grover says:

    Baka di pa umabot dito sa Pinas yung updates. but for sure aabot yan dito. Nagstart na magroll out sa ibang bansa, sa ibang bansa wala parin

  10. 2toyzki says:

    sir abe can u confirm? Is the 65k color limitation have bin fixed by the update?

  11. Xperia is another experience for android phones from Sony Ericson.

  12. Bob Reyes says:

    Will the SE Xperia X10 Mini Pro have the same upgrade anytime soon?

  13. Richie says:

    optimus one’s gingerbread is still missing >..<, should have just bought a xperia x10 if I just knew it would get an 2.3 update

  14. papao6 says:

    kung alam ko lang na x10 will have a gingerbread update sana eto nalang binili ko… LG nasan na yung update na pinangako niyo sa optimus one, napag iiwanan na yung phone ko. lol.

  15. Totem says:

    Anyone knows how to debrand Japanese x10 which is SO-01B? There are a lot of tutorials around but I’m confused as to which to follow..

  16. freaklier says:

    I have to ditch this phone a few months ago. I settled for an iphone 4.. apple products though pricey is still the better product when it comes to apps.. android phones doesn’t really offer a lot.

  17. Madz says:

    Sir Yuga, can this phone even play .flv videos?

  18. Sameera says:

    Will the SE Xperia X10 Mini Pro have the same upgrade anytime soon?

  19. Henry says:

    This is a good news! I’m planning to purchased an xperia X10 but it only run 2.1 before.

  20. Rodel Donguya says:

    Android 2.3 is now out, my phone started to update, just now.

  21. amourdange says:

    @rodel x10i GLOBAL GENERIC 1232-9897 po ba ung X10 niyo?thanks po..

  22. win javillonar says:

    Sir safe po ba pag minunual upgrade ang htc desire? yung nasa site mismo ng htc. thank you po.

  23. grodergave says:

    Thanks po, Mr. yuga :)

  24. mitchikoi says:

    sir, if ill be upgrading my x10, will it automatically reformat my phone? can i do this by myself or should i go to SE centers? thanks..

  25. miguel says:

    Good day everyone. I need help
    I’ve been trying to update my phone for almost a day and I keep on getting the same message error.
    “Unable to install or start phone software update components”. I need help please. thanks.

  26. silk says:

    i have the same problem as miguel.. Can someone help us pls…

  27. rp says:

    sir is it possible to upgrade w/out using back and restore? and what will be the consequences?

  28. JHORRY says:

    Is it possible to upgrade my experia x10i to gingerbread without connecting to the computer and just download it on the market?

  29. JHORRY says:

    If yes.. can you teach me how to download it?

  30. GetsugaTenshou says:

    Sr Yuga,

    just wanna ask if it will get the ICS update this year?

  31. Jhasfer says:

    Sir . Im trying to update my x10a . but it send me a message .. YOUR PHONE IS ON LATEST SOFTWARE ..
    but i only on 2.1(Eclair) version . Please help , I want go it on 3.0.1

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