Nokia 5530 XpressMusic: Cheap as Predicted

As speculated last May, Nokia announced a cheaper version of their popular Nokia 5800XM this week — the Nokia 5530 XpressMusic is now much cheaper by shedding off some key features.

Everybody’s quite familiar with what the 6-month old Nokia 5800 so a better perspective of the new Nokia 5530 XpressMusic is to list what it doesn’t have that merits it a significant price downgrade compared to its older sibling.

nokia 5530 xpressmusic

What’s Missing?

Yugatech 728x90 Reno7 Series

No 3G/HSDPA. The Nokia 5530 is missing 3G connectivity and only allows for a slow EDGE connection.

No GPS. Though not really a huge deal, GPS is becoming a staple in most phones. The other recent XpressMusic phones have it — 5730XM, 5330XM and 5800XM.

Of course, you still get the full touchscreen, a 4GB storage via microSD, FM, Bluetooth, and 3.15 MP Carl Zeiss optics camera and WiFi. The only upgrade I was able to see where the 5530XM ruled over the 5800XM is the CPU speed — up from 369 MHz to an ARM 11 434 MHz processor.

I’m not sure whether the lack of 3G is a good trade-off over WiFi. Personally, I’d rather have 3G/HSDPA than WiFi as 90% of my mobile internet usage is via 3G. Expect the phone to be under Php15,000 when it arrives in the Philippines sometime before end of September.

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164 Responses

  1. Avatar for dakz dakz says:

    it looks like my n5800 but i think it is more cheaper than nokia 5800.
    some games and applications for s60 v5 can found at

  2. Avatar for Spetz Spetz says:

    Im not a big fan of phones utilizing the touch screen feature, hence? Im selling mine 5530 Xpress Music. Still in the box, brand new, original casing, all accessories. Whatever the price is at the mall? Peg it 2k lower…I think 7k is good. (0926 737 1444)

  3. Avatar for Bhraih Bhraih says:

    How much is this today? I tried looking for one in SM Manila and it costs roughly around P8700-10100.
    How much is this in SM North?

  4. Avatar for JOCEY JOCEY says:

    I want the touch screen and wifi! Is it better than samsung star 5233? How much it it now?

  5. Avatar for jean van jean van says:

    I would rather choose wi-fi than 3g, I have a 3g phone and it doesn’t have any specific use at all, and this phone has a stronger processor… Is it true that it only costs less than 10,000 pfsm? if it doesnt i’d rather go with samsung monte its has both wifi and 3g and costs nearly 10,000 pesos.

  6. Avatar for pfsm pfsm says:

    5530 XM is around 8500-9400 only..;))

  7. Avatar for jonasun12 jonasun12 says:

    and besides the 5800 has a problem with the touch screen area…… try it…..

  8. Avatar for jonasun12 jonasun12 says:

    this phone is nice compare to samsung star etch….. i used samsung star and sometimes it hangs for a while…. im also a iphone user but if you really want the hospitality of a phone that can give you a real comfort try this phone… small,,,, speed is not an issue…. wifi rocks! come on lets face it 3g sucks here in the philippines. what else will you expect? nokia 5530 is a handy phone for “if you know your what you want” else better buy buy replaca phones. you can choose between being a looser or a “techy” person.

  9. Avatar for im you!! im you!! says:

    meron ba my alam kung magkano yan d2 sa davao at saan na bbili ng mura d2 sa davao??

  10. Avatar for kaye kaye says:

    by the way belle, marami sa Quiapo. Manila City Plaza. Mall in fornt of Quiapo Church. You’ll find them there. ((:

  11. Avatar for kaye kaye says:

    well as far as i know Php 9,900 nalang siya. ((:

  12. Avatar for belle belle says:

    hi everyone. i just want to ask kung saan po ako makakabili ang stylus para sa nokia5530 expressmusic. thanks

  13. Avatar for Rio Rio says:

    guys ung battery ko bilis po ma lowbatt 5530 .?? Lahat naman ginwa ko na ang Paraan pero mabilis talga ma lowbat ..

    imnot satified wit this phone.
    i have my friend whos phone is 5530 also
    ganun din po problema nea sa 5530

  14. Avatar for mark mark says:


  15. Avatar for just asking just asking says:

    magkano yang 5800 ngaun sir?

  16. Avatar for heyyou heyyou says:

    I’ve been using the unit for almost 4 months already (bought last December). Wala naman akong major reklamo about the phone (except pag QWERTY mode, super liit ang buttons). I am still enjoying the unit hanggang ngayon. I still download videos, games, themes and applications for the phone. ;) And yes, wala akong reklamo sa wifi niya and sa kawalan niya ng 3g.

  17. Avatar for Cathy Cathy says:

    5800 is much better, I think. I also use WiFi for this 5800.

  18. Avatar for andi99 andi99 says:

    may alam ba kau na bilihan nito na hndi tataas ng 11k? di kc nmen kaya, pero i really like this fone =) pag kc may card tumataas price dba, ngging 11k, meron kau alam na card ggmitin, pro 10k prin? meron na kmi nkita, less 10% pa, 12k so 10.8k nlng, kaso wlang stock, next week daw wala ng discount, daya! haha. .

  19. Avatar for xyrus01 xyrus01 says:

    10,490 bili namin dito sa baguio… :) ok naman sya sa ngyn mabilis ang wifi.. :)

  20. Avatar for kaiser kaiser says:

    10,600 lang bili ko

  21. Avatar for mwah mwah says:

    about how much is it in the phils.?
    estimated. :)

  22. Avatar for blazzinmax blazzinmax says:

    pra sakin pwede n yan phone n yan dhil d ko nmn kelangan ng 3G pra lng mag net sa phone, edi mag ccomputer shop nlng ako

    gus2 ko lng kc sa phone n yan touch screen, 3.5 audio jack, wifi, crystal clear stereo sound…

    at ang last STYLE…

  23. Avatar for jcpineda jcpineda says:

    5530 user ako,for a month…
    regarding s kwlan ng 3g no problem s akin
    wifi lang naman ang habol ko dito,,
    dati akong cookie(lg) user
    at me mga malaking pagkakaiba din sila,,
    so far pagkahawak ko sa kanya,,
    ang nakita kong wala sa kanya eh,,
    edting tool of picture(paint kumbaga)
    ms office viewer,
    pdf viewer
    ataz ngayon pa namumrublema ako dahil nawala ung mga shortcut s homescreen at di ko mbrowse ang contack list as well as dial a number…
    badtrip tuloi…

  24. Avatar for pakemuba.shataaap. pakemuba.shataaap. says:

    kakabili ko lang nito last month. color pink .. ang ganda nia ! GIRLISH AND FASHIONABLE kc! ganda pa ng features !!! >:)))))

  25. Avatar for jezflip jezflip says:

    punta ka sa nokia center pwd dun. right now dndownload q ung firmware sa nokia web. mas okay daw pag i update eh. pro kht iupdate ntin xa itll only work with b/g connection s wifi mas okay kung magwowork xa sa N tech which is much faster. buti p ung samsung.hehehe.

  26. Avatar for raymart raymart says:

    Nokia 5530 prices

    Vantage store, greenhills: P10,700
    MOA: P11,560

    yun lng..:)

    pano po mg-update ng software?

  27. Avatar for angelic angelic says:

    jhen, pano m inupdate ang software m?? turo m nman skin.. tnx ng mdami ha… tnx uli..

  28. Avatar for Chester Chester says:

    magkano na ba ngaun ang 5530 sa malls like SM??

  29. Avatar for Se3D03 Se3D03 says:

    The phone is great.

    Easy to use, the music sounds great, a good music interface, movies look really good if you convert them properly, some games are really cool to play.

    My only real problem is the battery drain when you watch vids. You’ll get less than a day’s worth of battery with constant video views.

    Though I still think it’s pretty good, since the psp never lasts very long when you watch videos in it. plus the resolution of the videos are really high. comparable to the letterbox of a SD tv.

  30. Avatar for jhen jhen says:

    i love my 5530…ok nman yung wifi nya mabilis and sa una lng ako mejo nga ka problem sa phone..nag hung and ngreboot ng ok nmn na tumatagal yung battery ng 4 days 2-3 day pag super wifi ako..mabilis na xa lalo nung ma update ko xa via software updater…

  31. Avatar for angelic angelic says:

    pde b gmitan ng uzzap ang 5530?? help nmn po.. tnx s sasagot ha.. tnx ng mdami…

  32. Avatar for Shyra Shyra says:

    i find the illuvial edition of this one really cute and kikay :). As for the 3g its not really a problem on my case since we have wifi at home. We all have diff needs and personality that diff companies provided various phone models to satisfy our wants and needs. So theres no need to argue about the 3g and the wifi thinggy. :) Im gonna buy the illuvial edition of this one later. im pretty much excited!.

  33. Avatar for garri garri says:


    yan din ang problema ko with my phone. ang bilis ma-drain nung battery (especially when watching videos). I thought the reseller switched the battery with an older one so naisip ko, imbes na ipapalit sa nokia (na baka abutin ng ilang linggo) bumili ako ng spare original battery. Turns out it drains fast too.

  34. Avatar for emil emil says:

    I got mine last Dec 26 for Php11300 @ pc gadgets and mobile hub MOA

    satisfied naman ako. :)

  35. Avatar for raymart raymart says:

    hi! mgkano na po ba ung 5530 ngaun?

  36. Avatar for Joenelski Joenelski says:

    I Like Nokia since 3210 and until now, I hate Korean Phones and Cars also….so many Problems….They are like the Class A of China…I am saying this Because we have a Hyundai car and it has so many flaw….and the CP of Koreans are just plain looking and the less Function as well….they are trying hard just to compete with the European Standards…..well, they FAIL.

  37. Avatar for sheng sheng says:

    hi everyone, need ko lang po malaman if where I can buy a stylus for my 5530?. I think naiwan ko sya nung nasa starbucks hindi ko napansin. How much po kaya and the same stylus din ba sya tulad ng original. Help po.

    Thank you in advance

  38. Avatar for angelic angelic says:

    anu b ang pnag-kaiba ng 3g s wifi?? help nmn po.. tnx.. anu ba mas mganda bilhin.. 5800 or 5530.. tnx po..

  39. Avatar for arvee arvee says:

    talaga bang madalis sya ma lo bat? 1 day lang lobat na? kasi naka order nako sa cuz ko, darating na in a few days. i never heard about the issue na madali malobat. a

  40. Avatar for kristin kristin says:

    this fone is great.. i love it but i cant update my fone.. ive tried everything that is posted about it in different sites but non of that worked.. when i asked at nokia they say that they can update my fone for P500.. it was too pricey for an software update because maybe in 3months i have to update it again.. i have no doubt on its features i really love it.. that’s why i wanna know is there any option that i can update my fone without paying P500 because im willing to pay if that wud be the last time i will update my fone..pls help me…

  41. Avatar for nobs nobs says:

    XpressMusic phones are designed for playing music and not for extended wi-fi use.

    I’m thinking that is you use the wi-fi most of the day, it will definitely drain the battery. Much like how laptops behave when they are constantly connected to a wireless network.

  42. Avatar for nobs nobs says:

    This is an XpressMusic phone and as such its main feature revolves around music.

    Its audio capabilities cannot be questioned. The wi-fi comes as a great bonus as well as other smartphone features.

    I like that it has wi-fi and the fact that it has a 3.5 mm earphone jack, which means you can use any earphone with a standard jack without having to use adapters.

  43. Avatar for kristin kristin says:

    can anyone teach me how to update the firmware of my fone..

  44. Avatar for kristin kristin says:

    i bought my fone last monday.. and im so loving it.. hehehe… but the only problem i encounter is that the battery of my fone drains so fast as in it only last for 1day…

    suggestions nmn pls.. wat shud i do.. i really love my 5530 hehe.. kailangan q n b ipatngin s pngbilan q..

  45. Avatar for erwinator erwinator says:

    @joseph You didn’t have to charge you phones for long hours “Initial charging”. batteries now a days are Lithium-ion based including this phone model and you could just charge it two hours for the first time and use it immediately with no significant difference whatsoever.

    Initial charging are only capable to old batteries which has nickel cadmium in it since as I’ve read it has that cell memory effect though I’m not sure if I said it right. lol!

  46. Avatar for joseph joseph says:

    i just got this phone yesterday and kakacharge ko lang rin in 12 hours, ok naman neat and clean also I’ve just updated its firmsware via NSU. ang ganda kahit wlang 3G cpaability ok narin kasi sa school wifi naman at dito sa bahay wifi narin so no worries. and if ever nasa labas ako other than school ok na ung GPRS/EGDE wla pa naman 3G ung sun postpaid dito sa davao … at kung meron na ok narin ug EDGE di rin naman ako maxadong nagnenet especially pag gamit ang cp …

    in general, this phone works with me 100% also its audio quality seems like with my laptop dolby home theater as well as the touch screen is amazing and fast (provided you have installed the new FIRMWARE) dito sa davao less than 12,400 .. ok narin at sulit na rin.. its my 2nd touch screen phone after O2 na nasira ung touch screen. :( and its my 4th phone after my Sony Ericsson k800i..

  47. Avatar for kristin kristin says:

    @ajca.. mgkano bli mu s 5530 mu.. en saan

  48. Avatar for kristin kristin says:

    @chris lee.. here in antipolo 11,300 ung 5530.. en i think msmgnda xa s samsung kc pwede k mgmulti tasking.. for example. ur watching a video taz my ngtx sau s nokia pwede mu buksan ung msg without closing the video.. unlike s samsung star.. kailangan mu muna iclose ung video pra mbasa ung message.. en my flash ung nokia kya i thnk msmgndaresolution kesa s star.. if u want u can try samsung corby mura lng un…
    less lng s features pro mgnda dn nmn xaka mura lng..

    heheh im excited to have my 5530.. im gonna buy it on sun.. hehehe cant wa8..

  49. Avatar for Chris_Lee Chris_Lee says:

    ohh kung gusto ninyo, regaluhan nyo ako.. bwahahahahahah! plano ko na ngang mamakla para makabili ng blackberry! Ahahahahahah! Joke! Ohh sa mga gusto jan, 18 y/o, 5’7″! binugaw ang sarili ehh! Basta sana masagot nyo ung tanong ko… ahm, mali pala ung date sa taas, Dec.1 lang pla ngayon! Ahehehehehe..

  50. Avatar for Chris_Lee Chris_Lee says:

    Ahm, ang ganda naman ng discussion niyo dito about phones… Hmmmm.. Tanong ko lang po if magkano na ang 5530 ngayon? Kasi my mom (kasi ala pa akong work eh, s2dent plang) was planning to buy me another phone (since nawala ung phone ko, akala nung magnanakaw kanya kaya kinuha nya LOL) and I am choosing between Samsung Star, E66, 5800.. and then I found this! Pero parang me doubt parin ako kasi prang hndi ko msyadong gusto ang touch screen.. effort tlga at dpat nkatingin ka sa screen (kabibili lng ksi ng bro ko ng LG Cookie) unlike pag may keypad khit nkpkit ka na sa sobrang antok or sa kalagitnaan ng klase ay pwede ka pa rin mag text (LOL)… Nung nag tanong naman ung mom ko ng E66, ang mahal ha, it’s 15,600 (recent price as of Dec. 2)… tapos, pang business daw ang features.. kaya not so compatible with my lifestyle (dapat ung tipong may NANDA, Drug Handbook, at MedSurg na apps.! LOL)

    The main point of this nonsense message is, magtatanong lang po ako sa inyong lahat kung anu ba ung magandang model?? kahit hindi nokia, basta hanep ang music, pati narin ang camera, slide (pero madali daw masira ang slide), maganda ang resolution, 3G capable (naconvince kasi ako sa mga nagpost d2! :->).. basta kahit walang connection, ok lang po… hmmm.. pati maganda ung ichura ha, ung masculine naman (kasi ung last phone ko, may lining ng violet, o dba kikay! Bwahahahahahaha)…

    sana, sana, sana matulungan ninyo ako.. hmmm, if possible, can you indicate the recent price of the phone… ha.. sana ung mga around 10-9 lang (but 8-7 is the best!) since student palang ako and medyo syempre nahihiya ako sa mga brothers and sisters ko (bunso ehh)

    Tnx a lot! God Bless You and your Phone!

  51. Avatar for ajca ajca says:

    got me a 5530 yesterday and so far i’m satisfied. my old phone was a nokia E90 communicator, which i dub “my ultimate twitter phone”. ok na sana kaso it’s too bulky. i leave it at home now as a spare.

    anyway, so far, di ko pa naman nararamdaman yung lack of features. casual internet user lang naman ako kaya i think i don’t need it (3G, HSDPA). i just needed a simple phone na madaling itago, pero panalo parin ang design and may decent specs. kaya nauwi ako sa 5530. grew tired na rin kasi carrying a brick wherever i go.

    about sa umaalog na battery, i don’t have that problem, and if i did, madali naman solusyonan yun.

  52. Avatar for junmar junmar says:

    wow…bibili ako ng 5530 tomorrow, and your posts were very helpful for me. i am torn between 5530 and 5800, and i guess now i know what i want, 5530 is cool for me. although walang 3g at AGPS, ok na rin yun may wifi naman…waaahhh can’t wait! after 2 years mapapalitan n din yung N70 music edtion ko, ^_^

  53. Avatar for haja haja says:

    i think mag lg gw525 na lng ako kxe may qwerty keyboard xa pero 3g nga lng

  54. Avatar for kristin kristin says:

    waaahh im looking forward 2 buy this fone hehe xuper xcited nq.. hehe msgsto q 2 kesa s 5800 kc dq nmn kailangan ng 3g maskailangan q ng wifi since nkawifi kme d2 s bhy msmgagamit q un kesa s 3g hahaha.. super love it.. sna mgnda ung mkuha q ung hnd umaalog ung bat hehe.. 2mingin dn kc q s mall nsa 11-12k nlng xa.. kesa mgsamsung star aq n wla nmang wifi ung 10k nla.. hehe..

  55. Avatar for nochaser21 nochaser21 says:

    my friend is experiencing the same problem – umaalog yung batt causing the fone to hang – lalagyan na lang daw ng stopper! what duh! if u have extra money, go for 5800 and purchase direct in nokia stores! nagkaroon kse ako before ng problem with e71 (1 week old)binalik ko, ayun binalik din pera! =)

  56. Avatar for ja ja says:

    so its wifi ready?? im dying to buy a new phone but cant decide what to buy coz my budget is limited too..

  57. Avatar for bernadette bernadette says:

    hindi naman namatay nung may tmwag saken kgbi pero i wud suggest 5800 ka nlang

  58. Avatar for haja haja says:

    nabasa ko naman na pag may tawag mamamatay or maghahang xya, may solusyon kaya?
    bibilhin ko pa naman sana..

  59. Avatar for bernadette bernadette says:

    Kabibili ko lang ng 5530 this afternoon. Gusto ko papalitan ng ibang stock kasi umaalog-alog yung battery nkakadestruct..Sabi ng binilhan ko ganun daw tlga yun kasi nkakasira daw pag masikip ang battery..Tapos yung stylus nya kelangan idiin mo bago marecognize..Tapos yung charger ang luwag na tipong nadidisconnect,parang hindi na virgin LOL! Ewan ko kung normal ba yun! Baka yung stock lang na nabili ko! Bwisit nga eh! Pag hindi pinalitan sasampalin ko yung nagbenta..Sabi kasi pwde daw papalitan within 3 days..Nabili ko sya ng 11,780.. Yung 5800 kanina nasa 14,300 something..

  60. Avatar for haja haja says:

    ei may nagkaproblema na ba sa phone na ito?
    like ung hangs and reboot?
    or something like restart sya magisa nya?

  61. Avatar for haja haja says:

    ei may nagkaproblema na ba sa phone na ito?
    like ung hangs ang reboot?
    or something like restart sya magisa nya?

  62. Avatar for jpp jpp says:

    waw! may gumagamit ng 3g? errrr. wla wenta un bcoz u have to pay for it. why not use ur computer to do browsing?! kaya nga XM e.. buti nga may wifi p eh.. panalo n yan.. id rather have that than the e71 or e63 phones!

  63. Avatar for haja haja says:

    which do you prefer, samsung star wifi or nokia 5530?
    i think they have almost the same price.

    and any problems with 5530 so far??


  64. Avatar for Ruki Ruki says:

    Guys, It’s an XpressMusic phone not an Internet thing. So why bother?

  65. Avatar for riedhuz riedhuz says:

    5800 comes with 8GB mmc but 5530 4gb only?? 5800 still is better.. I think

  66. Avatar for ed ed says:

    ask ko lang, pede bang magamit ang 5530 sa free internet browsing ng globe at smart?

  67. Avatar for lau lau says:

    blis nga rin mglwbat to feeling k class a ung bat kc ung iba daw ngbbnta ng mura pero pinaplitan ung bat. Pero mgnda ung fne mdali mgtxt at very comfy s bulsa.

  68. Avatar for xao xao says:

    astig this phone rocks. kahit walang 3g ok lang wi-fi naman sya.
    napaka laking plus un sakin kasi student pa ako.

  69. Avatar for Allei Allei says:

    Bat ang bilis malobat ng nokia 5530? ganun ba talaga un? wala pang 1 day pag ginamit ng ginamit? advice please.

  70. Avatar for leirad010 leirad010 says:

    gusto nga din sana ung 5530 pero muka kasing plastik lng… Guys im confused.. ano ba talaga, 5530 or 5800? need help pls/

  71. Avatar for marvin marvin says:

    guys. magkano ngaun ang price ng 5530?
    ung sa mommy q kc 5800 na. she bought it for 14k.
    mas type ko ang 5530 kc mas manipis at mas mganda OS although 4gb and mas maliit ung screen. i think it’s more comfortable to use for me as a teenager. bide away im marvin from marikina 15y/o.

    pkiinform naman ako kung san makakabili ng 5530. at ung mura lang ah. mga 10-12k. thanks.

  72. Avatar for darkbakshi darkbakshi says:

    me free memory card na yun 4gb nga lang d tulad ng 5800 8gb ang free

  73. Avatar for darkbakshi darkbakshi says:

    mgah tol d na naman nagkakalayo price ng 5530xm at 5800xm^^
    5800xm =Php.14,500
    5530xm =Php.11,900 dito yan sa Batangas city…
    so kung ako ang papipiliin mas pipiliin ko yung 5800 ^^

  74. Avatar for sunshine sunshine says:

    saka san ba murang bumili? help nyo naman ako please…. nahihirapan kasi akong mamili…. gusto ko kung bibili ko worth it naman kasi pinaghirapan ko yung money na ipambibili dun eh… di ko kasi kayang bumili ng 5800… may free memory card na ba yung 5530? i need your help guys.

  75. Avatar for sunshine sunshine says:

    ano ba mas magandang bilin, nokia 5530 or samsung star wifi?

  76. Avatar for leirad010 leirad010 says:

    mas maliit kasi ung screen ng 5530, parang ang hirap mg txt…
    ska mas professional tignan ung 5800..
    pero un nga lang mas mabilis ung cpu ng 5530..
    kinda confused.. anu kaya mas magandang bilin?
    anu tingin nyo?

  77. Avatar for birthjover87 birthjover87 says:

    11K-12K na lang sya ngayon..
    1. hanep ang homescreen nya compared sa 5800..
    2. may kinetic scrolling..
    3. mas manipis and mas astig ang porma dan 5800..
    4. automatic qwerty pag naka landscape, w/c wla yan na feautre sa 5800..
    5. faster CPU, and response time.. (nakagamit na ko both eh, v31 pa ung 5800)

    1. walang 3G.. (though sa work and bahay naka wifi ako)
    2. 4Gig lng ang free na memory, sa 5800 8Gig
    3. walang GPS.. (di ko naman ginagamit)

    share ko lang guys.. para sa mga confused..

  78. Avatar for schicks schicks says:

    hhmm…now i’m torn between 5530 and 5800 ..

  79. Avatar for chocokat chocokat says:

    Hi mga peeps, which is better po kaya, Samsung star wifi or etong nokia 5530?

    planning to buy either of the two sa birthday ko next week. Thanks po!

  80. Avatar for mikemike mikemike says:

    meron kanina sa rob manila, yung P11980, P11500 na lang..haha XD grabe naman yung price ng sa mga katabing store..halos P15k sila

  81. Avatar for Allei Allei says:

    magkano na ang 5530, san yung mas mura bumili nito?

  82. Avatar for leirad leirad says:

    magkano na ang latest price ng 5800?

  83. Avatar for jk jk says:

    san ba mas mura bumili nitO?

    sayang kasi pamasahe pag ng-canvass pa… haha

    TY in advanced!

  84. Avatar for mikemike mikemike says:

    guys may nakita ako nito sa rob manila, P11980 n lang siya..ok na ba to?? magkano po ba ito sa sm north annex? at greenhills..thanks

  85. Avatar for mar mar says:

    samsung star wifi nalang… ganda pa ng mga features

  86. Avatar for ian ian says:

    meron ako 5800xm nabili ko ng 14600 last july sa sm megamall di pa ba cheaper price yun compare sa 5530? kung 3g at wifi same lang as long as naeenjoy mo na gamitin un features nila.i siguro mas maganda kung paglalabas ang nokia ng more update features na mobile phone with cheaper price. hindi yun ianalisan lang ng ibang features masabing new release lang.

  87. Avatar for ian ian says:

    i think the best pa din ang 5800xm.. although ganon lang design nya still kakaiba pa din yun features nya. 5530xm stylish pero inalisan naman ng other feaures ok sana kung nagupdate pa di ba.

  88. Avatar for L0N L0N says:

    i wish to change phone, i’m coming from N73.

    which is much better, overall, 5800 v20 or 5300?

  89. Avatar for kit kit says:

    can’t wait for the phone to come out

  90. Avatar for jemii jemii says:

    Of all the phones in NOKIA… this 5530 got my attention… some features are good but still it lacks many features from those of other XM. Ganda ng kanyang shape..very prof!… and it’s cheap… I like also N97/mini! (iphone too) hehehe…

  91. Avatar for mark mark says:

    san po ang technokid??reliable ba ung mga online sellers ng 5530?

  92. Avatar for roden roden says:

    available na to sa technokid 13K price confused kung nu bblhin ko samsung preston, samsung star wifi or itong 5530..hehe

  93. Avatar for natche21 natche21 says:

    mahal talaga pag sa nokia store ka mismo bumili

  94. Avatar for d@rk_blu3 [email protected]_blu3 says:

    P15000 ang bili ko sa SM North Annex, Nokia Center pa yun ahhh….

  95. Avatar for natche21 natche21 says:


  96. Avatar for natche21 natche21 says:

    nokia 5530 13.5k here in sm fairview, nokia 5800 1400k
    watha? 5800 nln

  97. Avatar for ob ob says:

    magkanu kaya toh pag lumabas?? and kelan?

  98. Avatar for Paul Paul says:

    Id rather choose to buy 5800, for everyone’s info 5800 is already running at 434mhz since ver 20. You may google it if you want.

  99. Avatar for natche21 natche21 says:

    sana 9.5-10k lang sya hehehe.. pag magkpresyo lang sila ng 5800, 5800 na lang siguro

  100. Avatar for vidgen vidgen says:

    whoo ang tagal, kaya lng paglabas kaya nyan e sulit p kc 13k n lgn ang 5800 ngaun e bka magkasing price lng sila.

  101. Avatar for adi adi says:

    hi san ako pwedeng bumili ng unit na nokia 5530 xpress music? tnx and how much?

  102. Avatar for ob ob says:

    5800 or 5530?? answer plzz/..

  103. Avatar for erwinator erwinator says:

    masappealing tlga to for pinoys kasi di nman gaano ka mahal 15K and yung mga nawalang features eh di rin nman natin ginagamit masyado (3G, HSDPA, GPS)and STAINLESS finish pala front cover nito. starts shipping by SEPTEMBER daw. can’t wait.

    try checking out Samsung Jet. ano masmaganda?

  104. Avatar for rezurii rezurii says:

    sa porma panalo 5530 mas manipis kac eh. features nga lang lamang ng 5800 ska ung memory na 8gb. hah ^-^

  105. Avatar for ob ob says:

    sirz.. kelan po ba dadating satin ung 5530?? hehehe. :D

  106. Avatar for cruz cruz says:

    Hi, guys! I’m selling original Nokia N97 only for Php. 23k. It has12 months international warranty.

    EMAIL ME: [email protected]

  107. Avatar for cruz cruz says:

    Hi, guys! I’m selling original Nokia 5530 XM only for Php. 12k. It’s an opening sale price. It has 12 months international warranty and it has 8gb free memory card.

    Click the name link for more info.

  108. Avatar for CruzCruz CruzCruz says:

    Hi, guys! I’m selling original Nokia 5530 XM. Only for Php. 12k. It’s an opening sale price. It has 12 months international warranty and it has 8gb free memory card.

    Click my name link here to visit the website. Thanks.

  109. Avatar for Dre Dre says:

    I think it’s not Carl Zeiss. Doesn’t say so, at least.

    1. Read a manual
    2. Hotspots, try to ask your local area.
    3. Usually it’s free, unless they say so otherwise.
    4. click my name and sift through what they have :)
    5. if the house has wi-fi then sure. Don’t know about buses though.

    I can only imagine it having wi-fi if it’s near a free hotspot and doesn’t stray too far from it; but that’s just me thinking. I’m sure there are other ways to make that possible. Please look these up if you’re not satisfied with what I gave you.

  110. Avatar for KeitaiKun KeitaiKun says:

    ei guys…
    bibili sana ako ng 5530 pag lumabas na,kaso,i want to experience internet browsing on phones..can someone help me how to use wifi?

    1.Panu po ba gumamit ng Wifi?
    2.Saan po ba makakakuha ng libreng Wifi?Im from cavite,meron ba nian dito?
    3.May bayad po ba yan?And mabilis po ba ung wifi pag nasa areas ka na may wifi connection?
    4.Anu po kaibahan ng GPRS,Wifi and Edge.. nu po advantages and disadvantages ng mga yan..?
    5.Lastly,pede po ba ako gumamit ng Wifi on buses and in houses,or GPRS lang un?

    about the phone,
    Carl Zeiss optics po ba yan and dual led flash po ba yan?

  111. Avatar for Chet Chet says:

    guys! it’s coming out in the UK on Aug 11 (their time zone). Hopefully the local release would follow soon after

  112. Avatar for JeiBrei JeiBrei says:

    mga tsong, la pb official release date tong 5530XM?

  113. Avatar for aris aris says:

    The unit came from Singapore as a gift to my neighbor. Di nya ma-enjoy features kaya benta nya sana sa kin.

  114. Avatar for aris aris says:

    The unit came from Singapore.

  115. Avatar for creepy.chan creepy.chan says:

    @ aris

    huh pano ka nakagamit available na ba N5530 here sa pinas?

  116. Avatar for aris aris says:

    I’ve tried using this phone.
    I used my SmartBro WiFi Router to connect to the internet. Hanep sa kaka-youtube so far so good.

  117. Avatar for Cefiro Cefiro says:

    Nalilito lang ako sa Nokia. Kaya ba talaga nitong kumabit sa 3G network? When you check this out at their web site using the feature selector, with 3G (WCDMA) checked, kasama syang lumalabas – and when you compre this to other models like N97, naka yes yung HSDPA.

    Ano ba talaga koya?

  118. Avatar for JeiBrei JeiBrei says:

    i mean 13,800k ehehe churi!

  119. Avatar for JeiBrei JeiBrei says:

    um, sa features panalo 5800XM..
    pero sa porma, 5530XM.. late september lalabas ung 5530XM (malamang) hehehe.. hirap 2loy pumili. hehe.. pero ok nadin siguro ung wifi ng 5530XM 2tal dami nading malls and places na nag ooffer ng free access d2 sa pinas eh.. guys, magkano na sa mga area nyo ung 5800XM now? d2 samin (pampanga) pumapatak ng 13,88k :)

  120. Avatar for leimark leimark says:

    mura na 5800 15-17k nalang. may 3g na . 16 giga capacity.

  121. Avatar for leimark leimark says:

    panget pala yan. haha. pangrap ko yan. nabili ko naman eh. 5800. :DD

  122. Avatar for akolove04 akolove04 says:

    when ba ito be available sa pinas?

  123. Avatar for creepy-chan creepy-chan says:

    any update kung kelan talaga official release ng N5530 XM sa philippines???

  124. Avatar for proud 5800 owner proud 5800 owner says:

    mas mganda n ung 5800.. wifi tska 8gb n ung memory!
    nkbli ako sa moa ng 13800 lng..

  125. Avatar for newbie newbie says:

    kla ko kinetic scrolling lht. hindi pala. hehe

  126. Avatar for creepy-chan creepy-chan says:

    huh. san nanggaling yung price na 15k? may official release na ba ng price nito?

  127. Avatar for Max Max says:

    Mas ok pala ang 3G kysa wifi lalo na kung marami kang sa libre..hahaha!

  128. Avatar for Max Max says:

    Mas maganda kung may 3g na may wifi pa.. Pero ako, i prefer 3g or 3.5g, mbilis dn naman eh,ska kht nagbbyahe ka pwede, e ung wifi,pwera nlang kung may wifi sa sana nga may ganun n dn.. Pero skn ok n 2, hindi n msma ang 15K s mapormang fone..tnt

  129. Avatar for Max Max says:

    Mas maganda kung may 3g na may wifi pa.. Pero ako, i prefer 3g or 3.5g, kht nagbbyahe ka pwede, e ung wifi,pwera nlang kung may wifi sa sana nga may ganun n dn.. Pero skn ok n 2, hindi n msma ang 15K s mapormang fone..tnt

  130. Avatar for dhi dhi says:

    meron nb dto sa metro manila nyn?mag kanu yung exct price nya?

  131. Avatar for Edward Edward says:

    Php 12850 lowest cash price ng 5800 ngayon sa By aug-sep eh mga 11k-12.5k na lang siguro ang 5800. Mas sulit na ang 5800 pag ganun dahil sa screen size, 3g, memory card (8gb na agad vs 4gb lang ng 5530). Processor lang daw guys ang lamang nito sa 5800 kasi ARM 11 434 MHz processor nito against ARM 11 369 MHz lang ng 5800. Dapat mga 9k-11k lang price nito para bumenta… or else eh mag 5800 na lang para practical. Stylish lang talaga 5530 sa dami ng colors at nipis nya.

  132. Avatar for Angelo Angelo says:

    No GPS? Sayang. Anyway, can you suggest a relatively affordable phone with GPS and WIFI? Thanks

  133. Avatar for Monch Monch says:

    aayy sayang naman! I want 3G! I was searching for a phone similar to 5800, kasi pag 5800 pa binili ko parehas na naman kami ng sib ko.. dont want that to happen.. hmm. ayos na ang wifi..

  134. Avatar for Jay Jay says:

    Let’s just say tha 3g is for techies who needs internet connection anytime and anywhere, while wifi is for casual internet users.

  135. Avatar for NokiaFanBoy NokiaFanBoy says: watch this’s just like iphone.. 5530 rocks!! can’t wait to buy this phone.

    I have E51, i don’t even use my 3G, i still prefer wifi because it is free.

  136. Avatar for sting6ph sting6ph says:

    I don’t think the phone will come out as 15k. At best it will be 12.5k because the 5800XM is already retailing at 16K in Nokia Store here in Iloilo.

    For 3G and Wifi, I’m not a big fan of Wifi or 3G…I am currently stuck to GPRS which is ok since it meets my basic needs.

    Anyway, this baby is definitely on my x-mas list.

  137. Avatar for evanonsense evanonsense says:

    I wonder kung kagaya din to ng touch screen ng 5800. Ang hirap kse ng touch screen sa 5800. Sometimes when you press the character on the screen, di kumakagat agad. That’s what I hate about 5800. Kung ok ung touch screen nitong 5530, then I might go for this than LG COOKIE.

    Has anyone tried the touch screen on this phone? Kagaya din ba ng 5800?


  138. Avatar for misterpinoy misterpinoy says:

    If price around 11k good buy! For the WIFI!

  139. Avatar for Go Go says:

    @ Bugoy

    Sorry kung di mo naintindihan yun thread ehehehe. convincing everyone? OA naman nun. Someone just said nobody is using 3G and someone asked the price. If that is convincing to you then I am sorry about the stories you tell your friends.

    and besides, we are talking about the 5530, if you are not aware, which doesn’t have the feature. kapag nagshare ka ng experience sa ibang tao, always expect a reaction from them.

    read ka muna, ok? hihihihi

  140. Avatar for Ardz Ardz says:

    I’ll also go for the 3G on a phone any time over WiFi. WiFi is too limiting for me. If you need to do a quick check on the internet using your phone, you can do it immediately since 3G is available almost anywhere (even in the provinces) whereas WiFi hotspots are scarce in locations outside the metro and impossible to use while on the move.

  141. Avatar for mike mike says:

    well you can get the XM5800 at 15,000 today, by the time the 5530 comes out it would probably be the same price as the XM5800. so I guess the 5800 would be a better buy between the 2.

    The only thing that I like with the 5530 is it’s thinner than the 5800 which is way too thick…

  142. Avatar for Bugoy Bugoy says:

    Wow, looks like someone is a 3G evangelist. Hehe. Convincing everyone to use 3G instead of WiFi. Easy lang…nagsha-share lang naman tayo ng experiences/reasons why we’re using one type of connection over the other. :D

  143. Avatar for whaâ„¢ whaâ„¢ says:

    kahit walang 3G connections…. ok lang… di ba ang LG may COOKIE ang SAMSUNG may STAR so cguro time naman na para maglabas ang NOKIA na pantapat sa LOW END TOUCH SCREEN ng ibang MOBILE PHONE MANUFACTURER para lahat maka EXPERIENCE ng TOUCH SCREEN PHONE na di mabubutas ang BULSA… DIBA???

  144. Well, this phone looks great if you’re a no GPS and 3G/HSDPA user.

    Nino Natividad

  145. Avatar for Go Go says:

    @ sky

    well i am an average filipino (if you didn’t mean the majority who shouldn’t even have a mobile phone with 3G in the first place or even a mobile phone if they don’t have something to put on their plate). we are talking about filipinos who can afford a phone with 3G which i suppose will also afford a 3G connection. WiFi isn’t always free. Sometimes you have to buy something in a restaurant in order for you to get the WiFi Key.

    Again 3G is relatively cheap here. look at my previous post, andun yun price. kasing mura lang ng 1 coke or isang ponds sachet :)

  146. Avatar for Go Go says:

    @ John Alvero

    10 pesos/30 minutes sa smart
    5 pesos/15 minutes sa globe
    7.50 pesos/30 minutes sa red mobile

    halos parepareho lang. yun sa globe kung gusto mo per kilobit charging leave as it is because it is charging that way on default kung gusto ko mo naman time ang charging send ka ng TIME sa 1111 para ang charging ay 5 pesos sa 15 minutes.

    again, look for the 3G or 3.5G(HSDPA) icon on your phone before you connect to enable the service otherwise you are just connecting on GPRS or EDGE.

  147. Avatar for sylv3rblade sylv3rblade says:

    Go is right. Our 3G plans/speed is dirt cheap compared to say… AT&T :D

  148. Avatar for sky sky says:

    I was thinking 3G was too expensive for the average Filipino. There are many free WiFi hotspots around public places, like malls. Besides, I don’t need Internet access in areas not covered by WiFi. Well, that’s my experience.

  149. Avatar for John Alvero John Alvero says:

    Magkano 3G/3.5G access from the networks? I use WiFi most of the time. But, magkano ba 3G? Sorry no info.

  150. Avatar for Go Go says:

    @ Jam.

    One time nagdownload ako ng isang song sa torrent (sa phone ko lang) on my way to Manila, galing ako sa batangas, natapos ko from Turbina to Sta. Rosa Laguna. Ayos din yun speed, 3G yun. so talagang useful ang 3G. I agree din with you. Sana nga may 3G.

  151. Avatar for Jam. Jam. says:

    Well, sa lipa meron talaga 3G dun. Dun ako nagpplurk before pumasok sa la salle (thru phone) lol. Yeah, I agree with you , kung speed lang naman masbetter sa shop na lang. Pero nagiinternet din ako especially when going to my school. Lalo na pag nasa bus.

  152. Avatar for Go Go says:

    @ Sky

    Is it really that hard to be believe?! As far as Smart Bro and Globe Tatoo are concerned, there really are 3G users. What boggles my mind though is how you perceive 3G connection. Maybe you should check the 3G icon once in a while whenever you try to connect.

    I use 3G (or 3.5G in some areas) on my phone whenever I am out and mind you, 3G is cheaper here in the Philippines compared to the rest of the world.

    @ Jam.

    Gaano ka ba katagal magbakasyon? nun nasa Boracay ako may 3.5G connection, sa Lucena 3.5G din. sa Candelaria Quezon, ganun din. sa Lipa 3G. sa Batangas City 3G. Kung di ka happy sa speed then look for an internet cafe. easy!

  153. Avatar for sky sky says:

    there are people who actually use 3G?? wow. WiFi is enough for me.

    that phone is an absolute winner.

  154. Avatar for Jam. Jam. says:

    The problem is, when you’re in the province. Most of the time walang Wi-Fi hotspot especially pag nagvavacation.

  155. Avatar for Live Dito Live Dito says:

    youre right! @ DanteRPs

  156. Avatar for Go Go says:

    no 3G? wag na lang muna.


    EDGE can carry data speeds up to 236.8 kbit/s (with end-to-end latency of less than 150 ms) for 4 timeslots (theoretical maximum is 473.6 kbit/s for 8 timeslots) in packet mode. so palagay mo ok na ang EDGE?

  157. Avatar for DanteRPs DanteRPs says:

    For under 15K? Not a good deal, as you can get the 5800XM for as low as 15K now.

    I’d rather get maybe Samsung Star or Preston, which retail for about 11K now.

  158. Avatar for Jhay Jhay says:

    Well you can’t have everything in this world.

    The Wi-Fi is already a great feature now that most malls and shops now offer free access to their hotspots.

  159. Avatar for Jam. Jam. says:

    Buti na lang may wi-fi. Minsan kasi deal breaker ito. And about 3g, sana meron kahit up to 384 kbps lang.

  160. Avatar for MP MP says:

    hmmm. lets see.

  161. Avatar for Andre Marcelo-Tanner Andre Marcelo-Tanner says:

    no 3g? bah

  162. mganda sya, about sa 3G and wifi, mas gusto q wifi feature sa isang phone. Kc dito smen, mahina lang 3G connection, kaya mas reliable pa ang wifi connection…

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