iPhone OS 3.0 now out and ready to download

iPhone OS 3.0 now out and ready to download

Took me some time to update my iPhone 3G after downloading the new iPhone OS 3.0 because the verification servers are down or unavailable (obviously due to the millions of iPhone owners checking in).

The update is about 250MB which took some time to completely download. With the number of new features and applications included in version 3.0, I got a couple of favorites that I found really useful.

iphone-os-30 iphone-os3


One is the Spotlight-like search that goes thru all of your data (calendar, email, SMS, notes, etc) and shows your keyword-matched results.

The other is Internet Tethering that allows you to share internet (via USB or Bluetooth) on your iPhone to your laptop or PC (can be found at Settings -> General -> Network -> Internet Tethering).

The Cut, Copy and Paste is also nice as well as the ability to sign in to your YouTube account to access your favorites and subscriptions.

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34 Responses

  1. Any idea when the iPod Touch software will be available sir? The Spotlight feature looks good

  2. noemi says:

    it is my third attempt to upgrade. The first one, my download was corrupted.

  3. Niel says:

    Iphone 3.0 OS for ipod touch is not yet available in philippine itunes store…. how sad. I am so excited p naman, kainis

  4. maui says:

    I updated my iPod Touch 1G successfully this morning via http://www.blogsdna.com/3706/how-to-update-ipod-touch-to-30-firmware-for-free.htm

    iPod Touch 2G – iPod2,1_3.0_7A341_Restore.ipsw
    iPod Touch 1G – iPod1,1_3.0_7A341_Restore.ipsw

    Tried using Apple iTunes Store Philippines unfortunately its $9.95 for iPod Touch users.

    Luckily I got it for free :) using the above link.

  5. mel says:


    is your mms working?

  6. KishiFishy says:

    Aghh, not yet available for iPod Touch! T_T Sayang…

  7. garyboi says:

    I can’t download the iPod touch 3.0 software update on the iTunes store. It says it’s not available on the Philippine store though it is posted on their website. Quite confusing. :(

  8. 2per says:

    Hi! Anybody here tried Internet tethering? I turned on the option in my phone and then got a message from my laptop that it is installing the device software. After that, nothing. I can’t even find the Internet tethering menu in the iPhone. Help?

  9. daemonx says:


    can anyone confirm that the following ipsw are not beta versions of os3.0?

  10. carlo says:

    hello po mganda po ba gmamit ng iphone?? my mga availble na po ba na apps d2 sten?? curntlyim using nokia 5800 but im planning to buy iphone any sgstions

  11. Ger says:

    I upgraded early this afternoon and I paired my iphone with my laptop for internet tethering. For some reason the option disappeared later. Did anyone else experience this?

  12. Wow, ang galing naman nito. I should download iPhone OS 3.0 ASAP.. Thanks for this post, Yuga.

    Nino Natividad

  13. Thanks MAUI for the link. I just updated my iPod Touch 2G.

  14. 2per says:

    Ger, I had the same problem. I called Globe’s customer service and the agent told me that I should restore my iPhone. He couldn’t answer if Internet tethering is available now for Globe subscribers or how to activate it. He even told me that the disappearance of the option in the menu “is a common problem,” which I found hard to believe because the OS has just been released. Best that you restore your iPhone to bring back the Internet tethering option for now.

  15. Rome says:

    MMS and tethering works with Globe! You can check out my blog post about it:


    Hope it’s ok with sir Abe. =)

  16. Ger says:

    Hi 2per,

    Did restoring it work? Are you able to tether now? Thanks.

  17. NIEL says:

    malas naman, nag error na yung link para sa free update ng ipod touch ko waahhhhhh

  18. rusty says:

    update for $9.95

    im willing to pay naman pero hows the payment in peso? P48.84 against $1 ang exchange rate as of 11:00am / How much ang papasok sa credit card ko? P485.99? – or may added charges pa? ive never purchased anything na nasa dollar ang mode of payment [i use a middleman to aid me in those kind of transactions] at puro free apps lang ang dinodownload ko sa apple store.

    a little help here.

    thanx in advance

  19. empoy pogi says:

    to all out there you can set up your mms ang tethering using this link http:\\www.iphone-notes.de/mobileconfig/ … using ur safari iphone browser..

    i try it using smart buddy.. mms it works!

  20. kenchan says:

    After I upgraded to 3.0, automatic na yung mms settings and other data settings with Globe…seamless naman yung pagDL ko yesterday morning around 7:30..bilis nga eh, although nagerror lang siya 2 or 3 times, iTunes cannot connect to iphone…but pinabayaan ko lang and it works great…

    Had fun sending and receiving MMS last night…I tried teethering this afternoon, at first hindi siya gumana, just wait dun sa network connection to indicate Apple Iphone…then uncheck proxy sa internet options…I connected through USB…mabilis yung internt…ok ang 3G speed sa area ko…

  21. rusty says:

    pwede naman pala tumawag sa bangko. why ko pa pinost dito.

  22. arnold says:

    Was able to pair my iPhone with both my Eee PC 1000HE and MSI regular notebook via Bluetooth. It works well naman. MMS works automatically after I upgraded my iPhone’s OS.

  23. jco says:

    What a timely release. After the Palm Pre was released, iPhone really needs to keep up.

    Good thing about the iPhone though is the Internet Tethering which the Pre lacks.

    The Spotlight Search feature is available in Palm Pre as well, it is called the Universal Search feature.

    I still like the Pre compared to the iPhone.

  24. maui says:

    @daemonx its the OS 3.0 software not the beta version :)

    Added info:

    For iPhone users you can’t downgrade once you upgraded your OS to 3.0 because of the baseband while iPod Touch users have to option to downgrade their OS anytime just look for the .ipsw software suited for you.

    Cheers :)

  25. maui says:

    @rusty don’t waste your money for an upgrade lalo na kung iPod Touch users ka kasi minimal lang naman yung upgrade. Actually wala ka namang mapapansing unsual except sa widescreen keyboard at yung glow sa button pag nagplay ka ng music at movie.

    Yung above link na naipost ko is the OS 3.0 for iPod Touch meron ding for iPhone just google it, free rin just download the ipsw then hold the shift or option then click restore then walah automatic na syang mag upgrade. Make sure na read ka muna ng comment dung sa site na meron nun for the safety of your gadgets :)

    Cheers again :)

  26. harvey says:

    @ maui just want to know it the free upgrade is beta or it is the actual paid “iphone 3.0 OS” that apple is releasing? BTW im using ipod touch 2nd… thanks na advance =)

  27. Bayan says:

    I lost the option to enable tethering kanina. I had it before and then it disappeared from the menu. It’s supposed to be at Settings>General>Network>Internet Tethering, right? Anybody else experience the same?!?!

    Update:After resetting network settings, it (thankfully) came back. Still, it’s a serious bug innit?

  28. hmmm, so Cnet posted a great hack for iphone tethering. Not sure if it’s just AT&T and keep in mind your contract – as your provider may not like it, BUT…

  29. Lizanne Negado says:

    i’m really dissapointed with apple.. i think i tried 20 times, date and night, just updating my new iphone 3G to have the 3.0 OS.. and i keep getting the error that says “problem in downloading, the network connection timed out”. i have waited for 2 weeks just to have that update… i have also read alot of bad comments about it. and im dying to have that update na! im looking forward pnaman sa copy and paste.. cnu pwede mag.help dyan??!

  30. Amy Leigh says:

    These are some of the things that I’ve encountered when I upgraded my iphone:

    1. My phone is always out of reach. My phone has a full bar signal, ALWAYS. I always make sure that it has a signal as I’m always waiting for an important call. I tried resetting its network settings, removed the SIM card then inserted it again, restored it back to its original settings, but still, its still the same. I transferred my SIM to another phone and guess what? Everything is perfectly fine and normal. People can call me anytime.

    2. Messages were always delayed. But on the other phone, its NOT.

    3. It’s kind of slow and the back portion heats up so fast.

    goodness gracious! =(

  31. rocky says:

    i want to upgrade my phone, but i’m afraid it might get “locked”. i had this experince wen i was using my old iphone the 1st gen, i upgraded it wit the latest version of 0S and it got locked and needed to get jailbreaked. now i’m using iphone 3G and wants to upgrade it to 3.0 OS please HELP ME! :|

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