Nokia Asha 305 brings dual-SIM to full touch

Nokia Asha 305 brings dual-SIM to full touch

Nokia continues to churn out a lot of feature phones and has recently been very active in offering dual-SIM handsets. The latest one is the Nokia Asha 305 which retails for Php3,890.

Nothing really super special here except for the fact that it has dual-SIM capabilities with an Easy Swap port (no need to turn off or remove battery to swap SIMs). Also there’s a SIM Manager that can handle and manage up to 5 SIM profiles.


Nokia Asha 305 specs:
3.0-inch display @ 240×400 pixels, 155ppi
64MB ROM, 32MB RAM, 10MB internal
up to 32GB via microSD (2GB included)
Bluetooth 2.1
2MP rear camera
FM radio tuner
1100mAh Li-Ion battery

Take note that there’s no built-in WiFi here, no GPS and only up to EDGE (no 3G) so this unit is really very basic. It’s big on gaming though.

The Nokia Asha 305 also comes with the exclusive EA (Electronic Arts) Games Pack including 40 free best-selling titles like Tetris, Bejeweled, Need for Speed, The Sims, and Fifa 2012. And if you want more games and apps like WhatsApp and Foursquare, you can find hundreds more at the Nokia Store.

The Nokia Asha 305 retails for Php3,890 an available silver white, red, mid blue, and dark grey.

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8 Responses

  1. manuelito says:

    merong ganitong phone ng nokia na may wifi yung asha 306 at 311 panget nga lang yung color ng screen 56 k lang

  2. William C says:

    Nokia makes fantastic handsets but somewhere along the design they lost it… I bought this as a second handset and as a means of reliving my symbian experience (I used to own a nokia 5800).

    No 3g means to get those free games means a frustratingly download. All those games have to be downliaded in a 60-day window.

    Internet was mean to be faster bec.if the Nokia browser, again 2g negate any speed improvements. It’s frustratingly slow.

    Resistive screen are hard to use once you tried capacitive. Resulting in many wrong clicks.

    The included 2gb card is too small when you want those free games. Transferring to a bigger card is not that easy, the games and the dictionary are read-protected and will not transfer via the usual pc file explorer.

    I tried a sd card with lits of mp3s (8gb worth), since i reasoned if i cant use it ad a decent phone, then i used it to replace my dedicatef mp3 player. Sound is quite good, but the phone will need a few seconds to browse the library, it’s just a few seconds vut that same library didnt choke on a low end Galaxy Pocket.

    If you want the Asha 305, wait for the wifi enabled 306.

    • simplynice93 says:

      Very nice review sir! :-)

    • trending says:

      Thanks for the info sir William.

    • William C says:

      Sorry for the typos. Typed that mini-review on my Galaxy Pocket.

      Just a few additional thoughts:

      Resistive screens work better with a stylus than with your fingers. Which should be why I still remember my Nokia 5800 days with fondness. The N5800 has a stylus, the Asha 305 doesn’t. So if you use a stylus, the wrong clicks will probably be minimized. And typing with stylus is way more precise than with fingers on a capacitive screen.

      The 8GB worth of mp3s is probably not the usual content most users will have. So the Asha 305 should still work fine as a music player but most people. But it’s still shows that Belle is not as optimized as Gingerbread.

      I really wanted to like the Nokia 305 since the small form factor feels very good on the hand. But the omission of 3G or Wifi is a error. Smartphones are not ‘smart’ without speedy net access, after all, most apps still require internet connection to fetch content.

      They really should have skipped the 305 and just sell the 306. As it is the 305 is competing against the Corby 2 (which has wifi) and not against the low-end Androids (ie Galaxy Pocket).

      Hope that the Asha 311 will fare better…

  3. katrahh says:

    well its nice to know that u really dont have to have those new series of ashas if ur just interested on the pre-installed games from EA cause u could actually download all the 40 games with ur s40 phone. like i did with my asha 303. the games were great. u can download it from nokia store for free. the new asha line up are good though.

    thnx nokia for the treat. hope to have more!

  4. Yikes... says:

    Although not a (modern day) smartphone, it still is a nice phone for Php3,890.00
    If you’re looking for more functions and features, you’re probably looking for phones that cost more than twice this phone.

  5. dcj1185 says:

    ask ko lng po, kng adjustable po ba ang font size ng phone na to? medyo malabo kasi mata ko, and need ko ng phone na pwede ma adjust to big fonts. thanks po =)

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