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Nokia E63 Preview, First Impressions

Just got this Nokia E63 delivered yesterday for review, about a week ahead of the alleged Philippine release of the unit. Will try and get the review out a soon as possible but for the meantime, check out some of the photos I took.

nokia e63

My first reaction was “why is this little baby brother of the Nokia E71” a bit chunkier? The thickness is just a little over 2mm but you can see the difference.


nokia e63 nokia e63 nokia e63

The keyboard has improved as well. I’ll tell you why on the final review. Will be bringing this to my trip so I can get the review out soon.

nokia e63

Click on the thumbnails to see larger view of the pictures.

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14 Responses

  1. It doesn’t look as sleek as the E71. It’s somewhat like your less attractive cousin who’s overweight by 15 pounds.

  2. Ann says:

    True, it’s nowhere near as gorgeous as the E71… But at 7-8k off, it’s quite a great gadget.

    Personally, I’m more interested in how this will bring down the price of the E71. There will definitely be less demand once some of the more frugal E-series fans turn their eyes to the E63.

  3. sultanjr says:

    Is this thicker or just as thick as the older e61i? My wife has the latter and may be looking to upgrade – the E71 is nice but I don’t believe in paying that much for a phone that’ll be obsolete in a year or two. TIA

  4. TechPinas says:

    The E71 kicks major ass. or ass major kicks. Hehe. whichever way —

    You have to hold these two at the same time to understand the 8-9k price difference.

    One is close to being a toy. The other — a true gadget.


  5. Kuban says:

    Красивый телефончик, но дизайн так себе. Мне больше нравится N78.

  6. Naser says:

    Merry Christmas

  7. marion says:

    I can live with the plastic and thickness… if it really is that cheap!

    I’m a bit scared of the smaller spacebar though.

  8. saita says:

    lol as of what i can see is E63 looks more like a calculator than a cellphone lol, anyway i like the new look of the upcoming nokia cellphone called Nokia N97 for more info check out this website http://www.slime-tube.com Just scroll down and you will be able to see the the N97.

  9. Mark says:

    I just got this E63 last Dec 13th 2008 at Cyberzone, SM North for the price of Php 12,500. I got the red version. I surveyed the prices first. Initial price is somewhere around Php 14,000. Then as I surveyed the other stores prices started getting lower, till I got the cheapest and also has the color that I like.

    Probably, I may be one of those fortunate people who got this E63 after the official release date (Dec 11, 2008). Cyberzone got their E63 on Dec 13, 2008, the day I bought mine *cash*.

    Surprisingly, Nokia at Cyberzone doesn’t have the E63. Their sales lady doesn’t even know what a Nokia E63 is. How sad


  10. Ja says:

    Zanima me ima li nokia e63 hrvatski meni?

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