The Ultimate Gaming Machine

The Ultimate Gaming Machine

Host Leo Laporte of The Screen Savers showed a modded rig they claim to be the ultimate gaming PC. This top of the line UGM costs about $10,000 after all the add-ons.


The specs:
Intel Pentium II 300MHz
4.1GB + 9.1GB Seagate Cheetah
32x Plextor CDROM
FM synthesis
3D Sound
Adtronics Case

It didn’t say what graphics card they had in there but I reckon it could be one of those S3 Savage 3D with 8MB of RAM.

By the way, this was 10 years ago. The iPhone 3G has a faster CPU and more storage than this gaming machine.

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9 Responses

  1. Num Lock says:

    I remember my Acer Aspire Pentium 133 MHz, 32mb SDRAM and 1mb VRAM (^_^) that costs 68T with a printer!!!

  2. StarMars says:

    It’s amazing how fast technology is improving, especially in computers. One day you got a high-end computer; in the next 6 months, yours is just a standard computer.

  3. ralph says:

    my toshiba satellite ..nabili ko last 2003..
    pentium 4 1.8ghz lang nga eto.. top 10 sa t3 mag malaysia nuon..priced about 1800+ $

    ngayon 2008:
    i can play dota, ran online..conquer online ,ragnarok.. but kung heavy na sa vid memry ayaw na
    play windows media while nagdodota..

    hinde pa rin nahuhuli hehehe

  4. marion says:


  5. Andre Marcelo-Tanner says:

    i played Quake back in 1995 when it first came out on my blazing fast Pentium 100 with 8MB of RAM! Played real well even on a 28.8k modem from the Philippines.

  6. TechPinas says:

    “128Megs of RAM.. not a reasonable amount at all! That’s AAA LOT!”



  7. Well, I used to brag my 40 mb harddrive before. Now we are on the terabyte age.

  8. vance says:

    i thought this was a new Ultimate gaming rig.. I remember this old show. I missed the gaming rig section they did during those Techtv days. Tekzilla did the same thing some months ago. sponsored by NVIDIA. It has two NVIDIA 280 graphics card and an NVIDIA edition of CoolerMaster Case (being sold here for P10K)

  9. LuizJogos says:

    Parabens pelo seu site, colega! Nao gosto muito de fazer comentarios, mas o seu site esta muito bom mesmo! Continue com esse bom trabalho!

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