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Nokia E7 in the flesh!

Nokia’s upcoming flagship smartphone, the Nokia E7, is a bigger, sleeker version of the popular Nokia N8 slapped with a sliding full qwerty keyboard.

We got our hands on a review unit yesterday took a couple of shots to share.

Just like the N8, the E7 comes in a variety of colors — dark grey, silver white, green, blue, orange.

Nokia E7 specs:
4 inches polarized, AMOLED, capacitive touch screen @ 640×360 pixels
Nokia ClearBlack display
Gorilla glass display
680MHz ARM 11 processor
Broadcom BCM2727 GPU
16GB mass memory
350 MB internal memory
256MB RAM, 1024MB ROM
8MP camera with dual LED flash
720p HD video recording @ 25fps
WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
HSDPA 10.2MBps, HSUPA 2.0Mbps
Bluetooth 3.0
GPS w/ aGPS support
FM radio with RDS
Symbian^3 OS
1200mAH battery

The unit is pretty solid and heavy on the hands, mostly due to the size and the metallic body construction.

With the Nokia N8’s reputation with it’s excellent 12MP camera, I’m expecting it’s fraternal twin — the Nokia E7, will deliver the same photo quality.

Still feeling my way around Symbian^3 OS since it’s been a long time I have not used one (since the 5800XM a few years back). Will post full review early next week and share the verdict.

As for the local price, we’re still not sure but if the N8 came out at around Php23k, I’m confident the Nokia E7 will just go for around Php25k to Php28k.

Disclosure: Nokia is an advertiser on this blog for the Nokia E7.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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31 Responses

  1. Ben says:

    Oh. Sybian again

  2. Ben says:

    How much would this be?

  3. Calvin says:

    it’s how the communicator evolved. sleeker and looks more bad-ass.

  4. Gumz says:

    great specs…

  5. asdsa says:

    Looks great. but is it worth it? nope. might as well get the HTC HD 7 PRO

  6. arj says:

    nice but limited memory compared to n8. no memory card slot

  7. Eingild says:

    How much is this baby? I’ll probably buy it if it’s priced around 30k below. Any pricetag beyond that is just absurd. :D

  8. Jon says:

    What a waste of hardware, imo. Personally, I love how it looks. The software is just not deserving of such a good-looking phone. Slap WP7 or Android on it and surely it would sell. Tsk tsk.

  9. Miguel Paraz says:

    One thing that would save me for Symbian is if they make the browser at par with iOS/Android.

    But if Symbian R&D is dead… ?

  10. ed says:

    can’t wait for a win7 nokia phone with these specs and form factor (modified for the win7 requirements of course)

    Its sure as hell will be easier to avail of warranty here then HTC or any other brand.

  11. Knee Loat says:

    With the Nokia N8′s reputation with it’s excellent 8MP camera

    ~ you might want to edit this sir kasi 12 MP ung N8…


  12. avid0n3 says:

    Used to be a Nokia user (5800 XM was my last Nokia phone), but now I use Android phone. Symbian is not that bad imho, who among who posted above really used a Nokia smartphone past 5800? Nokia’s Ovi Store apps quantity may not comes close to Android Market or even AppStore, but they’re good in quality. Not to mention applications made by Nokia BetaLabs.

    I’m a mobile developer starting to learn Android, and I tell you, WP7 sucks. Maybe it will mature with the help of Nokia. Actually I’m disappointed when Elop ditched Symbian/Meego in favor of Microsoft.

  13. Charli3 says:

    mukhang hindi same ang photo quality nito sa N8, dual led flash compare sa xenon flash ng N8 + carl zeiss optics.

  14. antknee says:

    Do not expect the E7’s camera to be anywhere near that of the N8’s. First of all, the E7 sports an 8Mpx sensor while the N8 has 12. Secondly, the E7 uses full/fixed focus technology while the N8 has autofocus. Quite a bummer on the E7 if you ask me. Marketed as a business device, I expect it to be able to scan business cards/documents/bar codes but the fixed focus camera just wouldn’t cut it.

  15. Gino says:

    how can he say he expects the same photo quality with the n8? the e7 has a fixed/full focus camera. wierd

  16. YuYu says:

    looks really sleek!

    wonder when they would start using WP7.

  17. iEDU says:

    Symbian OS? oh Comon! Epic Fail!

  18. Ethan Tremblay says:

    Why didn’t Nokia used the WP? I thought Nokia and Microsoft were already partners. It would be really worth it using that OS. But it still looks good and SLEEK i supposed. better wait for the full review. to others, we better wait for the full review before making some venerations. =))

  19. Robin Lim says:

    That is outdated even before it hits the market. Bu October, Nokia high end smartphones will be running WP7.

  20. adam says:

    Its a touchscreen? I wonder why they still place a sliding qwerty keyboard. If it priced below 25K for sure it would sell.

  21. vino says:

    nice phone sleek, look smart and good specs :)

    I hope nokia will not stop their support with symbian OS it is a good OS, im not interested with WP7 I better go with Android or probably wait for meego :)

  22. Pedro says:

    looks expensive… :)

  23. abe Dumlao says:

    ye … not satisfied with the N8, and look the same only for the slide up

    Just a comment

  24. E says:

    my N8 still dominates that E7… i really love my N8, compared to Iphone4 and Samsung galaxy S… N8 is HD, really crisp videos and photos… with its 12mp camera, i can connect it to my HD TV through hdmi… very nice.

  25. Miklos says:

    Yes I have a few movies etc. on a USB drive that I just plug into my wifes N8, then hook the N8 up to the TV and voila I’m watching my downloaded movies in HD on my TV without HTPC etc.

  26. dan_md says:

    Nokia E7
    pros: QWERTY keyboard, thinner profile, larger & better OLED Display, good HD video
    cons: fixed-focus still camera (vs autofocus in N8), no micro SD slot

    usual pluspoints of Symbian ^3: USB on the go, HDMI out support, multi-coded compatible video player (avi, xvid, divx, etc)., pentaband network support, capacitive display, dedicated graphics chip

    upcoming updates: Q2: improved keyboard input and browser, Q3-Q4: improved homescreen (non-tiled widgets), overhauled UI.

  27. mr. bogus says:


  28. kannuchi says:

    I have left Symbian already for 3months already, but not this trusted brand yet. But I hope Qt framework for the next firmware will arrive earlier to see how smooth the new revamped UI will be on N8 and E7. I’ve seen the Android-ish UI of the upcoming PR2.0 for N8 and it’s promising. Can’t wait to see it too on E7. :D

  29. drahcir says:

    Good design but poor OS….. I just hope there will be Windows 7 for this. Anyway I still enjoy my HTC Desire HD – Gingerbread ROM!

  30. Bot says:

    This would have been nice if the OS was Android and if it was DUAL-SIM!

  31. I need Nokia E 7 charging port , how much can you charge me to buy one am in Central Africa , country Zambia , city Lusaka . Can i send my phone to you country so that you fix for me ?

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