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Nokia Lumia 1020 now official: the 41MP Windows Phone

Over at New York, Nokia finally announces their next flagship phone – the Lumia 1020. The ultimate cameraphone reels in a 41 megapixel shooter with tons of hardware & software features, enough processing power with 2GB RAM and the playful & solid, yet familiar design from the Lumia series.

nokia lumia 1020 2

Previously dubbed as the EOS, the Nokia Lumia 1020 packs a 768 x 1280 PureMotion HD+ ClearBlack AMOLED panel, a 1.5GHz Snapdragon S4 Pro CPU and an improved 2GB RAM. It is all wrapped around a unibody polycarbonate casing with 32GB internal storage, Windows Phone 8 and a non-removable 2,000mAh battery.

But of course, let us not forget one of the main highlights of the phone – the camera. On the hardware side, the 41MP PureView shooter on the back of the phone has an aperture of f/2.2, and it features a mechanical shutter. It packs optical image stabilization, improved low-light performance, oversampling technology (now on video as well) and loseless zoom.

On the software side however, Nokia employs their new app called “Pro Cam”. What it does is it allows you to adjust specific settings to your liking such as ISO, white balance, focus & shutter speed. Features such as long exposure have been demoed on stage and it worked very well. Dual Capture also allows you to take two photos at the same time at different resolutions.


nokia lumia 1020

Nokia Lumia 1020 specs:
4.5-inch PureMotion HD+ ClearBlack AMOLED display @ 1280×768 pixels, 332ppi
Gorilla Glass 3
Qualcomm Snapdragon Krait 1.5GHz dual-core processor
Adreno 225 GPU
32GB internal storage
41MP f/2.2 1/1.2″ PureView rear camera, Zeiss optics, Xenon flash
1080p HD video (low-light, image stabilization, mechanical shutter)
Pro Camera (ISO, white balance, focus & shutter speed controls)
1.3MP wide-angle front-facing camera, 720p video
GPS w/ aGPS support, GLONASS
Windows Phone 8
Li-ion 2,000mAh, non-removable
130.4 x 71.4 x 10.4 mm (dimensions)
158g (weight)

The phone will also have a camera grip accessory that will allow for tripods and longer battery life, and it will be sold in black, white & yellow variants. A wireless charging case will also be sold separately.

Price and availability for international release is yet to be announced, but over at the U.S., it is being sold for a high $299 on contract, and is expected to arrive before August.


Bob Freking occasionally contributes articles to the website. He is a UST Graduate of Commerce & Business Administration, Major in Marketing Management, and a full-time Sith Lord with three dragons.

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73 Responses

  1. butthurt says:

    I’m a Samsung fanboy and what the heck is this?

    • Bobo, it’s a Nokia PureView phone and it looks way better than your S4 Zoom. Let me rephrase that. This phone is beautiful unlike your cheap-a** S4 Zoom which is the definition of ‘cool’ by a middle-aged woman.

      Pretending not to know anything about this phone makes you look dumb, not cute. Read the White Paper or watch the impressive keynote. But I can’t argue with you if you’ve just been from the bank and got paid by ShameDung GayLAGshi* to bash Nokia again.

  2. aragorn says:

    Ganda ng Lumia 1020!!! Best camera phone!

  3. vslayer says:

    This baby destroys all smartphone cameras even the s4 zoom

  4. red says:

    to Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom: This is how to create a camera phone

    • mx says:

      That’s my dialogue…lol!
      I definitely agree that Nokia’s way of making smartphone cameras is the right way. Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom’s camera is just stupid.

  5. Abed M. says:

    I thought S4 Pro only accommodates up to 20MP camera sensor.

    Anyway I’m confused what chipset is powering this device Qualcomm MSM8960 Snapdragon is an S4 Plus right? Correct me if I’m wrong. And MSM8960T is the S4 Pro.

  6. rhk111 says:

    Another model, another disappointment. Nokia should finally admit that it won’t go anywhere unless it adopts Android. That is proven already, their Windows Phones are going nowhere.

    As for this one, who would want to pay for a premium price for a dual-core phone? This again shows Nokia being slow when adopting new technology. Flagship phones are going quad-core, and yet they are still stuck to dual-core.

    • Abed M. says:

      If Nokia went with Android, they would just “just another android manufacturer”, along the lines of HTC. Not Samsung, HTC. That’s not a good place to be right now ever. IMO :)

    • jett says:

      and besides current Windows Phone 8 performs best at dual core unlike your lagdroid which needs gazillion cores to run fast.

    • rhk111 says:

      Just to show you how PATHETIC Nokia’s campaign has been, dinadaan na lang sa SIRAAN as in nag la “lag” daw ang Android. Magiging over 50% ba ang WORLDWIDE MARKET SHARE ng Android kung “laggy” nga iyan? LOL.

    • rhk111 says:

      I still feel Nokia would have a better chance with Android than with Windows Phone OS. Windows Phone is arguably inferior to Android, with much less apps, and lesser customizations.

      But then with Nokia’s Turtle-pace hardware development, I doubt if they can keep up with Android’s requirements also, hence they are doomed to be at the single-digit Smartphone market share they have now …

    • bongski says:

      @rhk111 android in nokia? Oh please, spare the lumiaS from that rotten malware-ridden OS.

    • Albert says:

      Microsoft and Nokia devs will have least chance to develop more apps if Nokia adopts Android. Nokia is still better off with WP.

      Also, I believe the ability to produce such high quality image and video in this device is due to the fact that both hardware and software/OS works well with each other.

      I was watching the event last night via live stream and realized the device is indeed amazing! The Nokia camera pro app is also cool :)

    • john says:

      For people who are blinded with “specifications” on a mobile phone, yes, many would say that Nokia did not do it right this time, again. Many would say that they are much more willing to pay for a quad-core phone, or worse a “two quad-core phone acting like an octa-core”, for them to have that superb user experience. Then again, Windows Phone doesn’t need those quad-cores just to have that “superb user experience.” May I ask, have you tried using a Windows Phone for everyday use? I have a Nokia Lumia 820, and switching to it from an Android is by far the best decision I made. I never had force closes, laggy swipes, and unresponsive phone moments.

      You say that they are “slow with regards to adapting new technology.” Using your argument, I think this is flawed. Tell me, how many other companies have developed such beautiful technology as PureView in their mobile phones? Have you seen Glance Screen? Have other manufacturers used it? How about PureMotion HD+?
      ClearBlack display? Clearly, with your argument, no prior research has been done, you’re speaking out of ignorance.

      Of course Android has its advantages, like having a huge app market. But then again, from the thousands of apps available there, how many of them do you actually use? Windows Phone Store already provides its own counterpart for most famous apps, some have its alternatives, and more are to come. I do hope it will get bigger soon, provided that Microsoft needs to be a bit more relaxed on their guidelines in app development.

    • Magic5 says:


      Ang Tanga2 mo gunggong! Wla kng kcng bobo! Mkpag kumento ka lng kht wlng kwenta ubra na? Pra kng c abuzalzal na nagpalit lng ng pngalan dahl sa kahihiyan! Hahaha.. Kung ndi kba nmn bugok eh! Bgo ka manira sna nagbasa2 ka muna pra naicp mu na ndi klngan ng quad core ng iphone n windows phone dhl optimized ang mga Operating System nla na ios n win8 for mobile device, ndi k2lad ng android na makupad dhl mtakaw sa system resources.. At sa cnsabe mng 50% worlwide market share ng android, magbilang ka tanga! Kumpara mo ung presyo ng iphone n nokia sa mumurahing android, ilang cm, sm or myphone mbbili mo sa isang unit nla? Kya mlaki share nla dhl sa dme ng unit na nbbenta nla pro it doesnt mean na quality products ung mga un.. Dpat ang knukumpra mo eh ung sales lng ng mgkka level na brands like sony, htc, samsung vs iphone n nokia.. My cnsbe kpng naiiwanan sa technology eh wla ngang mka tpat sa quality ng cam ng nokia.. Bka utak mo ung naiiwanan kc puno na ng hangin dhl sa kyabangan pro sa totoo eh wla nmng alam!!! Hahaha

    • SarapMoBaby says:

      @john, don’t forget also the Nokia Drive. Awesome!! I think you can type in the address of the place you want to go, even the house number and it will direct you there.

    • john says:


      Oh yeah, I totally forgot! When I was in another country, I didn’t need to buy maps. Roaming mobile data is not available for prepaid, and my map is working totally offline. It really works!

    • Matthew Ames says:

      Sure, Android has the most number apps among the mobile OS out there but the reason why there are so many apps in Play Store is because of lack of quality check. Most Android apps are just a copy of another app or worse, a low-quality copy of another app.

      Quantity-wise, Android is the best but Quality-wise, Android is the worst. Not to mention, Android itself is now a disaster for devs out there because there are millions of phones and tablets with different hardware configuration.

      I’d rather have an OS that performs efficiently on a modest hardware and apps that passed through quality check (WP8) than an OS that still lags on high-end hardware and apps that aren’t even quality-checked (Android).

    • rhk111 says:

      Naku, kahit anong sabihin ng mga Nokia Trolls dito, the fact still remains that very few people are buying Nokia products these days. Kahit anong ipagsigawan ninyo, at the end of the day Android still has an over 50% share of the market, while Nokia only has less than 5% share of the market.

      That means Android users are at least TEN TIMES the number of Nokia Windows Phone users. Kahit anong pang to troll nyo rito, walang makikinig sa inyo.

      Kung nagtatrabaho kayo sa Nokia, o me kamaganak kayo sa Nokia, face the facts na SOON, e ma le LAYOFF kayo kasi kakapiranggot lang ang bumibili ng produkto ninyo… LOL.

    • rhk111 says:

      At sinong gago ba ang bibili ng mamahaling celphone na mas mahina ang specs? You can justify all you want about “not needing” high specs daw, but at the end of the day, why SHORT CHANGE yourself? If for the same price you can buy a phone with better specs, e ba’t ka naman bibili ng mas mababang specs?

      No amount of Marketing can sway people to change that.

      Most Android users are using Samsung/HTC/LG products, kakapiranggot lang po ang market share ng CM at MyPhone sa buong mundo …

    • jake says:

      Hoy bobong @rhk111!

      Bakit ang apple!!? madaming bumibili kahit mababa ang specs?

      Hindi sa hardware lang, HARDWARE AT SOFTWARE, combination yan.

      TANDAAN MO YAN!! Kung baga sa TAE, isa ka ng EBAK na nagmamalaki pero MABAHO!!

    • Hoy RHK111 Ang sabihin mo kaya ang asim asim mo dahil naiinggit ka dahil kahit anong mangyari NOKIA WILL NEVER GO ANDROID. At di mo maeexperience kung gaano ka amazing ang smartphone na to.

      You idiot better educate yourself naman. It’s not about the specs but what the phone actually does. My iPhone doesn’t have quadcore processor pero it’s light years ahead than my gf’s Note 2. Ang Samsung pa octa core pa pero naglaLAG pa din in some conditions! Ano ba yan!!!!
      Ang Nokia Lumia 520 ko kahit 512 lang napaka smooth ng operation at ni minsan hindi naglaLAG. Nakakahiya. Palibhasa naka Cherry mobile ka lang feeling mo kung sinong Android fan ka na. Nakakahiya! Nakakawala ng respeto ang Android fan na iniinsist that a smartphone needs to have multicores. Yuck. Yan lang ba alam niyo? How about the design? Ang cheap talaga ng Samsung pasalamat kayo meron pang Sony na disente na tingnan.

    • Unknown3 says:

      I still don’t get it. Android is an open platform so there’s the tendency of “laggyness” eh pano na lang kung tinopak yang phone mo at may emergency. Di ikaw pa namroblema. So ano pinaglalaban natin.

    • naknamputabobonaman says:

      “At sinong gago ba ang bibili ng mamahaling celphone na mas mahina ang specs? You can justify all you want about “not needing” high specs daw, but at the end of the day, why SHORT CHANGE yourself? If for the same price you can buy a phone with better specs, e ba’t ka naman bibili ng mas mababang specs?” –@rhk11 if you want to maximize your money because you think phones are priced based on their hardware,then buy ANDROID phones but if you want to maximize your money based on performance,go for WINDOWS BOBO!!!! quad core phone:android OS=LAGGY;dual core phone=Windows Phone OS=VERYFLUID

  7. Tim says:

    litong lito na ako sa daming smartphone na lumalabas. pero mukang pantapat to dun sa samsung galaxy camera. sobrang ganda siguro ng color production nito dahil sa amoled tamang tama pang photos lalo na pang instagram bago kumain haha.

  8. kamibeyb says:

    sana best ang camera talaga no?

    im hoping for the best Nokia!

    sana okay na din ang apps.


  9. jayron says:

    It’s still a Windows phone. Meaning walang Gravity Screen Off, Go SMS Pro, Pulse aggregator, Multiling Keyboard na may Tagalag at Bisaya dictionaries, Greenify, SD Speed Increase at marami pang iba. I’ll stick to Android, thank you.

    • mayron says:

      Glad that you’re happy with your Android phone.

      I’m also happy with my Windows Phone.

      Isn’t that nice? We are both happy. ;)

    • River says:

      Ka-cheapan naman ng reasons mo for sticking with Android. Oh Android pala gamit mo, is that a Cherry mobile or an S4? Can’t tell eh.

    • Matthew Ames says:

      An OS that has lots of low-quality apps? No, thank you.

      I still prefer WP8 even though it has the least number of apps because I know that all my WP8 apps have passed a quality check from Microsoft. Android, on the other hand has lots of apps but the quality of Android apps is so depressing.

      An OS that encourages devs to copy an app of another dev? An OS that still lags on high-end hardware? An OS that has the most number of malware threats? An OS that has the most numbers of apps quantity-wise but also has the least number of apps quality-wise?

      I’m an Android user since 2009 but I decided to jump into WP8 because of those issues and I glad I did despite the number of available apps.

      Android has now turned from a powerful mobile OS into a fragmented one.

    • jayron says:

      I’m guessing you guys were still in diapers when Windows 98 ruled the computing world and would crash when you were in the middle of something important? They had two decades to improve and even then XP was bitch-slapped by blaster worm. In contrast Android is improving by the minute. Now ruling 70% of the market. I’d wipe my ass with those Nokia-Microsoft stocks if I were you. lolz

  10. Oh no you didn’t! My gosh! The patutyal iSheeps and the lagdroids are foaming sa super duper inggit right now. They will never, ever, never, forever get DLSR-quality photos and an oh-la-la design ever!

    Mangisay kayo sa inggit lagdroids and iSheeps!

    Kisay pa!

  11. NokiaFanboy334 says:

    Atleast Lumias like this phone doesn’t have depreciation like most of the newly-released Android phone. Almost every month or every week, a new Android phone is released which makes the previously-released one look like crap. Lumias are different in their own way, and buying a lower end Lumia model doesn’t make you look like crap but instead makes you look unique.

    And Android is purely nonsense. It’s fine that they’ve updated everything they know about since scratch but I haven’t seen anything new that they have been working on. Nokia is working everyday to produce different innovations to the world that can stay on-top of the class.

    And they (my fellow Nokia Fanboys)are right, if you’re on a Lumia, nobody freaking needs an over-clocked quad core chipset nor an eight-core version. Nokia knows perfection and they make sure everything works as fluid, if not, even faster and smoother than the high-end, overpowered phones.

    • asakanaman says:

      asa ka nama boi na makakarating agad ‘yan sa Pilipinas! tulad ng lumia 920 dati, nag-depreciate na nga sa local online stores, sa nokia stores, wala pa!

  12. erinx says:

    are you sure it’s for only $299? Like, just 12K PHP? i guess it’s over 25,000 PHP or $ 650

    • johanna says:

      $299 on contract — sa US lang yan if they buy it on a contract. of course, contract free phones comes with a higher price tag.

    • nokia lumia 620 user says:

      bro, its $299 under AT&T contract, non-carrier costs around $600+

  13. Ryan says:

    Woohoo way to go Nokia!! The 92x’s camera already blows the competition out of the water, pano pa kaya ito?! I will surely upgrade my 920 to this one. Sana available agad dito saatin. I love the Lumia. Replaced my 4s and I never looked back.

    Lumia 1020 + ipad mini = perfection!

    • There is this rumor that Nokia will be bringing Windows 8.1 (full pc software) to a 7-inch body.

    • aira says:

      really? I’m an lumia fan kasi e. Love windows phone talaga. Dami nga nagtataka kung bakit daw ako ng windows. Well, I always go with the quality, not with the quantity.

  14. ron says:

    Nokia Rules!

  15. Hello says:

    im an android user here(sg ace) im happy with its OS but i wished i got a windows because of its table system,ung tungkol sa apps naman nagdoubt ako sa windows pero nung nagandroid nako d ko rin naman pla namaximize ungpagkadami ng apps,d rin ako nagkainteres sa ibang apps tska d magtatagal dadami din yan…maganda ang windows kasi ang nokia gumagawa cla ng phone na optimized sa OS unlike sa android na gawa ng phone then saka itetest kung ok ung OS kahit laggy (kahit sgs4 naglalag din daw)

    • aira says:

      My brother and sister are android users. Me naman, wala pa ako before preferred na phone so pinili ko n lng ung nokia lumia 710 na free naman sa plan ko. This phone is just single core phone. Pero the way it works, wala kang masasabi. Super smooth and mabilis. This is even far way better than the quad core of o+. May kilala rin me na nagddevelop ng mga apps ng wp. For the phone to work efficiently, the OS should be compatible with the phone (not the literal hardware specs). Parang sa pimple lang. Yung mamahalin na anti-ace treatment could be ineffective sa iba. The apps of WP, mga may sense unlike sa android na makagwa lang ng apps, okay na.

  16. Valderama says:

    Nacacahiya ang Samsung S4 Zoom.

  17. rhk111 says:

    It is so funny how DESPERATE Nokia’s marketing is these days. No matter how many TROLLS you unleash in the internet, at the end of the day Android is still a better product. People will decide that, and they have, hence the failure of Windows Phone to even make a DENT in the Android market.

    No amount of MARKETING or TROLLING will change that.

    • Ryan says:

      The only reason why android sells is that there are a lot of cheap phones out there like the cherry mobiles and o-plus phones… these manufacturers are selling phones like pancakes (specially in the provinces) which they market as quad core daw… pero cortex a7s ang gamit. cortex a7s are no match to a cortex a15. kahit pa octacore yan pero kung a7 wag na! pero people buy them because of the “quad core is better” mentality.

      Kaya lang naman madaming android is because mas madaming cheap na android phones compared to windows phones…

    • Hoy RHK111 Ang sabihin mo kaya ang asim asim mo dahil naiinggit ka dahil kahit anong mangyari NOKIA WILL NEVER GO ANDROID. At di mo maeexperience kung gaano ka amazing ang smartphone na to. You idiot better educate yourself naman. It’s not about the specs but what the phone actually does. My iPhone doesn’t have quadcore processor pero it’s light years ahead than my gf’s Note 2. Ang Samsung pa octa core pa pero naglaLAG pa din in some conditions! Ano ba yan!!!!
      Ang Nokia Lumia 520 ko kahit 512 lang napaka smooth ng operation at ni minsan hindi naglaLAG. Nakakahiya. Palibhasa naka Cherry mobile ka lang feeling mo kung sinong Android fan ka na. Nakakahiya

    • Magic5 says:


      Pra kng isang CHONGGO na pagka laki2 nga ng ktawan pro KKAPIRANGGOT nmn ang UTAK! Hahaha.. Yn ang perfect description ng cnsbe mng high spec device with retard slugish performing os na android ;p

  18. Allison says:

    I have a Note 2 and a Lumia 720 and I love them both. I am an Android fangirl, but I also admire Nokia’s workmanship.

    I don’t understand the hate. WP8 can’t match the possibilities offered by an Android, but it’s a beautiful and very efficient OS. And I often wish my Note 2 was built like my Lumia. I’m excited for this device, but I’m scared of the price.

    • abuzalzal says:

      hija honey sweety pie, PANGET talaga ang Windows phone, ang mga may gusto lang neto ay yung mga hindi pa nakaka-experience ng Jelly Bean

    • tangainutilvovo says:

      @abuzalzal mas pangit ka personal preference lng yan kahit ako na android user mas pipiliin ko pang magwindows if ever na bumili uli ako ng bagong phone

    • mon76ph says:

      nice combi there. me, im using lumia 620 as my daily driver and nexus 7 for ebook reading. planning to replace it with lumia 925 or 1020. i love wp8 ui and fb integration except ecosystem thats why i have nexus 7 for that. :)

  19. renz92 says:

    Y d bigtym stars n US(jilo,kelly clarkson etc.) Lumia gamit nila…
    Kc nandon ang quality..

  20. steelicon says:
    “If I want to buy a really nice camera, I’ll go out an buy a really nice camera. What I won’t do is buy a phone because it has a decent camera on it, and that’s why I don’t think I’ll ever spend my own money on the Nokia Lumia 1020. To put it another way, would anyone buy the phone if it had an 8MP camera instead of 41MP? Exactly.”
    “Nokia is really trying to sell you a brilliant camera, not a brilliant phone. Put that same camera in an Android device, and you can bet it’ll be in high demand. But in a Windows Phone 8 device, and at $300, it’s about as appealing as, well, a Windows Phone device.
    Sorry, Nokia, but between my full-frame, 24MP Nikon DSLR and my good-enough smartphone cameras, I just don’t see why I’d fork over that much cash for the Lumia 1020.”
    Marc Flores – Contributing Editor

    • ohnoyoudidnt says:

      So you will spend 500 on a nikon and another 500 for an S4? No wonder America is deep in recession. Konting financial literacy, please!

  21. dj says:

    and so? what is important is what you think and how you would use the phone.

    first, the blogger should read the amazing technology behind pureview and see the real purpose of the 41MP sensor.

    second, the difference between his 24MP full frame nikon and this, would be the portability to image quality ratio.. I have a Nex 7 and a Lumia 920. but I am really interested in this phone.

  22. gwapo says:


  23. gwapo says:

    wala namang magandang feature ang phone nato kundi ang camera lang, everything else is pangit. bokia-lumpia.

  24. Unknown3 says:

    I’m actually using a lumia 820 and i have it on my hands for about 3 months until now. I must say camera is superb. No lags at all. Unlike the last phone that i had, samsung glaxy s3 which made a hufge disappointment to me. Lags everywhere. Even the camera. A garbage i must say. Even my friends who have their galxy s3s and iphones are jealous because of its performance. Fast and fluid. Camera is a knock ya. Haha in short. Walang binatbat. Dual led flash pa. Para ka na ring humawak ng digi cam. Lol

    Sorry but nokia and windows phone os is a perfect match. Even samsung has its own windows phone, i still prefer nokia lumias over any other windows phones out there. Not android or ios.

    The lumia 1020 is a great phone. Totally knocks down samsung galxy s4 zoom in design and performance. Ipagtanggol niyo na yang os niyo pero pagdating sa camera talong talo. Kahit 720, 820, 900, 920 o 800 pa yan na lumia. Panalo pa rin. :)))

    • savage466 says:

      gusto ko bumili ng 920 nang dumating ang 1020 wla na.., napaisip n nman ako., kaso sa price nya, mkakabili n ako ng 808 at 920, anu ba tlga? hhaha

    • Unknown3 says:

      @savage466 if you’re willing to wait for 1020, then push through it. lumia 920 is a flagship phone since then. kaya ayos lang ang lumia 920 :DDD

  25. wewhahaha says:

    ang advantage lng na nakikita ko ng s4 zoom dito ay ang pagiging digicam form nya(mas madali hawakan ang ganung form pag kumukuha ng larawan) tska optical zoom.UN LNG

  26. Berto Putik says:

    Eto na talaga ang dream phone ko.
    Ang sarap mag-imagine na gamit gamit ko na to.

    nag pe-pray talaga ako ng husto kay God para makabili ako nito, napakagandang magamit para sa mga AVP namin sa church.

    Tulungan nu akong mag-pray ha. : )

    about sa apps, ok lang sa akin kahit di kasing dami ng apps tulad ng sa android at ios.
    Ewan ko ba, pero may appeal sa akin ang WP na di ko ma-resist, tapos ganda pa ng camera.

    Para sa akin, panalo tlg ang mga Nokia Lumia Series.

    Respeto lang po.wla naman sanang maghurimintado against sa post ko,d ako sanay sa ganong mga reactions.

    God Bless.

    • zest says:

      ayos yung comment mo ha ..cge goodluck saten .. samsung galaxy s4 sana gusto ko .. pero lumia na lang ..

  27. ramsicle says:

    why are you android fanboys bashing nokia for its OS? WP isnt an exclusive OS for nokia. samsung, htc, sony, LG, even motorola made phones with WP as its OS. nokia sticked with WP bcoz android is too generic, and optimization of the phones really do need higher specs to perform fluidly which makes the price higher as well. and little did you know, Symbian OS, nokia’s self made OS the 1st OS to use, make, create and optimize whatever android OS is doing right now, so whatever android is so falsely proud of, Symbian OS already did, and got bored of doing. :D
    im a multi-OS phone user, i use my WP as a primary phone and my LG as a back up phone and i can throw my LG anytime for this badboy of a camphone xD

  28. bilat says:

    kapag nokia ang gamit mo isa kang HAMPASLUPA!

  29. allied says:

    may updates naba kung kailan ito mairerelease sa asia. exclusively sa PHilippines>?

    planning to save my money for this one…
    WP8 is a way better. exception is the games from google.. i need a super phone like this L1020 with good 4g,lte, 6lens camera(pro). textng,call,video call, application wise. and can be upgraded to 8.1, wp9 and to d upcoming OS (based on nokia WP.) ..

    • zest says:

      yup.. talo talaga WP8 pag dating sa mga apps..pero napansin ko lang nung may samsung phone ako .. di ko rin ma enjoy yung mga games sa maliit na screen.. pero may gusto ako sa WP8, kahit papano matipid sa battery at mas maganda ang interface =)

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