Philippine Airlines now with WiFi and Cellular on board

Philippine Airlines now with WiFi and Cellular on board

Last April, Philippine Airlines (PAL) announced that they will start offering in-flight WiFi internet and call/test roaming in some of their regional routes by mid-year. It’s already July and we’ve now seen them putting this service in place.

On board a Boeing 777-300ERs this afternoon, we saw the service work during our 3-hour flight from Bangkok to Manila.

There’s actually a cell signal which your phone registers to when it’s set to automatic. The carrier is labeled OnAir and you get a welcome message once connected. Rates are similar to international roaming (not sure which one but could be from originating country?).


As for the WiFi internet, charges are on time-based billing:

$5 for 30 minutes
$10 for 1 hour
$20 for 3 hours
$40 for entire duration of the flight

If you have multiple devices, you can log in on the web-based system and connect them as well without additional charges.

Of course, the airline will still enforce the turning off of devices during taxi, take-off and landing of the plane. The service will only start working when the plane reaches the 37,000 feet altitude (around 20-30 minutes after take-off) and will be disabled upon descent.

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26 Responses

  1. red says:

    SURE! great idea, this is big help lalo na urgent maka connect sa internet… :) please lang yung ibang hindi maka afford sa rates huwag ng mag comment or yung hindi man lang makaafford sumakay ng eroplano, huwag ng mag comment! hahaha baka sasabihin na naman ng ibang hamak, mahal daw. hello? hehehe

  2. iFrit says:

    tahaha ang mahal naman,,,

    • Mhal magisip says:

      Please gents kung yun lang sasabihin nyo wag na kayong magtype. Alam natin mahal yan di rin nila ibababa kahit umiyak ka. Wala rin nagpipilit sayo. Wala kasing kwenta comment mo

  3. Reader says:

    inb4 people who would comment that mahal daw pero wala naman palang perang pangsakay sa eroplano, much more to buy a smartphone, nyahahaha~!

  4. Whey says:

    I have a smartphone and money to pay for the airplane ticket and to pay for the charges, but I still think those Internet charges and phone signal fees should be made available to all passengers for free.

    And even those who do not have enough to spend for these luxuries (others call it essentials) have the right to speak out sensibly about this issue. Please don’t discriminate them just because you can afford. For all you know, some of the poorest are even richer than you are.

  5. sasori says:

    I still don’t like PAL, I had a bad flight experience with them plus they should get rid some of those old hag snobbish foreigner pleaser cabin crews. -_-

  6. konan says:

    reasons why i hate and will never fly with PAL again!

    1. Bad in flight service.
    2. Cabin crew is full of good for nothing old hag’s.
    3. Snobbish at times.
    4.. Does not have a fair service knowing that you are a fellow countrymen, they always tend to please foreigners.

    BTW I always travel by plane….

  7. Ping says:

    kasama na kaya to pag business o first class ka na?

  8. Justin says:

    Is having an inernet connection such a dire NEED that people would actually spend this much just to be online while in-flight? Personally, I’d rather do my surfing while at the airport (departure and arrival) where you’ll likely find an open hotspot, or just purchase a cup of coffee and ask for the cafe’s wifi password. Much sensible in my opinion.

    • yuga says:

      Actually I think this is spare change for business people and those who are in the stock market and wants access all the time.

    • Ezy says:

      I agree with Yuga. This service is meant for business people who are always on the go. Personally, I would use this service so that I can still monitor the progress of my work. Ever heard of Severity 1 tickets and impact of SLA if not met? haha.. There is more to internet than social networks and surfing:)

    • thecorrescode says:

      Para din dun sa mga gusto magcheckin sa foursquare, especially kung yung plane nasa taas ng isang popular city… just kidding…

  9. jayron says:

    What for? One hour lang naman Mindanao to Manila. Download na lang ako ng movie beforehand. And I don’t exactly look Pinoy, but I still won’t fly PAL. Sorry, Lucio. I prefer not to contribute to your coffers.

    • Reader says:

      The article says “regional” flights, so your domestic routes are not covered. And even if domestic routes will be covered later, then no one’s forcing you to avail of such service.

      Don’t worry, Lucio Tan doesn’t want nor need your money either. Ta ta, Nigerian-looking bloke. :)

    • jayron says:

      I only skimmed through the article. And your presumptions are as interesting as your indio mom’s uterus. :)

    • Reader says:

      Better indio rather than mixed-breed, right? It’s not different from those askals you see on the streets of Manila. A bastard product of interracial lust. You’re not one or the other, you must live a very confused life. Poor you. :)

  10. ampz says:

    the big question is mabilis ba ang internet nila? kasi baka sayang lang ang ibabayad natin if mag avail tayo ng net sa PAL.

  11. mckenzee says:

    wifi and mobile services are not always available for the entire duration of flight because there are certain countries that do not permit using wifi & mobile services when you are flying above their country for example china, etc.,

  12. Jason says:

    Para siguro ito sa mga businessmen na in need ng internet connection. Not fof typical person na magchechekin lang sa facebook. Bottomline, this in not for you!

  13. cranky says:

    at least PAL’s customer service is better than Cebu Pacific’s crap.

  14. Jose says:

    Service is meant for anyone NOT just bussiness people! What makes ppl think they have a say in others money. 40.00 for a fucking 21 hours flight its needed ???? #stopthehatePalWifi #julyhereicome

  15. Florin says:

    I think that $40 for a 13 hours flight is ok as a price. Also they have usb charger for phones in their airbus 350. Whatsapp with friends and time goes faster. I think is could be cheaper, but is not their choice, having in mind that services are provided by a third party. They set the prices and customers accept or not.

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