Nokia N97 Mini out and priced

Nokia N97 Mini out and priced

Took some time for the little brother of the Nokia N97 to come out of stores (predictions came as early as September) but the Nokia N97 Mini is out in stores now.

The Nokia N97 Mini is being sold at a lower price of Php26,495.


nokia n97 mini

However, since the launch of the N97 months ago, its price has already gone down to the range of around Php28k which makes the Php26k price tag of the N97 Mini at little too close to the expensive side. I was expecting it to be around 50 – 60% of the SRP so that’s about Php18k to Php22k.

Earlier reviews of the N97 were not very positive so I’m not sure if a smaller and cheaper version can turn that around. For now, it seems that people’s eyes are already on the Nokia N900.

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33 Responses

  1. Mig says:

    I do have the N97 and I got a few days ago the N97 mini, its much better, smoother and it stays connected in emails, what is the first in nokias, they usually get kicked out for no reason after a few hours, the mini stays also the touch screen is much smoother reminds me on the iPhone! Much better than the N97!

  2. limuel; says:

    to expensive

  3. I agree it’s too expensive…you can add like 10k for a better i sound right?

    please enlighten…

  4. paolo90 says:

    I don’t know about that… I’ve never considered the iPhone to be superior to Nokia phones. It’s true the iPhone has a lot of apps, but most of the apps are really just games that don’t make the iPhone any “smarter.”

    For Nokia devices, especially e-series phones, office applications are bundled (unlike in the iPhone). Moreover, you can install WeFi to work with your Nokia Messaging in order to get push-email-on-wifi. This is how mine is set-up: it gets email every hour for as long as there’s wifi (this means you don’t have to pay). Third party applications that automatically handle calls (can respond to calls like an answering machine or text back if you’re busy) and texts (sets aside texts from different people) are also available for Nokia devices. Another third party application synchronizes your contacts and calendar entries with your Google account. Besides Nokia devices having a good useful set of first-party and third-party applications, Nokia phones also give you more camera megapixels and flash memory for the same price (if it’s not built-in, you can always buy a microSD that can theoretically go up to 64GB).

    Point is, the iPhone isn’t necessarily “better” than the Nokia N97 or N97 Mini. It depends on the user which one will be more suitable for him/her.

    *Sorry, if it’s anything I hate, it’s how people always overhype the iPhone as the “god” of smart phones… when in fact, there are many things that other smart phones can’t do that the iPhone still can’t.

  5. paolo90 says:

    Correction on my previous post :P, hehe…
    when in fact, there are many things that other smart phones CAN do that the iPhone still can’t.

  6. Actually, so many choices these days when it comes to smartphone,I prefer Samsung Omnia HD (aka i8910) ‘coz wika nga “bigay hilig”. It has 8MP camera, 1280 X 720p video recording, video playback is stunning because of AMOLED screen 16M colors, virtual 5.1 surround & built in 16GB memory. when it comes to OS, i can say not bad at all because it has much improved capacitive touch screen based on symbian S60 5th edition. By the way, built in mobile browser is ok because you can watch youtube video within the browser unlike other mobile browsers. And also, Opera Mobile 10 is working just fine.

  7. I hate the iPhone too. Too expensive. Hirap pa magtype. Sad thing is, no matter how bad the iPhone is, it is still KING of Smartphones. And it looks like it’ll stay there for a while.

    On the post:
    I agree with this. N97 mini is too expensive as well. The price is too damn close to its elder brother. Might as well spend a few more thousand pesos and but the N97.

  8. been using n97 for o 3months and i can say that im satisfied with the feautres. especially when the firmware is upgraded to v2

  9. Chris says:

    What kind of battery life are you guys who already have the N97 mini getting? I keep reading reports of people complaining they can’t even get 12 hours from it, and that’s with just making a couple of short calls and a few texts.

  10. yuga says:

    @chris – lots of people complaining about battery life at the Nokia Forums:

  11. I expected it to be around this price range but considering its big brother has a lower price now, it is quite expensive as you pointed out.

  12. @paolo,

    thanks for the enlightenment… i just ask because some or almost of my officemates are very fond of this Iphone.

    yes i do agree, buy the things that suits your needs..

  13. SpeedDemon says:

    I so much love the iPhone, pang sosyalan hindi pwede daliring malalaki parang construction workers.

    Not really a nokia hater coz i used to own N80 but ht iPhone is really damn sexy yet powerful mini computer

  14. Although the iPhone3G S is a very smart phone, it not intelligent enough to compete against the Nokia N97 Mini.

    The Nokia N97 mini is like having a mini super computer on your pocket. The features of the Nokia N97 Mini are very impressive compared to the iPhone.

  15. Annonymous says:

    Ang mahal pa nung iWannaBeASmartphone eh gawang china lang mga components sa loob.

    Pinakintab lang tapos dinikitan ng apple logo. Lol.

  16. jann says:

    it is only 24k here in tacloban

  17. clyde says:

    well a lot of positive reviews are circulating in the internet about the mini version… feels like an eseries bec of the metal backing and better build… i myself got to try one out here in singapore… i would have bought it but i got the e72 instead coz the only downside of the mini is battery life still a good buy esp now its equipped with kinetic scrolling out of the box… its my xmas phone actually… hahaha

  18. mrloo says:

    I got mine this July as a gift and a replacement of my N95 which I broke purposedly. I like the new features but the first month my battery went dead and though I haven’t uploaded lots of applications and some files in it, it always hangs.

    N97 is a so so phone I guess. Anyway, I can’t complain when it was a gift. :-)

  19. Allan Dale says:

    I really liked the design of N97. But what’s the real big difference from mini? except the price and the size?

  20. Allan Dale says:

    and.. can you add me up? :D I just started blogging..

  21. Jael says:

    how much is this? is the price is same in the stores?

  22. Arpee says:

    This phone has serious Battery Problems, Nokia Care, please sort this out…

  23. lester says:

    i buy this phone yesterday. i encountered some problems that frustrates me.
    – weak signal when indoors, sometimes no network coverage at all!
    – poor battery life
    – the phone becomes so hot when using after a minute

  24. how much is it right now??I heard that it is now only 1 or 2 thousands,is it true????

  25. How much is it right now??I heard that it is now only 1 or 2 thousand,is it true????

  26. Sushi says:

    @prettybelle 1k? Omg where did you get that? Last time i checked its 18.5k.

  27. jn says:

    N97 mini or Xperia 10 mini pro? Which 2 is the best buy? Suggestions?

  28. jn says:

    N97 mini or Xperia 10 mini pro? Which 2 is the best buy for Christmas? Suggestions?

  29. mindfix says:

    i got my N97mini last april 2010. on my first month, I got frustrated because it always hang and the battery became so damn hot. but after few more months, my fone suddenly stops getting hot and it rarely hang unlike on my first month.

  30. mindfix says:

    by the way.. im very satisfied on my phone. ^__^

  31. freya_freya says:

    im satisfied with my phone (n97 mini)

  32. jamille says:

    HAVE ONEE!And Its A Really Nice Phone And For The One Who Is Gonna Buy A CELLPHONE I Will Recommend U The N97 Mini!Its Nicee! >.<

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