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O+ Imagine first impressions, initial review

O+ has been preparing their newest flagship handset for about 6 months already but it was only now that it got past thru customs just in time for Christmas. Dubbed as the O+ Imagine, the handset is probably one of the nicest-looking smartphone we’ve seen of late.

With a super-slim 7.8mm anodized metal body encased in back to back scratch-resistant glass, the device is reminiscent of the iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 combined or perhaps close to the Ascend P6 in sexiness.

The rest of the hardware configuration are equally impressive.

O+ Imagine specs:
5.0-inch fHD AMOLED display @ 1920×1080 pixels, 441ppi
Mediatek MTK6589T Turbo 1.5GHz quad-core
PowerVR SGX 544MP graphics
32GB internal storage
WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
Bluetooth 4.0
FM Radio Tuner
13MP AF rear camera, LED flash
Electronic Image Stabilization
1080p video recording @ 30fps
5MP front-facing camera
Li-Ion 2,000mAh battery
Android 4.2.1 Jellybean

The device is one of the thinnest we’ve ever seen at 7.8mm. The build quality is very solid, has a bit of heft to it because of the metal construction and the scratch-resistant glass back panel puts it in the same position as the Nexus 4 and Optimus G.

The phone uses a micro-SIM card slot accessible from the right side together with the power button. The volume controls are on the left side while the 3.5mm audio port and microUSB port are at the top. Two microphones are on opposite ends, one is supposedly for noise-canceling.

We’re not sure what type of scratch-resistant glass they employ on both sides of the panel but we’re sure that the display used is AMOLED. Display quality is very good due to the full HD and AMOLED combo that’s pretty much similar to what you’d get on a Galaxy S4.

The soft buttons are hidden at the corner of the base with a thin strip LED indicator that lights up whenever you tap into them. While there is no clear indicator which is which button, you’d easily get used to the idea that the left end is the Menu button, the middle is the Home and the right end is the Back button.

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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27 Responses

  1. jrf says:

    get a chsnce to win the lg g2 with Yugatech’s Lg G2 index finger challenge


  2. evollove says:

    That’s a beautiful-looking handset. Too bad the price won’t be as pretty. O+, Lenovo and Alcatel are really pushing it when it comes to pricing..

  3. Freeje says:

    Nice specs except for the lame processor.

  4. pytz says:

    beautiful handset except for the price..:)

  5. goodboiakopo says:

    Nnniiicceeee…..Imagine it on white°

    Local brands are becoming fast learners! Good!

    • Zobel says:

      This is an American brand i.e. overpriced. You have to subsidize the Starbucks cup of the execs. Thank you for your generosity.

  6. Zobel says:

    2,000 mah? No LTE? Non-dual sim? And they’ll probably price this at 20K. Kakapal ng apog ng mga to. Them and Alcahell.

  7. O+ China says:

    American Company ba ito?? Bakit hindi registered sa United State SEC???


  8. jayr says:

    how much is the price? aabot na ba ng 20,000 price range nito?

  9. meh says:

    Mediatek and no LTE , fail

  10. urDrunkOMinus says:

    this brand was indeed drunk hahaha. a W T F Mediatek priced at 19k? Good Luck sa mga bibili nito warning lang sana di kayo MAGSISI sa huli hahaha. kung sasabihin niyong hater ako and YES INDEED I am in the first place, makapagdala lang ng USA sa brand e dapat ganyan presyo? lol wala ngang USA quality ung processor used nila lol.

  11. MSM says:

    no LTE still a big fail.

  12. roni says:

    O+ rebranded Lang yata. If yes there should be a law against this. This is confusing or fooling the consumer when they place the word US on its brand. False advertising!

  13. ann lorraine says:

    sna may pa promo nito this coming christmas n new year :) wow….

  14. mang kanor says:

    Mga gunggong!! Panay ang pintas nyo sa made in china parts.. alam nyo ba kung saan gawa mga iphone nyo? ARM based din ang processor na yan..

  15. Windows iDroid says:

    I would rather choose Lenovo or Sony phone in this kind of price tag. Bakit ang shunga ng O+ kapag magprepresyo eh hindi naman sila gaanong kasikat sa buong pilipinas, nako O+ bumalik ka nalng sa CHINA kapag ganyan din gagawin niyo.

  16. UNBOX:parody says:

    ang bobo ng o+ media tek usa, gago sinong niloloko mo nuti pa ung MYPHONE iceberg mini 2gb of ram din 1.5 quad core din siya nasa 12k lng un price range niya, o+ rebranded lng kyu lahat ng local phone sa pilipinas ay rebranded lng

  17. Ikoy says:

    WTF! Unting dagdag nlng me Xperia Z1 kna. EPIC Price

  18. Ariel Tolentino says:

    Day 20: this is my entry Sir Abeolandres,so many shots taken by my wife but this two are the best! http://instagram.com/p/iWKFj4A2S5/

  19. jc says:

    mas ok pa nexus 4 ditto specs at price..

  20. chivas says:

    meron na bang alcatel idol x dito sa pinas? magkano din? mahal ng o plus haha

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