Results: Mobile Phone Survey

Results: Mobile Phone Survey

As reflected in the global market, Nokia dominates the pack in our recent survey on mobile phones. The results of the poll were really interesting although it was pretty obvious from the start who would win.

There were a total of about 179 people who sent in 199 votes in their poll answers. I realized people now are actually using more than one mobile phone — 11% of the respondents indicated they use at least 2 phones at the same time.

Here’s the breakdown of the poll results:


Nokia – 44.7%
Sony Ericsson – 26.1%
Motorola – 9.0%
Samsung – 6.5%
LG – 2.5%
Apple iPhone – 2.5%
Blackberry – 2%
Palm – 1%
HTC/Dopod – 1%
Panasonic – 1%
Verzio – 0.5%
Others – 3%

mobile phone usage

Of those who indicated they use more than one cellphone, 8 out of every 10 uses a Nokia phone while 4 out of 10 says they use Sony Ericsson. The most commonly paired phones are Nokia and Sony Ericsson at 40% rate of incidence.

Overall, Nokia took the lead with 9 out of every 20 mobile users, followed by Sony Ericsson at about 5 out of every 20. Motorola took the 3rd spot at 9% and Samsung at #4 with 6.5%.

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11 Responses

  1. noemi says:

    I use 2 phones pero both Nokia din. It’s hard for me to familiarize with the keys from another brand.

  2. jepoy says:

    I use 3 nokias and 1 SE :D

  3. Nokia is indeed a very user friendly phone.. but I have a Nokia and Motorola Rockr E6 which i absolutely love specially when I have to check my mail on my mobile phone..

  4. LC says:

    SE phones are so durable.

  5. me too, i have 2 phones and both nokia. i dont know how to use the other phones kasi e.

  6. nether says:

    sony ericsson s better than nokia. with the same price you can have far better feature if you’ll choose between sony ericsson and nokia. so sony ericsson gives value to your money

  7. berryboy says:

    I use Blackberry and Nokia. But i like Sony Ericsson’s camera phones.

  8. job123 says:

    I would just like to ask whether this survey can also project how many are high-end phone users and how many are low-end users? Will that be possible?

  9. sadia says:

    how to resolve invalid jar file in samsung gt c3222?

  10. yranne says:

    I use both Blackberry 9320 and nokia asha 311 and I love them both… :)

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