Alexa announces new Web Rankings

Alexa announces new Web Rankings

Alexa just announced they’ve changed to a new algorithm in computing the web rankings. Previously, Alexa only relies on its toolbar to gather site usage data to perform web rankings. They’ve added more sources now to improve the metrics but have not revealed what these are.

The new rankings have been rolled out today and a lot of sites have drastically been affected. And though Alexa rankings is by no means any great indicator, a number of ad networks and advertisers use this data to determine ad rates.

Locally, we’re starting to see shifts on the top sites in the Philippines. Last January, I noticed the two online gaming sites Level-Up and eGames fighting for the top spot, leaving behind long-time leader


Here’s how the new Alexa data has changed all that: : 3,034 (new) from 2,638 (old) : 4,030 (new) from 4,451 (old) : 4,033 (new) from 3,195 (old) : 4,731 (new) from 2,950 (old) : 5,161 (new) from 1,829 (old) : 6,585 (new) from 2,875 (old) : 5,665 (new) from 5,344 (old) : 6,268 (new) from 4,900 (old) : 6,794 (new) from 2,735 (old) : 10,151 (new) from 2,650 (old)

Read the full announcement of Alexa here.

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8 Responses

  1. Thats why I noticed my site went down to 1,981,711 . My ranking last night was 650,000,000. I was affected too much by this new format by alexa

  2. says:

    650,000 i mean

  3. jhay says:

    Everything looks good for my blog. At least I got a 1.3% improvement thanks to their new ranking algorithms. :D

  4. noemi says:

    Mine increased! Then again, I never understood Alexa.

  5. BrianB says:

    It looks okay, I suppose. I’ve now matched sites that were previously unreachable even though I know and they know that I know their traffic aren’t that good.

  6. is a good site stat site. It has a plugin for Firefox browser.

  7. Filip says:

    That’s great news! Then again… that probably means I’ll be wasting time again checking my Alexa stats twice a day. :-]

  8. Jaypee says:

    Was offline the past week or so and wasn’t aware of the changes in the Alexa rankings until today. Like Noemi and Jhay, my rank improved and almost broke out of 100,000. :)

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