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Sale: LG Optimus 2X at Php22,990

It’s happening right now — the LG Optimus 2X going on sale for only Php22,990. I had to try it myself just to make sure this sale really happens.

So here it goes… at 11:30 this morning, I got a Php5,000 discount.

Payments can be made via credit card or Paypal.

That’s it!

Abe is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of YugaTech. You Can follow him on Twitter @abeolandres.

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51 Responses

  1. daniel says:

    waaaaaw!!! adik! graduation gift mo nlng sakin yan please? :P

  2. wenks says:

    wow! i usually didnt leave a reply but now wow thats a dual core processor wew for 22,999… huwaw!

  3. PseudoPenggy says:

    Hopefully Samsung will also have this kind of promo in their Galaxy S2.

  4. chewy says:

    thanks for the tip, Abe. 2 minutes after reading this, I managed to snag one for the same price. Now, the waiting starts :-)

  5. csseyah says:

    Kailangan ko pa maghintay hanggang May 29.. LG Optimus Black ang target ko :) hehehehe

  6. This is just soooo tempting!!! Even my followers are trying to convince me to get one!!! It’s not locked down like the Sensation and has quite nice reviews from the XDA community. Really split on this one! :)

  7. Bob Reyes says:

    Where is that sale going on online?

  8. kebbot says:

    I was able to get one… i asked God if i can get the buy button on my 1st attempt on the site i will buy it…will i think God allows me to get it. hehehehe

  9. Rodel says:

    too bad i suck at waiting… didn’t even attempt to check after the twitt.. darn! i guess i have to settle for S2..but had to compare it first

  10. coollearner says:

    the dual core 5k less deal is great…hats off to LG for coming up with an improved and great sale

  11. Pepito says:

    I was hesitant this morning due to the reviews i read about the freezes and reboots. still i got mine too LOL

    Then just a while ago LG has announced in their facebook page that they will be releasing software updates to address the freezes and reboots etc.

    Now i can breath a sigh of relief and likewise happy about the bargain price. worth it!

  12. coollearner says:

    i agree with Pepito. this can be the best dual core smartphone price deal…really worth it ! :)

  13. marvin says:

    Wow 22k only for a dual core,1080p vid recorder,multimedia device. Best deal ever. That is almost the same price as a galaxy S and a desire that has
    less specs.

  14. Name: Ben says:

    The promo is a bit misleading, your need a credit card attached to a Paypal account. It is a bit disappointing as a conversion to dollar then back to peso will still apply.

    I wish they allowed straight to ph credit card charge.

  15. Baroness says:

    they stated that participants can just create a paypal account if they don’t have any visa-mastercard. and frankly, it’s not hard to do that. either way, getting the dual core @ Php5k less is hella worth it!!

    • Name: Ben says:

      I agree the 5k off was definitely worth it. However there are people such as myself who dont want to make a paypal account.

    • coollearner says:

      i don’t have paypal account but was able to purchase…please read mechanics number 8

    • Name: Ben says:

      Hmmm… Odd might have been an oversight on my part. When I hit submit an error came out about linking it to paypal. Maybe I was in too much of a rush. :p well i’ll try it again and see what happens.

    • chewy says:

      it does link you to paypal as the payment gateway, but you have an option to log in and use your paypal account or do a straight charge, but still through the paypal system. Though I have an account, I went for the latter – and the confirmation email did say that they recognized me having an account (perhaps through the CC#) and reminded me to log in and use paypal as a more secure payment option :P

  16. PNOY says:

    Why buy this piece of crap when you can already buy 3 things for the price of 22,900.
    1. Ipad2 wifi just add 1,000
    2. Black Berry Playbook wifi just add 1,000
    3. Dell Streak 7 just add 1,000-2000
    Its obvious for the preselling price is high, but after two month expect its price to drop as much as 5,0000-7,000.

    • coollearner says:

      i respect your opinion…its not a crap for me…others may consider your 3 suggestions as crap also… it depends on the usage and the user… for me i’ll be using the device personally and also on my project… so it’s the best deal for me :)

    • Jim Lim says:

      if i have pockets as big as yours then i’ll consider buying one of your options. also, i’m thinking of getting a mobile phone and not a tablet. can you somehow tell the difference between a mobile phone and a tablet, because obviously you are looking into another product line and even if the three you just stated can make phone calls, damn, i won’t slap that on my face and talk to someone because that’s just plain, you know, silly.

    • Pepito says:

      why do you compare a Cellphone to a Tablet?.. if that is, then i can compare “why buy ipad 2 for,playbook,dell streak for 24k ?

      then i can compare this

      1. i can have a personal computer with bigger screen 16″ for only 12k”..
      2. i can have a asus 10.1″ netbook for 13k
      3. i can have a 14″ dual core Laptop for 18k”

    • Shiek says:

      What PNOY is trying to say is that if you have a money worth 22,990 or let say 23,990. Would it be worth or practical if you buy a cellphone that is so expensive & w/unreasonable price that we all know that its price will depreciate in no time compare in buying a tablet. For me i would rather spend my 23,990 in buying a laptop or a tablet compare to just a mere mobile phone. Lets face the fact, if this LG optimus 2x price is only around 15-20K, then we all would say its reasonable to buy the unit.

    • Jim Lim says:

      and why would you buy something with the thought of reselling it rather than focus on its functionality and actual usage. for heaven’s sake, some people need mobile phone and not tablets! stop this stupid argument will you?! you are like one of those trolls who tell manny pacquiao to give the 1 million peso to the poor rather than getting his mother a 1 million pesos birkin bag! it’s his life! why would he give his money to the poor?! what’s wrong with you?! again, stop this nonsense. I’ll buy this phone. (period)

      sorry OT na hehehe

    • Pepito says:

      Every gadget depreciates, Sir ABE post this because its a steal.. srp is around 28k and you get it at 23k.. its not about buying tablets or which is worth your money (I dont see anyone uses their tablet sticking on their ears) .. by the time 3 – 5 months srp might be still @ 23k look at lg optimus one, was launched 6 months ago with a promo price @ 6500 (if you got one), check on tcp,second hand Optimus one is still @ 7.5 – 8k even if its market price is @ 11k. which if you bought this months ago.. you aren’t affected of depreciation.. depreciation is part of every technology that comes out.

    • Shiek says:

      FYI a brandnew LG Optimus one is just worth 9,900 at CMK Cellphones & is worth 8,990 only in some store at Virra Mall & their selling it as low as 6,000 for a secondhand. I suggest you do your home work first before posting false information on this site. So why buy this expensive & unpractical mobile phone now, when you can buy it at 21,000 after 2 months. Unless of course you have plenty of money to waste. Still i would rather buy a Sony or an HP laptop or an Ipad2 16GB 3G instead.

    • Pepito says:

      Oh it got lower,last week we check @ lg store its still @ 11k, i guess we got lucky when we sold one for 7.5k last 2 days. and why not buy your hp /sony laptop and use it as a mobile phone, use your ipad 2 at lrt and mrt as your daily mobile phone =) , its not false its the truth. its just you got your sources cheaper– not all people check cmk cellphone

    • Pepito says:

      I suggest you visit TCP.com and LG concept store before saying that i should do homework and posting false information .. i did indicate that “check on tcp,second hand Optimus one is still @ 7.5 – 8k even if its market price “

  17. MVP says:

    Before planning to buy this phone, you guys might want to know first the pros and cons about this unit.
    You may like or hate to buy this unit but if you can wait for a couple of months you might as well check the upcoming LG models like the Optimus 3D or Thrill 4G that will be available this late July or early August 2011.

    Pros about LG Optimus 2x:
    Quad-band GSM and dual-band 3G support
    10.2 Mbps HSDPA and 5.76 Mbps HSUPA
    4.0″ 16M-color capacitive IPS LCD touchscreen of WVGA resolution (480 x 800 pixels)
    Dual-core 1GHz ARM Cortex-A9 proccessor, ULP GeForce GPU, Tegra 2 chipset
    512 MB RAM
    8 MP autofocus camera with LED flash, face detection and geotagging
    1080p video recording @ 24fps, [email protected]
    1.3 MP front-facing camera with videocalls
    Wi-Fi b/g/n and DLNA
    GPS with A-GPS, digital compass
    8GB internal storage and microSDslot for up to 32GB cards
    Accelerometer, gyroscope, and proximity sensor
    microHDMI port with HDMI mirroring
    Standard 3.5 mm audio jack
    Stereo FM radio with RDS
    microUSB port (charging) and stereo Bluetooth v2.1
    Smart dialing, voice dialing
    DivX/XviD video support
    Innovative gesture controls
    Adobe Flash 10.2 support
    Dolby Mobile and SRS sound enhancement

    Cons/Main disadvantages
    Android OS v2.2 Froyo only where it could have been a 2.3 Gingerbread already or 3.0 Honeycomb, yet its still upgradeable to 2.3
    Despite similar technology LCD isn’t quite as impressive as the iPhone4 screen
    No dedicated camera key and no lens cover
    Captured 1080p videos is not a big improvement over 720p, have very low frame rate
    Audio quality is poor
    Below average speaker loudness

    • coollearner says:

      for 23k the pros exceeds the cons… i believe this is the phone to buy if you are aiming for the value of your hard earned money… i’m happy i purchased this phone

  18. technobaboy says:

    apparently vulnerable and android sa data theft

  19. bruns says:

    its available for @cmk, Php 25,900. you still save 2.9k coming from promo price, not bad:-)

    between 2 and 6 months, smartphone prices depreciate typically around 10-15%

    • positiveblogging says:

      i’m sure they will void your purchase especially if the discount offer schedule is not yet running.

  20. Anonymous says:

    wonder what will happen if suddenly LG will say that they don’t have enough units to sell

    it happened before

  21. annie says:

    Tax should not be shouldered by the consumer when it comes to buying a mobile phone. It should be the company who must shoulder it. The price should have been 20,500, instead of 22,990, if its not for that TAX.

    • Name: Ben says:

      How we all wish companies REALLY followed the laws especially about taxes!!!

      BTW, those intending to use their Paypal account NEED to have a philippine address registered to that account or else they wont deliver, as per a post on another website from someone who bought.

    • Oro says:

      I also have an issue with them regarding the shipping address. I should be receiving the item today but since the address I have on my paypal is different I need to update the paypal address then send them the confirmation.

      If you plan to buy using paypal, better update the shipping address first before availing the promo.

      Lousy promo website. It heads straight to payment. Sana meron man lang input ng shipping details.

      Now I have to wait 5 more days kase mabagal ang processing nila.

    • scarlett says:

      diba sa lotto nga binabawasan ka din ng TAX? I think your info about tax law is not updated :)

    • baroness says:

      may exclusive tax law pala ang mobile phones! hahaha.

  22. Guilar says:

    On one hand it’s good that they lowered the pre-selling price. It’s a dual core phone for a price near the high end single core flagships of most brands.

    But on the other, I hope those who plan to buy this really like the features and performance based on the numerous reviews of the unit, and know the issues that you may need to deal with. It could have been better with gingerbread.

    So it all boils down to whether one is willing to spend now or wait until the right phone appears on the market.

  23. Kira says:

    Not bad.. A price tag of Php 22,990 for a dual core powered gadget. Now thats a bargain!

  24. Name: Ben says:

    Strangest thing on the user manual it says that it only supports SD cards with fat 16 only… This seems rather stupid. Can any actual users confirm this? It does support up to 32GB SD card but at fat 16??

  25. Name: Ben says:

    Can a 2x user confirm the speed of the SD card that comes with the phone? like is it a class 4 or 6?

  26. Jim says:

    just a question dun sa mga nag avail nung promo. may option ba for deferred payment like 6-12months or straight sya sa discounted prize? maraming salamat.

  27. wreek888 says:

    wait for galaxy S 2

  28. Name: Ben says:

    Someone check out the SGSii vs O2x on gsmarena?


    The browser test is so fake!! the LG loads a flash animation every time on the right-hand side while the SGSii does not… obviously it will load the webpage slower.

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