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Samsung, Apple Still Lead Global Smartphone Shipments in 2014

Samsung and Apple still managed to dominate and retain their spots in worldwide smartphone shipment last year, according to a report by technology market intelligence company TrendForce. Which companies round up the top ten? Find out after the break.


Samsung still takes the top spot in 2014 with 326.4 million units shipped or 28%, a 3.5-percent decrease from last year’s 32.5%. As of this year, the Korean electronics giant’s share still continue to decline, and forecasts deduce the share to 26.6%. Analysts from the TrendForce report attributed the decline to increasing competition: Its flagship S and Note series faced the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, and its mid- and lower-end devices battled against the more bang-for-the-buck smartphones from Chinese OEMs.

Apple is still secured in its second place position, but also faced a slight 0.2-percent decline from last year’s 16.4% to 16.2%, attributing the success to the new large-sized iPhone 6 Plus. Together with Samsung, they make 518 million shipments, or over half of the 1.167 billion units of smartphones shipped worldwide last year.


The merger of Lenovo and Motorola in Q4 2014 proved to be beneficial, as it is now the top Chinese smartphone vendor. With the merger finalized, its shipments worldwide grew over a hundred percent, exceeding 90 million units or 7.9 percent of the market share.

LG went up to the fourth place with 6.0%, an almost two-percent increase from last year. The report attributes the company’s up-climb to its “high quality products at low prices” strategy, which includes the G2 and the G3 flagship models.

Rounding up the top five is Huawei, which went down a spot a spot after being overtaken by LG. Xiaomi went down to 6th, but is still noted as the brand with the best cost-performance products. Overall, Chinese device manufacturers are represented in six of the top ten spots, and as a whole shipped 40 percent of the market’s smartphones, or 453.4 million units.

Here’s a comparison chart of the top ten smartphone vendors based on market share:



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11 Responses

  1. Easy E says:

    2015 forecast. Kailangan na sundin ng Samsung, Sony at HTC ang “low price” strategy. Sayang, gusto ko pa naman mga phones nila.

    • eric jay says:

      Right especially the two; Sony and HTC.

    • yeeha says:

      yes especially Sony and HTC.

      mas lalo na HTC. They have a very small percentage of the market pero kung makapagpresyo parang hinahabol habol phonesnila.

      at least ang Samsung they still command more than 1/4 of the market share.

      pero nagbabago din ang panahon. back in 2007 Nokia had 50% share of the smartphone market. look at them now.

      The Chinese phones will always dominate China maybe even India but outside of their borders people are still skeptical about them.

      If Asus can stay aggressive with their features and prices maybe they can emulate in the future what Samsung did to the mighty Nokia and Apple.
      Like Samsung they are a respected tech company and not just as a phone maker.

      LG and Lenovo’s prices are way too similar with Samsung. They’ll have a hard time capturing Samsung’s market share.

  2. bugz says:

    kitang kita nmn oh, bumaba na ang market share sa Samsung at iphone. tapos ung 3 cla sony,huawei tomataas ang market share. its really gud to see this 3 giant phone maker na umaangat cla. besides kitang kita din kasi na c Samsung na wala na yung taste nila.

  3. Tony says:

    Huawei and Xiaomi lang ang tumaas.

    • G4 says:

      LG 4.3% 2013 UP 6.0% 2014!
      from 40 millions smartphone sold (2013)
      jumped to 70 millions (2014)

      ang 2015 na nakikita nyo dyan ay prediction lang yan wala pa yan!

    • G4 says:

      author correction !

      Lenovo 4.9% + motorola 3% = 7.9%

    • Tony says:

      Oo nga pla. Laki ng tinaas sa 2014. I think, its G3 flaship is a big hit. Sbagay, first q pa lang ng 2015. Figures of 2015 above are just predictions. Market share of Samsung and Sony is alarming.

  4. whew says:

    with the mergers and acqusitions, nawala na yung mga GIANT ng mobile comm nung early 2000’s (at least name wise) …

    Ericsson merged with Sony
    Nokia acquired by Microsoft
    Motorola acquired by Lenovo

  5. Rockafella says:

    People are still on the Samsung bandwagon eh? Dem fools…Note 4 is a beast tho….

  6. emilio says:

    sa pinas kaya alin sa kanila ung pumapangalawa sa cherry mobile

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